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Author: Lakepoint Church, Muskego WI

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Weekly messages from Brian Hofmeister and other speakers from Lakepoint Church in Muskego. For more information visit
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In a haunting conclusion to Jonah's story, what happens when the compassion & mercy of God are downright uncomfortable? How can we allow God to shake up our comfort, even if we don't like it, so that he can use us?Support the show (
Making the choice to love a friend, co-worker, neighbor or someone else in your life is the right decision, but that doesn't make it easy. In this message from our February 2021 sermon series, Pastor Brian shows the 5 Thresholds that most people need to work through before beginning a relationship with Jesus.Support the show (
Love is the hardest thing you’ll ever do (and your calling will never work without it).  It’s going to take you to some of the least likely places.  It’s going to make you do some of the least likely things.Support the show (
Perhaps you have a good sense of calling and purpose, and now you've found the unique place for which you are positioned to create impact for the kingdom of God. But now is the time to turn from knowing to doing, and today is a good day to start.Support the show (
A sense of identity and calling must first come from an understanding of who Jesus is. When you ask Jesus the question, "Who do you say I am?" you may just find something far deeper than you could find on your own.Support the show (
Everything happens for a reason?  Maybe.  It could.  If you trace the theme of what your experience has prepared you for, and use it.Support the show (
You were born just the way God wanted you.  There may be a you that you thought you should be, were told you needed to be, or tried to be -- but all there is is the you God made you.  You don’t have to go looking for it -- it’s already there.  You do have to let God call it out of you again.  Following your heart, noticing what you’re good at, and embracing your unique personality is all part of the way you come to know how you’ve been shaped in Christ Jesus.Support the show (
Jason Eeten kicks off a new series for the month of January examining just exactly the unique ways we are each created by God.Support the show (
Hear from our resident church planter on the heart behind his upcoming church and how to Do Life Differently.Support the show (
Pastor Brian continues in our Down to Earth sermon series as we explore what it means to have God With Us.Support the show (
What would it be like if God became one of us? Listen to this message from Brian Hofmeister exploring just that.Support the show (
God loves us.  He really loves.  It’s hard to imagine why, he doesn’t get much out of the deal, but he does.  He loved us enough to send his Son.  His Son loved us enough to die for us.Support the show (
Brian and Melissa Hofmeister have teamed up to give the four-part overview of our Christmas sermon series – God for us, with us, one of us, in us.  The ramifications of the incarnation are personal and life changing – so an invitation to faith will be given; but we’ll mainly talk about how to pass that gift to others in your everyday circles – living complete and comprehensive incarnation in Everyday LifeSupport the show (
Are you willing to remain in the difficult places and spaces? What if God is calling you to stay planted, to stay steadfast, and to remain in the gap between what you feel God has for you and what your reality is.Support the show (
We’re told well the teaching and miracles of Jesus, but now of day we kind of skip over the seemingly hundreds of times he drove out demons – because it’s weird!  It shouldn’t be.  We’re still in the business of driving out evil.Support the show (
Getting in the middle of God’s plan, and people’s lives, with real power, begins with a specific type of prayer that intercedes.  Intercessory prayer is the pulling God’s side and people’s side together until they meet.  It’s greater intensity and ownership than many of us are used to praying.  Even still, every spiritual revival begins with people who get in the middle with their prayers.Support the show (
What does it mean to be an intercessor? In this next sermon series in our 40 Week Journey, Pastor Brian explores how we can "stand in the gap" for the people in our lives.Support the show (
Just You - Jason Eeten

Just You - Jason Eeten


In the final installment of our "This is a God Dream" sermon series, Pastor Jason shows us why it is vital to find your identity first and foremost in Jesus.Support the show (
How does a crowd become a community? How do you turn the church you attend into the community that you call family? Brian Hofmeister gives us his pro tips in this sermon in our 40 week journey.Support the show (
In the second installment of our 40 Week Journey, Matt Timmons shares about what it means to be a step or two away from a miracle.Support the show (
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