DiscoverDr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing
Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing
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Dr. Heather Uncensored: focus on trauma - serious, fun, healing

Author: Heather Herington

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State of the art information on natural medicine and the expressive arts for the best healthcare possible to build your immune system, and heal from lingering trauma! Most of the first 30 episodes explored the basis for Dr Heather's new book, Surviving A Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Now we venture into her upcoming book, Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTSD. Dr Heather speaks with top people in the field - doctor, therapist, scientist or survivor whether from sexual assault, intergenerational trauma, vaccine injury and so on. Learn more about the doc at
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An excerpt from my upcoming book, Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS this episode builds on a previous episode (#35) that has a guided meditation and visualization. Now we focus on Breath work, how and why, and the need to spend even a few minutes a day to practice this still point therapy in this challenging time. Practice it consciously and you will have more control over your breath and this will give you the ability to recruit this easily accessible activity when you are anxious, fearful or just plain fishimeled. (Yiddish for confused). It works so well before an interview or audition, and it's simple, no one will even notice. This is the first step to master your innards, your mind, that is. It is a way inside that can calm the amygdala, straighten out our executive function that goes on in the pre-frontal cortex. So take a long breath in and an even longer breath out...whatever feels comfortable but the longer the exhale in relation to the inhale will help activate the vagus nerve, the ventral vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. A daily practice  will give you more control over your emotions, especially when things seem to be going sideways. Life then feels more calm, centered, you feel strengthened and all becomes in reach in a time when more than ever we need to take control of our feelings, thoughts and behavior to empower ourselves and heal the trauma of our beautiful planet.
Ted is the president of Vaccine Choice Canada. He came to understand how vaccines are damaging our children (and adults) in most personal and devastating way. His son five months old when he was harmed by a vaccine.  Their story (and sadly too many others) is difficult to hear. However, Ted's ability to overcome through his courage and honesty is so inspiring. Amazingly inspiring including the closeness he felt with a son severely autistic. Ted has never stopped working to open people's eyes about the truth, the truth of he most important issue of our time, shining light on the continued lies of conventional medicine and the need for medical freedom.  It was an absolute pleasure to interview a man with such integrity. Please listen and be moved.
Lyn Patrick ND is co-chair of the annual Environmental Health Symposium happening the end of April this year. An old housemate of mine form Bastyr so long ago we talk about vaccines in Part 2 of our discussion about COVID and why so many in the naturopathic community have been brainwashed to believe they are something we should all line up for. The bottom line: vaccines are a coverup for bad healthcare. The fact this country (US) has such continually deteriorating health with some of the lowest healthcare scores in the world is something we should all be questioning. And if we don't the planet or at least the people on it will be going the way of the dodo and dinosaur.  In fact Belgium virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, who has worked with Gates et al, and is very pro vaccine, has stated that a mass vaccination plan in the middle of a pandemic is a terrible idea and that it will lead to a massive healthcare crisis including deaths. We can only wait and see come Fall when COVID variants will most likely spike again. All I can say, and Lyn and many others join me in urging you to make a choice based on sound scientific knowledge. The COVID vaccines are an experimental drug. Why put yourself in danger when building your immune system naturally is well within your reach? This is why I wrote Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. You can order it through any bookstore or get it on Amazon if you don't mind too much supporting Bezos. (His wife seems nice- she's donated millions of dollars to good causes apparently.)Above all, stay well and happy and have fun...amazing what joy does to the immune system!
I am grateful and honored to speak with Dr. Patricia June Vickers, artist, writer, trauma survivor and teacher. She will be presenting at the International Trauma Conference in Boston in May '21: Trauma treatment in Native American communities: a comprehensive approach to healing.Dr. Vickers belongs to the Eagle clan from the village of Gitxaala, British Columbia and carries two feast hall names from her village and from the Nuxalk in Bella Coola, British Columbia. With the help of neurofeedback she teaches spiritual transformation, healing trauma, awakening, forgiveness and unearthing layers to find the authentic self. From HARP Publishing: Patricia June Vickers, PhD presents a human story centered on the spiritual energy of respect as action that points toward wholeness.  Singing to the Darkness unfolds as a visual inquiry and integrative process, fulfilling her intention to help others to observe their authentic selves, especially all those who have been conditioned through colonization of Indigenous People. Patricia’s soul catcher stories and meditations complete with twenty of her Nature-inspired paintings are just right to carry on your person and through your day.
