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Sarah Anderson and Ben Anderson  founded Popes Produce in the the Illawarra, NSW.  A backyard wonderland, otherwise known as the market garden. Quietly tucked away into a north facing suburban pocket of coastal Woonona, NSW.On land grown, farmed and loved by the same family for 100 years, Sarah is the next caretaker who enjoys reconnecting eaters to the roots of their food through tasty, ecological and wonder filled ways.From a background of visual arts and retailing organic food, nothing makes Sarah happier than playing outside & inspiring home grown food adventures.In this episode we talk about the life of Popes Produce, farm to plate, making mistakes, healthy food, urban planning, nature play and going back to our roots. Caring for ourselves and our communities through food and better design. the show
Alice Howard-Vyse is Director of Humanise This, a strategic innovation consultancy that supports sustainability leaders and their teams to address complex challenges, navigate uncertainty and lead with the best of their humanity.Alice’s integrative practice draws from Human-centred Design, Systems Thinking & Transformative Change. Her work - as a strategist, coach and facilitator - is dedicated to building adaptive capacity and enabling initiatives that catalyse transition to a low-carbon future. Alice is also co-convenor of Regen Sydney, a cross-sector coalition of individuals and organisations envisioning a more holistic economic narrative for Sydney through the application of Doughnut Economics.Alice holds post-graduate qualifications in Sustainability and Electronic Media. She is a 2013 fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership & 2019 fellow of Schumacher College in the UK.We talk about the way forward, community action, doughnut economics, sustainability and getting a move on without government.Active Hope - Sydney - Australia - This - Sponsor an episode hereSupport the show (
Sean Willmore is a former Australian Park Ranger (11 years) and now founder and Managing Director of the Thin Green Line Foundation. He’s also past President of the International Rangers Federation (8 years).While undertaking his work Sean has travelled to and worked with rangers in over 50 countries on 6 continents where he has been ambushed, held a gunpoint, charged by elephants and avoided militias. His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these warriors has won him international acclaim. Using profits from documentary The Thin Green Line, Sean started The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF).His continual inspiration is from the men and women, the park rangers worldwide, that he represents and who do this front-line work on a daily basis.In this episode we talk about Sean's love of nature, his travels, adventures and even hold ups in the line of helping rangers globally. We talk about the issues facing nature and the passion and love of rangers putting nature above their own safety. Thin Green Line DocumentaryRanger to Ranger TrailerSupport the show (
Pamela Tanner Boll is an artist, filmmaker, writer and activist. She is the Founder and CEO of Mystic Artists Film Productions.  She is the Co-Executive Producer of the Academy Award-winning documentary, Born into Brothels. Lindsay Richardson received a BA from Brown University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Most recently, she was the co-producer on Ugly Delicious (season 1), an 8 hour food docu-series by Momofuku restaurateur/chef David Chang and Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom) on Netflix. In this episode we talk about Pamela and Lindsays careers in making documentaries and their latest film project together "The Which We Belong". A documentary that highlights farmers and ranchers leaving behind conventional practices that are no longer profitable or sustainable. Improving the health of soil and the sea to save their livelihoods — and the planet.https://www.towhichwebelong.comTwitter Facebook Instagram#fairfoodforagerappSupport the show (
Camilla Becket is the co-director along with her husband Jim Becket of the documentary "The Seeds of Vandana Shiva" the life story of eco-activist Vandana Shiva. How did the willful daughter of a Himalayan forest conservator become the world’s most powerful opponent of Monsanto?Camilla grew up in South Africa and worked in the anti-apartheid movement. Camilla established Becket Films with Jim Becket in 2005 with a mission to focus on international environmental issues, social justice, and health. Camilla has co-produced several Becket Films projects, including the award-winning Sons of Africa, and films for the Religion, Science, and Environment series about besieged water bodies around the world that feature leading environmentalists and climate change activists as well as religious and indigenous leaders.In this podcast we discuss Camilla's film making career, childhood and the making of the film, industrial farming, regenerative farming, community, climate change, seed saving and the life of Vandana Shiva.https://vandanashivamovie.comYoutube FacebookInstagram#fairfoodforagerappSupport the show (
