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Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, "Everyone can be great because everyone can serve." Jackie Capers-Brown is the Ringleader of #TheGoBeGreatMovement. She's an award-winning corporate business leader, author, corporate trainer, mindset, performance, and leadership coach. Imagine leading your life on fire where you have the clarity, courage, and confidence to identify and leverage your unique code of greatness in ways that level up your life. How much better would you feel about yourself and your life? How much faster would you achieve your goals with this level of alignment? What great impact would you have within your ever-expanding circle of influence? Here on the Go Be Great Podcast you will learn tangible takeaways and actionable strategies that inspire, motivate and empower you to be the hero of your story and make your mark on the world. Every Friday, Jackie serves you with amazing conversations with down to earth people who are barrier-breakers, trailblazers, and change-makers around the globe. Each episode is geared toward you and dedicated to helping you tap into your inner wisdom and the seeds of greatness within your potential to experience new levels of joy and success in all aspects of your life. Consider this the ultimate guide for everyday people who seek to own their power to transform themself and life in ways that reflect their vision of what personal greatness feels and looks like to them.
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Our guest today, Heather Leigh says, " Any change in our daily routines can possibly cause grief."In the last episode of the Living a Healthy Heart Podcast Series,  Heathe Leigh, a certified grief specialist, and educator shares her expertise about grief recovery and the importance of getting real about what we feel in order to move beyond our grief and live forward..As a grief recovery and healing specialist, Heather Leigh understands the effects a loss or tragedy can play in a person's life. Heather helps individuals and families deal with life’s icky/challenging moments.  She's a death doula, apprentice funeral director, cemeterian, officiant, and grief recovery specialist. Heather is often asked, “How did you end up in this business?” She feels and believes that her work is definitely a ministry, a calling per se, and her passion. In this episode, you'll hear her story of how she first got started on this path when she was a child.You'll Learn In This EpisodeWhy Heather believes everyone should spend more time in nature - especially around waterHow COVID has revealed to each of us the vices we have depended on in relationships to cover up emotions we haven't dealt withWhat STERBS isThe subtle ways we learn as a child how to dismiss our emotions and what we need to do to honor the truth of our feelings and emotionsWhat inspired her to embrace her great work of helping people navigate icky moments in lifeHow she learned her ABC's in a cemeteryHow her superpower of getting to the heart of a situation by "cutting through the crap" has helped her to help clients get to "why" or "so what"How people hold onto grief as a badge of honor and the effects it has on their livesCommon myths about grief and how to dismantle themWhy we shouldn't tell anyone who is grieving, "I know how you feel"The power of gratitude and how it can help people live forward after loss and griefAnd much more...Contact Heather LeighWebsite CemetaryContact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success  - Adobe MusicSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadioSupport the show (
"Having a heart mindful lifestyle is important to living out my purpose and helping others do the same, " says today's guest Kiwan N. Fitch-Webster.Kiwan is an entrepreneur, published author/co-author of 7 books, motivational speaker, producer, playwright, mentor, wife, mother, and more. Kiwan owns and operates multiple businesses. She's a gifted and highly skilled visionary, and trailblazer with twenty-plus years of experience in non-profits organizations, social services, leadership, business markets, and entrepreneurship.In the third part of our 4-part Living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, I sit down with Kiwan to discuss her life after experiencing a heart attack and the changes she's made to her lifestyle, and how she inspired a greater sense of living on purpose to build her legacy.You'll Learn In This EpisodeHow Covid-19 has ignited her creativity towards her work and building successful businessesHow both of her mom's influenced the woman she is todayDetails about the day of her heart attack experienceThe choices she's making to living a heart minded lifestyleWhy it's important for women to pay attention to their bodies and make their health a priorityCommon mistakes women make when it comes to their healthThe importance of connecting your blood pressure with your heart healthHow her life's legacy inspires her to make a difference in the lives of othersthe role her family plays in supporting her heart-healthy lifestyleThe philosophy that she has adopted towards managing stressHow she makes good troubleSmall changes you can make to live a heart-healthy lifestyleContact Kiwan N. Fitch WebsterEmail: Business Phone: 803-609-3408 Contact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success  - Adobe MusicSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadioSupport the show (
