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March is endometriosis awareness month! To celebrate I asked @Ljs_Powerhouse to join me for an interview! Lj Johnson has worked in the health, fitness, and women’s hormone industry for over 20 years. She began her journey teaching group fitness classes and went on to become a certified nutritionist and women’s hormone specialist. LJ experienced the effects of endometriosis as early as 14 years old until finally diagnosed with Endometriosis in her early 30's!  What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a disorder in which the Uterine line tissue grows outside of the uterus. Unlike PCOS that can be corrected, Endometriosis has no cure yet. Although there is no cure yet, there are treatments such as hormones and excision surgery, that are available.Symptoms of endometriosis:"Pelvic pain that can't be articulated or put into words"-Debilitating chronic pelvic pain-Hormone imbalance -Menstrual irregularities-Swelling-Extreme discomfort-Aches &throbs-Inflammation-Fertility issuesWhen you're diagnosed with endometriosis it's important to find a doctor that is right for you, who will listen and believe in your symptoms because not everyone's period/menstruation is the same! Find what will work for you:-Everyone is different! Explore your sleep habits, water intake,  diet, and find what routine works best for you!Misconceptions: "If you get pregnant it will get rid of your endometriosis" FALSE"If you have a hysterectomy all of your endometriosis pain will go away" FALSEEndometriosis in your relationship:-In order to be supported you have to explain and communicate what you're going through"They don't know what they don't know"-You and your partner can go through this journey & learn together.-Transparency is key!Tips: -Dive into a community-Journal your symptomsConnect with LJ! -Instagram: @Ljs_Powerhouse-Website:
On this episode I'm joined by The Mitchels!! Making your dream comes true with orgasms... what? YES! That's what we are chatting about today!!! James & Angela can be found on Instagram at or online at They host couples retreats throughout the year and also offer 2 on 2 sex coaching. This is a couple who hit a fork in their sexual life and sought out help from a sex coach, Alexa Martinez, @thatsexchick. This allowed them to work on their communication and also uncover their true desires. They were already engaging in some relationship rituals and then they discovered sex magick! What is sex magick? It's sexual activity that is typically done in a spiritual, ritualistic way between self or within couples. It's a way to connect our bodies with the universal source and create true magic within our lives. Think of it as visualizing your dreams when orgasming. Sex is the magic of birthing things- what do you want to create? Erotic Blueprint is something that James & Angela mention in the episode. It can be done here for free. Dub Sutra is a GREAT playlist to listen to during your rituals! Your sex magick checklist: Stoke the fire- be affectionate and loving all daySet the room- tidy up, comfortable temp, music, sexy smells and lightingCreate the space- Dress sexy, express intentions & visualize, engage in eye gazing, breath work and massage. Co-Create your dream- Focus on visualizing the intention you set, be fully present and engage in solid aftercare. Let's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email:
Look, we live in a pornified world. Whether you're looking for it or not, it's all around us. Sometimes mild, sometimes wild. So, when our kids begin asking questions or getting curious, what are parents to do? In this episode, sex educator, Scotney Young, and I talk all the deets on how to have conversations with your kids about porn. If parents aren't the ones to start this, what's the alternative? Find Scotney Young on Instagram at @scotbot321 Resources for parents looking to open up discussion about porn with their kids- Let's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email:
Divorce can be tough and also liberating among many other things. In today’s episode, I chat with my dear friend, Lisa, about her journey through divorce. She shares a few experiences as well as tips for women going through similar situations. We talk everything from therapy to boudoir! Sometimes the bad things allow us to grow and become who we were meant to be. 🖤 Lisa can be found on Facebook as Lisa Moss and Instagram as @lisamosstheboss for anyone going through something similar and needs an outside support person. 💞 Let's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: Rachel MaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email:
We are kicking off Love Month with an episode about SELF-LOVE!!! In this episode, Brandy and I talk about the journey of self-love and what the self-love challenge is. We talk about the importance of silencing our inner critic and choosing our inner cheerleader. When on social media, remember to tell yourself that people show what they want to be seen. Don't compare your life to somebody else's because we are all on different journeys transforming our minds as well as our bodies.-N.A.G-Choosing our cheerleader over our critic.-Choose to be kind to yourself!-Self-love is a lifestyle-Practice gratitude-Prioritize yourself!For Brandy's guided journaling ->  www.selfloveshift.comLet's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email:
In this episode, I get real with sexual desire struggles while providing you with the tools and education needed to own your desire! For example, do you know the difference between desire and arousal? You can be physically aroused but not want to act on that arousal.  Understanding your body is powerful & confidence-boosting! You're NOT alone in your desire or lack of! Don't miss out on my tips on sustaining long term sexually satisfying relationships.* You can feel physically aroused without wanting to engage in sex.* Recognizing two types of desire: Spontaneous desire and responsive/reactive desire.* Differences between spontaneous and responsive desire* Simplicity of planning sex* The importance of self-discovery Nagoski, Emily. Come as You Are: the Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life. Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2021. Let's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email:
Self pleasure advocate... what the hell does that mean? How does one become one? This episode I dig deep in to my self pleasure journey and how it's helped get me to where I am today. 2020 was a huge year and a year for me to get really clear on the work I want to do and am meant to do. I share my reasons for transitioning from therapist to coach and how that benefits others. New year, new me, is in full force with today's episode! Enjoy! If you're ready to set up your call to discuss more about the possibilities of working together click here to do so- Me: Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineFacebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email: therachelmaine@gmail.comWebsite:
I recently referred to myself as the Blow Job Queen and have had an outpour of messages asking me to spill all the tips and tricks! I figured, what better way to end 2020 then by sharing these valuable things with all my listeners. Warning- this episode may spark arousal! Enjoy- my top tips for giving blow jobs! <3 If you're looking to be entered in to my Very Happy Holiday Giveaway here is the link! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: therachelmaine@gmail.comWebsite:
Have you ever thought about freezing your eggs? I definitely have, especially being 32 and feeling very strongly that I don't want to have children. Still, in the back of your mind there is the thought, "What if I regret it later on in life". A few months ago, my friend Jordan mentioned going through fertility preservation and I knew right then I wanted to have her as a guest to speak about this. Well, you're all in for a real treat. What you may think is an "in and out" procedure is very much NOT. In this episode, Jordan shares the need to know information about fertility preservation as well as shares her personal journey and the things she never imagined that could have gone wrong. If you feel connected to this episode- please share and tag us then leave a review! Jordan can be found on Instagram at @JordanDnelle. She is amazing and so incredibly brave to share this story with the world. Love you Jordan! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: therachelmaine@gmail.comWebsite:
When I first heard about Only Fans I wasn't quite sure what it was all about... then quarantine hit. With increased levels or stress and decrease levels of finances, where else was the world to turn to rather than intimacy, connection and sex? And with not being able to leave the house the only source was really the internet! Millions of people turned to Only Fans as a source of income and millions more as a source of entertainment. In this episode I interview Valerie Rocio, a professional women who also runs a successful only fans account on the side. Because well... why not? She will be the first to tell you, "Sex Work is REAL WORK!" Valerie states that this is an act of empowerment for her and women all over the world and should not be seen as shameful. Follow her on Instagram @ValerierRocio or on her website at Great article on Only Fans: Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: therachelmaine@gmail.comWebsite:
While talking with my friend, Angela, last week, she mentioned that a huge part of her self care is putting her kids to bed and having an actual consistent bedtime. I was mind-blown at this and knew I needed to have her on the podcast. Not only is Angela a mom of three but she is also a school counselor so she sheds light from both ends of the spectrum. I hear so often from women that they don't have any time to themselves or time with their partner and then on the other hand they mention that their kids don't go to bed until 10/11pm. No wonder you feel exhausted and stressed out! In this episode we cover the following topics: - The importance of sleep and having a healthy sleep routine for the development of children as well as the importance for adults. - Tips for establishing a bedtime routine with your children. - Normalizing planning intimacy with your partner and working together to ensure this happens. The two books Angela recommends in the podcast are Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Baby Sleep Boss by Dana Obleman. And if you haven't yet got my freebie on Five Ways to Get the Foreplay You Crave you can grab it here! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: therachelmaine@gmail.comWebsite:
I hear day and day again, "Rachel, we just don't have the time for foreplay, it's basically non-existent." Well, I've created a freebie for you!!! Five Ways to Get the Foreplay You Crave!!! Download it at IT'S FREE!!!! Tell all your friends! Sharing is caring! In this episode I break down the details of the three minute game for foreplay! If time is not on your side, this very well could be the tool for you! Enjoy! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Just call me the blow job queen ;) But for real though, I am here in this epsisode to tell you that sex does not have to mean penetration! I share stories from my marriage this past week and how my husband and I keep the fire going inside the bedroom with his penis entering my vagina. ;) You're welcome! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
I will admit, I am still a tampon user. However, lately I've grown curious to know more about menstrual cups. So, I had to have my friend, Molly Eames, on the episode to share her transformational experience since ditching tampons! Immediately after the episode recording, I ordered my cup! This episode talks about the ins and outs of using a menstrual cup and why you may want to also make the switch and ditch the tampons! Tons of resources in this episode!! You can find Molly on Instagram @Molly.Eames. She is a total BADASS! Put a Cup In It- Take the quiz to find the right cup for you- In the Flo by Alisa Vitti (also recommend getting the phone app)Book- Wildpower by Alexandra Pope & Shane Hugo Wurlitzer Lunette Cup mentioned by Molly- https://store.lunette.comDiva Cup mentioned by Molly- Short history lesson on menstrual cups- Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Join me this week with our guest, Megan Krueger, as we talk about the importance of voting in this upcoming election and why it's sexy!!! Women have only had the right to vote for about 100 years, we need to continue to exercise this right our relatives worked so damn hard to get for us. This episode gives lots of resources and guidance around voting and does not share any political views with you. We want you to follow your OWN values and ethics- not those of parents, society or media. <3 You can follow Megan on Instagram at @MeganLovesYourFace. Resources mentioned: Ballotpedia- Shows voters all candidates that will be on their ballot based on their voting location.Voterly- Gives profiles for each candidate along with donor history of incumbent candidates. Know Your Vote- Helps you compare candidates by their platforms and recent speeches and tweets. Politifact- Checks the accuracy of tweets and speech comments from political candidates2020 Presidential Quiz- allows you to answer questions and pairs you with the candidates that best fit you. Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
I have some stories to share about shaving... and about waxing... and about laser hair removal. Aside from the laughs this episode gives you some solid tips for your future shaving adventures! Grab your HeLi Conditioning Shaving Cream and Aftershave here- Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Michael Gibson is a Sex and Happiness coach and creator of The Extraordinary Lovers Academy for Couples. Michael has studied and practiced Sexual Healing through Tantra for over ten years. Through the online workshops and private coaching, couples learn what is truly needed in relating to one another, and how to provide love and pleasure consistently. This work opens a path to Modern Relationships, which is the ability to walk in the world as conscious, sensual lovers who understand the needs of their partner/sFollow him on Instagram at @michaelgibson.elc Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Emerson is a college student at the University of Kansas studying psychology and human sexuality! She runs her Instagram account @thekinkeducator to wide spread kink knowledge, safe practices, and overall sex education! In this episode we do exactly that! She shares tips for those looking to enter in the world of kink- but chances are... you're already there! ;) Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Insert selfie of you with text attached saying, "Hey babe, I can't wait to see you later so you can take these clothes off of me. I am wet just thinking about it!" Hot or Not? Well, if you're a listener of this podcast then my guess is you say... HOTTTT! Today's guest is sec and intimacy coach, Jen Oliver! She shares some amazing tips about body confidence and how this relates to sexting. She also shares sexting as a tool to communicate and spark some intimacy while we are away from our partners. Trust me- you'll love this episode and may feel some inspiration to send your first or next sexy text! Would you like to hear more about my new program, Sex for One: How to Pleasure Your Own Damn Self? If yes, click here to set up your free call with me! Can't wait to talk more!  Follow Me! Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
Going strong after two years of marriage, our biggest advice is to have fun! You don't need to spend money and you don't necessarily even have to leave the house. I googled marriage trivia and found 100 conversational starters to ask your spouse. Listen in as Danny and I have some fun together today! Note- this was recorded the night before we left for Mexico so we are a little giddy! Haha! Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite:
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