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Rescuing Churches with Stan & Josh Givens

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A weekly discussion on church revitalization and pastoral life featuring 6.14 Ministries founder and Executive Director Stan Givens, hosted by Communications Director Josh Givens.
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Many people talk about starting the New Year off right and making New Year's resolutions. This year might be harder than ever for some of us to keep those resolutions, but when it comes to church life, we should strive to start the year with some fundamental, core values. Today we'll look at six of them: Accurate, useful, practical teaching of the Word of God. Seeking, searching, and caring for the lost.Healthy use of prayer. Healthy internal community. Evidence of spiritual growth. Evidence of grace in church family. Links mentioned in this episode:Life on MissionSupport the show (
As pastors, we all long for God to do mighty works. In fact we love the idea more than almost anything. In our simple minds we think of crowds coming to our church as a work of God. We imagine great spiritual moves and spiritual growth, evangelism and discipleship happening at exponential rates. And when we imagine all this, it is a simple work of God that just happens while we go about our normal routine. However, all the great works of God throughout the Scriptures — works that we as pastors teach about all the time — tell of a different concept of the works of God.Key point: When God starts to move, it's often a difficult and trying time for the individual or group that He is using. Support the show (
Five Minister No-No's

Five Minister No-No's


Stan and Josh discuss five of the worst things pastors can do when their church is in crisis mode or decline: Whining and grumbling. Vent on social media. Doubt Despair Quit Scripture references mentioned in this episode: Matthew 11:28-29 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 John 21 Ephesians 4:29 Philippians 2:14 James 5:9 Support the show (
Today on the show, Stan and Josh discuss four common misconceptions that people — including pastors, elders, and ministry volunteers — often have about "the church." People don't want to come.The church is a building or location. The church is a weekly or bi-weekly meeting. The millennial and younger generations are more into entertainment than biblical truth.Links mentioned in this episode: The Josh Givens Blog What Is Social Media Engagement And Why Should You Care About It As A Pastor?Support the show (
Josh discusses his latest blog post, outlining five attributes that make up effective church communication ministers: An unparalleled ability to multitask, meet tight deadlines, and work well under pressure. An innate understanding of the church's brand. No concern for the spotlight or recognition. A talent and love for the art of storytelling.A willingness to coach when necessary.Articles mentioned in this episode:"Five Qualities And Attributes of Effective Church Communications Directors" "Why Storytelling Matters, Even In Small Church Marketing""Three Reasons Why Branding Matters In Church Revitalization" Episodes mentioned in this episode: "Why Storytelling Matters" "Why Branding Matters In Church Revitalization" May the Force be with you.Support the show (
If you're a pastor longing for your church to have a healthy foundation, there are five things that you can do as you work toward this goal. Stan and Josh will expand upon all of these in today's episode:  Prioritize your personal walk with God. Practice and teach grace.Practice love for one another. Preach cross-centered and Christ-exalting messages.Prevent core church members from pouting about the culture. Recommended reading on grace: "What's So Amazing About Grace?" by Philip Yancey"Captured By Grace" by David Jeremiah"In The Grip of Grace" by Max Lucado "Grace For The Moment" by Max Lucado "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning Support the show (
As recent as May 2020, Barna Research found that: 3/10 pastors (31%) say they’re struggling w/ their emotional wellbeing. 26% admit to struggling w/ their relational wellbeing.Over half admit to being tired. (51%)2 in 5 admit to feeling primarily exhausted (41%)Sad (41%) We discussed these statistics in our episode On Why Rest Matters For Pastors. In this episode, Stan & Josh take a look at the deeper issue of pastoral discouragement and discuss five ways that pastors can handle those times when they're having a terrible day, week, month, or year. Support the show (
Stan and Josh chat with Pastor Brian Marchant of Poplar Arbor Church in Doerun, Georgia about the dynamics of shepherding a small church in a rural community. Support the show (
In this episode, Stan and Josh sit down for a conversation on questions people often ask about 6.14 Ministries and how church revitalization works. Links mentioned in this episode: the show (
Healthy churches have healthy men's ministries. But how do we go about establishing one and why are they so essential? Stan and Josh chat about the current state of our culture and just how important discipleship truly is within the sphere of the church and revitalization. Resources mentioned in this episode: Man In The Mirror Ministries: Man Left Behind: Man Left Behind book on Amazon: Ministries: Man Church: the show (
In this episode of Rescuing Churches, Stan & Josh discuss the need to guard the Gospel, the leadership, and the flock and how that works within the model of a healthy church. Resources mentioned in this episode:Pastor Stan's "Strong Church" series is available at or via Northside's sermon audio podcast. Support the show (
In general, human beings are visual creatures that engage better with content when they have something on which they can focus besides the speaker. In this episode, Stan and Josh discuss one of Josh's recent Church Communications blog posts which looks at five ways to complement sermons with digital and social media. In this episode: Why you should be using on-screen sermon graphics and presentation software during your service and what presentation softwares may be best for you. Using social media posts and graphics throughout the week to keep the sermon theme fresh and relevant with the congregation. How and why videography can enhance a sermon.Why your pastor's sermon audio should be available on the church's website and on all the major podcasting platforms. How a smartphone app can enhance engagement with your church's content.Links: Five Ways To Digitally Enhance Your Pastor's Sermon And Increase Online ReachPodcast Statistics For 2020 — Charts And DataMobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2020) Support the show (
In this episode of Rescuing Churches, Stan & Josh talk about the importance of pastors being well-rested. Links mentioned in this episode: COVID-19 Conversations: Many Pastors Are Tired, Overwhelmed And Lonely Pastors Are Not Quitting In DrovesSupport the show (
This week on the show, Stan and Josh follow-up on last week's discussion by looking at five practical things pastors can do to create positive energy in their churches as they navigate the gloom associated with decline. Support the show (
Stan and Josh discuss six things pastors can do to get through the gloom associated with church decline. Support the show (
Links mentioned in this episode: How To Prepare A Sermon SeriesSupport the show (
Josh discusses his recent blog post on church social media managers, detailing four reasons why this role is essential, particularly in the midst of COVID. Articles referenced in this episode:Church Social Media Managers: You're More Valuable And Needed Than Ever BeforeTypes of Trolls and the Spells that Kill ThemLinks mentioned in this episode: Get your Internet Trollslayer shirt from Seth's Seminary Store by visiting the show (
Stan and Josh follow up on last week's dialogue by discussing the biblical model for healthy church functionality as seen through the Church At Thessaloniki (specifically seen in 1 Thessalonians 1:6-10.) Support the show (
Stan and Josh discuss the three different types of "awes" churches should exhibit to their local communities as seen through the context of the early Church in Acts 2. "Faith Under Fire" by Andrew White — the show (
Josh discusses his recent blog post "Why Storytelling Matters Even In Small Church Marketing," touching on some practical ways churches can connect with their audiences through digital and social media and the centuries-old art of storytelling. You can read the original blog post here: the show (
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