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Sports hot takes based on logic
130 Episodes
My case for the Boston Celtics
Joel Embiids conditioning issues are derailing his career
Jimmy buckets and the Heats resurgence and Dames injury
T Mac and Penny hardaway has similar careers
The Phoenix Suns have reasons for optimism
Clippers Mavs seems imminent and Luka is historically good
Rondo takes some of the ball handling burden off LBJ
Philly wasting its immense talent
Frank Vogel needs to make adjustments
Damian Lillard has gone next level
The perfect storm is brewing for a huge playoff upset
I’ve never understood the illogical Russell Westbrook hate
The Lakers complete and utter lack of perimeter defense against the great backcourts of the West
Houston is dangerous
Rob Manfreds approach to this season was illogical, naive and downright dangerous
The 76ers disfunction
Zion Williamson’s a special talent but a train wreck defensively
The advantages of the NBA bubble
Kyle Kuzmas commitment on the defensive end
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