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Deliverance with Jay Bartlett

Author: Jay Bartlett

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Based in Southern California, Deliverance with Jay Bartlett, is a global radio presentation that explores the unknown, the strange, and the supernatural. Proclaiming Jesus as the Deliverer! Inquires:
231 Episodes
Devil Expelled then Jesus Appears in White Robe
Voodoo Practitioner Surfaces & Battles Jay!
Holy Angels Battled Blob! Afterwards, God Appeared!
Third Heaven Encounters & Raising the Dead
Animal Sacrifices vs Jesus Sacrifice
Supernatural in Stellenbosch, South Africa (Experience God's Love)
On Halloween & Day of the Dead Get Free from Witchcraft
I Come Out on Halloween, Says Goblin -- How to Defeat Them!
Lucifer is Furious with Third Heaven Encounters
Exorcism in Haiti where Jesus Prevailed
Fire of God on You!

Fire of God on You!


Fire of God on You!
What Demons Can Do & Can't Do!
Exploring the Unknown, the Strange & the Supernatural
Free from Insanity

Free from Insanity


Free from Insanity
God will visit you

God will visit you


God will visit you
Heavenly Experiences are Real!
Desire to be Caught Up into the Third Heaven?
Despite Skeptics, Miracles Occur!
Deliverance with Jay Bartlett: Answer to Night Attacks!
Deliverance with Jay Bartlett: Holy Angels - Ministering Spirits
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