"What can you do to be a better you?" is the question that our guest today Courtney Scott challenges us to consider when it comes to building and nurturing healthy relationships that are good for our heart.Courtney Scott is a healthcare administrator who lives in Rock Hill, SC.  Her nickname is Court and some of her friends call her Cee.  Her parents call her Ri for Richelle. She's the mother of two well-behaved children ages 11 and 5. She's a hard worker who hardly complains and she demonstrates compassion and reasoning in her personal and professional relationships.Lately, Courtney has been creating framed wall art that features different silhouettes of men and women of different shades and different backgrounds. She is currently preparing herself to create a side hustle based on her newfound creativity.Courtney and I use to work together at the Ashley Furniture Homestore on Harbison Blvd. in Columbia, SC.  I invited her to be a guest in this series because I know first hand the compassion she shows to others, her commitment to excellence, and I knew we would have a great conversation about relationships and heart-healthy living. In This Episode, You Will Learn:The three strengths that have helped Courtney overcome challenges and succeedThe three emotional needs that everyone sharesThe importance of practicing mindfulness to cultivate heart-healthy relationshipsThe actions she takes to avoid coming home from work feeling like she has to go to workUnrealistic expectations that hurt personal relationshipsWhy effective communication is key to avoiding resentments that tear at the fabric of relationshipsThe importance of couples establishing  regular date nights to stay emotionally connectedWhy vulnerability is difficult in relationships and how it benefits our relationshipsTangible strategies for gaining perspective in our relationshipsWhy emotional and psychological safety is key to building trust in relationshipsThe positive impact of asking for feedback from othersCommon unrealistic expectations that doom relationships at the startWhy how we say what we say matters so muchAnd so much more...Contact Courtney ScottEmail at scottcourtney09@gmail.comContact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success  - Adobe MusicSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
"Except no excuses, but give yourself grace", says our guest today, Kiesha Easley.Kiesha Easley is an educator, author, and speaker with a heart for wellness. She enjoys helping others find physical and mental healing and rejuvenation. She creates uplifting and empowering content that helps women reach their health and life goals. Kiesha believes that a healthy body starts in the mind, our food cravings are really craving for joy and a more satisfying life, and what you eat matters more than clocking hours at the gym.In This Episode, You'll Learn: How her grandmothers planted the seed for her love for gardeningThe health issue that inspired her to go all into living a heart-healthy lifestyleHow she's using YouTube videos to share her passion for gardening and living a heart-healthy lifestyleHer favorite part of gardeningThe statement she tells herself when faced with perceived limitationsHow her purpose helps her to cope in healthy ways in the face of Covid-19 disruptionsHeart Healthy tips for managing stressHow our need for immediate gratification is helping to fuel the obesity epidemic in the U.S.The emotional obstacles preventing us from living a heart-healthy lifestyleDo you need to eat breakfast?How proper sleep increases our heart healthAnd so much more...Contact Kiesha EasleyWebsite: www.kieshaeasley.comFacebook: Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success  - Adobe MusicPurple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
Are you brave enough to speak and live your truth? It helps when you've never bought into the notion that you have to be perfect. Our guest today, Dr. Kasie Whitener shares fresh insights and her perspectives on what it means and feels like to come into the fullness of who you are, social unrest and the shame and guilt she feels about it and what she's doing about it, her controversial idea to end the 40-hour workweek as we know it and why it's her mission in life, and the importance of having a sense of urgency towards what it is we want to do in life. Kasie Whitener is always thinking through the journey from where-we-are to where-we-want-to-be. As a self-proclaimed change junky, Kasie embraces the uncertainty of new beginnings and enjoys the roller coaster lifestyle of entrepreneurism. Her passion is a results-oriented, project-managed, autonomous workforce. CRC’s new book, Redesign Work Volume 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Autonomy is about creating a sustainable, flexible, remote work environment.Fun Fact: “Kasie” is actually a nickname. My legal name is Kathryn but my dad said he didn’t care what mom named me, he was going to call me “Kasie” so that’s it. I have a few close friends who call me “kid” and always have and my LinkedIn “branded” nickname is “Queen of How” because I’m a process junky.Here's What You'll Learn In This EpisodeHow her love for hard rock music inspires her Friday gatherings in her driveway with neighborsThe reasons why she's open about the shame and guilt she feels after the social unrest that took place in the summer of 2020 in AmericaHow a sense of urgency fuels her "Go For It" attitudeLessons you can learn from  getting in the arenaThe business model that women have to put forward to change workplace cultureTips to improve remote workers productivityHow spending time in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can help you accept failure as a part of the processAnd much more...Contact Dr. Kasie Whitener   Get the book here   Learn more about Clemson Road Creative here    Meet Kasie on LinkedIn here    Follow us on Twitter @ClemsonRoad or @KasieWhitener    Fiction fans and GenXers might like UnapologeticallyX, Kasie’s blog for her novel After DecemberContact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success by Adobe AudioSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
