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01. Alix Perez - Evermore02. Technimatic & Technicolour - Satisfy03. Hugh Hardie - Coulda Woulda04. Silentium - Proin05. En:vy - All About You06. Marvel Cinema - Grayscale07. Makoto feat. Rasmus Faber - Swing Drops08. A:D - Different Eyes09. Simple Souls - Fusion10. Alpha Rhythm, HumaNature & Leo Wood - Keeping On (Villem Remix)11. Piker - NSFW12. Ben Soundscape - Trippin'13. Phentix - Glacier14. Nemy - Suspicious15. Submotive & DLR - Accidental Funker16. Clikvork - Design Death17. Phentix - Divergence18. M-zine - CHNOPS19. GEST - Reverence20. Phase - Stress Out21. Nami Ongaku - Wriggler22. Gyrofield - Urgency23. Flat T - Voices24. Untrue - Rudeboy25. Jayjax - Foul World26. Piker - Rendelsham27. Flat T - Collection Point28. Saxxon - Motor City29. Veak - Strange Found (Veak Remix)30. Kusp - Hustler31. Top Dolla - Welcome To The Woo32. Piker - Transmogrification33. Kusp - Andes34. Gella - Sparkles35. Dr Meaker - The Seige36. Illphaze & Trauma DBC feat. Boogieman - Maya Jam37. Piker - Mars Attacks (VIP)38. Damage Report & Twisted Individual - Fatberg39. Makaveli - Game Of Death (Jayline Remix)40. Spaow - Red Light District
1.  Blue Frequency - The Light2.  Calibre - You Could Dance3. Alix Perez – Desanka4.  Science of Man – Mother5. Indivision Passing Low6. Tokyo Prose ft. Steo - Lift You Up (Satl Remix)7. Calyx & TeeBee - Warehouse Days8.  OZOH – Spectral9. Sub_liminal - Second Spring10. Komatic – Trepidation 11. Jinx - Can’t Stop This12. Blue Frequency - Open Your Eyes (Pappa Gee Remix) 13. Dillinja feat Mc Skibadee- Twist' em Out 14.  Coda - Sync Button 15. Traumatize – Yard Plan16.  Halogenix – Odesa17.  Blue Frequency - Show Me The Stars 18. Stay-C – Bleach19. Klinical - Blue Static20. ZeroZero & Teknian – Ruff21.  Alix Perez - Stayed the Same (ft. Verbz)22. T-Kay - Smoke The Highgrade (ft. XL Mad & Ninja MC)23.  Survey & PRTCL - Acid One24.  Ivan L - Is Somebody There25.  Derrick & Tonika - Red Secret26.  HLZ & Cleveland Watkiss - Dusk Til Dawn27.  Indivision - Turtoise 
1. Blade - Black Music  2.  Yaano – Lust3. Drawn Moon – Call Me4. Quartz – Hydra5. Seereal - Nothing6. Alix Perez, DLR, & SP MC – Keep Up7. Gentleman’s Dub Club – Sugar Rush (Bish & Gray Remix)8. Seba & Collette Warren – All Too Much9. Speaker Louis – Fitzrovia10. Blue Frequency - In This Moment11. Invadhertz & Felix Raymon – Heartless12. DJ Fresh - Heavyweight (A.M.C Remix)13. Piker - Mars Attacks14.  Izachar - Musik Man15. DLR & Spinline - Please Stand Here16.  Bookey & tominthechamber - Up All Night17.  Sebs & Marina Samba – How It Goes18. Jestah – Armade (Arkaik Remix)19. Alpha Rhythm & Sub_liminal - Hidden Thoughts ft. Sydney20. Indivision – Turtoise21. Blue Frequency - Show Me The Stars22.  Winslow – Supermarket 6423. Echo Brown - Motions ft. [ K S R ]24. Talix – Inner Space25. Blue Frequency - Open Your Eyes26. Izachar – Shadowboxing27. Seba – Horsepower28. Levela & Ekman – Zone Out29. Ben Snow – Closer30.  Noisia & Former - Pleasure Model (Synergy Remix)31. Clusion - Not So Far32. Blue Frequency - The Light 33. Bungle - Space Shift34. Blade - Vibe 110535. Myth – Defiant36. DLR & Alix Perez – Blips37. Geostatic & Yannons – Stay38. ABLE & Cesco - Move Your Car39. Speaker Louis - Lift Me Up
