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Pretty Depressed is a fun and unfiltered interview series where I chat with some of the most successful and interesting people I know about life, work and finding balance. How these guests navigate their life, the entertainment industry, their mental wellbeing and their interactions with others is awe-inspiring. On top of all that, they are pretty bloody entertaining too!
29 Episodes
Kevin is a Singaporean-American novelist and writer of Crazy Rich Asians. We talk about the feeling of arrival, control, boundaries and expectations.
Cori is a New Zealand Comedian. (What We Do In The Shadows, Mean Mums) We talk about suicide, medicating and how to cope with grief.
Maria is a New Zealand Mum, Activist and Influencer who shot to fame with her @HappyMumHappyChild’ account. We talk about Postnatal Depression, putting on masks, food and alcohol
Alexander Rossi is an American Racing Car Driver. We talk about pursuing a dream, changing tact, pressure and mental strength.
Chloe is a New Zealand Politician and Entrepreneur. We talk about mental health, remaining curious, the impacts of work addiction and having a blobby brain.
Strider Wasilewski is an American Surfer and Presenter for the WSL. We talk about injury, being positive, overcoming challenges and pushing the limits
Grace Palmer is a New Zealand Actress. We talk about feeling ‘blah’, talking to someone and the importance of having great people around you.
Brant Daugherty is an American Actor and Producer. (Pretty Little Liars, Fifty Shades Freed) We talk about Grief, not going to a second location and labels.
Frankie Shaw is an American Actress, Creator and Director. (SMILF, Mr. Robot) We talk about comparison, drugs, family and eating disorders.
Jim Jefferies is an Australian Comedian and Actor who shot to fame in the US following his bit about gun control. We talk comedy, depression and relationships.
Patty Guggenheim (Florida Girls, Hashtaggers) is an American Actress and Comedian. We talk about witches, breakdowns, weed and comedy.
Kiran Deol (Sunnyside, How to Get Away with Murder, New Girl) is an American Actress and Comedian. We talk about anger, medicating and finding balance.
Adam Rose (Carols Second Act, Merry Happy Whatever) is an American Actor. We talk about the fears of marriage, confidence and anxiety.
Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project, Pitch Perfect, White Famous) is an American Actor, Rapper and Comedian. We talk about learning to not care, feeling disheartened, addiction and finding joy.
Anna Mowbray (Zuru) is the Director and COO of Zuru, one of the world’s largest toy companies. We talk about being productive and efficient, being vulnerable and stepping outside your comfort zone.
Dana Bowling ( is an American acting coach and professional motivator. We talk about big pivots, believing in yourself and starting over.
Tara Schuster (Author, Comedy Central Executive) is the Author of “Buy Yourself The Fucking Lilies” We talk about re-parenting, crying on the subway and how to rebuild your life.
Jordan Danger (God save the Queens, Kevin From Work) is an American Actress and Director. We talk rejection, animals and finding joy elsewhere.
Eden Sher (The Middle, Veronica Mars) is an American Actress. We talk Bipolar, heartbreak and medicating.
Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords, Jumanji) is a New Zealand Actor and Comedian. We talk Big Foot, Aliens and working hard.
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