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Join us in this informative episode about triumphing through a journey of a mom with a daughter with special needs and communication challenges. In this episode, Betty speaks to how she helped empower her daughter to not only find her voice but to start her very own business. This episode provides hope to moms who face similar life challenges and how to overcome them. Resources: Autism Speaks: Autism Institute, CARD: & Small Business Development Center: Betty and Nijah's Business, OBESSIONS GIFTS: the show (
Join this episode with co-founder and CEO of Dr. Nettles Beauty, Dr. Dana Nettles. Dr. Dana Nettles is a licensed pharmacist who graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Biology, then continued her studies at Samford University’s Mcwhorter College of Pharmacy. She has been practicing pharmacy for over 30 years, and has a passion for holistic medicine and herbal products. She has been natural for over 20 year and works as a consultant specializing in hair and health issues.Aimy and Carol dive into the natural, holistic healing, and beauty industry with Dr. Nettles. This episode is sure to offer ideas around self-care, healing, and entrepreneurship. Resources:Dr. Nettles Beauty: Apothecary Home Delivery: the show (
Join Carol and Aimy in their interview with Boss Mom, Therapist, Mental Health Professional Kemi Huntley as they discuss the mental health of moms worldwide. This informative episode will help you:Learn the signs and symptoms of stress, mental exhaustion, and depressed moodsLearn about the various ideations that affect womens' mental healthHear Kemi discuss the triggers women have on the spectrum of anxiety and depressionWant to help a friend get mental health support? Do you need help?Learn more about how self-care is a necessity. Listen to this episode!Resources: Kemi's Therapy Business (She's the Best): Huntley CounselingKemi's Business: Self-Care BelleKemi's WebsiteSupport the show (
Happy Valentine's Day. Join Aimy and Carol along with their husbands Michael (Mike) and Virgus (Shawn) as they explore love topics such as: Taking a walk down memory lane; The joys of marriage; Why they love each other; & Advice for others as they embark upon marriage or relationships.This episode is preceded by a Part 1 that you will want to go back and listen to. This candid set of conversations can help couples to recognize the gift of love and how to stay with the one you love for years to come. Enjoy!Support the show (
Happy Valentine's Day. Join Aimy and Carol along with their husbands Michael (Mike) and Virgus (Shawn) as we explore love topics such as: How they met their spouses; What made them fall in love;How is was determined that each other was the one;How they decided to have 5 kids each; & The joys of having a big family.This episode is followed by a Part 2 that you won't want to miss. This candid set of conversations can help couples to know when love is right for them and how to stay with the one you love for years to come. Enjoy!Support the show (
Join Aimy and Carol as they sit down with school principal and mom, Alicia Hash. Alicia offers advice on how to balance life with 3 amazing children, her husband, and their new furry friend. She also offers advice on how to engage in social justice matters with children as well as Covid-19 in such a difficult time. You won't want to miss this informative episode. Support the show (
Join Aimy and Carol as they interview a dynamic business owner, mom of 4 amazing children, and wife to Gary--Sherkica Miller-McIntyre. She is quite a spectacular woman who is poised to help women grow in the areas of casting their visions for their lives, entering the realm of homeownership, and financially soaring as they tackle credit, debt, and investments. In this informative conversation, you will hear from someone who will motivate you to start your own business, get control of your goals, and inspire you to be your best self. Listen intentionally. Enjoy!Support the show (
Join us in this informative episode featuring a married couple Damon & Tamika Rich as they guide us through their marriage and all of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs they have experienced.  In this episode, Damon and Tamika speak to how they accomplished all they have achieved while remaining happily married. This episode provides hope to couples who face similar life challenges and how to overcome them.Resources:*Find Damon and Tamika using the social media handles below:Instagram: @damonrichspeaks@reaching3ways@marriagerefresh@blessedher_lifeTwitter: @damonrichspeaksWebsite: www.blessedher.comFacebook: the show ( the show (
Join Carol and Aimy as they discuss getting your mindset prepared for the new year. It's not too late to start your journey of planning a great year, full of planning for your goals. Aimy and Carol will also talk about what you can expect from the podcast in 2021. Reviewing where you've been and starting where you are is essential. If you think long, you think wrong. Just get started! Implement what you desire! Ask yourself these 5 reflection questions: Did I start or complete the goals I set for this year (2020)?What investments and research did I complete to start my goals?Did I select the right mentor or do I need a mentor to guide me through the process of starting my goals?Have I created a team to support my goals? Do I have the right budget?Resources:Marshawn Evans Daniels Journal: Grab your journal hereBrene Brown: The Call to CourageSupport the show (