01. Blue Frequency - Behind The Hill02. Messiah - Black Hole03. Villem - Love Rays04. Low:R - Dance All Night05. Modu - Bunpa06. Logistics - Pleasure07. Blue Frequency - The Light08. Villem - Chalice09. Stimpy - Bulletproof10. Yatuza - Sleepless11. Cray Dee - Check It12. Trex - Duck Hunt13. Hologram & Degs - Ghosts14. Spinline & DLR - Follow The Lines15. Cray Dee - Gumball16. Zero T & Myth - Read My Mind17. DLR & Alix Perez - Blips18. Spinline & DLR - Please Sytand Here19. PTG - The Sleeper20. A-Audio - Lost21. Modu - Hypno Shack22. Leks - Focus For Me23. Trex - The Mirror (feat. Medic)24. Wreckless - Programs Without Purpose25. Kid Drama & DJ Trace - Rage26. Brockout & Quickdraw - Pale Moonlight27. Danny Darkovski - Can You Fee Us28. FX909 - Special Request29. Leks - My Sound30. DJ Hazard - Wrong Number31. Jenks & Lumia - Already Dead32. Leks - Badman Sound33. Yoteii & Bunnerz - Grotville34. Nick The Lot - Loose Cannon35. Steely & Pengo - Neon36. Metal Work - Cemetary37. Muzo - Oh Boy38. Gouki - Samurai39. CrucifyMe - Bouncy Ball40. Bensley - Debonair
Ruff DnB presents their first show of 2021, featuring tracks from producers such as Visages, Promenade, Ben Snow, Artsea, Blue Frequency, Theoretical and many more.
This is our last podcast of 2021 hosted by Blue T.This month's episode is packed with some  serious drum and bass bangers, a selection of current  releases on our label, Ruff DnB. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past 2 years.Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year!
This month’s Ruff DnB in the mix episode hosted by Blue T, features a selection of new drum and music by produces such as Alter Ego, Piker, Zero T, Nemy, Rusko, London Elektricity and many more.Click play and get locked in!
01. Sonic Rain feat. Libby Rollings - Your Love02. Alix Perez - Trinity (Skeptical Remix)03. Rebel Culture - Dreams04. Duoscience - Journey05. Con*Natural feat MC Conrad - Lean Upwards06. BCee - Poodle Dub07. LTJ Bukem - Flip The Narrative08. Sonic Rain feat. Libby Rollings - Slow Down09. Lally - Who We Are10. Henry - Step By Step11. Echo 1 - Weekend Rush12. Phase & Grey Code - Call In Me13. DJ Trace - Path (HLZ Remix)14. Ink, Loxy & Loomis - Stranger Things15. PRTCL - The Lifestyle Made Me Do It16. DJ Trace - Tactic (J:Kenzo 98 Style Remix)17. Scepticz & Alibi - Vigilance18. Levela - Watch Your Step19. Nectax - Treadstone20. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jungle Dreams21. Unknown Artist - Above The Clouds ('21 Jungle Remix)22. Jonny L - Hurt You So (Ed Solo & Dope Ammo Remix)23. AkAs & Georgia Phoenix - Oldskool Newskool feat. 2Shy MC24. Phibes - Never Get Enough25. Brian Brainstorm & T-Kay - Murderation26. Serial Killaz - Territory27. DJ Hybrid feat. Haribo - Raised In The Jungle (T I Remix)28. Harley D - Ganja Lady29. Georgia Phoenix - What You Know About30. Flat T - Guilt31. Benny L - Shut The Front Door32. Jaxx - Mek It More Nice33. MLH - Sofa So Good34. Gravit-E - Elements35. Ben Snow - String Theory36. Magenta - Riddims37. Nick The Lot - Keep It Burning38. A-Audio - Tension39. Magenta - Disco Dance40. Krucial - Weird Science41. Gravit-E - Darkness 202142. Piker - Mars Attacks43. Nick The Lot - Gunshots44. Traumatize - Milk45. Tyke - Rodney
We are starting the autumn season with this drum and bass mix hosted by Blue T, which features tracks from producers such as Fred V, LTJ Bukem, Bailey & Need for Mirrors, A.M.C, Edlan, Break and many more.
