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Author: JEE SIFU

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Taoism talk that you can understand without any Chinese or background on the subject, bringing you the best and most understandable Taoist wisdom. You can also check out Jee Sifu on YouTube and on Tin Yat Dragon's website too.
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Many people have heard of and seen a Taoist Fu before. But what really is a fu? Is it just a piece of paper? Can you write one yourself? Tune in to this week's broadcast where Jee Sifu and Ling Sifu answer some of the most common questions people have regarding fus and stay tuned for a special announcement about a fu workshop that is being held in September!!
Keep on Learning

Keep on Learning


Never stop learning to keep yourself growing and be a knowledgeable person. The more you learn the more potential will follow in your life. Just like a tomatoes plant that keep on growing from baby stage to a mature stage to produce the fruit. Ordain into Tin Yat Lineage and learn the Saam Law knowledge to grow and upgrade yourself.
Genuine Help from Gods

Genuine Help from Gods


There are genuine help in this world and as well scammers who lead you to think that way too. True help is effective and efficient with resolution at the end. However, most genuine help is packed with a twisted of bad side effect. Ordain into Tin Yat Dragon and learn the Saam Law knowledge of the fact behind a real genuine help and disguised one.
Danger of Free Stuffs

Danger of Free Stuffs


We often see free item given out and we take it for granted they are really free. However, the reality is they do come with a cost. Some cost will not be as bad as other, but the worst one will cost your life to be exchanged or depleted. Ordain into Tin Yat Dragon and learn the Saam Law knowledge on protecting yourself from the evil magic around you.
Human are just ordinary people that can only deal with the physical aspect in this world. However, when you come across supernatural being you are hopeless like a piece of useless wet wood. Ordain into Tin Yat Dragon Lineage and learn the Saam Law magic to become superman and or superwoman to defend yourself from evil entities.
Dreams! Some people have dreams while they sleep while others do not. Dreams can be positive, negative, scary, and so much more. But are dreams real? Are the feelings and sensations you feel during your dream actually real? The truth is, dreams are a lot more complicated than they appear to be. Dreams may even be confused with soul travelling too! But luckily, Saam Law has explanations for what dreams are and the difference between dreams and soul travelling.
What is evil? Is it the ghosts and demons and evil gods? Or is it as simple as seeing food pictures when you are hungry? Evil comes in many shapes and forms and can manipulate and turn people into someone completely different. The effects of evil crap are far scarier than one can imagine, but luckily experts like Jee Sifu, Ling Sifu, and Yeep Sifu know just how to deal with evil crap. Tune in to this episode of Tao Talk as our Sifus discuss evil beings and a fan even dials in for some help!
As the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic continues to spread and infect people, many are in search of face masks and western doctoral treatment. Hospitals world-wide are being flooded with more patients than they are capable of treating, and so many lives are at risk. Tune into this episode of Tao Talk to hear the Chinese medicine's perspective on the coronavirus (covid-19). You might be surprised to find that this pandemic is not something new and there is more to it than just being a virus with no vaccine.
Often found in history textbooks is the idea of Confucious as the founder of a Chinese philosophy named Taoism. Our Taoism is more than just this- it is a religion with a deep history that roots back to centuries ago. Find out more about the magic powers of true Taoism and discussions about the pre-heaven and post-heaven.
What’s good for one person, can be bad for the other person. The terms positive and negative are words based on perspective and you might even be shocked to learn that “positive” things can actually be bad and something “negative” could be good. Join us for an episode on the Taoist explanation of what is truly positive/ negative and good/ bad.
Who says that garbage is trash and useless? (Pun intended). Trash can often be reduced, reused, or recycled and given a new life and purpose. In Taoism, the same concept is explained by yellow magic. Learn the purpose of what yellow signifies and how it relates to Taoism magic in this episode of our Tao Talk.
Ever wondered what the black and white colors of the yin and yang symbol signify? The colors black and white each have meanings and play their own role in magic. You will be surprised to learn that black is not always negative and white is not necessarily positive. Tune in for an elaboration of black magic versus white magic.
Just Breathe

Just Breathe


Welcome to part two of the SLAB where we dig deeper into the inner workings of chi Kung. Join to learn more about why it works and how by controlling your breathing you can build up strength in your body to protect against the COVID 19 virus. Along with that we will be discussing the two forms of chi Kung used in our lineage.
Regardless of your religion, nature has its way of giving us signs that reflect our future. However, being a Saam Law Taoist allows you to have the fortunate ability to confirm and ask your Jo Si whether or not these "signs" are what you predicted. Tune in to this week's broadcast to learn more about signs, the origins of superstitions, and nature's way of informing us!
Broken Mask, Now What?

Broken Mask, Now What?


With the recent COVID 19 being a major concern within all parts of the world, safety is a number one priority. Protection through the use of gloves and masks are usable but not there more you can do to enhance your protection. Join us as we discuss the other methods such as chi Kung you can use to protect yourself from this dangerous virus .
What you take in is what you put out later, energy virus and contamination can be very deadly and changing your whole life. Lets talk about some real life story about how people feel the energy contamination and such
What about going to a taoist temple online? Now it is not a dream anymore! You can enjoy a real experience by getting connected to our lineage and joining our daily taoist temple stream!
When to let go of people, things or even family? Why shall you let go of them and why shall you be concerned about what happen if you don't llet go. The energy connection between people and things are sometimes very dangerous!
Ouija board is not just a game, it does have some spiritual things happening at the back and it is real, but how real and how creepy or scary can it get? Here you will know about the secret side of things and also hear some real stories!
In our special Tao Talk featuring four Sifus, we introduce the new Tin Yat Dragon Temple to all disicples! The Tin Yat Dragon Temple is a rare and special opportunity for disciples to get access to our top altars and a connection to Jo Si Yeh. This is something most disicples would not normally be able to have access to, so we hope all will make the best of this new temple! Stay tuned for more details on the Tin Yat Dragon that will launch in May!
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