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In the Arena with Colorado Concern

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In the Arena with Colorado Concern explores the intersection of business and politics in the Centennial state. On the podcast Mike Kopp will connect you with individuals who are rolling up their sleeves and working to make meaningful change in the state. He will also keep you apprised of issues impacting the business community and let you know when your voice can have an impact.
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Defining Issues

Defining Issues


This is a live recording from our 2021 Defining Issues Breakfast. Colorado Concern has a bias for action, for a strong economic growth environment, and for getting results in the arena. The point of the Defining Issues forum is to identify evolving public policy areas that will define important aspects of Colorado's future. We know that business leaders can solve our biggest challenges when we come together to meet the issue head-on. We begin that journey by first understanding the challenges themselves. Our 2021 speakers included:Chris Wright - CEO and Chairman of the Board, Liberty Oilfield ServicesShoshana Lew - Executive Director, Colorado Department of TransportationMurphy Robinson - Deputy Mayor and Executive Director of Public Safety, City and County of DenverChetter Latcham - President, Shea Homes ColoradoMike Coffman - Mayor of AuroraWith special guest Governor Jared Polis
Colorado has become a hub for space. On the podcast, we explore Maxar Technologies and how this Colorado company is using its satellite technology to help Americans, and friends of Americans, escape Afghanistan safely. Dan Jablonsky is the President and CEO of Maxar and a member of Colorado Concern. 
In the second part of our deep dive on housing affordability, long-time board member Pat Hamill joins the podcast to discuss the role of labor and materials shortages on the housing stock in Colorado. Pat Hamill is the Chairman and CEO of Oakwood Homes, a premier master-plan developer and home builder in Colorado and Utah. He is also a founder of the Colorado Homebuilding Academy. 
We are joined by fellow Colorado Concern member Chetter Latcham to discuss how the regulatory process is accelerating Colorado's housing affordability crisis. Chetter Latcham is the President of the Colorado Division of Shea Homes, the largest privately-owned builder in the United States. 
Energy and the Environment

Energy and the Environment


Chris Wright is the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, the second biggest hydraulic fracturing company in North America. He is both a mountain climber and an MIT graduate who has been working in energy for over 30 years. As the author of more than 60 technical papers, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the important topic of energy and the environment. Bettering Human Lives: 2020 ESG Report:
Our guest this week is Jake Harriman, founder and CEO of a +More Perfect Union, a citizen-led movement working to heal the divide in our nation and make our government work for the people. Join us in a rich discussion about how to cultivate a new, and deeply necessary, form of patriotism. More at:
Ryan Clancy is the Chief Strategist for No Labels, a national movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to bring leaders together to solve America’s toughest problems. Their recent polling provides keen insight into what the American public wants from their congressional representatives on this important issue.
This week, we discuss the new process of legislative redistricting that was established under Amendments Y and Z in 2018 with Jessika Shipley from the Colorado Legislative Council Staff.Have your voice heard at: 
The Employee Traffic Reduction Program will require large employers to track and alter the commuting habits of their employees in order to reduce greenhouse gasses. This wide-reaching rule is currently in development and we discuss how business leaders can get involved with Kelly Sloan, the Executive Director of the Freedom to Drive coalition. 
Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing


Our guests today are this year’s Terry J. Stevinson fellows at the Common Sense Institute, Evelyn Lim and Peter LiFari. Together they researched housing affordability and presented a paper that outlined several achievable solutions for building our way out of Colorado’s affordable housing crisis.
What attracts a business to Colorado and what may cause a business to move its headquarters elsewhere? Today we discuss the competitive advantages of our great state and what elements of our regulatory environment harm business prospects with JJ Ament, the CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Corporation.  JJ and his team have helped facilitate the creation of nearly 14,000 new jobs and $800 million of capital investment in the nine-county Metro Denver and  Northern Colorado regions. 
Public safety has a tremendous impact on business stability and economic vibrancy. Today we discuss the state of the city with Murphy Robinson, Denver's Deputy Mayor and the Executive Director of the Department of Public Safety. 



Ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks have escalated in recent years. Today we sit down with Chad Wolf, the founder and President of Wolf Global Advisors, who served as the former Acting Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security in the Trump Administration. Chad has significant experience in this arena and provides keen insights for the private sector on this increasingly important topic.
We are joined by Michael Bennet, Colorado's Senior Senator to discuss the American Jobs Plan and what it could mean for Colorado. 
Long-time republican insider DJ Gribbin joins the podcast to discuss the best ways to fund our transportation infrastructure. Making the case that direct user-fees are the most appropriate path and that they conform with traditionally conservative ideology.  DJ Gribbin is the founder of the strategic consulting firm Madrus LLC and a nonresident Senior Fellow at the Bookings Institution. DJ also served as Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Infrastructure in the Trump Administration and as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Transportation in the Bush Administration.  
Today we discuss SB 21-260, the transportation omnibus bill with CDOT Director Shoshana Lew. Shoshana walks us through the types of projects this bill will enable and provides us with a stark reality check on what is at stake if it fails. Colorado Concern stands behind SB 21-260 and encourages the legislature to vote YES. 
We keep hearing that vaccines are our ticket out of the pandemic, today we discuss what they mean for the future of work with experts from the Employers Council Jenny DeFranco and Randi Lewis.
This episode is a live recording of our annual member event with Governor Polis. Together we discuss a range of issues important to doing business in Colorado. 
The Spirit of the West

The Spirit of the West


Paul Andrews is the President and CEO of the National Western Stock Show and the Campaign Vice Chair for Honoring the Legacy, Building the Future, the campaign to redevelop the National Western Center. Today we discuss the capital campaign and the role the National Western Center plays in preserving the spirit of the West. 
Expanding Opportunity

Expanding Opportunity


This week we are sharing an audio recording of a recent event with member Helen Young Hayes from Activate Workforce Solutions where we discuss purposeful recruitment of underrepresented talent through full time hiring, part time college programs, and youth apprenticeships.
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