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The Fair Food Forager & Friends show | Follow for light, fun, informative chats with legends going above and beyond - environment and sustainability focussed. - Free Download to inspire you as we talk about the way forward.
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Quilen grew up in an ideal setting where he was given every opportunity to excel as he benefited from being a part of a prosperous dual income family, and he took full advantage of these opportunities as he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand.From here he decided to do it the hard way, reaching rock bottom, without food and a home yet determined to stick with his mission. Several years later with his co founder and wife Hannah, they formed Chicago Eco House and Southside Blooms organic flower farms using solar power and harvested rainwater. Today, the Chicago Eco House has four farms throughout Chicago and one in Detroit where they hire local youth to make the flowers that they sell.The business employs local youth, offering alternatives to gang life, improving towns, families and generations.https://www.chicagoecohouse.orgTwitterFacebook InstagramSouthside Blooms InstaSouthside Blooms FBOur BlogContribute to the podcastSupport the show (
Yours and Owls is a festival promoter event organiser, venue booker and live music event promotor and consultant. Justin McKinnon sustainability officer and Ballunn Jones co-founder are part of the team behind Wollongong’s iconic music festivals Yours & Owls, Farmer and the Owl and many other events. We chat about the beginnings of Yours and Owls, the passion and the ability to just start something when you know you want something but you have no idea where its going to go. We talk about the ups and downs, zero waste festivals and running a festival that is comfortable and fun for everyone. #partywithapurpose principles include;Be good to yourself and those around youHave a good time but not at the expense of anyone elseHelp each otherIf you’re feeling unwell or uncomfortable tell your friends or staff right awayBe respectful of boundaries and personal spaceNo means noWe want all our events to be socially inclusiveWe will not tolerate discrimination of any kindClean up after yourselfKeep up the H2Obe mindful of our neighbours enter and exit the venue respectfully Ballunn is one of the original pair who started Yours and owls, Justin is their sustainability go to. Creating a music and festival scene from scratch and then building in sustainability and social respect within that movement is the vision. These guys have taken a small cafe dream into a festival attracting thousands of festival goers and some of the countries best artists. Party with a purposeYours and OwlsFarmer and the OwlTwitterFacebookInstagramSupport the PodcastSupport the show (
Growing up in the southern suburbs of Sydney Laura Wells didn't know she could be or succeed at being a model. She also didn't exactly feel comfortable with wildlife. A decade or so later, she is a very successful model for brands such as Garnier and loves animals. We talk about Laura's accidental entry into the modelling world, her Marine Science degree and using her platform and scientific knowledge to educate adults and children on respecting nature and its systems. Laura is also on the board of The Surfrider Foundation Australia and continues to campaign against fossil fuel developments in our oceans. Laura does an amazing job at not taking herself too seriously and while we discuss some important topics in this episode, its very light and casual. I think you'll enjoy this show.Linkshttps://citizensgbr.org to the showSupport the show (
Charlie Arnott is a regenerative farmer from Boorowa in NSW, Australia. I love this from his website - "Charlie considers himself and his team sunshine and water harvesters, soil builders, pasture and animal nurturers, change facilitators, educators, community supporters and Nature partners. With a focus on putting the ‘culture’ back into Agri-culture".What is really important about this episode and what Charlie does, is to consider that after generations of farming in his family. Farming with ‘conventional’, industrial high input farming, working against Nature he has adapted it into a Biodynamically principled holistically managed farm partnering with Nature.Charlie and his team host biodynamic workshops, have their own podcast "The Regenerative Journey" and host a YouTube channel. And its all about healthy, happy animals, understanding nature and providing food while respecting the planet and the way we manage the land.Website PodcastYoutubeInstagramFacebookContribute to the showSupport the show (
