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A wedding podcast by The Brian Mc Dermott Wedding Band set up to help couples find the perfect wedding band for their big day! The show is hosted by Brian Mc Dermott and will include different wedding suppliers each week.
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Electric Blue Band

Electric Blue Band


On Today's episode of The Wedding band Show show, I caught up with Aobh Pollard from the Irish wedding band Electric Blue. About Electric BlueElectric Blue is a 5-piece wedding band based in Dublin, Ireland.  They are an 80’s, 90’s, and noughties tribute band but play everything needed for a great wedding set. Everything from Mustang Sally to Galway Girl! The band's favourite genre is the cheesy 80s type stuff and Aobh makes the other guys in the band play these every week even though they're heavy rockers at heart. Aobh is a very interactive frontwoman in the band and sometimes joins the crowd on the floor for a conga line. Electric Blue plays all over Ireland, everywhere from Donegal to Cork. The band was originally called Runaway Baby.Wedding PackagesElectric Blue Wedding Band will tailor a wedding package to suit any couple and they can include ceremony music, drinks reception and they even have a disco and sax option! They work with several professional DJ’s including Joey Hedderman and Trevor Matthews from Midland DJs. Electric blue will only ever book one wedding per day!2020 For The BandAobh explains how 2020 has given the band time to focus on their new website and they have been rehearsing as much as possible. Usually, the band meets in the studio so without that option it has felt somewhat lonely. However, as Aobh explains the constant communication has made the band stronger and closer than ever.  The band was quite shocked when they lost all their Christmas gigs in March 2020 and soon realized that the situation was more serious than they first thought. Like most people, Aobh is very grateful for the extra family time that has come out of 2020.Electric Blue LiveElectric Blue performs all their first dances live and even records the first song for couples if that’s something they want to keep. Aobh explains that because couples can’t get to see the band live, the best option to see and hear the band would be to visit their Facebook page. They have lots of short live clips from real weddings and it shows you exactly how the band keeps a dance floor full. The band's last promo video includes music from the genres they specialize in including the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Aobh is a rocker chick but she loves cheesy music like S Club 7 & Five. Aobh is fully convinced the wedding industry will bounce back better than ever and she’s hoping that more wedding businesses including bands won’t have to fold before it does. She is also delighted to see some new wedding acts come onto the scene in Ireland.Electric Blue In Under 60 SecondsName of the band? Electric BlueHow many members are in the band? 5Where are Electric Blue based and do they travel nationwide? Dublin & yes!What kind of music do you play?80’s, 90’s, 00’s and modern chart music. Basically, anything you like!Can you learn a couple's first dance?Yes, we specialize in that.Can a couple decide on the setlist?To a degree, a couple can add requests.Is it always the same members in the band?YesHow long does it take you to set up?About 30 to 40 minutes.How long does the band perform for?2 & 1/2 hours.Do you provide ceremony music?Yes.Do you have a disco package?We doContact
On this week’s episode of The Wedding Band Show, I chatted with Fergal Harmon from the Bridal Wave Wedding Band.Bridal Wave is a 4-piece wedding band based in Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim but they perform at weddings all over Ireland. The band started playing the pubs and clubs about 15 years ago and they moved into weddings around 2016. A lot of their fan base at this time started to get married and wanted Bridal Wave as their band.Fergal believes that because the band cut their teeth playing in the pubs and clubs scene it has helped them develop as a wedding band. Fergal is the lead singer with Bridal Wave but because he used to have a one-man show before joining the band he has a lot of experience in singing most of the set and reading a crowd. He believes that over time the strength of his voice developed and he was able to pace himself to perform for long periods of time without any issues.What kind of music does Bridal Wave play?Similar to most professional wedding bands Bridal Wave performs a set that covers all types of music. The band will talk with a couple before the wedding to find out what kind of music they enjoy and then tailor the setlist to suit. Because of their pub and club performing experience they have a large repertoire to pull from. After playing weddings for five years the band now knows what works and doesn't work and can adapt the set on the night. As Fergal says, a song that you play at a wedding one night might work but that same song might bomb at a wedding the following night! Bridal Wave Band & Disco Package.Bridal Wave also offers a disco package and Fergal is the DJ. When the band moves into a venue they set up the band and disco equipment at the same time. This also means that there is no break between the band and the disco set. Fergal finds that’s it’s easier for wedding couples if they can book the disco package with their band as they don’t have to look around at so many different suppliers.  Another major benefit of having the band look after your disco is that the DJ is already familiar with the crowd and knows what kind of songs will keep the dance floor full. If you can’t get to see Bridal Wave live they do have excellent promotional videos online and Fergal believes that word of mouth is their best promotional tool. Brian says that to talking to wedding couples on a zoom call is actually his new favourite way of communication with new clients. It puts a face to a name and the couple gets a better idea of you as a wedding supplier,  very similar to a wedding fair!When it comes to social media Bridal Wave has a large following on Instagram and Fergal states that this is probably one of the best platforms for communication with couples. If you'd like to find out more information on the Bridal Wave Wedding Band make sure to check out their Instagram page where you can view all the latest information.How to contact Bridal Wave Wedding Band?For information on the Bridalwave Wedding Band use these links,Website - - - - find out more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band use these links,Wedding Band - - -
