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Live Free with USA Today Bestselling Author Angela Kay Austin. Angela explores the world of books and travel, one person and one country at a time! Is that an odd mix? Hmm. As she travels, she’ll introduce you to the people, culture and books of the community around her.
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Hey guys! Today, I'm taking you on a quick trip to #Rye, #England! I'm calling this the English countryside. Am I right? Or wrong? I have no clue!!!Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: was a short #travel excursion to the countryside. #Rye was such a quaint town with a #castle, beautiful church, antiquing, but no #Uber!!! How does that happen?!If you have ever been to #Rye let me know what you think? And if you have suggestions for other beautiful places in #English countryside, shout out at me on social media!
There is a balance to everything, right? Life balance is about priorities. But how do you do that when you're a mom, travel nurse and #indiepublished #author?Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: is a #self-published author who has been #publishing for six years. She also work full-time and is a mom of three. Now, throughout my #indiepublishing career, I've always worked while I pursued my dream, and it has not always been easy to find time to #write. This why you find there are times when I've fallen off and I haven't #published #books.#HeatherRae and I talk about this illusive balance, and just what it takes to try to stay relevant in the world of #indiepublishing. We also chat about her career and a travel nurse and why I need another degree :-)
Can anyone say, "Road Trip"? Yay! We were able to hop on a train and take a quick trip to #Liverpool. I don't really know what I expected, but I did enjoy each moment!Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: mother once told me that she loved #TheBeatles, and so now that I have the opportunity to visit their land of The Beatles, why not visit?! To watch this video, check out my #YouTube channel: I tell you that this trip surprised me in more ways than one!!Have you ever done something in honor of someone else and then discovered something new for yourself?
I've heard a lot about Brian's work through book clubs out of #Memphis, #Tennessee. The organizer of one club DM'd me and told me of her love for his #books and asked me if I planned to interview him.⁠⁠Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media:⁠⁠You know that if someone in my hometown vouches for anything, I have to check it out!!! So, I looked him up and reached out to ask him to join me, and he said yes!⁠⁠If you're not familiar with #BrianWSmith, now is your chance to get to know him.⁠⁠To view this video, check out my #YouTube channel!⁠Here' more about Brian:⁠⁠Brian W. Smith is the award winning, bestselling author of thirty-three novels and screenplays. The following is a list of his educational background and literary accomplishments during his sixteen-year career:⁠⁠Literary Accomplishments:⁠⁠• Dallas Morning News Bestseller⁠• Amazon Bestseller⁠• Target Retail Stores Bestseller⁠• Black Expressions Bestseller⁠• Received the “Key to the City” from the city of Daytona Beach, Florida, for literary contributions.⁠⁠Professional Background:⁠⁠• Owner, The Script Repository (company specializes in adapting books to screenplays)⁠• Professor of Creative Writing at Collin College.  (2012 to Present)⁠• Currently signed to Simon and Schuster (the largest publishing company in the world).⁠• Lead Writer for Legitimately Mallie television show.⁠• Has ghostwritten 10 novels and memoirs for other authors.⁠• Owned a publishing company for seven years.⁠• Bestselling Mystery Series (The Sleepy Carter Mysteries) is currently being considered for television adaptation. ⁠⁠Educational Background: ⁠⁠• Master of Business Administration (MBA), (2006), University of Dallas ⁠• Bachelor of Science, Social Science, (2002), Mercer University⁠• Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, (2000), University of Phoenix ⁠⁠⁠Brian is a native of New Orleans, La., and currently resides in McKinney, TX.⁠⁠Contact him:⁠⁠⁠
Well, kind of! I was invited to a #jazz concert. The cover band were covering the fabulous #NinaSimone! Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: case you didn't know, I played the clarinet and saxophone for about twenty years. (No, I cannot still play, but my beautiful niece has picked up where I left off!) That being said, I love music, and #jazz is one of my favorites. Literally, I turn it on when I wake in the morning and it eases me into the world!With the change in the rules around #lockdown and #COVID, this was my first post-lockdown muical event. And it was worth the wait. The band covered Nina Simone's "I Feel Good," "Sinnerman," "My Baby Just Cares For Me," "Misunderstood," "Mississippi GodDamn," and other favs! To view this video, visit my #YouTube channel!#OvalSpace was new to me, but I would definitely visit again. The staff were friendly and the venue was quaint. I will definitely visit again!!
