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Do you love anime? Like seriously love anime? The hosts of Otaku Melancholy do too. That's why every week they're going to bring you a discussion about Japan's animated export... and probably talk a lot of trash about each other's terrible taste in the process. From mecha to moe, no series will be left unwatched! (Except the ones we drop after episode three.) Be sure to join our Discord server at to continue the conversation!
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Okay okay okay. This time, we're actually talking about Netflix's Japan Sinks 2020.  Also this is all spoilers so I can't help you there and I'm sorry. Misaaki Yuasa is here to ruin and destroy his fictional version of Japan just like any good anime director feels compelled to. I mean, you have to at least take out Tokyo Tower or just a couple of districts in Tokyo or you're just not even trying if you're in the anime business. I don't even know what to say as far as a brief description of the show cause it's just about Japan sinking in the year 2020. That's just the title with more words. I'm useless to you as a description provider. We're here to talk about and give general banter and please don't think too harshly of us after this cause honestly I just don't know what we even talk about sometimes and it's just a little rude. It's like 3 in the morning and I'm trying to post this before I go to bed but I want to just get it out of the way before I forget and Craig gets mad at me. Be sure to watch Japan Sinks 2020 before EA Sports release Japan Sinks 2021 releases next year! Or Japan Sinks 2K21 if you're more into the 2K brand. It's a video game joke! Please applaud. Visit our website at to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Ghost in the Shell (1995)


Released in 1995 to critical acclaim, Ghost in the Shell remains a standout example of the cyberpunk genre and has stretched its influence out across not only the anime industry but the Hollywood film one as well. Such beloved example of cinema such as The Matrix and even Avatar have massive amounts of themes and storytelling that have been borrowed from director Mamoru Oshii amazing dive into cyberpunk. With like a hundred (somebody will have to fact check me on this) extra entries and spin offs after the original, Ghost in the Shell is still going strong 25 years later. Anyways, that's enough hype. I mean, I'm not trying to sell you on Ghost in the Shell cause you've probably already watched it if you're gonna listen in, right? This movie's like 25 years old. It can legally rent a car or get a mortgage. It could even run for a position on the city council if it wanted. I'd vote for Ghost in the Shell for my district instead of that piece of garbage who tied his campaign flyer to my door with an ACTUAL rubber band. It popped me in the hand when I tried to take if off and I'm still pretty pissed about it. Screw that guy! Anyways, Brad's running his own solocast so get actual hype on that and maybe get hyped on local politics too! Mostly just get hyped on this episode though. Visit our website at to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby


Because you (well, one of you) requested it, we're here to talk about the newest and hottest show by Science SARU! Directed by Misaaki Yuasa, we're talking about the Netflix original series Japan Sin- wait. What? We're not doing that? We're doing the other Yuasa Netflix anime? The one from two years ago??? How are we supposed to stay relevant when you request this kind of content??? Thank you TwiggyTheDragon for asking that we review this "hot" show, he said sarcastically (nah but seriously thank you so much for asking we love you big heart emoji). We're talking Devilman Crybaby in this episode and things get MASSIVE HUGE MEGA BRAIN and WE TALK ABOUT THEMES AND MOTIFS AND SMART STUFF. Yeah, you might just need to grab a big thesaurus for this one and also a deep cup of herbal tea because we get all kinds of philosophical on this episode. We also talk about how our taste is garbage so you know maybe just get a medium cup of herbal tea. Actually could you get me a cup too? I'm kind of thirsty. Visit our website at to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
ANIMISERY: Manyuu Hikenchou