Rob Riddell - I'm pretty well making this up as I go, as there is very little information about Rob online. In short, Rob is a retiree from the UK, Wrexham, Wales to be precise. After retirement and a marriage break up he decided to travel the world. Well thats not entirely true, he had been thinking about it for 20 years. He then spent a year researching his best route, vehicle and rough plan. He purchased a beast of a truck meant for the journey a MAN 11 tonne dump truck converted into a mobile home. The Truck that had already done one around the world trip with its prior owner.He then left the UK, drove across Europe, through the countries of the former USSR along the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan - Have a look at this road here. The stories he told me about this road after we finished recording are even more amazing.  Go to 2:30min in this videoAfter not being able to enter China he went all the way back to Greece, then Egypt and drove the length of Africa before sending his truck to Australia while he flew and waited for it in Melbourne. After a little more than the expected time in Australia he waits for a ship to Mexico and the story will continue.Find out more on Robs website - also discussed the following for interested overland travellers.Kazakh Steppe Kombi LifeOverlanders HandbookOverlander AppShare your images or find ethical and sustainable food when you're on the road on the #fairfoodforagerappMake sure you rate and review this podcast and send it along to anyone who loves travel.Support the show hereSupport the show (
The Peloton Against Plastic team, Jamie Lepre and Paul Hellier are together to talk about Christmas presents, waste and bringing some mindfulness to your holiday get togethers. Each Christmas Australians alone waste over 5 million tonnes of food, 150,000kms of wrapping paper and around $400 million in unwanted presents. In this episode we talk about letting the guilt of buying less go, talking more and being with family and kids, above using things as distractions.Its a fun chat with some heavy topics delivered in a light hearted wayPeloton Against Plastic Instagram The Jamie Lepre Experience InstagramPeloton Against Plastic WebPeloton Against Plastic FacebookPeloton Against Plastic YoutubeJamie Lepre YoutubeHelp us make the showSupport the show (
Holly Rankin (aka Jack River) grew up in Forster NSW where she created and directed The Grow Your Own Festival. A festival with a  “Growers Area” tent full of locally-sourced produce, a pop-up cinema, and of course lots of indie music acts, local and international.Now living on the NSW South Coast, Holly and I chat in her home near the beach about songwriting, diaries, activism, politics, local matters, climate change, touring and being healthy.Holly's debut album, Sugar Mountain (2018), peaked at No. 11, receiving ARIA Music Awards of 2018 nominations for Breakthrough Artist, Best Pop Release and Engineer of the Year. She has also been nominated for a J Award, APRA award, Live Music Award & Australian Independent Record Awards.She is currently working on more music and is passionate about bringing politicians, scientists, young people, musicians,  and activists into one conversation about energy, climate and getting us to a zero emissions future ASAP.Holly also has her own podcast called "To Rebel in the Times" check it out on all podcast apps.The video of Malcom Turnbull v Paul Kelly (News Corp) on ABC's QandA.https://www.jackrivermusic.comInstagramTwitterYoutube FacebookJack River on SpotifyJack River - "To Rebel in the Times" Podcast #fairfoodforagerapp - @jackriverHelp us make the showSupport the show (
Zali Steggall OAM now an independent MP for the seat of Warringah on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Winning the seat from from former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2019. Zali is also Australia's most successful alpine skier, winning bronze in slalom at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, plus a World Championship gold medal in 1999. She is Australia's first individual medalist, first female medalist, and only medalist in alpine skiing. With a BA in communications and media Zali then studied law, becoming a solicitor. She was then admitted to the NSW Bar as a barrister in 2008.As this podcast was being edited Zali was introducing the Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020, A Net Zero emissions target by 2050 The Act will enable Australia to make an immediate, positive and nationally supported response to the risks, challenges and opportunities of climate change. Please give it your support. - @zalisteggallHelp us make the showSupport the show (
Alice Forrest is a conservationist & marine biologist based in the hills of Byron Bay on Australia’s east coast. Alice’s passion for the natural world and the creatures who inhabit it has led to a range of incredible adventures, from studying blue whales in the Indian Ocean to documenting the most plastic polluted beach in the world on remote Henderson Island. She is happiest when interacting with wildlife, and passionate about protecting what she loves. Alongside degrees in Conservation and Marine Biology, Alice is a PADI Divemaster and SSI Freediver and has worked extensively in the marine tourism industry sharing her love of the ocean with others. When she's not at home in her off-grid tiny house, she's usually on a boat or under the water, and believes immersing ourselves in nature is the best inspiration & motivation. Currently Alice works as a wildlife guide & lecturer in Antarctica & other wild places with wild creatures. Links: - @aliceforestSupport the show (