Afton Locke On Writing

Afton Locke On Writing


I want to introduce you all ot Afton Locke. She is definitely one of the most surprising women I've met on the #indieauthor circuit. She's always so soft spoken and quite, but don't put a microphone in her hand!!!Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: has published #Romance #books and for many years has written several #interracial #Romance #books. One of the things that I like about her is that she's taken this chance. For those of you who are new to my channel, you may not understand that #writing #books that feature women of color is taking a chance. I and other Black women #authors have been turned away from some publishing houses because of this face. Which is why it makes it so unique that Afton, who is not a #Black woman, takes this step and writes many of her #books from this POV.I hope that you guys will join me as I chat with Afton to learn more about this quiet woman who took a chance with her #writing and chose to publish  #novels rich with history and diversity.Here's more about Afton.Afton Locke is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes outside the box. Her trips always inspire her, sometimes years after they’re over. She lives with her husband, usually surrounded by animals, both wild and domestic. When she’s not writing, Afton enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and watching retro T.V.Facebook:
Yep, you read that right! I walked a #half-marathon through the scenic streets of #London! It took me four and a half hours, but I saw parts of #London that I'd never seen before.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: I decided to move to #London, one of the reason I chose the city was because of it's transportation system and the simple fact that so much of it is walkable. So, of course, I had to take advantage of an opportunity to walk through the city streets with a friend. I thought it would be a great way for me to learn so much about this beautiful city.Let me say, I don't have any half-marathon tips. I trained for the half-marathon by #walking and #running. And as far as #nutrition for the half-marathon, of course, I ate a healthy breakfast, but the organizers also provided snacks. If you look closely, you will see a banana in the pockets of my pants :-) If you decide to do a walking event like this one, be sure you research how to do it safely.Through the #UltraChallenges platform, I was able to explore this city that I call home. If you ever find yourself interested in doing something like a #half-marathon or #marathon #walk, you should check them out.And bring a friend!!!If you'd like to watch this video, visit my #YouTube channel!!
Whenever I meet a "new to me" #indieauthor, I always ask why they jumped into the world of #Indiepublishing. I asked that question of #SanGriffin. Her love for her son and the desire to uplift young Black men and women through your poetry and art shone through in this conversation.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: I started writing it was because I wanted to see more Black women on the pages of #books. Fast-forward fifteen years, and we have so many #self-published authors who are proudly writing about the Black experience. However, what struck me about San is that part of her inspiration came from her son.  There is something so amazing about wanting to carve out a path that allows your children to feel a sense of pride in who they are. We all are unique and amazing in our own way. Through her work, San Griffin tries to remind us of that simple truth. To view this episode, visit my #YouTube channel!Here's more about San.A skilled professional in child development and family relations, has worked with youth and their families for over 15 years.  Black Hair Love is her second book, and first poetry anthology, which she plans to follow with more titles that empower, inspire, and powerfully impact readers of all ages. Her initial book is the Amazon bestseller, The Superheroes’ Guide to Dominating Their Universe.  As CEO of Aggrandize Your Life, LLC., her goal is to provide tangible and intangible transformative tools and resources through the literature and workshops she creates.San earned both a bachelor's degree in child development and family relations, and a master's degree in human development from North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C., where she lives with her husband, Milton, and three sons. Connect with her at .Social media links:Website:
So... Yeah. I went to see a #football stadium in the #UK.  The #TottenhamHotspur team stadium located in North #London.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media:'m sure you guys know that I know nothing about #football (for the #Americans #soccer), but when I was told about the stadium, I wanted to see it. I mean why not. I'm in #London, how could I not visit a #football stadium.First thoughts -- I was amazed at the sheer size of the stadium. And the amount of love they put into the design. Also, they play #American #NFL games at the stadium. I found a little piece of home during the visit. Shout out to the #Tennessee #Titans!!!I don't know the #TottenhamHotspur song. I've never seen a match between them and #Arsenal or #Chelsea or any other team. But this stadium is amazing and I most definitely will be returning to see a game. But now, I have to compare the stadium :-)!! I wonder which #football team's stadium I will visit next. Ha!!!Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel!!
