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I was able to catch up with Seth again, this time in Indiana as the People's Convoy rests for a day. (The first one was a bit harsh as we were sorting out how to record. This one should be better quality although not mixed etc. )It is a historic event, make no mistake, and it is supposed to be non partisan. Thanks to the people like Seth who are sticking to those guidelines because this is for everyone, and not just in the US and Canada but around the world. Don't let the WEF (World Economic Forum) get away with what they want to do...enslave us. Stand up and speak out now before it's too late. Don't let Ukraine and Russia distract you. Read the extraordinary and detailed book on what's going on politically in psychiatrist Dr Peter and Ginger Breggin's book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey. By the way, Dr Breggin will be on Dr Heather Uncensored in a few weeks.Support the show (
Speaking with Mohawk Chief Joseph De La Luna in the Santa Monica mountains.The Chief's mother was a Mohawk Chief and his father is a Cherokee Chief. This episode focuses on the stress caused by COVID and how to get back our center and peace, an essential to a good life, through native and natural healing.Support the show
Season Two! Episode One!Dr. Heather Uncensored is still here after eighteen months getting the truth out to you and your families. So many lies, so much irrational behavior and yet people still follow Lord Fauci. Hard to believe. Enough trust in this man already!! He's been caught in so many lies.Thankfully there are people like the fabulous Dr. Karen Felzer ! Such a pleasure to speak to someone who really understands science and interprets the data of COVID-19 honestly.Here is her bio: Karen Felzer Ph.D. earned her B.Sc. from Stanford University in 1998 and her Ph.D. from Harvard  University in 2003, both in Geophysics. Professionally she has worked on studying epidemic-type earthquake sequences. In 2019 she began transferring her research skills to human epidemiology and health, first looking at the profound effects of artificial light and EMFs on health in our times, presented through the YouTube channel, Illuminating Health, and her website, and then on the real science and numbers behind mass vaccination, presented on her website The Home Vaccine Education Network's work on the connection between the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic was featured on the Corbett Report in 2020.And a shout out of thanks to Avi N. Gross for original music, Maurice Gainen for sound mixing and to Ethel and Sylvie for keeping me company and sharing their concerns during this irrational time of mass hysteria.  This episode Ethel is horrified that public health officials have fallen for Big Pharma's greed, advocating poison to be shot into our precious children's arms that they absolutely don't need. Sylvie is upset that SAG hasn't done anything yet to keep the unvaccinated on set even though breakthrough cases  of COVID-19 (i.e. the vaccinated) shut down the Broadway production of Aladdin for a few days. We need equity now!If you need information on how to boost your family's immune system or you'd like to read a narrative of the real history of medicine please discover my book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor. (Perhaps I should re-name it Surviving the COVID-19 Plandemic.) Lots of in-depth information on foods, supplements, plants, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy that can help when you or yours get sick whether with influenza or COVID-19 or you're just plain toxic. According to Louis Kuhne, pioneering naturopathic doctor in the late 1800s, said, toxins are the underlying cause of disease. Once you buy the book and you have any questions please email Ethel at and we will pick a few to answer every episode.Stay strong, stay informed, and be happy! (Don't let the ignorant and irrational win.)Warmest wishes for having a most excellent day, what's the purpose otherwise? Dr. Heather Support the show (
The Pig and Chicken Chat was created in 2017, long before Covid crept out of a lab and into our landscape creating...well, so much tsouris (Yiddish for suffering) as well as misinformation. This animated chat was based on Dr. Heather's first nonfiction book, Surviving a Super Flu, that morphed into Surviving a Viral Pandemic once Covid caught our attention. It's not easy to digest all the seriousness  and having fun is also what we need to survive these times. So take a break for 12 minutes and listen to what the animals had to say about the origin of the flu and its pandemics! We hope you are listening to all the informational episodes on Dr. Heather Uncensored to really prepare you for more insanity that is coming. We now have SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome so please stop with the jabs and make sure to be taking all the right things. See Dr. Heather's book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor. And to counter Long Haul Covid (meaning long lasting symptoms of Covid) take glutathione or NAC, Vitamin D, Quercetin, and so on, eat well, stay hydrated and laugh while staying informed for the sake of your health and sanity. So excited that Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)  will be out in two months!! (Hammersmith Books) For those so-inclined Dr. Heather's Patreon account is up..she will be adding bonuses soon for her patrons...see Support the show
Dr. Heather speaks with Michele Brookhaus, maker of Yoni Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel for women. A homeopath now for twenty years, Michele was a patient and retreat participant of Dr Heather's Moving the Pelvis to Healing years ago. A walk down memory lane, they discuss among other things the retreat's signature group activity, the Womb exercise, designed for sexually or medically traumatized women.Support the show (
Known as the healer's healer, health coach Eva Vennari healed herself, learning firsthand, when it wasn't popular, how to heal herself naturally. She teaches worldwide how to navigate complementary medicine, coaching chronically fatigued over achievers struggling with chronic conditions such as infertility and post cancer treatment. Dedicated to helping others understand what their body needs to realize optimal health, she loves the "juiciness" that comes, the moment when things shift and the person becomes aware of their path to empowered wellness.