ANIMISERY: Manyuu Hikenchou


You know, maybe there is such a concept as too much of a good thing. Scratch that. There are definitely times when you can have way too much of a good thing and Manyuu Hikenchou is definitely out to prove it by giving us as Brad calls it "double Q sized anime tiddies". Enter the wild world of alternate time line Japan during the Edo period where EVERYONE is a boob guy and they all want their girls to have actual metal rods placed in their backs just to support themselves and having a breast reduction surgery is apparently the greatest dishonor a person can have. It's kind of like if someone watched a Kurasawa film and was just kind of super duper horny the entire time, you know? Well, hornier than normal when you see samurai fighting cause I mean I don't know about you but there's nothing sexier than a good top knot! Join us as we journey through this ANIMISERABLE show and attempt to be the "breast" in the land! Don't be a "boob" and miss out! Additional anime tiddy pun! Visit our website at to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
Spring 2020 Season Review

Spring 2020 Season Review


I'm ethically required to tell you what shows we're covering because that's just how anime podcasting works, right? In this episode, we are discussing Gleipnir, Sing Yesterday for Me, Tsugu Tsugumomo, Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2,  Kakushi Goto, The 8th Son!? Are You Kidding Me!?, Tower of God, Listeners, Princess Connect: ReDive, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom, and Wave Listen to Me! Look at that! What a HEFTY episode! Les Misérables isn't as long as this! Spring 2020 was full of greatness, goodness, and garbage. What shows were the shows that mattered though? Well, none of them if you really think about the existential void of it all but I digress. Spring saw the triumphant return of the beloved cast of Kaguya-sama: Love is War as well as our first meeting with more characters we're surely going to learn to tolerate like the ones in My Next Life as a Villainess! We had some touching father daughter moments with Kakushi Goto and we shared a fantastic meal/saw some tiddies with our guild mates with Princess Connect: ReDive! So what was worth watching and worth dropping? Well, SPOILERS it's definitely Kaguya-sama. We're joined with our new seasonal correspondent Amelia from Otaku Host Club to talk about the majestic and the meh of this season so give her and the other awesome guys at the OHC some love like right now! Or maybe whenever it's at your earliest convenience! But right now would definitely be preferable! Go to our website at for all our links including our social media and be sure to join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
Quick heads up: we've sectioned off our spoilers for your enjoyment! Here we go again. It's that time again. Netflix had to just go ahead and grab more of those sweet wolf boys. We're talking about more anthropomorphic animal anime with Trigger's BNA: Brand New Animal! I mean, I think we all knew that we were going to do this and we just had to make a full episode out of it because WHEW. There was just so much to digest and discuss as this anime truly manages to tackle the dynamic breakdowns and socioeconomic deconstruction that BNA endeavors eloquently address by- just kidding. It's cause it's furry and it's Trigger. It's like chocolate and peanut butter. Great when they're separate (?????) but even better when they're combined, right? Maybe! In this episode, find out all about the secret of the liger and the tigon, why you need to watch out for the rise of the baseball episode, and how to play the Otaku Melancholy Drinking Game if you aren't familiar with it already! Visit to see all our links including the ones to our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
I think it's just a common part of otaku culture to just go to the bookstore and read through entire volumes of manga. There's a lot of manga out there though so which ones do you take spend your hard earned money and time on? We're here to see if you should just "peep" a manga or actually "keep" it in a no doubt short lived episode style that we're calling "Peep Or Keep?" Our first manga up is Tokyo Revengers which was recently announced to have an anime adaptation so we're jumping on that bandwagon and talking about it! We read the first volume and we're gonna tell you what we think about the makings of this manga. Should you take it to the counter or put it back? The answer is actually neither because this manga is digital only but I'm honestly just trying to fill up this description because I didn't get much sleep last night so I kind of have a big headache right now. In this episode, find out if Tokyo Revengers is just delinquent Erased, where the delinquent stadium is located in Tokyo, and why Mikey is an amazing character in manga. ORA! Visit to see all our links including to our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