How to move your wedding suppliers to a new date...with  Blue MooseOn this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I talked with Tony Ward from Blue Moose Wedding Band about the easiest way to move your wedding suppliers to a new date! The first step?So if you are a wedding couple that has to move your wedding because of restrictions what's the first thing you should do? Tony breaks down the three categories of wedding couples.  - 6 Wedding GuestThe first category is couples who want to go ahead with the wedding even if there are only 6 guests. In this case, they won’t want live music and should just contact their band to inform them of the cancellation. Usually, this means that you lose your deposit.- 25 to 50 Wedding GuestsThe second category is people who are waiting to see if 25 or 50 guests will be allowed. The best thing to do in this case is to wait until the next official announcement. It's not a bad idea to have a ‘Plan B’ in place in case the restrictions are not lifted in time.- 100+ Wedding GuestsThe third category is couples who just want to postpone and don't want the stress of worrying about their guest list numbers. In this situation, the best advice is to go to your venue first and get a list of four or five available dates. Once you have the available dates Tony suggests you send one email by cc’ing all your wedding suppliers on it.  Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the replies. Once every supplier has emailed you back you can look at everybody's available dates and move to do date that most of your suppliers are available for. One major advantage to this is that you get to keep most of your preferred suppliers that you've already worked hard to source. You also won't lose as much money in terms of deposits which are usually non-refundable!The wrong way to move a wedding date?The alternative to this is to pick one date and then email every supplier individually to check they're available. In this case, there is a great chance that you are going to lose some of your preferred wedding suppliers and also deposits! It also means that you have to go back to stage 1 and research wedding suppliers who are available for your new date.Wedding Band Association Deposit SchemeBlue Moose is also a member of the Wedding Band Association which means that if they are not available for your new date your original deposit can be transferred over to another band in the WBA. Wedding Band For 25 Guests?On the point of wedding couples worrying about having a band for 25 guests Tony still recommends that you should have bands when it's allowed. He explained that if it's a case of a budget problem because you're having a smaller wedding just talk to your suppliers and they might be able to help you out. He is also aware of the fact that everybody thinks of Blue Moose as a big rock band but they will adapt to suit a smaller crowd.  How to contact Blue Moose?For information on Blue Moose use these links,Website - - - - find out more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band use these links,Wedding Band - - - htt
Blue Moose

Blue Moose


Who are Blue Moose?On this week's episode of the wedding band show, I chatted with Tony Ward from the Blue Moose band. Tony started Bluemoose about 21 years ago with a friend called Bobby O'Hara. They met while working in a hotel in Wexford and quickly discovered they both had a love for playing music. Shortly after that, they entered a local music competition. They won the competition and left the hotel business behind! Even though the band started out as a covers band they also started to play at weddings from about 2007. Because the Blue Moose fanbase was getting older they now wanted them and as their wedding band! - Cover band to wedding band?In recent times there is a very thin line between a cover band and a wedding band, so Blue Moose didn't have to change their set too much. After one bad experience early on the band went into rehearsals and put a wedding set together that would suit all types of crowds. As Tony explains, some bands don't like to play waltzes because they think it's not cool,  however, it's always great to have them in case the wedding guests want to waltz on any particular night. As Brian says, a little waltz mix is always nice to give the rest of the guests a 5-minute break from dancing!- What kind of music will you get with Blue Moose? If a couple contacts Blue Moose and asks what type of music do you play, Tony’s answer is usually anything from Abba to AC/DC! The band doesn't have one set that they play every night and they change it up depending on the wedding guests. Tony goes on to say that a wedding band shouldn't hit the crowd hard for the first 30-minutes because then there will be a big lul. It's always better to keep the floor full all night instead of just some busy parts.  Bluemoose has a very broad setlist and in the initial consultation with a wedding couple, Tony or Bobby get a good feel for the music they want at their wedding. Tony and Brian both agree that one of the most important jobs for any wedding band is to read the crowd! - Blue Moose Showcases?Because of the current situation wedding couples are finding it hard to view wedding bands live. One great thing about Blue Moose is that they recorded some live wedding showcases a few years ago. This means that any bride or groom can hear precisely what the Band sounds like even without seeing them live! - Blue Moose Wedding Packages?As well as the live band Blue Moose now offers an all-day wedding package.  They introduced this package in 2020 and it runs from the ceremony music up until the disco.They bring in a female vocalist for the ceremony music. The drinks reception is an acoustic set with guitar, piano, sax, and clarinet. You can even add percussion and bass too if you’d prefer. Another option on the Bluemoose all-day package is to include a sax player with the DJ set.- How to contact Blue Moose?For information on Blue Moose use these links,Website - - - - find out more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band use these links,Wedding Band - - - Work -