This episode delves into Fritzi Horstman's work as founder of the Compassion Prison Project ( Its goal of "Bringing compassion, childhood trauma awareness and creative inspiration to the men and women living behind bars" showcases Fritzi as one kickass dame. Inspiring self-reflection, courage and accountability, her warrior spirit nurtures folks, who, after a lifetime of difficult circumstances, are finding a path to healing through self-knowledge, acceptance and love.  Support the show (
Dr. Heather discusses the current state of CoVID-19 pandemic with friend, filmmaker and comedian Max Mitchell. Support the show
Allura is dedicated to helping women who have given their power away through heartbreak or grief to regain confidence, and self-esteem. She helps clients one-on-one and has created 150+ products for physical healing, emotional freedom and spiritual growth. An experienced speaker, she created and produced The Awakening Entrepreneur Summit.Support the show
Dr. Heather speaks with the sublime Atousa Mahdavi, chiropractor, yogi and Ayurvedic doctor about COVID-19 and the need for natural medicine. Support the show (
Learn from internationally known integrated osteopathic physician Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. If you are pregnant, have children or grandchildren or care about children's health this interview is an absolute must to listen to.Support the show (
Dr. Heather talks CoVID-19 with a friend who has questions about the virus, prevention, boosting your immune system and natural treatments.Support the show (
Dr. Graves, We Can Heal Your Disease, is an illuminating radio play that challenges the current treatment options by going back to the first doctors who identified the disease. Starring Aaron Lyons, Kristina Carlson, Heather Herington, Barbara Brighton, Florence Riggs, Goreti da Silva. Written and Produced by Heather Herington. Musical directors and help in editing: Avi Gross and Florence Riggs. Sound Engineer: Maurice Gainen. Executive Producers: Avi Gross and Heather Herington. Support the show (
Dr. Heather Herington talks about Coronavirus with friends who have questions about the virus, prevention and treatment.
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. With four degrees from MIT, Dr. Shiva has retained his roots from rural India where his grandmother was a healer in creating health systems that acknowledge the many immune systems we have, not just the adaptive humoral that vaccine manufacturers exploit. Support the show
Christina Hildebrand, founder and president of A Voice for Choice, educates people to be fully informed about what goes into our bodies - food, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins - and our right to make informed choices with this knowledge. She is presently working on a California bill that will mandate ingredients on the packaging of menstrual pads. 
Marcie Fallek, DVM is a holistic veterinarian with practices in NYC and Connecticut. Her love of animals and search for truth led her to the holistic path. On her journey of over 32 years she has seen how vaccines are crippling and killing the animals we love. She exposes the climate surrounding this issue. Support the show (
Renée Friedman. This episode focuses on the story of a woman whose father survived Auschwitz. Renée shares difficult childhood experiences and what transpired in order to break the damaging cycle with her own daughter.  Support the show
Dr. Brian Hooker. Professor of biology and science advisor for Focus for Health (, Dr. Hooker is the father of a severely autistic son injured by the MMR vaccine. He has spent the last twenty years exposing the truth including outing CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.
Dr. Rick Kirschner, retired naturopathic doctor and award-winning author. His documentary, From Healthcare to Sickcare: the true history of medicine, is essential viewing. It details why and how healthcare became sick care, and dovetails the Flexner Report, a deleterious piece of American history. Take a few minutes and listen to Dr. Heather interview Dr. Kirschner. Support the show
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