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The Get Real Wealth dot com radio show is about much more than just using real estate to make more money. Real wealth includes all the parts of a balanced life: fitness, family, romance, charity, fun, travel and of course, money. Host, Steve Davis, started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in over 4000 single-family and apartment units. He did this while maintaining above average fitness, a 33-year marriage, raising two outstanding children and simply living life to the fullest. He will show you how you can do this too using real estate to build passive streams of income.Steve and his team of mentors, who will be his guests on the show from time to time, have over 50 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their dreams through investing in real estate. Their one on one mentoring and consulting is second to none.
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Happy Holiday weekend listeners!  We are pushing out one more episode before the Turkey hit the oven and people start adapting to the new Black Friday landscape that is 2020. Speak of the holidays, Steve has brought on Robert Martinez, Rockstar Capital, to talk about what it takes to stay almost constantly motivated to continue moving forward. It is really easy to start blaming the holiday obligations on a slump in activity but do you think the movers and shakers of the world are doing the same?  Listen in to the show and see if you can glean some motivation off of these two powerhouses. We may not be airing episodes regularly this week but Steve is still answering email constantly.  If you have any questions or concerns over the break don't hesitate to email to get your questions answered personally!
Welcome to the weekend listeners and investors!  Steve is joined today by a fellow entrepreneur who is kicking butt and taking names in the self-storage industry.  John Manes is a becoming a fast friend with Real Wealth Academy and all we can do is hope that he is learning as much from us as we are rom him.  Ever wonder what it would be like to own a shiny new self-storage facility?  Well listen in!Remember to email Steve listeners!  To show that he is grateful to you all his has made a promise to answer every single email that comes to that inbox personally.  So if you have a question, concern or comment about anything you've heard and want to get REAL is the way to do it!
Welcome to the end of the work week listeners!  Today's shows is all about focusing.  Focusing on what you need to get done and what is important.  It is a show that laughs in the face of the debunked myths of diversification and multitasking.  You may catch yourself frowning as you read to this point but rest assured, this is something that you will come to enjoy once you've shaken it off of you and see it proven to be false.  Please remember that Steve is looking forward to emails from you, his listeners.  Shoot a question or concern over to and he will answer it personally.  There are no bots in control of this account, just Steve!
Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is covering a myriad of topics but don't worry about the weight of the material.  This is dense show that focuses on three major topics: Slumlords, Success, and Succession.  The really interesting thing is how Steve weaves all three together though.  Let us know what you think!Also, if you would like to email Steve and have him DIRECTLY respond to you, send your emails to  He is always looking forward to hearing from you.
Welcome back to the work week listeners!  Today Steve is talking about designing the life you want for yourself.  Are you one of the very few people who has been actively designing their own life on purpose or are you, like most people, using plans that were gifted to you from someone else?  This might be one of those episodes that you will need to listen to more than once so buckle up everyone!Please remember that Steve loves to get your questions, comments and concerns directly at  He is the only one answering these emails.  No bots, assistants or AIs here!
Welcome back to the show listeners! Have you gotten used to this show being about things that Steve has learned over the last several decades of helping people and working with Real Estate?  He has gained tons of knowledge over that time but it is important to remember that Steve is extremely serious about continuing his education and growing in some way, everyday.  So thats consider this episode a progress report or update on his latest education.  Listen in and hear what he has learned in the last two months!Do you have a question or comment for Steve?  Remember that he personally answer ALL of the emails that come through to  Send you email now!
 Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve was able to get some time with a rising star in the real estate arena Kaylee McMahon.  Kaylee has not only done amazing things with real estate in the recent past but she is working on goals that will rock the entire world.  They talk about all things real estate today and this is definitely a show that will prove to you the power of real estate, the power of passive income and the power of finding a mentor that can help you skip over the mistakes of the past.Please remember that Steve loves getting questions from you all in his email inbox! He personally answers all emails that come to so don't hold back. 
Welcome to the end of the classic work week listeners! Today Steve is taking shots at all of the classic "investment strategies" that have been touted as the correct strategies for America for the last several decades.  IRAs, 401Ks, The Stock Market; everything is being looked at today and with a critical eye.  Take a listen and see if you can defend these tools after you are done listening.And if you think you can defend them or you would like to ask Steve why he is being so critical, email him directly at  He answers all of those emails personally and he is looking forward to hearing from you!
Hello again listeners and welcome back! Today Steve is breaking down the topic of wealth building all the way down to the core, the atoms if you will.  It will seem confusing at first, but the building blocks to financial independence are actually...YOUR THOUGHTS.  Ok, for all of you still here consider this; what kind of thoughts do you have to have to go out and risk failure to succeed?  Are they negative?  Are they overwhelmingly positive?  Join Steve as he goes down this road and start looking inward as well, maybe you have some thoughts to sort through.Please remember that Steve does answer all emails that come to personally.  It is always the right time to contact him.
Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is joined by Joe Mendoza of the Real Estate Raw Show and they are talking about...surprise surprise...Real Estate! Well, really they are discussing their own roads to entrepreneurism that eventually led them to discovering the power of real estate.  Either way, this is one show not to miss.Please remember that Steve lives and thrives off of interacting with you and your questions or concerns.  Email him directly at, he is the only one who answers those emails and he is waiting to hear from you!