End of year message!Hi everybody I hope you're keeping well just wanted to put out a short podcast to wish everybody Happy Christmas and a great New Year from everyone at The Brian Mc Dermott Band.It's definitely been a weird year and has had a really bad effect on a lot of businesses especially in the wedding industry but hopefully, things will be back to normal in the next 6 months.I want to say a big thank you to all the wedding couples who have us booked and in fairness, every one of the couples who has had to move their wedding has been super nice to deal with. To any of the couples who are having their wedding in the first half of 2021, my advice would be to see what January brings and get in touch then if you think you might need to move again. Hopefully, this Christmas lockdown and vaccine arriving will mean that bigger numbers can happen in early 2021.We are still working away behind the scenes or a few projects and we have a new song that we're going to release in January,  we're just trying to think of a video idea.The wedding band show will also be back in January,  I was hoping to get a few more episodes in before the end of the year but it’s just super busy on the video side with Pixel Productions.I don't like putting out the episodes just for the sake of it...I prefer to plan the episodes so we get to learn more about the guests! I want to also say a big thanks to the guys in the band Kiev, Mick, Marie & Miki...It's been a terrible year but they’re still always ready to help and do everything they can.Have a great Christmas and here's to an amazing 2021, Brian
Eilish Egan from VIP Weddings & Ballina BlossomsIn this episode of The Wedding Band show, I caught up with Eilish Egan from VIP weddings and the new Ballina Blossoms. Eilish is based in Enniscrone Co.Sligo and has been providing wedding decor in the area for several years. In June 2020 she opened a flower shop that caters to weddings, funerals, Christmas, and all special occasions.How has the lockdown changed her business?Because of the current lockdown, she explains that couples have cut back on the decor for the ceremony and reception. She is hopeful that it will come around again and she believes that people are going to spend more money on high-quality wedding items in the future.Eilish has worked at several weddings under the current restrictions and is finding that bouquet preservation is extremely popular these days. This is where she takes back the bouquet the day after the wedding, dries it out, and gives it back to the bride in a frame that makes the perfect keepsake.Most of Eilish's weddings for December 2020 have moved but she is actually booked out from March 2021. Ballina Blossom's business model!Her new business model with the flower shop is focused on delivery because she realised that some guys might be shy about collecting a bouquet of flowers in the middle of a town. She also launched her handmade silk wreaths on the 1st of November.Flower trend for 2021?When it comes to wedding trends, Eilish believes that green and white may still be the most popular colour for another year and that blossom trees may not be as popular in 2021. In her own opinion, she thinks that smaller weddings can do a lot more on the decor side and that sometimes with a bigger crowd couples have to stretch themselves too much. You really can have that amazing Pinterest wedding with a smaller guest list!On a positive note,The best thing to come out of 2020 for Eilish has been some extra time off especially in May and June when she could enjoy the sunshine!For information on VIP Weddings or Ballina Blossoms use these links,Wedding Decor - Blossoms - - - find out more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band use these links,Wedding Band - - - Work -
I was delighted to get a chance to catch up with Jason from Jason Nolan Wedding Films and Wild Caste Studios. On this live stream episode of The Wedding Band Show, I had a great chat with Jason Nolan from Jason Nolan Wedding Films and Wild Castle Studios. Jason Nolan is based in Castlebar Co. Mayo and has been shooting wedding films for several years.Jason explained that normally he would do about 35 weddings a year but this year because of COVID he has only done about five. He has shot two weddings under the current restrictions one of which was for just 50 guests. Jason thinks that this was one of the nicest weddings he has ever shot. It was a really relaxed wedding and the ceremony was in the couple's living room.  The couple's aunt was actually the celebrant and they had a marquee outside for the reception. Jason jokes that because it was the first wedding he has had in months he dropped his camera and got his drone stuck in a tree. Brian agreed that weddings for 50 people can be a really nice experience but that maybe for only 25 guests it's difficult for couples to have the wedding they want. Jason was actually supposed to get married himself this year and said even though they were going to have a small wedding they got to 50 people on the guestlist really quickly.   As Jason explains, a wedding at its core is a celebration so it's very difficult for couples to go ahead under the current restrictions when they can't even have the first dance. Because of the temporary drop in weddings, Jason has moved more into live streaming events. He does have previous experience of this because as he has streamed several weddings in the past for couples whose grandparents or friends couldn't make the ceremony. He has always been interested in live streaming and has now invested a lot of money in a professional streaming setup. He has also worked on some live streaming of football matches with another well-known wedding videographer John Murphy. As Jason explains, weddings can be one of the most difficult live streams because of the short preparation time. He has also had to invest in a system that can bond together four different cellular signals to create one reliable connection for the live stream. He also uses multiple cameras for a wedding which produces a very professional-looking live stream for the viewers. The live streams are also recorded and can be edited after similar to a regular wedding video. A very popular live streaming service that Jason offers is funerals. This is a great solution for friends or family who cannot attend a funeral mass in Ireland. According to Jason most of the new wedding enquiries for video are now for 2022 but he is also hopeful that this pandemic may end soon. He thinks that there's no rush for couples who have dates for early 2021 to move their wedding.  As long as they're flexible with the dates they'll always find a future date keeping the same wedding suppliers. The most important thing is to get in touch with your wedding suppliers before confirming a new date. If Jason is not available for a new date he can hire another videographer to shoot the wedding and he will still edit the wedding film. Jason actually started out as a wedding photographer but began working with a videographer which helped him learn how to shoot weddings. In May 2014 he set up his own wedding videography website and almost immediately started getting bookings. Within one year he already had 54 wedding films in his diary.On a positive note;One of the positive things to come out of 2020 for Jason is the end of the editing backlog. In a regular year, he would have about 10 weddings to edit coming up to Christmas which can be a bit stressful.It has also given him time to work on other&