Dr Andrew Katelaris graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1982.  In 1992 he was awarded a Doctorate in Immunopathology from the University of NSW.  He has over twenty years experience in clinical medicine and pathology.  Since 1988 Dr Katelaris has been researching the industrial, food and medical uses for the Cannabis plant.  His activism, along with others, has seen the introduction of the Industrial Hemp Act, the legalisation of Hemp seed as a food and the beginnings of medical cannabis reform.  At this year’s federal election Dr Katelaris will be the senate candidate for the Legalise Cannabis Party. Dr Katelaris was the first medically trained practitioner in Australia to publicise the multiple therapeutic benefits of cannabis medicine. Beginning with treating chronic pain and iatrogenic opioid addiction in the 1990’s, he went on to pioneer the use of CBD dominant cannabis in intractable childhood epilepsy. We talk about the industrial uses of hemp, hemp seeds, CBD and THC and the different mechanisms in the body. His early agricultural work that culminated in the Industrial Hemp Act in 2008. Dr Katelaris wrote the FSANZ application that was instrumental in having hemp seed legalised as a human food. His current research includes developing advanced dietary interventions to treat chronic diseases and the development of non-toxic hemp plastics.Watch Billion Dollar CropSupport the show (
Pete Evans is an internationally renowned  chef, restauranteur, author and television presenter. His passion for food and living a healthy lifestyle is what really motivates Pete. He also has a podcast called Evolve with Pete Evans, exploring nutritional and emotional wellbeing.Pete’s career spans professional kitchens and numerous television and film appearances. His latest project is the award-winning documentary film The Magic Pill  which shows the impact food can have on people’s health, now streaming globally on Netflix. He has a TV documentary series titled AWAKEN  which looks at ancient and modern healing modalities for body, mind, spirit & the planet.Pete has been co-host and judge of My Kitchen Rules for 11 seasons. He has hosted and produced 2 seasons (16 episodes) of The Paleo Way, a television series which sees Pete creating delicious non-inflammatory dishes with special guests from around the globe and interviewing some of the world’s leading experts on health and wellness. In this episode we talk about eating well, moving your body, getting outside, sourcing good healthy, organic food and supporting local farmers. We then move into the last two years, and government mismanagement, labelling of people and where to from here.Pete's Website - https://peteevans.comPete's Podcast - me a coffeeSponsor an episodeSupport the show (
Mr. Daniel Roytas is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Remedial Massage Therapist with over 10 years clinical and educational experience. He has lectured at a number of colleges and universities around Australia in the field of natural medicine and regularly presents for a number of professional associations. He is a published author, public speaker and passionate about educating and empowering people, so that they can have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. In this episode we discuss germ theory versus terrain theory, their histories, key differences and similarities. We discuss disease, caring for your body, living closer to nature and the simple things we can all do to live healthier lives, regardless of what side of the fence you're on. I know as little as anyone about this topic and I love that we can discuss, ask questions, have open minds and continue to expand our knowledge going forward.Doctors talking about terrain theory.Dr. Tom Cowan - Andrew Kaufman - Samantha Bailey - Website - Support the show (
For most of her life Betty Spilsted has been loving, rescuing, caring for and releasing seabirds and other wildlife for Seabird Rescue and Wildlife Rescue South Coast. She's spent her life breaking the mould of what is expected of someone born into the 1940's and at 74 she's decided to stick with the animals.In this episode we talk about Betty's passion for wildlife, some of her favourite species, encounters with them and her perspectives on the modern world and current comings and goings. operates from south of Wollongong out to the Southern Highlands and down the  to the Victorian Border. We operate 24 hours a day and respond to over ten thousand rescue calls annually. We are licensed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.You can also call for Dolphins, Whales and Seals an episode herefairfoodforagerappSupport the show (
The Peloton Against Plastic team, Jamie Lepre and Paul Hellier are together to talk about moving on from 2021. The year we are all well and truly done with and more importantly, how much better can our future be?Though can we just keep moving along with things as they are or should we use this opportunity to live together better? More local, more caring, more healthy, more sustainable and more fun? What if we knew everyone in our town, even a little? What if kids learnt a whole range of skills on top the curriculum? What if taxes went directly to local services? What if things cost less and our community all chipped in to help out, more like a coop?We don't have all the answers, though we are willing to talk about them. And who knows, some things might just stick.Peloton Against Plastic Instagram The Jamie Lepre Experience InstagramPeloton Against Plastic WebPeloton Against Plastic FacebookPeloton Against Plastic YoutubeJamie Lepre YoutubeHelp us make the showSupport the show (
