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Sandy and Dr. Paul DeChant are jumping into:Addressing exhaustion before or after cynicism Closing the door to protect your time and energyPolitical correctness in mergers and acquisitions Empathizing with the victim mindset LEAN methodology as a way to solve chartingClick here to learn more about Dr. Paul DeChant. Produced by the Sandy Scott Coaching Group
Sandy and Dr. Jeff Smith are jumping into:A method for balancing performance and wellnessJeff’s experience with coach training (spoiler alert: out of his comfort zone)Managing outbursts of anger Healing your reputation The best time to say “no” to a request or something newMore about Dr. Jeff Smith here.
Sandy and Dr. Natasha Beauvais are jumping into:The Deliberately Developmental Organization modelOffering benefits to a whole organization vs only high performersSupporting colleagues who don’t realize they’re stuckAn insight in running better meetingsWhy it’s critical to articulate culture before growing market shareCoaching patients to build their own insights (great example about a patient drinking too much alcohol)Check out the Northern Virginia Family Practice Podcast here.About Dr. Natasha BeauvaisWith more than 20 years of professional experience, Dr. Beauvais understands the deep connection between our physical well-being, our medical health, and our mental health. She cares for people one at a time, thoughtfully, and with the support of a team of family members and other providers.Clinical Expertise:Dr. Beauvais specializes in prevention and provides a personal connection to healthy minds and bodies. She treats singles and partners, families and grandparents, working to help people to live longer and to feel more alive and healthy in the process.As a Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Beauvais works to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and immobility. To help address the needs of people who felt overwhelmed in the gym, or unsure of how to get started, she spearheaded the conception of an exclusive fitness program, AgeProof Your Body, to support people of all ages to embark on a path toward fitness.When She’s Not Working:Dr. Beauvais loves hanging out with her spouse and four children. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and eating foods from everywhere. She hopes to visit all of the National Parks, and every continent (3 more to go) and would love tips on your favorite places to visit when the pandemic is over!Learn more here.
Sandy and Dr. Randy Cook are digging into:A bitter contest between Randy and hospital administrationRetooling a clinic after 100% of the nursing staff resignedHow to reduce the impact of administrative turbulence on patientsHow plagiarism in a medical journal sparked the career of a well-known pediatricianImportance of focusing on goals over obstaclesRandy’s insights from hosting a growing physician podcast since 2019Dr. Randy Cook brings more than four decades of bedside practice as a general and vascular surgeon to the Rx for Success Podcast. A well-respected clinician, educator, organizational leader, he holds certifications from the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Preventive Medicine in the subspecialty of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, as well as certifications from the American Professional Wound Care Association and the American Board of Wound Management. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Southeastern Surgical Congress. His many years of clinical, managerial and leadership experience have provided Randy with invaluable insight into the practice of medicine and medical practice management. Randy is also an Executive Physician Coach, and as such, is uniquely situated to coach today’s physician from a well-informed position of having successfully balanced the business of medicine with the priesthood of medicine.
We go through important experiences, especially difficult ones, and learn only a fraction of what we could.If you’re an accomplished “doer” and less adept at reflecting — use this exercise as a tool to uncover one of Your 2021 Insights.Because despite the uncertainty and chaos, there’s a meaningful path for you to take in 2022.So get started with 5 minutes to pause, reflect and invest in yourself right now.
“The Evolving Role of the CMO” -- exploring the new paths, nuances and perks of being a CMODr. Dan Field peels back the layers of being a CMO, digging into:What autonomy, variety and success looks like for CMOsStrengthen your awareness of the greater goodCreating opportunity by humbling yourselfReplacing one kind of autonomy for a better kindThe perks of serving as the medical director for an annual pilgrimage to FranceUsing medical training and experience as a springboard for your career (e.g. Venture capital)Non-traditional tips and suggestions for people who want to become a CMOBecoming a nationally-recognized strangulation expertDr. Dan Field is the chief medical officer for MDstaffers, one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.Dr. Field is responsible for overseeing all clinical staff operations and quality assurance for MDstaffers. He provides clinical leadership to MDstaffers’ contract staff and assists in creating innovative staffing models to help healthcare facilities achieve optimal physician staffing levels while also upholding the highest quality standards in the ever-present physician shortage. Dr. Field is an emergency physician by training and has practiced emergency medicine for more than 30 years. Dr. Field is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and maintains an active clinical practice.Dr. Field is an instructor at the California Northstate University College of Medicine and previously served as clinical faculty at UC Davis School of Medicine for 25 years. Dr. Field serves the California Medical Board as an expert reviewer/consultant and provided medical expertise to the Sacramento County Sheriff SED/SWAT team as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.Check him out on LinkedIn here.