Never trust any mask salesman especially if they're a big T H I C C kitty. That's the lesson you can take away from Netflix's new anime movie: A Whisker Away. It's all about teenage emotions, messy home lives, and being a freaking adorable cat. That sounds like a very winning combination for any project but is it actually good or just another piece of fluff in the ever expanding Netflix library? Listen to find the very debatable answer! Also tune in to find out what happens when you combine Makoto Shinkai with Hayao Miyazaki, why you should maybe take your own cat out of the room when you record your anime podcast, and how to many cat puns we can meowster before you find reasonable claws to leave! We're not kitten here; these jokes are purrfect! Listen, I'm sorry. You talk about cats and you have to put in these crappy puns. I am CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO PUT THESE HERE. HELP ME. Be sure to check out our website at to see all our links and go to to visit our Discord to continue the conversation!
Be kind and rewind back with us to a time when anime wasn't streaming and there were far fewer conventions teeming with merch. We're going back to the 80's and 90's and doing throw back on the history and practice of VHS fansubs (and a little bit on the subject of how it's done today too)! It's part of a series called OTAKUMENTARY where we discuss our collective otakulture and reflect on it all! In this episode, find out why Fushigi Yugi was effectively brought (legally) to the west, how to kind of sort of do you own VHS fansubs, and all about the mystery of Hot Ramen Video and Miami Mike! Be sure to check the show notes for all the links to our sources! We'll be sure to update this episode if we find out more or have to make redactions or additions! Check out the Discord at to continue the conversation and visit to see all our links including to our social media! Thank for listening!
one night, hot springs store page (also on Steam!): WARNING: super awkward discourse ahead. Hey hey! It's a smaller episode but we're still talking about big content! It's Pride month so let's talk about something super inclusive(?): visual novels! We're discussing the LGBTQ+ friendly story of One Night, Hot Springs (by npckc) and about the importance of this kind of project to not just give equal representation but education as well. We're so freaking awkward in this episode, folk. In this episode, find out why you maybe shouldn't play a VN like you would handle real life, how to be a pro visual novel GAMER, and how much we love you. Visit our website at to find all our links or join the Discord at to continue the conversation!
I've never had to spell or say millennium as much before in my life. I didn't even know it had a second n in it! Anyways, we're hitting the final stop on the Satoshi Kon-quest with Millennium Actress, the 2001 classic about an actress chasing her first love through her craft and all the lives they lead her on. It's got that classic Kon-vincing atmosphere and is a great watch if you're still trying to avoid being Kon-taminated by COVID-19 in your Kon-rantine. In this episode, find out about the sacrifice one person has to make for art, how to banter pretty darn poorly, and what our final ranking is on our favorite to least favorite Satoshi Kon anime works. Don't Kon-template listening to this episode and just do it! Visit our website at and be sure to join the Discord at so you can continue the conversation!
It's a show so mediocre that we needed guests to help us with it! We're joined with the cool as ice cold ramune hosts of The Otaku Host Club to talk all about the "incestuous" "comedy" "romance" that is Kiss X Sis! Be sure to go grab your onii-chan and get ready to play some footsie under the kotatsu for this episode. There's gonna be a lot of talk about pee in it. In this episode, find out the full story on the rebellion of one Mac the pug, how powerful the bladder that anime girls with big boobs must have, and why you should probably just watch the OVA for any series ever. Chill out with us and check out the Otaku Host Club's link at and ours at! Be sure to join the Discord to continue the conversation at and tell us your favorite sister and why it's Ako!
Lelouch Lamperouge continues his absolutely vengeful angry boy shenanigans and we're talking about them! Obviously there's spoilers for season one in this but I'm telling you here because I care about you. You're my Knight of Zero, listener. Heart emoji. In this episode, find out why only a real friend would roundhouse kick you to the face, how mad an anime can make a man to threaten his own carpet, and what it costs to redeem your anime series in the eyes of the jaded. FLOW also has a killer OP in this one. Not as good as Colors though.
You ever just wanted to start a massive political upheaval and begin a government reckoning that may include some mild regicide but you've got to deal with anime prom plans on Saturday? It's hard to find a tux that fits your legs when they're three fourths the length of your body. That's the life of Lelouch Lamperouge and we're gonna talk about it! From plans within plans to plans within plans within plans to how to change the system from within by just a few teeny tiny murders, Code Geass is a perfect anime for your continued quarantine. In this episode, find out how our friend Lucas likens the political turmoil of Code Geass to what's going on in some groups now, why theming can meap as a sociological view point for a society, and what the best frozen pizza brand is! Join the Discord at to continue the conversation and be sure to visit for all our links!
Anime Highs and Lows!