This has been a heck of a year! Let's take some time with this episode to mediate and visualize where we are and where we want to go. This is now the official turn to my second book Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS, that this podcast is based on. It's still a few months off from being published but we can start now with the ideas and information and history and techniques to calm and heal.I am rebelhealth0428 on Instagram and drheather2 on #healtrauma #visualization #bodymindconnection #peace #empowerment#healcovidtrauma
This episode is timely as we are all feeling the effects of being without our normal social connections for far too long. What can that do, what can it bring out in our relationships? How can we bring ourselves back to center, free our agitation to allow calm in ourselves, encouraging healthy dialogue and action to maximize healthy relationships of any kind? Join Dr Heather and Rhoberta Shaler PdD, The Relationship Help Doctor, the perfect person  to discuss this with as Dr. Shaler specializes in providing urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis. She empowers people to recognize difficult people she calls Hijackals (TM) to see clearly, stop the crazy-making and save their sanity. To recognize emotional abuse, to realize the effects, is to heal and transform.  Widely published and author of 16 books she is the host of the internationally  popular podcast: Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships. Her website is,, podcast SaveYourSanity and on
COVID Vaccines - This new technology is making those who are choosing to get vaccinated guinea pigs. Plus it doesn't stop you from transmitting the virus to others nor does it make you immune to it again. All it does is lessen symptoms if you don't get more serious side effects from the vaccine itself. Dr Lyn Patrick is a naturopathic physician who is co-chair of the Environmental Health Symposium 2021 coming up in April. She trained with the late Dr Walter Crinnion, doctor and writer about environmental toxicities and the need for detoxification for optimal and just generally good health. Now we are witnessing Chinese and Canadian scientists (who are not so easily censored as in the United States) warning about the problems with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Enjoy Dr. Lyn's knowledge and concern for our health.Also Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor is available worldwide. if you can't get it where you live please let me know at again if you like what you hear on this no commercials podcast and/or in my books, essays and radio plays please consider going to Any amount is so appreciated so we can keep the podcast free and available to all.Stay well and happy!! xo
A great gift for those you love and want to stay healthy and understand the historical reason we are in this mess, my new book Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor is available to order at most bookstores including Vroman's in Pasadena, Otter Books in Nelson BC, in Canada and on Amazon.This episode, number 32,  deals with the new Covid vaccine. Vaccination is an issue that has divided friends and family for years because of the mandatory laws in California and New York state and will certainly continue to do so with this latest one. I am grateful that for now that vaccines are not mandatory in Canada and hope and pray it will stay that way. The bottom line is...well listen to the episode and see...reflect on what you think about it. Do you have questions? It is your right to choose but there is a definite difference between variolation like that executed by that intrepid pioneer woman Henriette LeJeune (aka Granny Ross who lived near our homestead in the 1700s in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) and modern day vaccinations. Thank you so much for listening. Please send questions to and I will answer them in time. If you can leave a short review and rating and subscribe and share it really helps to get the message out of healthcare transparency. And if you are looking for more on this line there are many to choose from especially Dr Brian Hooker in an early episode.Keep well and Happy Holidays! XODr Heather
Dr Atousa Mahdavi joins Dr Heather (Herington) to read from her new book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Afterwards they discuss new additions to the COVID experience. The book is distributed by Ingram (ISBN - 978-1-7356308-0-9 ) and can be ordered from almost any bookstore. Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA and Otter Books in Nelson BC carry it and it is also available through in Canada. And yes, it is on Amazon but please ,if you can, buy through an Indie bookstore. Jeff Bezos is too rich already and the mom and pop stores need our support during this financially difficult time.I really want to keep this podcast free to serve all people with state of the art information on healthcare whether the immune system or anything to do with PTSD/trauma. If you like this work please consider a small monthly donation at Spread the word by subscribing, reviewing and sharing these unique episodes of Dr Heather Uncensored. Questions can be directed to Dr Heather through Be sure to write Q for Dr H U in the subject line.
Aren't we all pretty darn weary about now?? So let's have some fun!Human Disease and the Animals is an episode that is concerned with ...well, the animals - first a pig, a chicken, and then a bat and a pangolin - I will let them tell you their concerns..Take a break for 12 minutes and listen to what the animals have to say! Pangolini is voiced by Lynn Jassem, child star on The Perry Como Show - what a tap dancer! - who has performed in many many shows including her solo shows "From Como to Homo" and the upcoming "Who is Richard Greene?" All other voices are Dr H.Also Dr. H's latest book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, is now available worldwide through most bookstores as well as on Amazon.And for those so-inclined Dr Heather's Patreon account is up..she will be adding bonuses soon for her patrons...see
This episode is for you to turn everything off and concentrate on silence, the breath and then a guided light meditation, Dr Heather has been meditating since she was fifteen years old and Elizabeth, having done a three year meditation retreat, teaches meditation in Los Angeles and online: See Episode 26 for more information including Elizabeth's  complementary session to get you going in mindfulness and meditation.Dr. Heather's new book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor is now available worldwide including Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, in Canada (mid November) and Otter Bookstore in Nelson, B.C.
