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It may seem obvious, but if we create environments that are warm, welcoming, and inclusive, our people will thrive!In this episode, host Tim Reitsma is joined by Maggie Smith—a seasoned HR professional who is leading the team at Traliant. If you are looking for clear and actionable takeaways on how to build a culture that is inviting, welcoming, and has your people excited about your company, have a listen to learn what Maggie and her team have done.Support the show
When was the last time you gave vague instructions? Was there a miscommunication? Or perhaps you were the one to receive vague instructions. How did it make you feel?In this episode, host Tim Reitsma and Casey Jacox—author of “WIN the RELATIONSHIP, Not the DEAL”, leadership coach and consultant to high performing teams—unpack the power of setting clear expectations. Casey shares with us his TED framework and gives practical insights.Support the show
Onboarding doesn't have to be just a checklist or a dull day of reading through company procedures!In this episode, host Tim Reitsma and Jerome Deroy—story expert and CEO of Narativ—talk about the power of storytelling to design and deliver programs that create ownership, empower and engage employees. Listen to learn how the power of story will transform your onboarding experience.Support the show
Did you know, that coaching conversations don't have to take a lot of time? In fact, it can take just 10 minutes or less to resolve a situation. In this episode, host Tim Reitsma and Lisa Martin—a Professional Certified Coach and founder of The Coach-Like Leader—have a powerful conversation about coaching and how a coaching mindset will bring impact to our organizations.Support the show
How do you define what hybrid work means? Is it simply working a few days in the office and a few days at home? Anna Tavis—a Professor and Academic Director of the Human Capital Management Department at NYU—and Stela Lupushor—founder of Reframe.Work Inc.—join host Tim Reitsma to talk about what hybrid work is and how to create a hybrid workplace that people will be excited about.Support the show
In this episode, host Tim Reitsma and Dave Ulrich—a leading voice in HR and ranked as a #1 management guru by Business Week—unpack what it means to be a leader and how we can build a better world of work. It all begins with self-leadership.Support the show
Do you have a plan in place to help people at your organization grow their skills and knowledge? Tim Reitsma and Noah Rabinowitz—VP of Moderna University—talk about the learning culture at Moderna and share what you need to create a learning culture at your own organization. Hint: it requires intentionality!Support the show
What are you doing to cultivate happiness at work? Or are you of the mind that work and happiness don’t belong in the same sentence? Tim Reitsma and Leigh Ann Rodgers—founder of the Better Teams—will give you insights into why happiness in the workplace matters and a simple framework to follow.Support the show
What does it mean to be an effective HR leader?  Tim Reitsma and Andrew Bartlow—a leading HR and business consultant—answer this question as well as discuss prioritization, goals, outcomes and the power of curiosity.Support the show
How do you know if your employees or team members are in a good mental state? In this episode, Tim Reitsma and Debbie Lang Pearmain—Senior HR Consultant, Mental Health and Wellness Consultant/Trainer—talk about creating a mental health strategy that actually works.Support the show
Tim Reitsma and Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina—TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and Founder of Consciously Digital—talk about the importance of digital wellbeing. You will learn what you can do as a leader to model to your team what digital wellbeing means and learn a few strategies on how to balance your on and offline self.Support the show
Do you thrive on uncertainty or does it make you clam up and jump into survival mode? In this episode, Tim Reitsma and Vanessa Akhtar—Change Expert, Author, and Director at Kotter Inc.—talk about how to lead through uncertainty.Support the show
A few things are certain when we globalize our workforce, we need to develop our cross-cultural skills as leaders. In this episode, Tim Reitsma and Dr. Rajesh Kumar—expert in cross-cultural business, international business and leadership—talks about the key skills leaders must develop in order to create high performing global teams. Support the show
Have you ever accepted a job and after a few weeks or months realized that what you were “sold” isn’t what you expected? In this episode, Tim Reitsma and AJ Vaughan—founder of Beyond Brands Studio—talk about a new approach to the interview process. It’s called honesty! Support the show
Do you make decisions based on data or based on your gut? In this episode, Tim Reitsma and Darren Person—Global CIO at The NPD Group—talk about the importance of a data-driven culture and how we should approach creating this culture.Support the show
What would the world of work look like if we genuinely asked our team members how they are doing? Tim Reitsma and Anjan Pathak—Co-Founder at Vantage Circle—talk about Anjan's approach to employee wellness.Support the show
Have you recently left a job? Or perhaps your organization has seen a lot of turnover. Why do people continue to leave and what can we do about it? Tim Reitsma and Lee Frederiksen—Managing Partner at Hinge Marketing—dive into the practical things we can do to navigate this talent crisis.Support the show
Have you ever tried to implement a business change, whether it’s a system, restructure or change in strategy and it was met with resistance? Tim Reitsma and Richard Hawkes—Founder, CEO, and author—unpack insights from his new book—Navigating The Swirl—around the 7 conversations that are crucial for business transformation.Support the show
In this episode, Tim Reitsma and Jordan Boogaard—HR Evangelist at EddyHR—talk about onboarding and Jordan shares his perspective on how to onboard the right way.Support the show
Is there such a thing as balancing people and profits? As leaders, do we prioritize one over the other or do we strive to keep this in check? Tim Reitsma and Simon Bray—President at REW—discuss how Simon focuses his time on progress, people and profits and how this intentional way of leadership drives trust and impact.Support the show
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