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Author: Waukesha County Green Team

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GreenCast is a product of the Waukesha County Green Team, a 501(c)3 in Waukesha, Wisconsin dedicated to helping southeast Wisconsin and beyond become more sustainable. We are accomplishing this through educational and outreach events, supporting interest groups involved in environmental issues, partnering with like-minded organizations, and helping other communities develop Green Teams. Visit and for more info. GreenCast is a monthly podcast in which the hosts have in-depth conversations with sustainability experts and passionate individuals to introduce more people to all of the wonderful work being done in and around Waukesha County. We are going to talk to a variety of sustainability professionals and learn about why they are passionate about this field and what is going on in their industry.
40 Episodes
In this episode we talk with Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell, our first ever guest on GreenCast.  Laureanna has written an amazing book for kids called "Under in the Mud"  that we discuss a bit here as well as her involvement with the Sustainability Fair this year.Link to her book: the show
In this episode we talk with one of the sponsors for our Sustainability Fair.  Joe Nolan owns Good Harvest Market and tells us a bit about the history of the store and what they are all about.  We talk about the sustainability goals of an organic grocery store and how they are working to help their customers find local organic food.Support the show
In this next installment of our Sustainability Fair mini series we chat with WasteCap, a waste reduction service that helps companies save money and resources. At the end we get some useful tips on how to make the fair and our lives a little more zero-waste! Support the show
In our next episode before our Sustainability Fair in August, Laura sits down with Jessica from Prairie Hill Waldorf School to understand how the Waldorf curriculum integrates sustainability differently. Support the show
In this short episode we chat with one of our exhibitors and sponsors of the Waukesha County Green Team Sustainability Fair on August 28, 2021. Eco Evie Apparel is a mom-and-daughter retail company that uses their shirts to spread the news of sustainability and donate money to save endangered species. Support the show
In this episode Laura sits down with Tim O'Brian of Tim O'Brian homes and they talk about what makes sustainable construction of residential buildings, and how sustainability can be integrated into the design of homes. Support the show
It's another bilingual episode coming your way! In this installment, the students of Oconomowoc High School's Global Sustainability Class teach us about gardening - how to start a garden and the benefits of gardening from the perspective of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Like all of our Spanish collaborations, the first half of this episode is in Spanish, and the second half is the English translation. Support the show
In this episode Laura sits down with Steve to talk about how he was able to make his home zero carbon, and how he was able to do it for free! In previous episodes we've talked about carbon on a larger scale with businesses (see "Can Carbon be Neutral?"), but this episode offers a game-plan on how individuals can use this information in their own homes. Support the show
In this episode the students of the Global Sustainability Class at Oconomowoc High School teach us about GMO foods. This is a bi-lingual episode where the first half is in Spanish, and the second half is the English translation, so listen in Spanish and see how you do! Support the show
Dig Into Soil Health

Dig Into Soil Health


What is soil?  In this episode we discuss soil and its importance with Shea Zastrow from Everything Grows LLC.  Learn the difference between "soil" and "dirt" as well as how we can interact with the deeper side of sustainability by changing the way we treat our soil.Support the show
Can Carbon be Neutral?

Can Carbon be Neutral?


In this episode Laura talks with Melissa Vernon from Natural Capital Partners, about carbon, where it is, and carbon neutrality. They discuss what a carbon credit means, the projects involved, and how businesses (and individuals) are using them. Support the show
In this episode we welcome Dr. Israel Del Toro an assistant professor of Biology at Lawrence University.  We jump right in to spring time fun with a discussion on bees, wasps, No Mow May, and how we are all connected in our local ecosystems to the bigger picture of our joined environment.  See more of Dr. Del Toro's work at and join the movement to help our pollinator pals.Support the show
Today Laura sits down with Amanda Goetsch, Program Manager for the Sustainable Management Certificates & Programs at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus. They talk about how sustainability can fit into higher education at both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, the benefits of online programs, and the direction of business hiring for sustainability professionals. Some of the resources mentioned in the episode are listen below, and follow our Instagram for more book and newsletter recommendations from Amanda and other guests.  Homepage: stories: Brands: Dane: the show
Welcome back our mini-series! This is a collaboration with a local high school which has a Global Sustainability Class that combines environmental studies with Spanish for an interdisciplinary class. The students are learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, so this episode is about goal #14: Live Below Water. As usual, the first half of the episode is in Spanish, and the second half is the English translation. Take a listen! Support the show
Trees are one of our most precious resources in our community.  In this episode we look at a local organization and how they close the loop from arborists to artists.  Wisconsin Urban Wood has made some great contributions to area by helping to bring felled trees to other business to be made into usable lumber and locally made furniture.  Enjoy the discussion!Support the show
How Green Are Salons?

How Green Are Salons?


Have you ever stopped to think about where your hair goes after you get it cut? Or what happens to the coloring dyes that get washed down the drain? In this episode of GreenCast Laura sits down with the owner of a small salon in Wales, Wisconsin to talk about the current state of the salon industry and what he is doing to make his salon more environmentally friendly. Visit to find out if there are any salons in your area who are using the program that Alex is! Support the show
In this episode we discuss natural options for treating your lawn and protecting your pets and plants with more environmentally friendly processes.  We dig into what makes Be Green Pro different from the conventional options out there and the importance of looking at what you are putting down on your property. Support the show
Join us in this bonus episode of GreenCast were the high school students at Oconomowoc high school tell us about sustainable products and practices they currently use, and what they have changed since joining the Global Sustainability class! The first half of the episode is in Spanish, and then they translate for us in the second half. Support the show
Plant-based diets can be super scary and boring right? Wrong! Laura sits down  with the owner and chef at Celesta in Milwaukee Wisconsin, a plant-based restaurant that makes all of their food exceptionally delicious and interesting. They talk about Melanie's background and what got her into plant-based cooking, the philosophy of her restaurant, and some of the health and environmental benefits for eating more plants. the show
Eco Resolutions 2021

Eco Resolutions 2021


We reached out to our audience to find out what you all are focusing on in 2021! Alec, Laura, and third team member Stacey talk about their eco-resolutions, share the resolutions we received from you all, and reflect on our first year of podcasting! Support the show
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