I don't remember how many years ago I met Olivia Gaines, but I rememer that the first time we spoke, she complimented me and I never forgot it. #Indiepublishing can be complicated, it is nice when you find someone else doing what you do who supports you along your journey.Find me on your favorite social media platform: nine years, Olivia Gaines has published fifty #books. She's been nominated for and won several awards. Olivia's humor is one of the things that always shines through to me. I think that you will see it in this interview as well as in her #books. Here is more about Olivia.Olivia is a USA Today Best Selling and multiple award-winning author who loves a good laugh coupled with some steam, mixed in with a man and woman finding their way past the words of "I love you." An author of contemporary romances, she writes heartwarming stories of blossoming relationships filled with heart and humor. The Technicians, The Blakemore Files, and the Modern Mail Order Brides, are one clicks for thousands of readers.When Olivia is not writing, she enjoys quilting, playing Scrabble online against other word lovers and spending time with her family. She is an avid world traveler who writes many of the locations into her stories. Most of the time she can be found sitting quietly with pen and paper plotting more adventures in love.Olivia lives in Hephzibah, Georgia with her husband, son, grandson and snotty evil cat, Katness Evermean.Learn more about her books, upcoming releases and join her bibliophile nation at www.ogaines.comSubscribe to her email list at
IRAE 2021 was held in Florida. The event was a legacy event that my friend Kassanna refused to let die, as a result she has now been presenting this event annually.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: and Denise Williams Cherry work together to hold this event each year. Hundreds of readers and authors who write diverse romance attend.2021 was the first year that I personally was not able to attend. (Sniffles)This event is about more than #writing, #books and #self-publishing. It's about a community of women (and men) who love #books coming together to support each other and champion diverse #books.When I started in the world of #indiepublishing there weren't resources like this one. We had Romance Writers of America (RWA) which didn't recognize many of us or our #writing at that time. Howevere, with events like IRAE we diverse writers have been able to discover diverse #readers who want to #read the #books we #write.I'm so proud of #Kassanna for fighting to keep this event alive! And thanks to Denise for keeping Kassanna right where she needs to be when she needs to be there!!!See you all next year!To watch the video for this episode, click here: more information about IRAE check out the links below:Website:
When you work the #indiepublishing circuit, you meet a lot of people. If you're afraid to network, it can be overwhelming at time. But if you fight against that fear, then you never know who you might meet. That person could very well help you with your next #book project.Find me on your favorite social media:, I participated in the Black Ink Festival thanks to Savannah J. Frierson. Because of that #book event, I met #DeeBowden. After Dee and I connected, we thought it would be great to share her story with all of you.Dee has worked with companies over the past years to help them recover cash. And now she's written a book that I think would be great for small business owners.But her story itself is also interesting. The "why" behind why she writes is interesting and I think so many of us #selfpublished #authors have probably had similar stories. In fact, entrepreneurs, in general, I'm certain have this story.Join us to learn more about Dee and why she writes!!Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel for more of this episode!Here's more about Dee.As featured in Forbes Magazine, Dee Bowden founded BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery company, from a personal desire to see small businesses learn to solve cash flow problems.After recovering $7.5 million for a large government agency, Dee recognized small businesses also fall prey to revenue loss because they don’t collect the outstanding invoices. That is why she is on a mission to serve them and grow their financial bottom line by sharing her five-step system.  