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Author: Erin & Jay

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A motorcycle podcast — sometimes about motorcycles and sometimes just about our salty opinions.
41 Episodes
Holy shit, Salties! Episode 40 is kinda about friends - like the ones we’re about to lose while at the same time we get to chat with our friend Brian. 
Hey Salties! Episode 39 is all about kijidiots and ongoing misogyny in the moto community. We share some salty options on ruiners!
Hey Salties! On Episode 38 we're chatting about tattoos and posers..... but aren't we always talking about posers anyway? 
Episode 37 is finally here and we’re so excited to tell you all about the Cabot Trail Curse! From gooey pockets, creepy crawlers, to sputtering engines, we got it all on this one!
Hey Salties! On Episode 36 we share some ways that a little (or lot!) of PMA can get you through some PMS on the road. 
Hey Salties! Weirdly, on Episode 35 we're talking fitness. Also, we have special guest Curby Katie on to talk about new rider shit and how she got her nickname. 
Hey Salties! It's Pride Month (look! we know pride is every day!) and we're chatting about 2SLGBTQIA+ representation in the motorcycle community. We're also getting salty about rookies. 
Hey Salties! It's episode 33 and why not start off with a topic we'll never finish tackling‽ And we're stoked to have Ken join us to chat about wrenching, queer shit, and their experiences in the first season of riding. 
Hey Salties! It’s time for some new rider realness paired with the bad habits of seasoned riders. (... and you’ll just have to listen to find out about the dirty underpants!)
Hey Salties! Episode 31 is here! Hail Satan! Got to catch up with Paterka from The Moto Meetup to chat about riding in the Pacific Northwest and her amazing rat bike, Winston.
Hey Salties! On Episode 30 we're chatting about divorce & moto culture with some friends.  It's salty and funny, we promise. 
Hey Salties! It's finally spring! We know, we know... it's still pretty much too early to ride but we did it anyway.  This season might be like the last in terms of planning but fuck it! Let's ride!
Hey Salties! It's Episode 28 and we're chatting about being vegetarian on the road, the ghosts along for the ride, and ways to fight hanger!
Hey Salties! It's almost Valentine's Day so we're chatting about partners, relationships, and general bullshit. Sometimes riding with someone jives and sometimes it's just shit. 
Hey Salties! Guess what? We've mentioned Big Al, our tallest friend and riding mentor a million times on previous episodes and we're stoked to have him on this episode! We also tackle how jealous we all are whether you want to admit it or not ( yes, you too)! 
Season 2 is here, Salties! We're talking shit about technology for motorcycles and all the turds that use it. 
Hey Salties! It's Episode 24, our final episode of the season, and we have some salt to spill on what you need versus what you want. 
Hey Salties it's time for Episode 23! We're shooing away the night hag to chat about z's, enjoying phenomenal temperatures, and goddammit we're protesting the off season! 
Hey Salties! It's time for Episode 22 and we're excited to chat with our lone wolf pal, Jen! We dig deep into what's cool, lone wolfin', and things get a lil messy as we overshare. 
Hey Salties, it's Halloween month and if you wanna be spooked and horrified, this is the episode for you! We dish on pop culture and you're gunna wanna buckle up for this bloody ride. 
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