This podcast was recorded Tuesday November 3, 2020 and will be published the same day. I catch up with friend and inspirational Federal Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson while he's on a short break, driving around beautiful Tasmania in an RV. The main reason for this chat was to highlight amendments to the governments plastics and recycling bill coming up the week of November 9, 2020.Peter needs the support of other parties to include amendments that will include mandatory plastics recycling volumes in packaging and the ban of several single-use plastics. This is our greatest opportunity to make a big change on the issue of plastic pollution. Peter is asking us all to call, write or speak to our federal members or senators in the next few days and make it clear that we support these amendments.We also talk about beautiful Tasmania, ocean temperatures and seismic testing. Please enjoy a fun and informative chat. the #fairfoodforagerapp@senatorsurferGet the Fair Food Forager app and connect with Peter and other change makers.Support the show (
Senator Janet Rice works for the Australian Greens, is a former councillor and mayor of Maribyrnong, environmentalist and one of the founding members of the Victorian Greens.Janet was elected to the Senate in 2014, speaking on behalf of; Foreign Affairs, Multiculturalism, Forests, LGBTIQ community, Transport & Infrastructure, Science, Research & Innovation.Until her passing in 2019 Janet was married to prominent climate scientist Penny Whetton. We talk about Janet's grief in losing Penny, the year that followed and why she fights for environmental issues. Janet's career spans 30 years and she has some great advce for staying fresh and motivated in our efforts of fighting for the causes we care about. the show (
The media has called her "Australia's Greta Thunberg" but Izzy Raj-Seppings is simply fighting for what would seem the only sensible approach to climate action.At 13 Izzy is concerned about the state of our earth and wants action on climate now, and who can blame her?She became the face of climate change activism in Australia after footage of her being moved on by police in a protest outside Kirribilli House went viral. Since then she has used this exposure to continue her message to the government by being involved in further "School Strike 4 Climate" protests and is part of the team taking the government to court in a class action for their continued focus on fossil fuels. This chat is a very laid back conversation about Izzy's accidental fame and her passion for a healthy planet. Its inspirational and comforting knowing the future is in good hands. In the meantime, lets help the kids out and vote for policy that incentivises renewable energy, ocean / forest protection and takes into account all the species with which we share this planet.Check the links below for how you can get involved with Izzy and our amazing young peoples quest for a better planet.https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com the show (
Bob Brown has been campaigning and leading action on climate and the protection of our natural environments for at least 50 years. Inspiring fellow environmentalists and changing / challenging legislation as an Australian Senator.In 1978 Bob Brown was appointed director of the Tasmanian Wilderness Society and was a leader of the campaign to prevent construction of the Franklin Dam in the late 70'sHe was elected to the Australian Senate in 1996. In his first speech in the Senate, he raised the threat posed by climate change where government and opposition members laughed at his warning of sea level rises.In 2010 Bob led the Australian Greens to a historic result with more than 1.6 million Australians voting for the Greens and the election of 9 Senators and 1 House of Representatives member.He stepped down as Leader of the Australian Greens and retired from the Senate in June 2012. He then set up the Bob Brown Foundation where he continues the campaign for greater environmental protection and a move away from fossil fuels into new technology and renewable energy.We talk about the need to vote for the people who have the planet front and centre, rather than succumbing to the need for self preservation. The need to understand who you are voting for and the protection of forests and our natural environments. the show (
Professor Colin Woodroffe is a coastal geomorphologist currently at the University of Wollongong. He has an international research focus on the morphology, stratigraphy and sedimentary dynamics of tropical and subtropical coasts, and the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to the study of processes and change in the coastal zone.Some of Colin's research includes 2017 - Integrating millennial and interdecadal shoreline changes: Morpho-sedimentary investigation of two prograded barriers in southeastern Australia 2017 - Geology and sedimentary history of modern estuaries | 2016 - Mangrove sedimentation and response to relative sea-level rise In this episode we chat about sea level rise, storm activity and the coastal processes interacting with wetlands, beaches and estuaries. Importantly we discuss the multitude of factors that influence the form of our coastal landscape in order to highlight that solutions are not always simple cost effective.LinksUnderstanding Coastal Erosion on BeachesUniversity of WollongongThe Coast of Australia by Short & WoodroffeSupport the show (