Also featured in Thrive Global Magazine, Dee has over 10 years of financial recovery experience in which she collected over $10 million for several companies and other government agencies. Dee was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine in the article “Sealing the Money Leaks 5 Ways to Secure Your Cash Flow” was featured in Thrive Global magazine in the article “Money Matters: Dee Bowden Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Financial Peace” was featured in Speakers Magazine in the article “I Just Spoke Now Where is My Check “ Learn more, go to
In #America​ we have quite a few little seaside towns. Areas like #OceanCity​ #Maryland​, #AtlanticCity​ #NewJersey​, or #Baltimore​ #Maryland​ sit right on the water and I frequented them often when I was in those areas.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media:​A friend told me of the Brighton Beach area, and I couldn't say no. It was super cold, but I thought it would be awesome to share something new with you!!! #BrightonBeach​When it's warmer, I'll definitely take you guys back to this cute little pebble beach. Ohh, did I tell you guys that it was a pebble beach, not very friendly to the toes!The next time I go, I'm definitely getting on the zipline!! Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel to view this episode!!
A lot of us have been told, "You have a beautiful voice." But what do we do with it after we hear those words? Anything?Don't forget to find me on your favorite social media: you're interested in becoming a #voiceoverartist, this is the conversation for you! Rebecca Lee shares with how she broke into the #voiceoverartist industry. During this invrview she shares some of her tips about #voiceoverartisttraining and some of her best #voiceoverartisttips.No one has ever heard my voice and offered me $100 to record his voicemail message. So you know your girl took down notes!! #voiceoverartistbehindthescenes #voiceoveartistjobsworkfromhome #voiceoverartistdemoreelShoutout to #TwylaTurner for connecting me to #RebeccaLee! We had a fantastic coversation.Check out the video on my #YouTube channel!Here's more about #RebeccaLee!!Atlanta-based, NC born and bred voice actor.When she’s not finessing the mic, she can be found gardening, buying (yet another) houseplant, collecting passport stamps, insisting there is no such thing as too much garlic, pulling ya birth chart, fawning over the moon, striking terror into the hearts of shellfish everywhere, dancing at the slightest provocation, belting showtunes into a hairbrush, and being the lucky mom of an amazing little boy.Rebeccaleespeaks.comRebecca Lee on ClubhouseRebecca Lee_VO TwitterRebecca Lee Speaks FBRebecca_Lee_Speaks  IGRecommended resources:GVAA rate chart - - pay to play - online casting site (launching soon!)Voiceover Atlanta Conference  - virtual this year, a WEALTH of info and networking opportunities (Society of Voice Actors) That’s Voiceover! Career Expo - another great conference that was virtual this year - a great synopsis on How to Get Started in Voiceover by my friend and colleague to go when you’re ready to start putting your work out there - The African-American Voice Actor Database
Hey guys! In pure celebration of my #50th #Birthday! I spent the day hiking about the #Putney #Wimbledon (and #Richmond) Commons. Don't forge to find me on your favorite #socialmedia: love #hiking. Now, let me quickly clarify, this does not mean that I strap a backpack to my back and wander around hiking the Appalachian trail. I can't tell you which shoes are the best hiking shoes or the best hiking backpack or anything about hiking gear.However as I declare my #50andfabulous status, I do like to keep fit and one way I try to do that is by #hiking.This episode shares with you one of my favorite places, the huge #park area in #London that spans across #Putney, #Wimbledon and #Richmond. I hope you guys enjoy this episode, and if you do leave a comment and tell me if you have a favorite #hiking place. And to my #50andfabulous crew, tell me what perks do I get for joining the club!!!Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel!