Debbie Millman is an American writer, educator, artist, curator, designer and the host of one of the longest running podcasts the "Design Matters Podcast" founded in 2004. With Steven Heller she founded a graduate program in branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Debbie is the author of several books with the latest about to be releasedWhy Design Matters, Coming out in February 2022. She is also a board member of the Joyful Heart Foundation.On her podcast she has interviewed people that include Amanda Palmer, Chris Ware, Malcolm Gladwell, Massimo Vignelli, Steven Heller, Marian Bantjes, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Alain de Botton, Alison Bechdel,  Stefan Sagmeister, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown and David Lee Roth.In usual "fair food forager & friends show fashion, we talk about her path into the successful life that she has created, the ups and downs, childhood and her early career. We talk about the Design Matters Podcast, branding, reducing the backlog of abused children and the evidence needed to achieve justice for the victims. We talk about the new book and her life now and ahead.https://www.iamevidencethemovie.com on TwitterDebbie on InstagramDebbie on FB#fairfoodforagerappSupport the showSupport the show (
Alexx Stuart is an educator and change agent who founded Low Tox Life in 2010 after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. She has a new book out simply called "FOOD". You can find Alexx everywhere including on her own podcast by searching Low Tox Life.In this episode we talk about the book, its contents and the reasons for writing it. We talk about the food systems and why governments struggle to get a grasp of the simple things, the old ways of local shopping and composting and its positive impacts.FOOD - A toolkit for answering the question 'what should I eat for my health and for the planet?' by the bestselling author of Low Tox Life. https://www.lowtoxlife.comFOOD - the bookInstagram FacebookPodcast #fairfoodforagerappSupport the show (
WIth many books to his name, Bruce Pascoe is well known for the book “Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident”? (2014). One of our guests favourites, it examines Aboriginal people in Australia and the use of pre-colonial agriculture, engineering and building.Bruce is now an Enterprise Professor in Indigenous Agriculture at the University of Melbourne within the School of Agriculture and Food and he chats to us from his home in Mallacoota, a place heavily impacted by 2019/20 bushfires.We chat about Bruce’s early childhood growing up in Victoria and King Island, his influences as a child, family members who inspired him, his teaching career, Dark Emu, Australian politics and his love of indigenous plant foods and dreams for the future.You can follow more of Bruce’s work at get involved on country helping his team weed the property in Mallacoota. Follow them at on the #fairfoodforagerapp via the Appstore and PlaystoreSupport the show (
Professor Marc Cohen (Part II) - MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons). A medical doctor, university professor, author, poet, entrepreneur, wellness trailblazer and perpetual student, trying to coax the world towards worldwide wellness.In this 2nd part with Dr marc (check out part one) he explains the health benefits of hot and cold therapy and the reactions within your body. We touch the surface on a few plant medicines, some benefits, growing your own, reduction of unwanted chemicals in food and water. The multiple benefits of growing a SCOBY "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" for inside and outside your body. And a million things you didn't know about your skin and how the way you bathe could be doing more harm than good. I could probably do another 5 episodes with Dr Marc and perhaps one day we will book in another. In the meantime we hope to hear more from him on the #fairfoodforagerapp and of course checking out his website and other talks is a must.'s Website - https://drmarc.coInstagram fairfoodforagerappSponsor an episode Support the show (
Professor Marc Cohen is a medical doctor, university professor, author, poet, entrepreneur and wellness educator aiming to share his knowledge around the world, increasing health, wellness and happiness. With over 100 peer reviewed papers, text books and magazine articles Marc has dedicated his life to expanding his knowledge in health and wellness, traditional medicine, alternate medicine, naturopathy and nutrition. For several decades he has been researching holistic health and wellness in the hope that it would lead to the most fun and fulfilling life, helping tip the scales in the right direction, helping a world in crises. Medicine has become a business and Marc believes we can look after all aspects of our life to the point where we may never need a doctor, caring for our own bodies, inside and out. In this episode (Part 1) we talk about water, bathing, filtering, oxygen therapy, cold and heat therapy, naturopathy and government miss management of health policy.Marc's website - https://drmarc.coFacebookInstagramOn the #fairfoodforagerappSponsor an episodeSupport the show (