Amanda Gorman stated in her speech during the inaugural ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris the following words:"There is always light if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it."In this episode, Level Up Success Coach Jackie Capers-Brown shares an inspiring and motivational message designed to help viewers decide that this moment, right now, is the ideal moment to draw the line in the sand and say, "Enough" to living below their great potential and be willing to launch into action.Find out more about Jackie at https://www.jackiecapersbrown.comRegister for her upcoming Go Be Great "Reset" Workshop at the show (
With disruption becoming a mainstay in our everyday life, how do you navigate life transitions and cultural challenges to maintain the freedom of spirit to remain curious about what's next in your life?  Our guest today, April Brendon-Locke shares insights from her journey to greatness and helps remind us that amid our most challenging experiences, there are always lessons we can learn that prepare us for our next opportunity.April Brenden-Locke is a certified project manager for the state of Oregon, where she works on Information Technology projects. As a former elementary teacher and communications professional, April has successfully changed careers twice—in what now she considers growing new branches of learning and developing new ways to contribute instead of starting over. She is also the board president of Hogar Infantil*, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to break the cycle of poverty through education for children in Chiapas, Mexico (*pronounced O-gar Een-fant-EEL).In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why the book Stamped from the Beginning impacted her perspective about racism and inspired her to look at the U.S. and race relations and racial justice with fresh eyesWHY U2's song "Streets Have No Name" is a song that has resonated with her ever since she was a child.How here multiple superpowers have helped her to cope with Covid-19 and make a positive difference in the lives of other humansHow she's incorporated childhood activities that she loved into her work and heart workHow her definition of success fueled by perfection resulted in burnoutHow what she perceived as a public failure set her up with new skills to navigate a new career transitionHere advice on placing a value on ALL of your skills to navigate a career transitionWhat is her heart work and why everyone should have heart workAnd so much more...Contact April Brendon-LockeLinked InHogar InfantilContact Jackie Capers-BrownContact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Success  - Adobe MusicPurple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio    Support the show (
Have you heard the statement: "You are only as sick as your secrets?" In this episode, our guest Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton shares her expert advice on healing from trauma.Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton established Consulting Experts & Associates, LLC (CEA) in 2010. CEA is a global training consulting firm that provides premium customer service and delivers creative training on the HUSH Topics. We specialize in providing training on topics that organizations and individuals have a hard time discussing: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, LGBQT Inclusion, Diversity, Bystander Intervention, etc.. Dr. Guyton also produced her first documentary, HUSH No More, and published the HUSH No More book that shares the stories of Survivors to bring awareness of the HUSH Topics and how they affect our community. Here are a few things we talked about…What she learned from traveling to Costa Rico by herselfHer superpower and how it helps her to connect with peopleHow she coped with the disruption to her business because of COVID-19What she does as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence to make “good trouble”Why she challenges adults to see domestic violence from the eyes of their childrenBystander intervention and the importance of taking action Why Alicia Key’s song “Girl Is On Fire” is her theme songThree actions you can take to be the change you want to see in our worldHow she prevents perfection from holding her back from pursuing and achieving audacious goalsThe actions she took to address her drinking and depression to get out of her own wayThe military experience that inspired the HUSH NO MORE documentary and bookWhy speaking our truth to power helps us and others heal from trauma and reclaim our power to create positive change in our lives Contact Dr. Vanessa Guyton www.hushnomore.org1-888-285-2161 admin@thehushtopics.comFacebook: HUSH No More Movementwww.consultingexp.comvguyton@consultingexp.comFacebook:  Contact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Adobe Audio SuccessSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
