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"It's like Steve Martin meets Steve Forbes." - Jim Stovall - NY Times Best Selling Author. Experience business school without the BS with former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark and the optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. This award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Pando Daily, etc.
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Canada’s Highest Rated and Most Reviewed CPA Josh Spurrell joins us to share how to determine your net worth, what your business is worth, and whether or not he believes that Kanye West is a billionaire or not
Geoff Thatcher | The Legendary Theme Park Attraction Designer Shares About Lessons You Can Learn from The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and John Lasseter While Breaking Down His New Book The CEO’s TIME MACHINE 
The podcaster, writer, and former Chief of Staff for Senator Mike Lee, Boyd Matheson shares why knowledge is only potential power, how to learn to disagree better, and why it’s SUPER important for everyone to be on the same page after a decision.
Paul Hood, CPA shares why great products and a great knowledge of your numbers will produce great success while discussing the Flying G Beef Jerky brand.
On today’s show, Garrain Jones shows how he went from being a prisoner in a French prison to becoming a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investor.
Tired of biased-mainstream media during these times of COVID-19 Chaos, lockdowns, and George Floyd protests? The founding editor of Hill Faith and a congressional correspondent for Epoch Times Mark Tapscott shares why epic times call for publications like Epoch Times.
Clay Clark, Dr. Breck, and the team break down Tony Robbins recent video, Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Tony Robbins.
The Chad Prather Show of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Network interviewed Clay about COVID-19, the government’s response to it, and the over-hyped and incorrect models that predicted the death of 2.2 million Americans.
We travel to the “Locked-Down Chicago” to show our support for Pastors Cristian Ionescu of Elim Romanian Church and Pastor Brian Gibson of HIS Church who chose to defy the Unconstitutional orders of Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot.
The CEO of Kizik Shoes, Monte Deere shares how the hands-free shoe brand became a trusted brand for millions of shoe buyers around the world.
Rock Thomas shares about the importance of pursuing whole-life success and having an intentional positive irritator in your life.
Clay celebrates the super success of diligent doers and his wonderful clients: Goddess of Spring, Primo Trailers, Witness Security, OXI Fresh, James Fine Cabinetry, and Living Water Irrigation.
The founder of The Hub Gym (Luke Owens) & the founder of Spoke House (Zach Pfaff) shares how Broken Arrow has changed for the better under Mayor Craig Thurmond’s leadership.
Master salesman Bill Wooditch shares why activity is always going to be the key to success as a salesperson.
The founder of TipTop K9 (Ryan Wimpey) shares how the Tip Top K9 Southlake franchise was able to generate $48,000 of gross revenue during just their 12th month in business.
The U.S. Constitution Coach, Rick Green joins us to share about why YOU must wake up to the fact that your 1st, 2nd and 5th amendment Constitutional rights are being violated right now and what to do about it
McKinsey’s Tim Koller joins us to share about how to manage the value of companies during a pandemic.
Americans are increasingly showing that they do not trust organizations and businesses. On today’s show, Princeton’s Doctor David Miller shares with us why you should look at the faith-based text to regain trust with your clients, employees, and the marketplace.
Part 2! Best-selling author John Shea joins to share about the life and times of Hall of Fame baseball player, Willie Mays and what made Willie Mays truly great as a person and an athlete.
Do you have a toxic member of your team that is holding you back? Do you have a passive-aggressive team member that is pushing back about implementing the proven systems and strategies that are proven to make businesses grow? Today, we celebrate the firing of the “She Demon.”
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Caleb Bouma

wow. there's a lot that needs to be officially investigated! Who in it government is brave enough to investigate these things?

May 19th

Kay Johnson Boyd

Louisiana is doing too

May 18th

Shhun Lyph

we're all fucked n u making money whoa casts of one sort or another spewing continuance of greed fuckin aye to Z

Mar 30th

Reg-Michelle Julien

The exceptional outreach of truth about our governmental process on placing fear upon the people is definitely inflickting a false self proposed prophecy and you all have spoken true words of wisdom,knowledge and understanding alongside hope which is faith and action to take a stand on life and love ....Amen and we are gonna survive this epidemic in Jesus Christ holy name... God bless you all and families...sincerely yours Mrs.Reganald James Julien

Mar 27th

Dan Simonds

The only useful thing I got from this was the headline, which was indeed important and has been underreported. While I generally agree with the sentiment, you are criticizing people for not reading beyond the headlines. however you over and over again say that 99% of the people who died are immunocompromised AND elderly, but that is not what the article says. A not insignificant portion have an issue which may include high blood pressure and are NOT elderly. Furthermore for a show that was all about facts most all I heard was a bunch of opinions from people you guys judge to be smarter than the rest. Thank you for the headline, but that and the link to the article is about all that was of value here

Mar 23rd

Baruch Endalo

Hey, I wish you minimize the unnecessary talk at the podcast, many listeners will skip the episode...

Sep 15th

Robert Blanton

way l🤨

Jan 26th

Miguel Silva

Great show!

Jan 10th

Kevin Falcon

never thought about taxes for a fixed business expense; good info, nice change of perspective.

Jan 7th

Roger Johnson

Two Thumbs Up!

Nov 16th

Roger Johnson

You did it again Clay Clark, knocking it out of the park with Dr. Z!

Nov 15th

Roger Johnson

Thanks Ckay Clark!

Nov 15th

Esa Esa th and Esta

Nov 1st

Roger Johnson

How do I find his book on

Oct 31st
Reply (1)


what do you do if people your life keep interrupting your schedule? such as family duties.

Oct 24th


Really influencial! Thank you!

Oct 23rd

Sara Mutoka

103 we 243 re

Oct 20th

Roger Johnson

Thanks for Having Michael Corbett on your show!

Oct 19th

Roger Johnson

YES, Listen to this pod cast! Thanks!

Oct 18th

Roger Johnson

Another Great interview! Thanks!

Oct 18th
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