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The Last Temptation of John

The Last Temptation of John

Author: John Salom

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Three immortals from Biblical times match wits against The Antichrist as The Book of Revelations comes to life in this fictional thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown-style novels.
36 Episodes
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(Book I: Chapter 1-2) John receives an unwanted letter from a long-lost friend and then an even more unwelcome visitor comes calling - with evil intentions on his mind.
(Book I: Chapter 3-4) John has a shocking revelation about Pope Benedict involved in a grand conspiracy to assassinate a beloved world leader!
(Book I: Chapters 5-7) John has a vision about his friend Alan Zarus talking to a mystery woman who claims she knows who the Antichrist is.
(Book I: Chapters 8-12) John explodes in anger against a series of new revelations, finally admits to being the Apostle John, and explains why he was 'cursed' with immortality.
(Book I: Chapters 13-15) John has a vision of Miriam and The Book of Life, followed by a further revelation about Pope Benedict's conspiracy to kill Dr. Ma'bus.
(Book I: Chapters 16-18) It's all about Miriam in this episode as John endures THREE revelations that concern his long-time 'friend.'
(Book I: Chapters 19-20) John feels sorry for himself (again) as he continues to feel abandoned by Jesus.
(Book I: Chapter 21-23) John answers more questions from his listeners and admits that he was part of a conspiracy to discredit Mary Magdalene. Later he has a revelation about his own the hands of Pope Benedict!
(Book I: Chapters 24-27) John finishes reading Book I of his trilogy by revealing the identity of The Antichrist!
(Book II: Chapters 1-2) John opens Book II with a vision about Miriam attempting to infiltrate Dr Ma'bus' palace in Baghdad.
(Book II, Chapters 3-4) John sees Alan alive in his vision but realizes he is still a prisoner of Dr. Ma'bus.
(Book II, Chapters 5-6)
(Book II, Chapter 7-8) John's visions include a view of Dr. Ma'bus showing his prisoner Alan the Chairs of Woe. Later John discovers that Miriam has rescued Alan, but he doesn't yet know how she did it.
(Book II, Chapters 9-11) John has multiple visions about Miriam as she confronts the hellish Chairs of Woe and battles against the Seven Deadly Sins in a desperate effort to save Lazarus.
(Book II, Chapters 12-15) John's fear materialize as Miriam arrives on his doorstep, begging him to heal Lazarus.
(Book II, Chapters 16-18) John has 3 appalling visions about Pope Benedict - even witnessing the pontiff lose control in a murderous rage.
Book II, Chapters 19-22: John has a vision about the woman Mystery being tormented by The Beast - can she escape her fate?
Book II, Chapters 23-25: An exhausted John tries to fend off the annoying questions of his friends, as Alan and Miram struggle to figure out the relationship between Pope Benedict, Mystery, and The Antichrist.
Book II, Chapters 26-28: John and his friends discuss the Pope Joan conspiracy and Miriam reveals a secret letter written by that infamous pope that could hold the key to saving the world!
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Michael Stoppa

will John recover his faith or not?

Oct 24th
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