Have your Christmas celebrations changed this year? Have you run yourself crazy trying to do it all? Listen to this informative episode about how to navigate life during a busy holiday season. Join Aimy and Carol as they have an honest conversation about how getting overwhelmed, worried, and stressed during this season can lead to not actually enjoying what the holiday is all about. This open conversation will bring you some relief as you prepare for the holiday.Support the show (
Listen up as the mommas from Two Ten celebrate the Christmas holiday mommy style.  Join us as we have a candid conversation about our adventures as we prepare for the holidays. This funny but real dialogue exposes what real moms may go through during the holiday season. Enjoy!Support the show ( the show (
Stagnant GoalsIt is time to revisit your goals that you set for this year and the 4th quarter and ask yourself the following questions:1.       Did I start or complete the goals that I set for this year?2.       What investments and research did I complete to start on my goals?3.       Did I select the right mentor or do I need a mentor to guide me through the process of starting my goals?4.       Have I created a team to support my goals?5.       Do I have the right budget to start my goals?Goal setting process: Write down what I want VERY specifically. (Personal, business, campaign, kids, husband, vacations, and fun things)Write down a plan to get each item (Baby steps, big steps, etc). Using the Richest Man that Ever Lived in Babylon. Schedule time to get each item.Resources: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon HillSupport the show (
Join Aimy and Carol as they discuss how to raise kids that respect you while providing discipline in a relevant way.This episode explores consequential, aversive, and creative discipline strategies for kids of all ages. If you're not sure how to discipline your kids or just need a few suggestions to make sure you are not going crazy, listen to this informative episode today!Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
Join Aimy and Carol as they discuss options for schooling as well as transitioning into virtual learning for the 2020-21 school year. Due to COVID-19, many parents are faced with the challenge of what schooling options are best for their kids. Once they decide on an option, then comes the daily management of school as well as how to effectively work from home while the kids are there if virtual learning is the option. Stay tuned for this lively discussion.Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
Resources: The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has great articles and resources to help you start your healthy eating habits and nutritional lifestyle changes to get you on track with healthy eating: Food plans featured in this episode include: Pescatarian, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan:Paleo: This is a food plan that includes: lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Basically, it features foods that were hunted and gathered in the past. It excludes foods such as dairy, legumes (peanuts and lentils), refined sugar, potatoes, and processed foods.  This meal plan improves weight loss, blood pressure, blood glucose, and lowers triglycerides. Reference: This plan excludes meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products — and foods that contain these products. Vegan sensation Tabitha Brown she has become a famous Vegan advocate and has a beautiful family. She always has words of love and wisdom, recipes, and you can follow her on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and various social media platforms. She is an awesome wife, mom, and social media influencer.Vegetarian: Food plans vary in what foods they include and exclude but for the most part, vegetarians exclude all meat. There are many variations of vegetarianism. This plan excludes meat, fish, poultry and eggs, as well as foods that contains them. Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter, are included.Ovo-vegetarian: This plan excludes meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products, but allows eggs.Lacto-ovo vegetarian: This plans exclude smeat, fish and poultry, but allows dairy products and eggs.Pescatarian plan excludes meat and poultry, dairy, and eggs, but allows fish and other types of seafood. Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
What's your financial story?Some Statistics:Total consumer debt totaled $4.144 trillion in quarter three of 2019, a 4.7% increase from quarter three of 2018. Average consumer debt per capita is approximately $12,687 (total consumer debt as of November 2019/total US population as of January 9, 2020).Total revolving consumer debt was $1.083 trillion in November 2019Total revolving consumer debt rose 3.8% between quarter three of 2018 and quarter 3 of 2019.Average revolving debt per capita is approximately $3,299 (total consumer debt as of November 2019/total US population as of January 9, 2020).One in ten adults says they carry a credit card balance over $5,000. [Source: NBC]Total non-revolving consumer debt was $3.089 trillion in November 2019. Student loans totaled $1.636 trillion in September 2019. Auto loans totaled $1.189 trillion in September 2019.Average loans per student equal approximately $82,170 (total student loans in September 2019/total students enrolled in public or private universities in 2019)*Resource: BudgetMaking