Hello again listeners!  We're glad to have you back!  Today Steve is talking with Real Estate Rockstar Robert Martinez (Rockstar Capital) about getting to the next level and one step closer to your financial independence.  You will notice that FEAR is a big topic in this episode and don't be alarmed when you find out that we are not talking about a way to get rid of your FEARs.  We suggest that you use and harness them to get to the next level.  Don't be afraid of this concept.  Hit PLAY now!Thank you, as always for being a listener to our show.  IF you have any strong emotion or question about this show or any other show in our library please email Steve directly at  That inbox is only used by Steve and he will be answering your message directly!
Welcome back to the show faithful listeners.  Steve is joined today by a special guest who started out like a most people do but has grown into a true real estate power house.  Devin Elder is a Real Estate Operator/Syndicator and Podcaster who started off humbly in the industry but after finding a mentor and joining a group of contemporaries has blossomed into someone who has gained financial independence through real estate.  Are you in a place that makes you think that you could never get out of the rat race?  Listen to this show and see if you can see yourself in Devin.Please remember that Steve loves answering your questions! All of the emails that go to are received and answered by Steve himself so go ahead and limber up those typing fingers! 
Welcome back to the show listeners!  As we mentioned yesterday, Steve spent almost all of last week fighting his radio equipment and trying to get it to work so that he could tlk with all of you.  That means that today he is going to play catch up with his question back log and get to all of the things that you, our listeners, wanted to talk about.  Did you leave Steve a question? It might be on the show today!Interested in communicating directly with Steve?  He personally answers all of the emails that come to the inbox of  Don't be shy, send an email today!
Welcome back to the show listeners! We apologize for the long absence but Steve was plagued with technical difficulties.  Now that we are back, Steve has invited special guest Blake Yarborough (Capital Concepts) to talk about investing capital.  Have you noticed how low interest rates are these days?  Are you taking advantage of them?  If not, listen to this show - you really need to.As always we really appreciate you being a listener!  Remember that you can email Steve directly at to talk with him directly! 
Welcome back to the show listeners! Today's topic is delusion.  There are a whole host of delusions that we live under everyday and it can get overwhelming if you start to dive into them too deep, too fast.  Well, Steve is taking that plunge with you but not so that he can overwhelm you.  He talks about the many delusions but he also provides one of the best answers to counter delusions that can be found: Measurements.  Listen in!Thank you as always for being a listener to our show.  Please remember that Steve answers all of the emails that come to personally and he is waiting for those emails!  
Hi everyone and thank you for listening to our show! Today Steve is starting off harsh but in the hopes that it jogs you out of complacency.  Have you ever blamed someone or something for the circumstances that you find yourself in?  Since that time, have you been able to stop blaming outside forces on your circumstances or is it just too darn convenient?  Steve proposes a crazy idea in today's show.  Maybe...just want all of these things to start being your fault.  What?  Really?  Take a listen, we promise that you can blame Steve afterwards...but you probably wont.Please remember that we love hearing from you, our listeners.  The email address is directly hooked into all of Steve's personal devices and he sees and responds to every email perosnally!
Welcome back to the podcast listeners. As always we are extremely glad you are spending your time with us! Today Steve is talking about belief systems.  Everyone has one or more and they are foundational to who you are and to what you will be willing to accomplish.  So do you know what systems you have?  Listen in to the show and find out why it is important to identify them, break them down in to the component parts and then correct them, if needed, to make sure that you are going to be able to accomplish everything you want.Remember to email your questions, comments, and concerns over to  Steve is waiting for your emails and he answers everything personally!
Welcome back to the show listeners! We are so glad to have you here with us on this lovely Friday afternoon and we hope that you work-week treated you well and that you treat your weekend like the golden opportunity that it truly is. today Steve covers several topics but the one we wanted to focus on to grab your attention is the debunking of that age old myth "you can't get rich quick".  Its an interesting phrase isn't it?  Especially when you see millionaires popping up all over the place on social media. Take a listen and see if you can't get yourself into the fast lane as well.Please remember that Steve LOVES getting emails from his listeners.  His main priority inbox is and he always answers the questions, comments and concerns that he gets personally. 
Welcome back to the show listeners! Today Steve is taking on two topics but really they are more related than you would think. right out of the gate is courage.  It takes all kinds of courage to exist in the world but it takes dedicated and intentional courage to make the moves necessary to change you life.  After the talk on courage it is time to talk property locating!  Steve pulls the curtain back on how he was able to locate all of the property that helped him break out of the corporate cycle and become financially independent.  Please remember to email Steve directly at  He is looking forwar to hearing from you and talking with you personally!
Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is breaking in new material (new for him) and it is all about being financially smart!  Ever on the search for new thoughts, ideas and material to help him grow, your host has come across the concept of the Financial IQ (thank you Robert Kiyosaki). You might think that there are only two (the rich and the poor) but there are actually six!  Tune in and start this journey with Steve.  Which financial IQ do you think you'll be?Thank you very much for being a listener to our show.  Please remember that we are eager to help and would love for you to email any question or concern to the email address  Steve is directly linked to that inbox and answers all of the emails that come through personally. Ever wanted to talk to a real real estate investor?  Now is your chance!
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Awper Online

I have listened to Steve for years on other podcasts and he just created this new one. He offers honest, valuable information. I am only plugging his show because he has helped me as a listener so I would like to return the favor.

Jan 21st
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