Blue T covers this month’s episode for the Ruff DnB in the mix podcast, playing a selection of drum and bass tunes. This mix features tracks by Chris Munky, Severity & Ruth Royall, Satl, Mistrust, Trex, Silloh, Brainwork & Rift, Kublai, Ivan L and many more.
01. Greekboy - Wicked Babylon02. Nu:Tone - Jonas03. Jaybee - Beach Run04. Treex - No Words To Explain05. Rezilient - Jazz Machine06. Unknown Artist - Blue Wine07. Rift feat. Petroll & Cluda - Never Last08. Hugh Hardie - No Compromise09. The Vanguard Project - Ducks 10. Funkware - Legacy11. Ben Soundscape - Bronx Jazz12. Stimpy - Rock Girl13. Linear - Lost In Sight14. Unknown Artist - Blue Lights15. John B & Digital - Time Goes By16. Blue Frequency - Open Your Eyes17. Disrupta - Like The Sun18. Unknown Artist - Pressurized19. Sonic - Piano Anthem (S.P.Y Remix)20. Leniz - Beautiful Piece Of Work21. T.R.A.C - Welcome To The Stateside (Maverick Soul Remix)22. Duoscience - Vine23. Guzi & Woolf - Balance24. Jenks - Distorted25. Syncline - Round In Circles26. Artsea - Jitter27. NEO-GEO - Treat For Myself28. FX909 - Paradise Lost29. Duoscience - Good To Be With30. Submorphics feat. Ras Tweed - Guided By Venus31. Silence Groove - Kites32. Simple Souls - Flying33. The Vanguard Project - Mr Poppy34. Carlito & Addiction - History35. FX909 - Useless36. Exult & SMP - Devil's Dance37. Blue Frequency - Inside Of Me38. Treex - Stop For A While39. Walk:r - Golden Hour40. Koherent - Endless Haze41. Rezilient & HumaNature - Lost Together42. Easy & Geeks - Natural (Bungle Remix)43. Stimpy - Unshaken44. Duoscience feat. KC - One Love To Me45. T.R.A.C feat. Command Strange - Take The Reigns (Remix)
In this special mix, Blue T showcases  the forthcoming EP on Ruff DnB, Open Yours Eyes by Blue Frequency . If you like drum and bass music, there really is a tune for everyone in this episode.