In today's episode, host Jackie Capers-Brown shares the audio recording of a free webinar she conducted on the topic: How to Grow and Thrive from Adversity.In this episode, she shares key insights that she's learned from several adversities in her life and many of the strategies that she used to develop the mental agility and emotional resilience that enabled her to grow and flourish from adversity.She discusses the early years of her career with Marriott Hotels and the dark night of the soul experienced after the loss of her teenage son, Blease.In this episode, you will learn:Moving beyond inner resistance to embrace the flow stateHow denying the truth of our reality and emotions create inner resistanceThe mental and physical states when we experience inner resistanceWhy we should acknowledge our inner struggleRecognizing the power you have in the present momentThe freedom and power that comes with your choicesHow our expectations of life can cause us to experience inner resistanceThe power of the stories we tell ourselves when our life is going well and when its not going so goodEmpowering questions to help you connect to your best self-identityRecognizing the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck How our subconscious tapes influence our response to experiencesWhat it takes to build mental agility and emotional resilienceThe five principles of human flourishingand much moreContact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Adobe Stock Audio: SuccessSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadioSupport the show (
Today, in this episode, I share my gratitude for the listeners and guests of this podcast as I celebrate the first anniversary of the show.I share some aspects of my story of embracing the world wide web with my first blog Grow Forward & Flourish when I published my first article on February 13, 2009. I honor it by with the title of this podcast episode.The five tips I'm sharing in this message are designed with the intention to help you focus your attention, energy, and resources where it matters most for you to tap into the fullness of the greatness in your potential and level up your life.The ideas that I talk about in this episode include:Be kind to yourselfFind joy in everyday lifeManage your perspectiveAdopt a farmer's mindsetThe Optimist Creedand much more...Contact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Bensound DreamsSubscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
In the last episode of 2020, host Jackie Capers-Brown shares an inspirational message to encourage and strengthen your mind, body and spirit so that you adopt a fresh perspective to seize this moment to leverage the lessons of 2020 to grow forward and flourish in 2021 and beyond.Support the show (
How self-aware are you? Do you honor and respect your feelings and needs? Do you need to take a step back from the demands of being everything to everyone to rebuild a stronger inner foundation in order to move forward?Today in the guest chair is Tiffany Hodge LMSW. She's a graduate of USC-Columbia. Tiffany currently facilitates group therapy at the local psychiatric hospital in Augusta, GA. She's the founder of Tiffany Empowers which focuses on using self-awareness as a key part of her practice for serving her clients.During the pandemic, Tiffany decided to take a step back from her business to build a stronger foundation and deeper connection towards the compelling WHY she became a licensed social worker in the first place.Our conversation is inspired by many of the insights you have gained from stepping back from her practice to deepen her connection to the present moment and the power within it to bring about the positive change she wants to experience in her personal and professional life.Here's What You Will Learn In this EpisodeWhy crafting helps her cherish the present moment and helps her to remain connected to her power of creating something from nothing#1 Thing all of us are looking for from othersWhat she means by being an actor in a playHer thoughts about the peaceful protests that took place during the pandemicThe importance of being emphatic with those deemed as the "other"The process she used with clients to help them move beyond their painThe power that we activate when we are focused on the present momentHow mindfulness meditation helps us to respect our emotion while not being defined by themHow creating a routine of sitting in silence helps us to become an expression of our authentic selfThe benefits of allowing yourself to immerse in the stillness in a momentKnow thyself - Who you are? What triggers you? And so much more...Contact Tiffany HodgeEmail me  at for business or booking inquiries Follow Tiffany on:IG: @tiffanyempowers (I'm more active on this platform)YouTube @Tiffany Empowers LinkedIn: Tiffany M. Hodge,LMSW Subscribe to my podcast Tiffany Empowers anywhere you listen to your favorite podcast. Contact JackieWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio  Support the show (