Lucas Handley has extensive experience in the Freediving, Spearfishing and Underwater Photography worlds. Appearing in internationally acclaimed ocean documentaries including BLUE and REEF LIVE he has also worked with Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the BBC, his ocean experience is unparalleled.In this episode we talk about how Lucas came to love diving, the ocean, his experience in catching food in the ocean and experiences in respect of community and the ocean as a provider in other cultures. Working on ocean documentaries and where to from here.We talk about breath work and free diving, learning and mental fortitude in achieving depths plus other work he is doing with reforestation and the importance of the environment as a whole.Watch this space for his project in rainforest restoration called Nativah, which is currently raising funds. Lucas on Instagram #fairfoodforagerappSponsor an episodeSupport the show (
Established in 2009, 15 trees operates a small team of 6 along with a host of native nurseries and community groups across Australia. They have facilitated the planting of over 250,000 trees in all states of Australia and New Zealand.After attending the Franklin River protests in Tasmania with her husband Albert, an environmental science degree and years as a science teacher. She then left a life of education to create the social enterprise, 15 trees, planting trees for individuals, groups and corporates, adding to biodiversity, habitat and valuable fresh air producing forests.In this episode we talk of the simplicity of creating a social enterprise that is utilising the skills of many individuals, allowing the giver to see their money well spent for the planet. And a hope that this story will inspire others to do what they love while giving back to people and planet.15 Trees websiteLinkedIn InstagramTwitterfacebook#fairfoodforagerapp find 15 Trees in the public tabAdvertise your ethical business on our app - Lean moreBuy me a coffeeSupport the show (
Joy Souligny, Co-Founder INVESTERAJoy is passionate about economic empowerment and financial inclusion. She has a decade of experience in impact finance serving the underbanked. She was the Director of Operations for FINCA Impact Finance with operations in twenty countries helping entrepreneurs get access to capital. Her expertise is in strategic planning, change management and customer experience. She feels blessed to have lived and worked across the globe. When she's not working on her startup, you'll find her in the outdoors camping and rock climbing. Melissa Loh, Co-Founder INVESTERAMel spent the last 15 years on an international entrepreneurial journey of working with start-ups, non-profits and social enterprises to bring their ideas into form and build thriving organizations of impact. Her expertise is at the intersection of entrepreneurship, tech, sustainability and cryptocurrency. She has been part of pioneering crypto communities and projects since 2014 and has studied with Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the world's foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. She believes that without passion and purpose, business is an empty pursuit, which is why the diverse companies she has established and worked with always have a theme of bettering our inner and outer worlds, while tackling major global issuesInvestera is reshaping the culture of money and creating pathways for more diverse, values-driven investors to contribute to a sustainable future. Starting with female investors.In this episode we discuss the benefits of investing in ethical brands and creating a sustainable  future while growing your wealth. We discuss the world of crypto currency, the real story, the benefits and the potential for the unbanked, social and environmental Website: www.investera.ioInvestera on the #fairfoodforagerapp Sponsor an episode HERESupport the show (
HopeEvans has been working in the financial planning industry since 2008 and has been mentored by some of the most successful and skilled advisers in the industry. Hope has experience working with a broad range of clients and strategies. Now days hope heads Simply Ethical Advice, helping clients find the best investments in areas that look after our future, the environment, people and future generations. explains the different types/styles or degrees of ethical investmentFind an advisor here Hope's website Investment and super fund rating tool rated investment and super funds by the Ethical Advisers Coop membersHope on Instagram Hope on Facebook#fairfoodforagerappSponsor an episode here.Support the show (
Tania de Jong is a performer, social entrepreneur and disrupter. Watch her TEDtalk with over 110,000 views.  Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program is changing the world, one voice at a time and alleviating loneliness, depression and social isolation.Mind Medicine Australia exists to help alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness in Australia through expanding the treatment options available to medical practitioners and their patients. MMA is establishing effective psychedelic-assisted treatments to treat a range of mental illnesses.Here is a 2-minute Animation about psychedelic-assisted therapy and information about the state of mental health in Australia and Mind Medicine Australia HERE including a 2-page Mind Medicine Australia fact sheet. Subscribe to Mind Medicines newsletter HERE. You can also  Donate to Mind Medicine Australia to support Psychedelic Research, Public Education and Therapist Training programs. Purchase a branded shirt and  Join one of MMA's State based chapters and advocacy network around Australia and NZ.Find Tania's recordings at Medicine WebsiteOn TwitterOn Instagram On FacebookOn Youtube #fairfoodforageraappSupport the show Support the show (
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