On this live episode of The Wedding Band Show Live, I caught up with Ronnie Duignan from the Late Nite Radio wedding band. What are the band up to?Ronnie told me that as a band they've been very busy because they have increased their video output online. The band started recording covers in April and have released over 17 videos to date. He said the band are going to keep putting out videos because now each member has a home studio setup. This is also great for learning new set material during a lockdown. The band have also been using this time to update their playlist and create new medleys for there wedding set. Weddings under restrictions!Late Nite Radio has performed at two weddings under the current restrictions both of which were a great success. One of the weddings had 50 guests and the other wedding had 25 but they still had the same atmosphere as a wedding of about 200 guests. Ronnie believes some of this is because people haven't heard live music in so long and also says that being invited to a wedding with only 25 guests is a real privilege. He thinks that couples shouldn't shortchange themselves by cutting back on entertainment and that you can't beat a live wedding band. Brian believes that some couples may feel that a wedding band with 4 or 5 members may overwhelm a smaller crowd but as Ronnie explains most wedding bands PA systems are modular so they can scale it to suit any crowd size or venue. Finish time if 11:30pmRonnie says that the finish time for weddings of 11:30 p.m. is not an issue but the main concern that his couples are having is the 25 to 50 wedding guests. Ronnie and Brian both agree that weddings starting earlier is a good thing and if couples just have their ceremony a few hours earlier they will still fit in all the entertainment. How to move a wedding date?Another important point that Ronnie highlights is that any couples thinking of changing their wedding date from 2021 to 2022 should get in touch with the wedding suppliers first to arrange an available date. It's always a good idea to get in contact with your suppliers before securing a second date. A positive noteOn a positive note, Ronnie said that he has got to spend a lot more time with his kids in 2020 and has enjoyed that aspect of the lockdown. He has 4 young girls and is also teaching them music at home. As a band, he enjoys that they can record and release songs that they wouldn’t normally get to do.To find out more information on Late Nite Radio visit, see more episodes of The Wedding Band Show visit,
Because of the current restrictions, I've decided to do some of ‘The Wedding Band Show’ episodes online.In the first of these live episodes, I caught up with Richard Mc Carthy from Richard Mc Carthy Photography to talk about how the lockdown has affected his business.Even though wedding photographers can work under the current restrictions of 25 people a lot of wedding couples from 2020 have moved their weddings forward to 2021 or 2022.Richard is hopeful that most of the weddings and 2021 will still go ahead.His advice to wedding couples for 2021 is to hold tight and hopefully there will be a vaccine at the end of this year.  if there is a vaccine most of the weddings in 2021 should be able to go ahead at bigger numbers and 2020.Even though Richard isn't it as busy with the weddings he has expanded his photography business into property photography which is a growing market in Ireland.  He is also busy getting wedding frames and wedding albums ready for couples who got married in early 2020.Richard does think that wedding DJ's should be allowed to play background music at wedding receptions even during a lockdown.  As he explains there is no difference between a DJ or a hotel staff member playing background music as long as there is no dancing.Richard has had two weddings recently and he really enjoyed shooting both of them.  He explains that he had a lot more time with each couple to get the fantastic shots he wanted to.  In a recent wedding, he got pictures of a bride on her horse galloping on a beach which would not be possible during a regular wedding day. To contact Richard or to check out his wedding photography you can visit; more episode of The Wedding Band Show visit;
Should You Have A Wedding Band For 25 Guests?In this special episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Dave & Gavan from the Wedding Band Hi-Fi who is based in Sligo. I started out by asking them how the pandemic has affected Hi-Fi as a band! Dave explained how they have taken a massive hit and have lost all work but the band is still in great spirits.With regards to the size of wedding crowds as Dave explains it’s nothing new for a Wedding Band to perform for under 50 guests. He also says if it feels right for you to get married you should go ahead with the wedding because no experts can predict what’s going to happen. Gavan explains that there are two types of wedding couples, the ones who want to get married and the couples who just want to be married. And if you want to go ahead with your wedding with a smaller guest list Hi-Fi is still there to perform for your big day. Nearly all wedding venues can divide their function rooms to make the reception more intimate.  Do The 25 Guests Include Suppliers?The guys all agree that the 25 or 50 guests do not include your wedding suppliers but it’s a decision that is left up to each particular venue. You can talk to your venue and check if they will allow your guests and then the suppliers. Usually, by the time the band starts some of the wedding guests have already left the reception! One of the biggest problems for bands from Brians point of view is that they don’t know when this is going to end or when bigger crowds will be permitted at weddings in Ireland again. Both Hi-Fi and The Brian Mc Dermott Band have performed at several American Style Weddings in the past and each one has been a success and definitely a great idea for Irish weddings during the pandemic! At this style of reception, the guests can dance during the meal and the finish time can be 11:30 pm.What About The 11:30 pm Finish?One big concern wedding couples are having right now is that they are worried about the 11:30 pm finish time for all wedding entertainment. As the guys explain this can easily be fixed by bringing your meal forward and getting your wedding band to start earlier. Your Wedding Band & DJ can still do the exact same job on the night. Brian explains that he