Are you ready and willing to play full out towards creating the life experiences you most desire?In this informative and inspiring episode, host Jackie Capers-Brown shares details about WHY she is inspired to launch the Go Be Great Movement, and the vision and mission of the movement, and how it will help you to unleash the best in you to slay your greatness in BIG ways.She shares details about the progress of the podcast since its inception on January 6, 2020, and communicates her heartfelt appreciation for each listener and subscriber.She challenges listeners and subscribers of the podcast to "draw a line in the sand" in order to play full out towards realizing their dreams and goals.She announces several projects related to the Go Be Great Movement and encourages listeners and subscribers to join her on January 1st, 2021 for the launch of the Go Be Great Insiders Community on Facebook where everyone is welcomed.  Near the end of the episode, she gives the listeners a homework assignment by answering 5 questions to help them connect with and honor their truth while at the same time be inspired by their truth to take some form of action that indicates that they are ready and willing to BEcome the person who will DO what it takes to HAVE what they most desire to experience.Support the show (
Have you been struggling with low self-confidence? In this episode, you're going to receive some actionable insights on how to increase it and become unstoppable.  Today in the guest chair is Genecia Alluora. She’s a former Miss Singapore, Cafe Retail Chain Owner and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, International Progressive Women 2019. Genecia coached celebrities, CEOs, and politicians to be seen as a leader on stage. Today with the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint and the SRW academy, she mentors thousands of women to bring their business and leadership brand online. Her vision is to support 1 million women to own and love the F-word.If you have ever wondered how to turn your mess into a message, want to hear an inspiring story of how people overcome daunting odds to become wildly successful, learn a simple perspective about how to overcome fear, and/or understand the importance of personal branding whether you are an employee or business owner this episode gives you insights on these and other topics. Here’s What You Will Learn In This EpisodeWhat scuba diving taught her about overcoming fear and failureWhat she loves the Little Mermaid and Finding NemoThe advantage of discomfortThe challenges she had to overcome as a teen that built her resilienceThe barriers she has had to overcome in her cultureThe role of a mentorHer audacious Soul Rich Woman VisionHow she leveraged the opportunities of being Miss Singapore IndonesiaThe importance of personal brandingWhy you need to know the story you want to tell with your lifeHow you GLOW attracts people to you instead of chasing themWhy its essential to build a deliberate as a business ownerWhat’s she’s learning about herself as she embraces her feminine leadershipInsights she’s good from being kinder to herselfWhy self-love is so important to our successAnd so much more… Contact Genecia AlluroWebsiteFacebookInstagramContact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
In this solo round by host Jackie Capers-Brown, she challenges listeners with the focusing question: What's the ONE thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? from the book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Success by real estate entrepreneur Gary Keller.She discusses common reasons why we can't answer this question and what she discovered about herself when she wasn't able to answer it when she first read the book.Because of the pause granted to most of us by COVID-19 that resulted in us changing how we work and the kind of work that we do, she felt this moment was an ideal time to revisit the question and get clear about her answer.In this episode, she shares what her ONE thing will be moving forward and how it has inspired her to launch the Go Be Great Movement and the Go Be Great Virtual Workshop.She encourages listeners to be the hero in their story in order to step into the driver's seat of their life to define the direction they take moving forward.She shares insights from the books Man's Search for Meaning and Good to Great.She motivates listeners to believe in their innate greatness and begin to take action towards improving their lives and the lives of others.She informs listeners not to wait on someone else's validation of them. When they begin the work of serving others and adding value in the lives of others their actions affirm their value.Last,  she challenges listeners to GO BE GREAT because their next level greatness awaits.Contact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio  Support the show (