monthly calendars full of bills and incomeOpen up the mail as many people avoid opening up their mailCash envelopes for budgeted amountsEvery Dollar is a resource (Dave Ramsey/Rachel CruzeResources:-His/Her Money Podcast-Dave Ramsey, 7 Baby StepsSave $1,000Debt Snowball, Pay off all consumer debt less the houseSave 3-6 months of living expensesInvest 15% of household income in retirementSave for children’s college fundPay off home earlyBuild wealth and giveTips: (Save, Spend, Give, Earn)Spend less than you earnHave a side hustleDelay instant gratificationCut billsUse a coin jarAutomatically save from a bank account on payday or weeklySide hustles (DoorDash, Uber, Poshmark, PT Job, What gifts do you have)Work more hours on your regular jobAutomatically invest each weekGet kids, nieces and nephews investment accounts for birthdays with $25 in them and add $5 per week or month to them.Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
Spring/Summer Cleaning During CoronaWhy Minimalism?Save moneyDeclutterMinimize time focusing on cleaning  The main purpose we chose to minimize is to simplify some areas of our lives. There are natural benefits to minimizing, however, that we did not realize we would receive. That’s what makes it a good fit for our large family.Here are some benefits to minimalism:More time together. Due to the small space, there are more opportunities to spend time together.Less time spent on cleaning. It used to take us about 3-5 hours to clean one of two levels of our home. Now it takes about 30-45 minutes to clean the entire home.Less time spent on looking for things in the home since there is not a lot of space to actually walk around to look for random things.You can “see” each other when you’re home because the space is so small. In our other home, all of us went to our own silos.Less money spent on utility bills. The power, water, and gas bills have gone down 47% per month.Less money spent on the monthly mortgage. This new mortgage is 73% lower than the previous home. House projects are simple and easy to complete. We used to start house projects and not be able to complete them in the same day or weekend. Now, we usually finish any project around the house in an hour or so.As one can tell, there are many benefits to minimizing. For our large family, it not only works, but it frees us up to do so many other things. Financially, we are more freed up to travel, pay off other bills faster, save, and invest more. Physically, we are less tired and more focused on our life’s purpose rather than on things that don’t matter. Mentally, we are more clear and less chaotic. Socially, we enjoy each other and our family more than before. Whatever your choice is on this journey, just try it and see what benefits you can ascertain from minimizing.Types of Minimalism:1. The Essentialist: The essentialist ascribes to a philosophy of "fewer, but better." Do fewer things, but do them well. Own fewer things, but choose things that will last. Wear fewer hats, but wear them wholeheartedly. Essentialism is a minimalism that focuses on quality, not quantity. 2. The Experientialist: Instead of embracing materialism, experientialism is about collecting experiences. The experientialist will invest in memories and free up resources for activities instead of things. 3. The Enoughist: Enoughism describes minimalism in terms of having enough, not having it all. The enoughist finds peace in voluntarily using enough--and no more--in any category: food, clothing, home size, storage space, flashing links in your sidebar. Enough looks different from person to person. 4. The Eco-Minimalist: The eco-minimalist pursues a life of less consumption in order to reduce their impact on the Earth. The focus is less on the benefits to the individual household, and more on the bigger environmental picture. 5. The Soul Minimalist: The soul minimalist cherishes stillness of soul, and works to keep mental and spiritual clutter to a minimum. Practices of quiet, mindfulness, stillness, and listening are all important here. Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
Self-Care during COVID

Self-Care during COVID


Self-Care Self Care is an essential act of loving yourself, we cannot allow ourselves to be too busy or self-sacrificing that we forsake taking care of ourselves.Mindset: The mind is the gatekeeper of your well-being and it determines whether or not you will start the day with a smile or spew your wrath on everyone in your path (your spouse, children, friends, and family). A mind that lacks focus and peace cannot find rest and restoration. It is difficult to make sound decisions and maintain balance when your mind is in a disarray, trust me I know from my own personal mental stress. I have had my share of anxiety, doubt,  and fear that has resulted in disaster. We must protect our minds (our thoughts) through healthy habits.Questions for the Mind:1.      Do you get 8 hours of peaceful sleep at least 5 days out of 7 days a week?2.      Do you have positive expectations for the events that will happen during the day, even though you know that it will be a difficult day?3.      Do you speak positive statements to those you interact with in your home, on your job, and people you meet throughout the day even though you might be given negative energy from them?4.      Do you maintain thoughts of contentment with the life that you have even when you are lacking what you might need?5.      Can you see the good in life challenges even when you are feeling defeated?There are various techniques that you can do to renew and restore your mind:Start and end your day with meditation and prayer. Reading books or listening to audible books that nourish your mind. Soaking in a warm bath. Play good music that is uplifting and inspirational.Swimming.Sunbathing is beneficial for mental health and it helps your body produce vitamin D, so  go outside and bask in the sun, play music or be in silence, whatever makes your mind and heart fill with joy.Take evening walks.Others, explore your city, county, & state. Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show ( the show (