Of course Black Lives Matter.  (I know you know that.) And the sad and pathetic racism that continues to be experienced is not only in the United States. (I know you know that too.) I've always wanted to interview family friend Dominque Jacobs who was born in Cape Town, South Africa, fleeing persecution from the apartheid regime to come to  Canada in 1980s. She now lives in Victoria, British Columbia where she is raising four year old Jade on her own. She works for The Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Color continuing her work as a Communications Specialist with international experience. A passion for social justice issues, Dom identifies as an intersectional feminist. She is currently advocating the implementation of the International Decade of People of African Descent in British Columbia.Welcome Dominique!
Dr Cayleff wrote Wash and Be Healed: The Water-Cure Movement and Women's Health before spending over ten years researching and writing an extraordinary history on naturopathic medicine - Nature's Path, a History of Naturopathic Healing in America. From the Introduction, "Late nineteenth century naturopaths were an eclectic collection of firebrands who, despite their vast differences, openly loathed many changes taking place in medicine at that time."I just LOVE these books and loved talking to Cayleff. Turns out we were at the same national conference in Whistler BC when I gave my first major talk, "Triage in Treating Sexual Abuse Survivors." This episode dovetails with the release of my book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Order it from Amazon or through your local bookstore.
What is the good of meditation? Elizabeth Prather is the guest on this episode and with Dr. Heather talks about meditation beginning with Elizabeth's three year retreat that clearly defined her break with corporate and allowed her to pivot to teaching meditation through the legacy of Tibetan Buddhism. In a few weeks we will focus on how to meditate so, if you are not already a meditator, you can begin, or if you are, learn new tricks and ideas. Thanks for listening...closing your eyes is often the first step!
Dr. Heather speaks with Michele Brookhaus, maker of Yoni Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel for women. A homeopath now for twenty years, Michele was a patient and retreat participant of Dr Heather's Moving the Pelvis to Healing years ago. A walk down memory lane, they discuss among other things the retreat's signature group activity, the Womb exercise, designed for sexually or medically traumatized women.
This is the fourth installment of the Coronavirus series. Reflecting on these last six months of a trying and confusing time, Dr. Heather and Max discuss what we have learned, where do we go from here... Although not officially launched, Dr. Heather's seminal book Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor is now on Amazon as an eBook and in paperback. Jessica Buffitt did a beautiful job of the graphics, and Avi Gross with the back cover blurb. And Dr. Atousa Mahdavi wrote a brilliant preface!
A well known and much sought after doctor, researcher and educator in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Saine founded the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in Montreal, Quebec. Coming from a family of medical doctors he graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1984, holding steadfast to his belief in homeopathy and the adage vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature.  Hear what he has to say here and think about taking one of CAH's illuminating webinars.
Raised in New York, a 1998 graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, the smart and fun Dr. Lisa Samet practices in Montreal, Canada. She specializes in homeopathy and emotional re-patterning, work that "can help you experience a profound shift in the subsequent beliefs that limit your happiness and potential."She can be reached at 514 279 6629 to book a life-changing consultation.
Known as the healer's healer, health coach Eva Vennari healed herself, learning firsthand, when it wasn't popular, how to heal herself naturally. She teaches worldwide how to navigate complementary medicine, coaching chronically fatigued over achievers struggling with chronic conditions such as infertility and post cancer treatment. Dedicated to helping others understand what their body needs to realize optimal health, she loves the "juiciness" that comes, the moment when things shift and the person becomes aware of their path to empowered wellness.
Ryan Hinds was four years old when he was diagnosed with autism. A psychiatrist told his parents he would be in an institution for the rest of his life. Thanks to his mother's resourcefulness and ingenuity he is now an aerospace engineer. Preview the book “I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE—Winning Our War Against Autism” on Amazon at  or on the website  Check out this 90 second clip of Ryan before and after medical and behavioral interventions from the documentary Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery.   Marcia's step by step approach, trying different ideas one at a time, happened without the guidance of a naturopathic physician, pioneers of functional and integrated medicine. On her own, she discovered the  the connection between the gut and brain, detox and methylation, necessary pathways amd systems to optimize her brilliant son's health that has led him to the life he leads now. Brava, Marcia!
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