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Developing Organizations

Author: Dr. Steven Goodwin

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We all live in organizations: companies, nonprofits, churches and synagogues, and more. Dr. Steven Goodwin, President and CEO of TurningWest, interviews leaders of these organizations to reveal how they overcome the challenges to developing organizations to have the capacity to change the world. Listeners will get a peek into the world of Organization Development and Leadership consulting and how these tools can be leveraged to improve the organizations in our lives.
4 Episodes
Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture


Culture is one of the broadest concepts in human knowledge. What is organizational culture anyway? In today's episode Dr. Goodwin interviews Scott Reynolds of The Get Smart Group to peek into their exceptional corporate culture to see how it drives productivity in a virtual team environment.
What is leadership and how you can grow as a leader is the topic of this episode's conversation. My guest is the Rev. Jeffrey Kjellberg, President & CEO of Kairos and Associates and of The Joshua Group. 
Nonprofit Turnarounds

Nonprofit Turnarounds


A conversation with Bern Galvin, an expert turnaround consultant and now the CFO of Beacon House in San Pedro, CA, focusing on how to build an effective business into every nonprofit so as to maximize its impact.
Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


A conversation with consultant Kristin Wiersma on what is Mission and what is Vision and how leaders distinguish one from another.
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