Join us as we explore how to have some semblance of work/life balance during the most recent mandates of various Stay at Home orders across the nation. It's so important to maintain balance for the sake of a mom's mental health. Here are some important stats about moms to bring some perspective to the conversation.According to the Pew Research Institute:7 out of 10 women who have kids under age 18 work. Women are more likely to become moms, 86% in the year 2016.In general, women are waiting just a little longer in life to become mothers.Mothers are spending more time in the labor force and on child care of their own kids. Additionally, because we are seeing this generation gap, we are also seeing more time spent on arranging care for other adults in a particular family as well.We are seeing about 25% of all moms operating as a single mom, that’s 1 in 4. About 77% of moms say they feel tremendous pressure to be an involved mom in their kids’ lives.Tips for maintaining some balance: Mandatory family time on a weekly basisDate night with my husband, non-traditional dates amid the current stay at home ordersRegular spa days for relaxation (post Corona)Taking more napsSetting goals (Daily, weekly, monthly)Setting time aside to spend time with the family-either dinner, face time, etc. (Intentional fun time, not just working time)Setting Goals During Corona:1. Personal Goal2. Professional Goal (Business, Work, School)3. Spiritual/Fun Goal-Text the goal by 11am to the Family Group Text (1 point)-Text the accomplishment of the goal by 11:59pm to the Family Group Text (1 point)-Earn 1 point for each of the above. -Earn $10 per 5 points earned (Or $.50, $1.00, etc.)Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show (
Cultivating a Life of GratitudeToday we are going to discuss a great topic on Cultivating a Life of GratitudeRight now the world is facing a pandemic with the spread of the Coronavirus. This occurrence truly challenges the faith and hope of humanity, but as a human race we have endured many obstacles including the Civil War, World War I and II, Plagues, and the Great Depression. In spite of these oppositions, humanity has always prevailed. Now it is time to do it again and we can start by cultivating a life of gratitude in the face of adversity. This is a life lesson that will stand the test of times and its implementation must begin in the home.  Life has quickly shifted for all of us and opened our eyes to the simple privileges of living our busy lives and agendas from day to day without an interruption. We are in a place of stillness and reflection that is causing us to realize what is truly important and a necessity in our lives. We can take this opportunity to evaluate our lives.Take advantage of this time to complete a self-evaluation on your career path, relationships, finances, health and dreams. Start by asking yourself a simple question. Am I happy in each area of my life? Write your answer down. If the answer is no, then write a plan of action to change the path that you are on. Do the things you said you were going to do if you had more time to do them. If you are quarantined you have time to learn a new skill set, be silly with your kids, journal, create a business plan to become an entrepreneur. This is a chance of a lifetime to have a new start, a new beginning to live out your purpose, and take advantage of this moment.We have had a lot of in depth conversations about the pandemic and life lessons. We are truly learning how to have gratitude for the small things we have taken for granted. My boys continue to work out on their own as if a football game will be played any day now. Also, my oldest son said to me please stop cooking so much food. We are enjoying family movies, my husband teaches his class lessons online for his students and I am still in the workforce as a pharmacist. We are taking precautions to protect ourselves and our patients.  Now that I don’t have to chauffeur everyone around to games or practice, I have become fascinated with the stock market. It's quite volatile, but I am learning a lot.I encourage everyone to turn fear into faith, tragedy to triumph, and grief into gratitude. The faith and hope of humanity is being restored through adversity. We must count our blessings and take advantage of the time we are given to renew and restore our relationships, health, dreams and much more. Make sure you and your family stay safe and informed about the pandemic from reputable sources such as: CDC: Center of Disease Control and Prevention, WHO: World Health Organization, and your local County Health DepartmentThank you.Resources: World Health Organization: for Disease Control: to write a book? Check out this resource:Madison's World:, How to Write Your Book in 90 Days!Music Credit: Mitchell Huntley, Power of Love, “Freestyle".Support the show ( the show (
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