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Author: Dr Tim Crowe

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Thinking Nutrition is all about presenting the latest nutrition research in plain language and then translating this into what it means for your health. Dr Tim Crowe is a career nutrition research scientist and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. Tim has over 25 years of research and teaching experience in the university and public health sectors, covering areas of basic laboratory research, clinical nutrition trials and public health nutrition. He now works chiefly as a freelance health and medical writer and science communicator.
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Iron. It’s one of our most important essential minerals and sits at the heart of oxygen transport and energy metabolism in the body. In today’s podcast, I put the spotlight on iron, outline its key functions and explore the food factors that control how much of it we absorb. Because iron deficiency ranks as one of the world’s most common nutritional disorders, I go into detail of the consequences of this, how deficiency is tested for and importantly, how it can be managed with diet and supplements. Links referred to in the podcast Iron status in vegetarians MJA review of iron and vegetarian diets Feeding vegetables to fussy eaters 
There is nothing bigger in the world of nutrition and health at the moment than the gut microbiota. With potential far-reaching health implications, one of the best ways to keep your gut microbes happy is to feed them well. In today’s podcast, I’ll look at some of the health areas being linked to the gut microbiota. And then explore in greater depth one area, which is that of body weight regulation as the focus for today’s episode. And then I’ll drill down into letting you know the types of foods and nutrients that feed your gut microbes best. Links referred to in the podcast Probiotic supplementation and weight loss Change in microbiota with diet changes in African Americans Rapid changes in microbiota with diet changes
Fermented foods are a hot food trend right now. But it has been an overnight success thousands of years in the making. In this first part of an ongoing series theme on all things gut health, gut bacteria and the gut microbiota, I explore the world of fermented foods, describe the popular ones and most importantly: look at what science has to say about their health benefits. Links referred to in the podcast Sauerkraut and IBS Kimchi and blood lipids Kefir and health benefits review Sourdough bread and gut discomfort Association between gut microbiota and personality Dairy and bone health review 2018 Dairy and bone health review 2019 
Coffee. For some, it is deserving of its own essential food group. But is coffee more than just a way to achieve functioning human capacity first thing in the morning? You may have seen media headlines in the past warning about health risks of coffee. But now that the science has matured, coffee turns out to be one of the most surprisingly positive health stories of recent years. Forget about the latest superfood trend, coffee is where it is at. In this podcast, I’ll look closer at those health benefits and give you the validation you’ve been seeking to justify your caffeine habit. Links referred to in the podcast Review of coffee and health Caffeine use in Parkinson’s disease Sports Dietitians Australia fact sheet on caffeine Caffeine and the risk of miscarriage Intermittent fasting in sport 
What’s the secret to a long, healthy life? The answer here does not lie in exotic Himalayan berries, green smoothies, or jumping on the latest fad diet bandwagon. Instead, take a step back and learn from the habits of those in the world who already have the answer. Called ‘Blue Zones’, these are areas in the world where more people enjoy remarkably longer, healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet. In this podcast episode, I’ll outline their key health habits and of course bring in what science has to say about it and then put it into practical terms for how to implement this in your own life.  Links referred to in the podcast Fruits, vegetables and happiness Diet and telomere length 
Intermittent fasting is currently one of the world's most popular health trends. Characterised by alternating periods of food absence followed by periods of normal eating, promoters of intermittent fasting claim that it is the ‘metabolic key’ to unlocking weight loss, reducing inflammation, cutting the risk of diabetes and heart disease and maybe….even extending your life. This show covers what intermittent fasting is, how to do it, and what the evidence says about that long list of health claims. Links referred to in the podcast Intermittent fasting vs traditional dieting for weight loss Review of the effects of intermittent fasting on health, ageing and disease Fasting during cancer treatment Children's food choices after watching a healthy cooking show 
If you want to be less confused about just how to make sense of conflicting nutrition messages that you hear about each day then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s podcast, I’ll unpack what makes nutrition appear to be such a confusing area. But importantly, I’ll help set you straight in knowing how to make sense of it all. Links referred to in the podcast Industry conflict of interest in research Review of dietary patterns and health Avocado and oxidised LDL clinical trial 
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