Anime Highs and Lows!


It was the best of anime and it was the worst of anime and we're talking about our favorites and our not so favorites! From drills that pierce the heavens to little sisters who draw lewds, we're going to talk about all the things we like and what we don't! Top fives all around, darlings! In this episode, find out where Animisery had taken Brad in his anime watching, why A Silent Voice MIGHT be better than Your Name, and how to get the most out of your cola coated weeaboo rage. Join the Discord at to continue the conversation and visit to see all our content and links!
It's time for another Satoshi Kon-quest stop and this one is a trip (obviously)! Crack open an ice cold sparkling water and listen as we Kon-tinue our journey by watching the trippy psychedelic movie Paprika. We're gonna try not to have too many Kon-treversial opinions but we won't Kon-demn you if you disagree. Kon-sidering all the facts, you should probably watch the movie first. I mean, you should have a little bit of time left in your Kon-rantine, right? (CUE APPLAUSE) In this episode, find out how many spice puns two idiots can make, why you shouldn't bring carbonated drinks to a podcast recording, and what Brad watches whenever he sees a dream parade. This is your brain on Otaku Melancholy Podcast.
The Winter 2020 season was filled with highs and lows and we're talking about one of the lowest in this Animisery episode. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen is a remake of the classic Orphen anime that only serves to remind us to let anime corpses stay in the dirt (even if you have a Philosopher's Stone). The Kimluck Church doesn't believe in a god that can fix this show and the Tower of Fangs doesn't have a sorcerer yet who can remedy it yet either so, naturally, we're going to talk about it. In this episode, find out about the kind of magic spell you can't dodge, why you really need to shorten your incantations if you're going to be a sorcerer, and witness a pissed weeaboo's brief moment of ramune fueled rage at an anime. Check out for all our links including how to join the Discord to continue the conversation!
New season! More shows! Part two! We're going through the rest and telling you what's best! This time we're talking Tower of God; Sing Yesterday to Me; The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?; Appare-Ranman!; Arte; BNA; Wave, Listen to Me!; and Digimon Adventure:. In this episode, find out which Tower of God boy is best boy, why Sunrise is going to just throw money at whatever they want, and how Brad describes Arte in just once sentence. Go to to see all our links including our social media and Discord! Hop in the server and join the conversation! Opening song is "Ready To" by Michiri Kagemori and the closing song is "NIGHT RUNNING" by AAAMYYY
New season! New shows! Part one! We're separating the gunk from the greatness so you don't have to! In this episode we're talking about Gleipnir, Gal and Dino, season two of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Tamayomi, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, Listeners, and Kakushi Goto. So hop into your animal suit, get ready to battle for your love confession, and be sure to hide your career from your daughter while you're doing it! Check our website out at to see all our links including how to join the Discord to continue this conversation! Opening song is "Chiisana Hibi" by flumpool and the closing song is "Ame to Taieki to Nioi" by Mili.



Let's just get it out of the way. Yeah, we talk a little bit about furries in this episode. I mean, Beastars is about anthropomorphic animals so it comes up, right? That said, these good boys and girls are super cute but if Louis wanted to take me out to the school shed then I would only lightly protest. I'm not a furry though. I just think deer are really cute. In this episode, find out when we expect Deer Town USA to open, what kind of anime CG is good CG, and why Haru is kind of weird to look at. I really do just kind of want to rub Legoshi's belly though. What do you mean that good boy can rip my throat out? Opening music is "Wild Side" by ALI and the closing music is "Sleeping Instinct" by YURiKA.
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