would always choose a live band over only having a disco but again it depends as each wedding is different. Gavan prefers to only DJ after a Hi-Fi wedding as the crowd is already on the dancefloor!At one of their recent weddings, Gavan actually overheard the bride calling herself a ‘COVID Bride’ which may well be a badge of honor in years to come. As Dave says it should be considered a badge of honor as any couples who still manage to have their wedding in 2020 has had lots of hurdles to get over but still achieved it against all odds!Wediversary!Brian had an idea the night before recording the episode and he is calling it a Wediversay!Basically, his idea is where a couple would video their smaller wedding ceremony during the restrictions and then on their first or second wedding anniversary they would show the video to all their friends on a large screen and have a big party similar to a wedding reception! The guy’s joke that couples would need to book Brians video production company About The Deposit?Hi-Fi approaches deposits on a case-by-case basis and similar to The Brian Mc Dermott Band they have made their deposits 100% transferable. Dave explains that any member of the Wedding Band Association (WBA) will work less the deposit of another member band if a couple needs to move a date but their original band is unavailable for the new date.In summary,Start your wedding as early as possible to get the full show from your Wedding Band & Disco.Wedding guests will still have a great night even at a smaller weddin
In this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan from the wedding band Late Nite Radio to discuss the best types of music for a wedding.So what is the best wedding band music and should a couple go for a cover band, country band, trad band?When wedding couples call Ronnie and ask him what kind of music Late Nite Radio plays he always replies with the question, “what do you like?” If they like a lot of jiving or waltzing he can tailor the set to suit and leave out music that might not keep the guests dancing.As cliche, as it sounds the music that works for a wedding, is basically party music. The best floor fillers are the hits from all down through the decades. The biggest hits of the ‘70s, ’80s, and ‘90s are still keeping wedding guests on the dancefloor today. When considering a wedding band you really need to choose a band that can cater for all ages and tastes and has the ability to play a wide variety of music.If a wedding couple loves a particular genre of music or has a favourite band who might not suit a wedding crowd a great option is to have that band perform second. Sometimes it’s possible to set up a second stage which also has the added bonus of looking fantastic!Some extra takeaways from this episode,As a band, Ronnie thinks the key isn’t always the songs you play but the volume you play at. As a wedding band, you sometimes need to adjust the volume to suit different genres of music. For example, older guests generally don’t mind a loud bass guitar or kick drum when you’re playing country music but might not enjoy a rock set at the same volume.Sometimes you might hear about a band at a wedding where no guests were dancing and people may even comment that the band was ‘no good’. While this may be true it’s also possible that the band was excellent at what they were playing but their set just didn’t suit a wedding crowd. In Brians's view, a wedding band can be more for the guests than the couple on the night. For most weddings, the couple is so busy talking with friends that they hear very little of what the band actually plays. After the wedding is over the most important thing is that the dance floor was full all night and the wedding guests enjoyed the entertainment.Another little thing to consider is booking a band for the drinks reception. This helps to create an atmosphere early in the day and also has the added bonus of holding your guests at the wedding venue. Sometimes if a wedding venue is located in a town some guests may take a trip to a nearby pub!In summary; The best type of wedding reception music is general ‘Party Music’A good Wedding Band can include every genre of music to suit all wedding guests.Consider a second band instead of a disco if you have a favourite band that doesn’t usually perform at weddings.A live band for the drinks reception is a great option.To find out more information about the Late Nite Radio wedding band you can visit these links;Facebook: more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
Wedding Entertainment Ideas (with Scruffy Duffy)In this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I chatted with Scruffy Duffy (Martin Duffy) about different wedding entertainment ideas to inject some fun into your big day!Don’t get stressed out…According to Scruffy Duffy, the first and most important thing is to enjoy the day! Don’t get stressed out by the planning and don’t fall into the trap of going to every wedding fair until you’re fed up of seeing the wedding suppliers. By doing this you may end up booking suppliers who don’t suit your wedding but you just want an end to the planning stage.Because there are so many different wedding suppliers one great idea is to sit down with a coffee and write down the type of wedding you want. Then match the suppliers to your list and make sure to only book the wedding professionals who can help create that vision.Does the venue matter...Having a fun wedding has nothing to do with the venue it’s held in. You can book a Hotel, Castle or your local golf club and still have the greatest wedding ever if you think outside the box. You can also step outside the norm without breaking the bank or increasing your wedding budget but it’s all about having the correct mindset.The Drinks Reception…The time of the drinks reception for an Irish wedding is usually 3pm to 5pm and this is one of the most overlooked parts of the day. Some of the entertainment suggestions that Scruffy Duffy has for this time would be;Trad BandKaraokeSing SongMini Talent ShowGame Show ChallengeConnect 4JengaMini Golf GamesAll of these ideas are simple and don’t cost a fortune but more importantly, they create special memories. And speaking of memories, the drinks reception is an excellent time to get some video messages from the older guests...remember that usually, the wedding couple is off getting photographs taken for most of this time so a lot of peoples well wishes can be missed!The Speeches...There is always a choice of having the speeches before or after the meal but why not have them during the drinks reception? It’s a brilliant time to do this for several reasons. The main reason is there is no pressure on anyone who