Stella is the author of 34 books! She has #self-published since her first #book. She and I discuss her #indiepublishing journey.Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: the world of #indiepublishing, you meet many people along your #writing journey. If you stay on it long enough, you'll meet people who will help you succeed. Stella is one of those people.Stella started a Facebook chat group of #indieauthors, and from that chat sprung another Facebook group dedicated to Black Authors/Readers of Romance. I wanted to chat with Stella about why she started her group and about why she joins me in the belief of the power of collective strength.Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel to view this episode!Here's more about Stella.Stella is the author of 34 Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. She's married to her sexy hubby and soon they will celebrate their 22nd Wedding Anniversary! Together, they've raised two beautiful children. One of her daughters is her personal stylist who ensures that her mother is beautiful before every camera appearance! Her Romance stories will elevate your pulse rate, and make your heart skip. You will laugh, and you might cry a little, but you will pant with excitement. If an emotionally intense happy-ever-after is what you want, start reading now. She dares you to read all her hot stories!You can find her books here:Amazon Author Page (US): Author Page (UK): Books: Amazon US: Amazon UK: SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:Facebook:
If I live in #London for too much longer, I may never buy a car! I love explorin #London by walking through the streets. Everything moves slow enough to where you don't miss anything. Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: Lane is in the East End area of #London. I was told that it was an area I had to visit because of its #streetart. I'm an #American in #London. So, of course, I was curious. We have a lot of #streetart in #America, but since moving to #London, I hadn't seen much.If you know where I can see more, leave a comment.I can't wait to see this area after the #lockdown, I'm sure it will be alive in a whole new way. Join me as I take a walk through this artsy part of #London.Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel!
When it comes to #indiepublishing, there are many things an #author must consider. One of the concerns is #indiebookmarketing. How will your prospective #reader know your #book is available?Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: Fussy Librarian founded by #JeffreyBruner. The website is dedicated to helping #readers find #books of interest. How does this help #authors? It helps us because they have two newsletters. Newsletters that go straight into the email boxes of avid #readers who could be searching for our #books.As #self-published #authors, we don't have the time to do everything ourselves. And we shouldn't. We should use established resources that help us get the word out about our #books.#TheFussyLibrarian has one newsletter that has 390,000 subscribers, and another that has #120,000. Now, don't you want its users to know about your #books!To learn more about The Fussy Librarian, check out their website here:'t forget to check out my #YouTube channel!Check out this interview with Jeffrey, and drop a comment below to let us know what resources you've used to get your #books in front of #readers. #bookmarketingstrategies #bookmarketingandpublicity #bookmarketingideas #bookmarketingtips #bookmarketingonamazon
In this episode, I take you on a walkabout with me through #HydePark in #London. It's a beautiful open space park area that reminds me of Central Gardens in New York. Don't forget to follow me on your favorite social media: this episode I talk about one of the reasons I started this journey of self-discovery. Also, I  briefly discuss surviving grief and loss. Leaning into my #faith and family, I am here walking the streets of #London. But the journey was not easy and I continue to walk it at this moment. This is a reflective moment and was difficult to make. Thank you for joining me!Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel to view this video.
When you take that first step into #self-publishing, it can be scary. One major question is, "How do you get your book into the hands of a reader?" Some in the #indiepublishing world use #aggregators to distribute their #books, others upload directly to each #book distributor.Don't forget to find me on your favorite social media:, I do both. I use a mix of aggregators and direct uploads. For each #indiepublished #author, you will have to make the same determination. What works best for you?The factors you should consider when you're reviewing your #book distribution plan are: time, money, overall knowledge and understanding of each platform, promotion options for each platform, benefits/concerns about aggregators, and so much more.This video is a quick video about Kindle Direct Publishing. I don't go into a lot of detail because I wanted to keep this video short; however, if there is something more you would like to know drop a comment or question and I will see if I can answer it. #kindledirect #kindledirectpublishing #kindledirectpublishingformatting Don't forget to check out my #YouTube channel!
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