Today we have in the guest chair Shanna  M. Scott, owner of Shanna PR & Events. Her award-winning event and sales management firm produces turnkey luxury corporate events for entrepreneurs, coaches, corporate entities, government, and businesses. Shanna PR & Events focuses on providing quality, comprehensive, innovative service in the areas of events, so its clients can maximize their return on investments. In our level up conversation, Shanna discusses the life event that inspired her to step into entrepreneurship. As a result, she discovered her innate gifts and passion for organizing and producing events and helping her clients make money.   She’s a woman who is very clear about her unique code of greatness and how to maintain it to deliver the value she brings to her clients. Here's What You Learn In This Episode Why meditation is one of her favorite past time activities How her twin daughters helped her to find her life purpose Why she feels it’s time for the citizens of the U. S. to address racial injustice The question people need to ask themselves about racial injustice The actions she has taken to pivot her business as a result of COVID-19 How she uses the lessons from overcoming previous challenges to prepare her to win the day now Why David in the Bible inspires her tenacity towards every challenge she faces in life Her conviction about faith helping us to defeat the giants in our life Why it's important to know what’s best for you to avoid being swayed to live a life that is not for you The freedom that you experience when you are self-sufficient How to remain seated in your power when you are frustrated and overwhelmed How to tap into prosperity even when your circumstances are challenges The importance of being kind to yourself And so much more…  Contact Shanna M. Scott WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn Contact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio   Support the show (
Today we have in the guest chair Chantea Williams, owner of Relentless Publishing House. Her business mission is to help first-time authors who are writing Christian, Inspirational and Children’s books self-publish their work. Her passion is to help authors get their write on. Relentless Publishing House wants to help authors get it right the first time so that they can duplicate it anytime. As an author, Chantea believes that one of the greatest gifts we can give to anyone is to share our story with them. In our inspirational, real-talk conversation, she shares her story with insights about her life as a single mother, other people’s opinion, how to prepare ourselves for the next crisis, how to overcome the fear of success, the importance of having people who speak life into you, how to get out of your own way, maintain an inward conviction of faith towards your dreams and goals, and why when leaders create a sense of belonging in the workplace it increases there success. These are just a few of the juicy topics we talk about in this episode. Here's What You'll Learn In This Episode Why sharing your story is the greatest gift you can give to someone Insights on hope + faith to encourage you to believe in yourself Covid-19 should inspire us to create multiple streams of income The importance of thinking outside the box so we not are not dependent on one system to survive and thrive in life A question you need to ask yourself to be prepared for the next crisis we may experience How she was able to overcome the fear of success The attitude she adopts to diminish the need for perfection Self-sabotaging behavior we tend to adopt when we are trying to prove our worth Your purpose doesn’t change because of mistakes in life How leaders can create a sense of belonging in the workplace A simple exercise for identifying why YOU CAN achieve your dreams and goals And so much more… Contact Chantea Williams,,, Chantea's Book- Graced For It Contact Jackie Capers-BrownWebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
Today in the guest chair is Stacy Gregg. Stacy Gregg, CPPO, CPPB is a passionate advocate for the public procurement profession.  As such, she works by a set of values and guiding principles, which include accountability, ethical practice, professionalism, and service.  All of which Stacy believes is true to who she should be as a woman of God.   As a procurement professional, she has the rare gift of being analytical and personable. She’s a woman whose faith serves as the foundation for her personal and professional values.Her commitment to being an example for her inspired her to return to college and finish her college degree while her commitment to her parents as a caretaker when they were alive speaks to her character and personal values.This conversation will speak to your heart and inspire you to make the most of your life, prioritize your relationships, and encourage you to have faith in your dreams and goals and start taking action toward the achievement of them.Why You Should Listen to this Episode You’ll discover insights Stacy is learning from being an empty nester How Stacy’s daughter served as her compelling WHY to finish her college degree The importance of finishing what you started How to be intentional about your future Why aligning your actions with personal values makes you happier and more successful We’re all assigned a different truth to experience our greatness How oneness of purpose creates social movement and team success Start to create social change in your local community Stacy’s thoughts about the privatization of prison’s in the U.S. How she transformed her pain from the loss of both of her parents in 2009 How exercising our freedom of choice impacts our quality of life Honoring the truth of your feelings and emotion Grief is a tribute to the people Focus on the promise, know there is a purpose and stop dripping over the process Why it’s important to be curious about your future Take your experience to make it medicine to help others    Contact Stacy Gregg Facebook LinkedIn Email:  Also Mentioned In This Episode Panther  Contact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | Support the show (