“The Evolving Role of the CMO” -- exploring the new paths, nuances and perks of being a CMODr. Brent Jackson peels back the layers of being a CMO, digging into:His unexpected path to becoming a CMOTwo super practical ways to leaders to invest in their teamsHow to move forward from COVID with a scarcity of capitalGetting things done through influence when physicians don’t report to youDifference between leading surgery vs leading an organizationSurprises about the results Brent got from coachingWhat keeps Brent up at nightDr. Brent Jackson is the VP/Chief Medical Officer at Dignity Health, Mercy General Hospital. He is a Physician executive experienced with inpatient/outpatient Utilization Management, physician leadership, quality/process improvement, and organizational change. Check him out on LinkedIn here!
Today we have Dr. Jeff Leman on the show to dig into:First impressions of coachingA big shift in understanding the role of physician leadersGetting the leadership monkey off your backThe value of rediscovering our values and naming them in clear termsThe type of person Jeff recommends coaching for, based on his experienceAmong other roles, Dr. Jeff Leman is the Program Director at the University of Illinois Family Medicine Residency Program, an Associate Medical Director at UnityPoint Clinic, an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois, and the Medical Staff President at UnityPoint Health.
Today we have Dr. Tom Shellenberger on the show to dig into:What led him to hire a coachCounterintuitive insights that coaching brought to the surfaceThe hardest parts of the coaching processThe type of person Tom recommends coaching for, based on his experience
Today we have the incredible Dr. Ann Messer on the show, digging into...Balancing a love of family and a love for medicineCancelling Christmas to build a clean water system in Nicaragua (and bringing the kids along)Treating lines of patients in the mountains of a developing countryBenefits of stepping into unfamiliar situations AND THEN building up your knowledge baseRebalancing your life priorities for long-term sustainabilityReleasing The Corona Care Handbook (#1 Best Seller)What is One Good Turn up to?Download the #1 Best Seller: The Corona Care HandbookCheck out One Good Turn and Donate HereDr. Ann Messer is a Board Certified Family Physician and has been practicing family medicine and urgent care for 30 years. She has special expertise in Global Health. Dr. Messer is a Fulbright Specialist with the United States Department of State, teaching core clinical competency in medical education in developing countries. Dr. Messer is the Executive Director of One Good Turn, a global health nonprofit partnering with organizations worldwide to provide medical support and education to underserved communities. She has worked with neglected populations in extreme conditions around the world.
Dr. Paul Matherne is the pediatric cardiology professor at the University of Virginia Health System, and an adjunct professor at the business school. He’s bringing insights from a lot of different perspectives in academics and non-profits especially. On this episode, Dr. Matherne talks about:What to do when your wife tells you you need to leave your jobWhat to do with feedback that “you’re leaving bodies in your wake”The difference between job titles, influence and impactHow you can be self-centered without being selfishLessons learned from hiring multiple coachesScheduling time for personal connection, especially on clinical days and Zoom meetingsDr. Paul Matherne’s Biography:G. Paul Matherne, MD, MBA holds the Dammann Professor of Pediatrics in pediatric cardiology. He recently served as Interim Chief medical officer and Senior Associate Dean for Research at the UVA Health System. During his 33 years at UVA he has served as Service Line Lead for Children’s Services, Vice chair of clinical affairs in the Department of Pediatrics, Associate Chair for research and as division director of pediatric cardiology and medical director of the UVA Children’s Hospital Heart Center. He treats both children and adults with congenital heart disease and is board-certified in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.Dr. Matherne was born in Lafayette, LA, and grew up in Texas. He attended Texas A&M University for undergraduate and medical school, and completed his pediatric residency at the University of Oklahoma and pediatric cardiology fellowship at the University of Iowa.He joined the UVA faculty in 1987, initially as a clinician scientist with a basic science lab, working closely with colleagues in the Department of Physiology. After 20 years in the lab, he changed his focus to administrative duties after receiving an MBA degree from UVA’s Darden School of Business where he has also been teaching Health Care management for the past 10 years. Dr. Matherne has published 90 peer-reviewed and invited articles and book chapters. He has been very involved with the American Heart Association and has served as president of the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate of the American Heart Association, chair of the CVDY Council of the AHA and is currently a member of the AHA Scientific Councils Oversight Committee and the AHA SFRN Children's Research Network Oversight advisory committee. He received the AHA council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young (CVDY) Distinguished Achievement Award in 2018.Dr. Matherne and his wife of 41 years raised four children in Charlottesville and have four grandchildren. They have both been active in a variety of community activities at church, local schools and scouting. They also both enjoy cooking — especially gumbo. 
