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Author: Griff Wigley

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Learning How to Practice Mountain Biking Skills
5 Episodes
In episode 5,  I tell about my struggles to deal with my “Be Good” mindset as I try to learn to wheelie and some of the strategies I’ve started using…
In Episode 4, I go deeper into the ‘Be Good’ vs. ‘Get Better’ mindset that I introduced in episode 3. It’s particularly relevant to those times when we either hit…
In Episode 3, I delve into the importance of paying attention to the mindset we have when we’ve decided to improve our mountain bike riding skills. How we think about…
In Episode 2, I explain what led me to create the show, including a story about my crash while learning to jump that played a significant role. You can find…
This first episode is an overview of the show. I explain its focus on mountain bike practicing-related skills and techniques and why that’s different from mountain bike riding-related skills and…
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