What is your definition of accountability? If your interpretation is based on the definition most people believe our guest today will most likely expand your perspective of what it means and how you go about demonstrating it towards those you serve.Today in the guest chair is Sam Silverstein. He is an accountability expert & leadership keynote speaker. His mission is to empower people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business, and to thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivate an organizational culture, and inspire both individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth.  Global Gurus recently announced Sam Silverstein as one of the World's Top Organizational Culture Professionals. Sam is the author of ten books including I Am Accountable, Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses, Making Accountable Decisions, No Matter What, and The Success Model.As a former executive and owner, Sam successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Today, Sam writes, speaks, and consults with organizations around the globe to think differently, work with renewed purpose, and achieve record-breaking results. He works with entrepreneurs, multi-national companies, corporations, and government agencies to drive increased accountability, engagement, and productivity.Here's What You Will Learn In This EpisodeWhere Sam comes up with his ideas for his booksWhy he believes accountability helps people, organizations and the world be betterHis definition of accountability and how it debunks what most of us think about itWhy our ability as a society to value people is at the root of peaceful protestsIn order for us to evolve as a society, we have to engage in this one thingOne of his key philosophies toward handling challengesThe #1 thing that causes us to get stuck and what we can do about itThe only way we can keep momentum in our livesThe value of starting smallBalancing the desire to improve yourself and perfectionWhat is the accountability movement and why it's importantThe difference between responsibility and accountabilityHow accountability helps companies generate significanceAnd much more...Contact Sam SilversteinWebsiteEmail: info@samsilverstein.comContact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksJackie's Courses Music Credit:Purple Planet Positive Motivation Subscribe to Podcast: Apple Itunes | Spotify | Amazon TuneIn | iHeartRadio Support the show (
How often do you get the opportunity to get up close with a political operative who is passionate about the role she plays in helping to make the U.S.A. a more democratic society for the betterment of all Americans? Today, you have that opportunity by listening to the conversation I had with Melissa N. Watson.Taking a leap of faith to chart a new path in her career led our guest Melissa N. Watson to becoming the Executive Director of  Emerge South Carolina. Emerge South Carolina is changing the face of politics by recruiting, training, and providing a powerful network for Democratic women who want to run for office. Melissa believes women leaders are the key to making our communities and our nation a better place. Emerge has one goal: To increase the number of Democratic women in office who are reflective of the incredible diversity of the Democratic party by recruiting, training, and providing a powerful network. Since 2002, Emerge has trained over 4,000 Democratic women to run for office, and currently, 690+ Emerge alumnae serve in office.Although we discuss women, politics, and the role peaceful protest has on America's democracy, in this conversation the curtain is pulled back so that listeners can get an idea of the woman that is leading the movement to get more Democratic women elected into political roles in South Carolina. We discuss a multitude of topics. The through-line of all the insights and strategies that Melissa shares during this interview is her commitment to becoming the best version of herself and encouraging and empowering the women that she has the privilege to serve to do the same as they go about changing the political landscape of S.C.Here's What You Will Learn from This Episode:How developing self-reliance helps you to be successfulThe importance of regularly asking yourself the question: "How Can I Be the Best Version of Myself?"Why civil disobedience is interconnected in the democratic process to creating positive change in our society and the worldThe one thing she would change in the criminal justice system if she had the power to do soCommon myths about women in politics and how her work helps to debunk themThe power of  self-determination and focus to transform our pain into powerBeing a person who solves problems helps you to position yourself for promotionsSelf-care practices you can implement to reduce anxiety in the face of challengesThe benefits of approaching success with a holistic perspectiveThe perspective shift you need to embrace if you have a fear of failureThe #1 thing she wishes she had known in college prior to starting her career What Beyonce Knowles says about the importance of having a success squadThe joy that comes from challenging yourself to become the best version of yourselfAnd so much more...Contact MelissaFacebook: Melissa N. WatsonTwitter: @MelissaNWatsonLinkedInEmerge SCContact Jackie Capers-Brown WebsiteFacebookLinkedinAmazon BooksSupport the show (
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