is speaking. It’s a far more relaxed and fun atmosphere than a silent function room full of people looking up at you! Another added bonus is that the kitchen staff can serve the meal without any delays or interruptions!During The Meal...During or directly after the meal can also have some entertainment and will help carry the fun element throughout the full day. Of coarse Scruffy Duffy is famous for his own Wedding Meal Show but you also have other options such as a Mentalist, Hypnotist or Singing Waiters.Planning Is Important...When adding different entertainment ideas to your wedding day, good planning is key!Adding loads of different suppliers and ideas won’t work if it delays the day and takes away from the dancing at the end of the night. Summary;Don’t neglect the Drinks Reception when it comes to entertainment.Injecting fun into your wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!Consider having the speeches during the Drinks Reception.Use your bridal party and don/t be afraid to ask them to help.To find out more information about Scruffy Duffy & SD Entertainment you can visit these links;Facebook: 0868216484For more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;</
First Dance Live vs CD

First Dance Live vs CD


A First Dance Live vs CDOn this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan to get his take on having your Wedding Band perform your first dance live versus playing your first dance on a CD / Mp3As I always say every band is completely different but from experience, I’ve come to realize that even after a couple requests them to, some bands may not learn the first dance. This is rare as most bands have no issues learning the first dance but it is something to be aware of when booking a Wedding Band. If your band refuse to learn your first dance the only other option is to get them or your DJ to play the original version through the speaker system.From A Wedding Bands PerspectiveRonnie explains that from a bands point of view it is always better to perform the first dance live and it’s a pity to pay money for great musicians and have them stand by as a CD is being played! In Late Nite Radio, Donnacha has an amazing vocal range so they can cover almost any first dance. As a Wedding Band, you might only learn the first dance song for one night but that doesn’t matter according to Ronnie and he just believes it’s a poor reflection on a band if they won’t learn the first dance.From A Wedding Couples PerspectiveFrom a wedding couples point of view, there may be a reason they want an original version played through a PA System and that’s understandable. They might have great memories of the original song and even though the band might be able to do their own live take on it, it just wouldn’t feel the same.Another reason Ronnie likes to perform the first dance live with Late Nite Radio is that it’s one of the only times during the night where all the wedding guests can clearly hear how good the band sounds. Although the main focus is on the wedding couple, all the guests in the room are concentrating on the first dance including the band!A Wedding Band Isn’t A Karaoke MachineOne thing to always remember is that a Wedding Band isn’t a karaoke machine and there’s a lot of work that goes into learning a first dance song. Most bands meet up at least once a month but even before that, each band member will have to figure out and learn their own individual parts. On some occasions, a friend of the wedding couple may be singing the first dance which also means the band will need to meet up to rehearse with them. A Father-Daughter DanceSimilar to a first dance, a Father-Daughter dance is a song which the band may need to learn or fall back on a CD / Mp3 option. Most bands will have the popular songs already in their set and here are 3 favourites,‘Father And Daughter’ - Paul Simon‘I Loved Her First’ - Heartland‘Your Wedding Day’ - Jimmy BuckleyA Bridal Party SongUsually, at the beginning of a wedding reception, the band invites all the wedding guests around the dance floor and then calls on the wedding couple for their first dance. Halfway through the song, the band asked the rest of the bridal party to join in, After the first dance, the wedding band can cut straight into a lively dance mix and all the guests start dancing! It often comes up that a couple may want a second song for the bridal party but Ronnie is not in favour of this as it usually means guests start to drift back to their seats and you lose the big start to the dancing.In SummaryA Wedding Band performing the first dance song live is usually better.Most Wedding Bands will have no problem in learning the first dance but it’s not a bad idea to check before booking.Make sure to give your Wedding Band enough notice to learn the song.A Father-Daughter song is also better live.A second song for the bridal party is not recommended.
How much does a wedding photographer cost?In this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Richard McCarthy to find out how much a couple should budget for a Wedding Photographer in Ireland.Surveys from Irish wedding websites put the average price at  €1650. Richard doesn’t think this total would include an album but sometimes a cheap wedding album may be included. A good quality wedding album is usually around €500 - €600 but Richard also explains that you should leave this decision until after the big day. All his brides can pick the material, colour etc after the pressure of the wedding has disappeared!As a guideline, Richard suggests to budget about €1750 for your Wedding Photographer and explains that Photographers in high demand can be about €2000. Of course, you can always find cheaper options but you need to be careful that they are not overly busy and shoot every wedding the same. Wedding Photographers that shoot about 50 weddings per year are usually very creative on the day.Another piece of advice is to compare the same packages when getting quotes from Wedding Photographers. Ask each photographer for Bridal Prep until The First Dance and this will make it easier when comparing prices. A great top tip from this episode is when Richard explains how to get the most out of your Photographer on the day. Usually, there is a 4 to 5-hour break for a photographer from the speeches (if they are before the meal) to the first dance. While your wedding band are setting up this is an excellent time to get group shots and pictures with your friends.A few notes from this episode;Richard Mc Carthy’s Wedding Packages are flexible right up until the wedding day itself. Don’t get your wedding budget from Facebook groups.The time of year shouldn’t really matter. December 30th is usually a great day, sunny but cold :)Ask about experience, there is an element of risk booking new photographers!Wedding Photographers can usually tailor a package.Communicate with all your wedding suppliers after getting the price.Don’t have your photographer sitting down when you can use them!To find out more information about Richard McCarthy Photography you can visit these links;Facebook: more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