Alexx Stuart is an educator, activist, podcaster and author for anyone wanting to reduce their toxic load in everyday life. Alexx is all about helping you improve your health by reducing the toxins you consume, yet considering the planet. Low Tox Life is for anybody who wants to help the environment, from joining the war against plastic, to using planet friendly cleaning products, eating environmentally friendly, and low tox every day care.We talk about Alexx' passion in food, health and caring for the planet. Why if we care about our earth and its ecosystems, we should inform ourselves about the food system and vote accordingly. Voting for big policy and the environment, rather than popularity contests.https://www.lowtoxlife.com - @lowtoxlifeSupport the show (
The Growing Illawarra Natives website showcases native plant species local to the Illawarra to encourage greater appreciation and cultivation of native plant species in the Illawarra. The website lists 500 indigenous plant species, with information like size, distribution, leaf and flower colour, edibles and growing requirements.Emma Rooksby and Leon Fuller with other local plant enthusiasts and experts have put together this extensive resource over the course of 5 years, all for the love of native plants.This podcast is all about the benefits of growing native plants. Including benefits for the lazy gardener, the manicured garden, habitat and health.Links; - @growingillawarranativesSupport the show (
In this episode I talk with Cate Faehrmann NSW Greens MLC in a very quiet NSW parliament on a wet winters afternoon. We chat about the good, the bad and the ugly in NSW politics, Cate's passions, her road to politics, mining under Sydney's water supply, the things we can do as individuals and the things we can feel positive about.Many of you will relate to Cate's areas of interest, including; the environment, tackling climate change, women’s rights, the right for terminally ill people to die with dignity, mental health, drug law reform, and animal welfare.Her portfolios includeActive Transport/CyclingArts, Music, Night-Time Economy and CultureClimate ChangeDrug Law Reform and Harm ReductionEnvironment and WildlifeHealth and WellbeingHealthy Rivers and Water SustainabilityHospitality, Liquor, and GamblingMental HealthWasteRegion: Mid-North CoastRegion: Western NSW.Links - @greencateSupport the show (
Kate Druhan of Green School BaliKate has worked at this amazing environment and sustainably minded school in Bali for 6 years. Her current role is head of community.Green School Bali is a private and international pre-kindergarten to high school located along the Ayung River near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The school was founded by John and Cynthia Hardy in 2008.Its about educating change makers in a wall-less, bamboo campus that nurtures holistic, innovative and purpose-driven students.In the show Kate and I talk about the school itself, the life of its students and the fantastic inclusive role of the kids in running the place. Its a school made of sustainable materials, they grow their own food and the students are encouraged to think big in solving social and environmental problems.Links https://www.greenschool.org - @greenschoolbaliSupport the show (
For the past 6 years Ellen Sandell has represented the electorate of Melbourne in the Parliament of Victoria as a member of the Australian Greens. She is currently the Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens.Ellen was the Young Environmentalist of the Year in 2009 and was a former director of the Australian Youth Climate CoalitionIn this podcast we talk about Ellen’s love of the environment and her belief in politics as being a significant path to change. We chat about her road into winning the seat of Melbourne, her skills and education, hopes for the future and the ongoing battles of trying to get a better deal for people, forests, sustainability and the climate. Links: e/ the show (
Katlin Tilly is an environmental conservationist with a passion for food security, sustainable living and marine protection. Since leaving high school Katlin has travelled the world working with not-for-profits to implement sustainable practices and educate youth. Her most recent adventure was sailing across the South Pacific Ocean with eXXpedition to raise awareness on plastic pollution. Katlin has now returned to Australia and is looking for her next step in her career within the sustainability industry. She has big goals with the hope to one day work for the UN FAO, WWF or in developing policy for the government. Her aims are to raise awareness in environmental conservation in a fun and positive way. She uses her Instagram and #fairfoodforager app profile @i.sea.change as a platform to inspire people to be the change they wish to see in the world. In this episode we chat about sailing across the south pacific, visiting the Galapagos and Easter Island, plastic pollution and food security in a world post COVID. the #fairfoodforagerapp - @katlin.tillySupport the show (
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