How did two clinical executives, from competing systems, start collaborating on a daily basis? Listen to Dr. Marjorie Bessel and Dr. Keith Frey open up about that and more:“Coop-ertition” (cooperation + competition)Why generalists are great with ambiguityKeith and Marjorie’s personal leadership “stretch” for 2021How to “rev down” back to normal from a heightened pandemic stateThe best part of their morning routinesThe one thing that makes Keith 30% more efficient at workAligning your calendar with your biorhythmDr. Marjorie Bessel is the Chief Clinical Officer at Banner Health and Dr. Keith Frey is the Arizona Divisional CMO and Physician Leader for Professional Fulfillment at CommonSpirit Health.Paper referenced by Dr. Keith Frey: Collaboration on the Arizona Surge Line: How Covid-19 Became the Impetus for Public, Private, and Federal Hospitals to Function as One System
Heard of the book “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” (by Chip and Dan Heath) but don’t have time to read it? Get the most important insights from someone who’s applied them in medicine, Dr. Cara Beatty. On this episode, she and Sandy dig into:Challenges between providers and their support staffHow slowing down can lead to more alignmentWhy resistance to change is often due to a lack of clarityA better approach to big complicated problems (vs. assuming a big complicated solution is needed)The mental cost of doing things differentlyThree biggest takeaways from the bookDr. Beatty has been a Physician Executive for over 20 years and is the CMO of  Northeast Washington at Providence Health. 
Heard of the book “How Will You Measure Your Life?” (by Clayton M. Christensen) but don’t have time to read it? Get the most important insights from someone who’s applied them in medicine, Dr. Jeremy Blanchard. On this episode, he and Sandy dig into:Deciding to leave a health system because of cultureCold calling 16 influential leaders for adviceWhy you should define your “north star” based on your motivatorsOne way to help a friend along their journeyThree biggest takeaways from the bookDr. Jeremy Blanchard is the Chief Medical Officer of North Mississippi Health Services.
Heard of the book “The Obstacle is the Way” but don’t have time to read it? Get the most important insights from someone who’s applied them in medicine, Dr. Mark Stephens. On this episode, he and Sandy dig into:A framework for more objective perception and actionThe skill of teasing out rationality and emotionalityPractical ways Mark applied the lessons of the book in medicineDr. Mark Stephens is, among other things, the Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Professor of Humanities at Penn State.Want to  give it a read? Click here to check out "The Obstacle is the Way"  on Amazon!
Dr. Katrina Ubell is a physician and master certified life coach specializing in helping women-identifying doctors who overeat.Dr. Katrina Ubell and Sandy dig into:The power of a future focused mindsetThe root causes of emotional eatingAuditing your relationship with food, especially during a pandemicWhy constraints aren’t always restrictiveA ton of practical tips for physicians who struggle with weight lossLearn more about Katrina’s work here.
Dr. Patty Fahy's role as a clinician, a member of an executive team, and a leadership consultant has been focused on supporting people to make important and often difficult changes. She is the host of Licensed To Lead Podcast and a Keynote Speaker. Dr. Patty Fahy and Sandy dig into:- What to do when administrators don’t give you the full truth- The power of a physician with a Business School Mindset- Who are the masters of healthcare?- Why you don’t need an MBA- Questioning the dyad structure- Practical ways to create a better culture, from the inside out
We go through important experiences, especially difficult ones, and learn only a fraction of what we could.If you’re an accomplished “doer” and less adept at reflecting — use this exercise as a tool to uncover one of Your 2020 Insights.  Because despite the uncertainty and chaos, there’s a meaningful path for you to take in 2021.  So get started with 5 minutes to pause, reflect and invest in yourself right now.CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF VERSION
Dr. John Gabis and Sandy Scott dig into:Moonlighting at his own practiceThe nuances of training residents to treat opioid use disorderDealing with the fallout of embezzlement (with Gabis’ 3 S’s)Cooper-tition (cooperation + competition)Building a state-of-the-art simulation hospital in AppalachiaResources for physicians who want to govern themselvesChairing the Hope Partnership Project -- a local collaboration to eliminate Substance Abuse DisorderDr. John Gabis is the President at Adena Medical Group in Chillicothe, Ohio -- where he leads 300 colleagues to be the trusted first choice of patients for multi-specialty physician services in a nine county service area. He’s Board Certified in Family Medicine and a Certified Physician Executive.
Dr. Dan McCarter and Sandy Scott dig into:Leading the launch of an ACO (after calculating it would lose money)Shifting business modelsAdopting EMR before the internetHow a temporary job turned into a 27 year practiceResults of using a meditation app for over 170 days in a rowDr. Dan McCarter is the National Director of Primary Care Advancement at ChenMed.
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