On this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan to chat about the best places to view a Wedding Band in Ireland before you book them.When a couple contacts a wedding band usually the second question is where can they view a live performance. Every band has different types of performances in the diary and it can be confusing for wedding couples when trying to compare bands.View Your Wedding Band At A ShowcaseA showcase is like a big interview and the time of a showcase is fixed. Some days it can be busy and sometimes it might be a quieter event. Ronnie has performed at several showcases in Kilronan Castle and Lough Rynn Castle and thinks it’s a great idea.The downside of this is you don’t get to see the Wedding Band interacting with the crowd. In Brian’s view any band can put a great 15-minute set together but that can fall apart at a real wedding!View Your Wedding Band At A Pub GigA Wedding Band doing a pub gig can have the atmosphere but every pub band doesn’t necessarily transfer into a great wedding band. One of the most important things a wedding band has to do is read the crowd to keep a dance floor full and you can’t judge this by a performance in a pub.View Your Wedding Band At A WeddingAnother popular option is seeing the band at a real wedding but this can be tricky. At the time you arrive to view the band they might be playing the music that suits those wedding guests and this might not be your favourite style or genre of music. Always talk to your Wedding Band after seeing them live so they can talk about the performance you’ve just seen. The Wedding Band are playing to keep the dance floor full and might have adapted their set for that particular wedding.The best thing about seeing a band live at a wedding is you witness their interaction with the crowd, how they look and the quality of their sound system. Look and listen to the band but just remember that every wedding is different.Are Wedding Bands promotional videos live?Something to beware of when checking out Wedding Bands online is how ‘Live’ their promotional videos actually are. Some wedding bands might record a live performance and fix a few mistakes, some might record all the audio in a studio and mime over it for the video and some bands might not even be playing to their own music in the promo video!If you follow a band on social media you’ll generally get to see real live clips and learn how the band gel together on stage which is also an important factor.A few other notes from this episode;It is always great to have a wedding couple dance for their own wedding as much as possible. Wedding guests are always more likely to dance when the bride or groom is on the dance floor.If one of your friends remembers the name of a Wedding Band from a recent wedding this is a great sign! Make sure to check them out online.Wedding awards can be a great guide as Wedding Bands generally have to be above a certain level to win one. In summary, there is no best place to see a Wedding Band but a mixture of Live Weddings, Showcases and Pub Gigs can all work. Try to see your wedding band in a few places and check out their live clips on social media.To find out more information about the Late Nite Radio wedding band you can visit these links;Facebook: https://lateniteradi
DJ Baldy Mick

DJ Baldy Mick


On this weeks episode of The Wedding Band Show I talked to Michael O’Donovan about his Wedding Disco business ‘DJ Baldy Mick’ and his video production company The Video GuysMick starts the conversation by reminding us that he’s an award-winning Wedding DJ :)His main occupations are as a Wedding Videographer and a Wedding DJ but he also dabbles in some wedding photography as a hobby. His DJ career started around 1991 and in 2003 when he returned from honeymoon he bought the videography business from the guy that shot his own wedding video!The Video GuysMichaels video production company is called The Video Guys and is based in Sligo. He travels all over Ireland and loves to take work in his home town of Cork when possible. The Video Guys shoot Weddings and also work on commercial projects. Mick’s vlogging has taken a back seat lately as the editing is very time-consuming!When it comes to wedding videos, The Video Guy’s most popular option is their ‘All Day Package’ which includes everything from the bridal prep up until about 11 pm. Michael suggests that doing a wedding disco is easier than shooting the wedding video because of the amount of editing that needs to be completed after the wedding day. There is also more stress for a videographer on the day of a wedding dealing with different lighting situations, complex audio requirements, etc.A top tip from The Video Guys would be to plan your wedding timeline with precision similar to that of a military attack! Use a bridesmaid to keep an eye on the time and to communicate any delays with the wedding suppliers.DJ Baldy MickFor Michael being a DJ is more of a passion than a job. When it comes to weddings he loves to see the hope in young couples on their big day. His disco set depends on the crowd but usually, it’s a mix of the ’80s and ‘90s dance music. Sometimes he starts a wedding disco with a slow song to give the wedding guests a break after the band.Baldy Mick is now offering a ‘Day After’ package and it will be launched at The Oceans Sands Hotel Wedding Expo. It consists of regular disco music, party games and a smartphone speed quiz which is tailor-made to suit every wedding. To find out more information about The Video Guys & DJ Baldy Mick you can visit these links;Facebook: The Video GuysFor more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