01. Madusea - Deity Of Emerald Nights02. Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone - Breathe03. Rezilient - Jazz Machine04. Blue Frequency - Inside Of Me05. Stimpy - Rock Girl06. Ben Soundscapw - Instances07. Syncline - Round In Circles08. Serial Killaz feat. MC Spyda - Meditation09. Blue Frequency - Open Your Eyes10. Monty - Whatever You Need11. Crom feat. Rider Shafique - Sticks & Stones12. Scudd - Complete13. DJ Brockie & Ed Solo - Echo Box (ANFM Remix)14. Mrs Magoo & DJ Hybrid - Back To 9615. K Jah - Ominous16. Taxman - Utopia17. Sam Binga & Chimpo - Rude AF18. Focal Tone - Conduit19. Waeys & Particle - Rave Tool20. The Sauce & Fox - Everything Boss (Dub Version)21. Jaybee - Like We Always Do About This Time22. StillZ - Bleep Riddem23. Molecular & Objectiv - The Foundation24. Atic & Automated Prayer - Rottweiler25. Dopplershift & Stokka - Take Control26. Stevie SP & Papa Gee - Gunslinger27. Atic & Automated Prayer - M.D.K28. Tyke - THX Dub (Hexa Remix)29. Crom feat. Rider Shafique - Bandicoots30. Menk - Killer31. BlkHry - Bite (VIP)32. Alphaze feat. Most Days - Who Wan Test33. Menk - On Tha Way34. Syndicat - Eiyo35. MQ - Englishman (Dangerous Remix)36. Psyche & The Force - Mad Man37. Hoax - Freaks38. Trauma DBC feat. Knightmare 2 Fresh - Fire (Illphaze Remix)39. Shrust - Time Up (Heist Remix)40. Mozey - Lady Petrol41. Jedi - Get Out42. Damageman - The Track With No Name43. Art Of War - Digital Era (Ironlung Remix)44. Piker - Siren Head45. Psyche & The Force - Tardis46. Hoax - Tides Of War47. Bassface Sascha - Lockstep48. StillZ feat Kre - Gifted Killaz49. Fatman D feat. Smuggler - This Is For My Children50. Mozey feat. Current Value - Flirt
Blue T steps up this month with his first podcast for Ruff DnB this year. This episode features new drum and bass music from produces such as Jubei & dBridge, BCee, Matt View, Blue Frequency, Forbidden Society, Drumcatcher + more.
This month’s podcast kicks off with an absolute banger. Jonny T steps up once again for the Ruff DnB in this mix series, playing a selection of drum and bass that will keep you entertained for the duration of the show. He will definitely be back before the end of the year, so keep a lookout for more shows from him, if you enjoyed this one.
DJ Spidee hosts this month’s podcast for Ruff DnB, playing the full spectrum of drum and bass music. He also takes a look back at our past releases and talks to the founder about how it all came about...
01. Treex - Failure02. Easy & Geeks - Natural (Bungle Remix)03. Simple Souls - Flying04. PA - Wait Too Long05. Unknown Artist - Blue Lights06. Guzi & Woolf - Balance07. Treex - Stop For A While08. Sonicblast - Moby Dick09. Indivision - Passing Low10. Treex - Looped Mind11. DJ STP - Greetings12. A-Zone feat. Aphrodite - Calling The People (2020 Jungle Mix)13. Dennis Brown - Sitting & Watching (Aries Remix)14. Verdikt feat. Jinx & Moose - 114215. Leks - Chat So Much16. Mark Dinimal - Joblot17. Pablo G - Yeah Man (Conrad Subs Remix)18. Delly Ranx - Don't Be A Menace (Selecta J-Man Remix)19. Wingz - Badman20. Destiny - Chaos21. Mozey, Sofi Mari & Philth - Heavy Sound22. Yoteii & Bunnerz - Flexin23. Twisted Individual - Pukka Piles24. Klinical & Waeys - Framed25. DJ Hazard - Silence26. StillZ - See It Up27. Alex SLK & B-Plexx - Concussion28. Voltage - XR2i29. Total Recall - Shadow Hunters30. Tomoyoshi - Open Your Eyes31. Jeopardize - Stage One32. Spexion - Leap Year33. Whisper - Clean Up34. Herby - One Touch35. DJ Hazard - Blue Cortina
This is our final episode of 2020, hosted by the Raskel, playing some oldskool jungle drum and bass music to end this year for us.   As our whole scene moans the recent death and celebrates the life o f Leon Chue at Music House, we dedicate this oldskool mix to him.
Blue T steps up with this month’s podcast episode for Ruff DnB, killing it with new tracks by the likes of S.P.Y, London Elektricity, Alix Perez , Cyantific, Sub Zero, Deadline, Indivision, Bungle, Visages, Tokyo Prose  Satl and many more.
This episode is one for the massive that like the jump up and nu-skool jungle vibe. So many dirty tunes on this mix, ready to roll. Get locked!
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