What time should your Wedding Band start? (Irish Wedding)On this week’s episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Dave & Gavan from the Hi-Fi Wedding Band to chat about Wedding Band set up times in Ireland.If you are planning a wedding in Ireland it is great to have an idea of what to expect when it comes to your Wedding Band setting up and the expected start time. Hi-fi wedding band arrives at 7:30 pm or 8 pm depending on how well they know the venue. If it’s a wedding venue the band hasn’t performed in before then they will arrive early to allow extra time for setting up and soundcheck.Gavan explained that he would feel anxious not being at a venue early and he always wants to allow time to get into his ‘rockstar mode’ to put on the best show for the wedding couple!He also mentioned that if a wedding band arrives at 9 pm but the room has been ready since about 8 pm there is almost an hour of silence which is not a nice situation at any wedding reception!Dave says that the Hi-Fi Wedding Band can be set up in 25 minutes at an extreme rush but this would be only for an emergency. Because the band has no backline it means they can be ready for a first dance in about 45 minutes at a regular wedding. Also similar to The Brian Mc Dermott Band, Hi-Fi Wedding Band uses a digital mixing console which means each wedding venue’s sound requirements can be saved and recalled in seconds. This avoids the need for lengthy soundchecks!One other factor that can delay a band from setting up is if the top table is on the floor and the venue needs to erect a stage. This is usually a safer option for the band so always allow time for this to happen. Some tips to speed up your wedding bands set up time, Ask your venue to make clearing the top table the main priority after the meal.If your wedding photographer is still at the venue ask him to bring the guests from the top table to a different area for a few pictures.Make sure the venue has good access for the band.In general, we find speeches after the meal helps the kitchen run smoother and makes for a more definitive end to the meal.To sum up, we recommend that you ask your Wedding Band to arrive for 8 pm and for you to allow 1 hour from standing up from the top table to walking back onto the Dance Floor for your first dance. Be very conscious that if your speeches run late your band will have a later start time!To find out more information about the Hi-Fi wedding band you can visit these links;Facebook: more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
On this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Scruffy Duffy (Martin Duffy) to chat about his wedding entertainment company SD Entertainment. Scruffy Duffy is a well-known Wedding DJ based in Sligo, Ireland and has been performing for weddings for almost 25 years. He provides many different wedding packages and services including Celebrant, Wedding Meal Show, Full Wedding Disco and much more.Martin Duffy is a fully qualified Marry Me Ireland Celebrant and goes under the name Martin Anthony Wedding Celebrant. He can provide the music for the ceremony and encourages couples to choose uplighting songs. He can also include the Wine Box Ceremony. This is where couples write down their feelings and thoughts on the run-up to the big day. They seal them in the box with a bottle of wine and open it on their first wedding anniversary!The Scruffy Duffy Meal Show is a new concept created by Martin and he is the only entertainer in Ireland providing the service. Because Martin was once a Chef he has designed the show so it doesn’t affect the meal and is perfectly timed around each venue. This high energy show is a fun way to add something different to your wedding. It suits all ages and includes a Sing-Off, Love Quiz, Fun Fashion Show and Lip Sync Battle. Martin says it is like the wedding couple is watching a concert during the meal.Scruffy Duffy also explains about the 4 ways in which you can do your wedding speeches including, before you enter the room, video speeches, after the first coarse or the more traditional way, after the meal! Because SD Entertainment always sets up the equipment before the meal all of these options are available to the wedding couple. Another service offered by Scruffy Duffy and SD Entertainment is a Full Wedding DJ Package. This is a longer disco starting from your first dance and replaces the need for a wedding band.To find out more information about Scruffy Duffy & SD Entertainment you can visit these links;Facebook: 0868216484For more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
Late Nite Radio

Late Nite Radio


On this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan to chat about his wedding band Late Nite RadioLate Nite Radio is a 4 piece wedding band based in Co. Leitrim, Ireland and have been performing at weddings for approximately 10 years.The band’s lineup includes;Ronnie on Bass / VocalsDonnacha on Guitar / VocalsDonal on Guitar / Mandolin / VocalsDave on DrumsThe band have a very dynamic set and it is not fixed. They can play everything from country to chart music and pick the best hits from every decade. Late Nite Radio always chats with a couple before the wedding to find out what genres their wedding guests will enjoy. They also supply a complimentary disco service with every wedding booking!Ronnie also agrees that a slow set near the end of a wedding is a great idea to give some guests a break before the end of the band.When it comes to first dance songs Late Nite Radio always want to perform it live where possible and Donnacha has the vocal range to cover almost any song!The band also have one of the best Fohhn PA Sytems in Ireland. It’s a modular system so this means they can scale the equipment to suit the size of the room. It also makes for an extremely fast setup time! Ronnie agrees that a 10 pm start is the usual time for the first dance in Ireland.To find out more information about the Late Nite Radio wedding band you can visit these links;Facebook: more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
Hi-Fi Wedding Band

Hi-Fi Wedding Band


On today's episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Dave & Gavan from the Hi-Fi Wedding Band.The band is a 4 piece wedding band based in Sligo but they perform at weddings all over Ireland. Led by Tabby o Callaghan from X Factor fame this wedding band will not fail to impress you and with their repertoire of hits from the 1960’s right through to modern-day classics they are the perfect ingredient to add to any live event. Dave plays bass, Gavan plays Keyboards and Matt is on drums. All the members sing!Hi-Fi can also look after your wedding disco and in this interview, Gavan goes over some of the pros and cons of having your wedding band also look after your wedding disco. The Hi-Fi band can supply your ceremony and drinks reception entertainment.The band plays a variety of music and Dave explains how they read and react to the crowd each night as every wedding is different. He also recommends at least one waltz set for your wedding guests as this can keep the older guests happy!To find out more information about the Hi-Fi wedding band you can visit these links;Facebook: more information about The Brian Mc Dermott Band;Website:
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