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Author: Avinash Ramchandani, MD, MBA

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The Painless Health Podcast - we talk about all aspects of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Traumatic Brain Injury and Sports Medicine all in one! We focus on the latest unbiased data, and talk to the experts in the field.
57 Episodes
Kim La Vere is here from to talk about how you can live your life with better nutrition and long term health.  She has tips and suggestions from a global perspective on how to eat locally and sustainable food!  
Jake Steiner joins the podcast and discusses his website and more information about how to end your struggle with glasses!  
Dr. Ramchandani talks about Substance Use Disorder including Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco, Cocaine and Marijuana.  We go into topics that are quite difficult to discuss including how to identify these patients.  
Dr. Ramchandani has a discussion with a Badwater and Vol State runner (Badwater is considered the toughest ultramarathon there is 134 miles through the desert, and Vol State is 314 miles... yes 314 miles... through Tennessee during the summer...) - and how he has dealt with depression.  
Dr. Ramchandani discusses CVID, Common Variable Immunodeficiency.  Its a rare, but not so rare disease that affects many people in the world.  Send me an email -  I realize I speak too fast - to the person who emailed me - thanks for reminding me!
Dr. Ramchandani discusses telomeres, inflammation and other things that affect your lifespan.  
Dr. Ramchandani talks about how to identify people with depression and how to help them out.  There are many types of depression.  
COVID psychosis is a rare phenomenon.  But, the psychosis is due to multiple things.  Could it be due to COVID?  Well, yes.  How about other reasons?  Well, yes.  Listen to the podcast to find out more!  Dr. Ramchandani talks about multiple different causes of COVID psychosis.
Dr. Ramchandani discusses osteoarthritis, the treatment regimens, the options for long term and the future of osteoarthritis.  So, does the joint really have everything to blame for osteoarthritis?  Maybe not.  We need to keep away from injuries, but we also need to keep our joints moving!  
Dr. Ramchandani discusses a case study from medical school, and the J&J COVID-19 vaccine rollout gets stalled due to side effects...  are they really something to worry about?
Dr. Ramchandani discusses gun violence, death and injuries due to gun violence.  Please rate and review the podcast!  Thank you.
Over the Counter Pain Medications.  Dr. Ramchandani talks about Aspirin, acetaminophen, diclofenac, ibuprofen and naproxen.  These are all important medications to us, more information about these medications and some history behind them.
Dr. Ramchandani discusses Daylight savings time.  Why is  it necessary? What would you do if you were king for a minute? 
COVID-19 Long Haulers.  Rehabilitation, long term fatigue, and long term issues with patients that develop COVID.  
Dr. Ramchandani discusses the history of CRPS, and ways to treat CRPS.  Its Complex, and has been around for a long time.  We still don't know too much about it, other than quick treatment helps limit the disease state.
Dr. Ramchandani discusses the history of human experimentation in the United States and the difference between these experiments and the current COVID-19 Vaccine trials.  
Dr. Ramchandani discusses the FDA approval process and the stages of the drug/vaccine development.  This is how vaccines get approved and drugs get approved.  Sometimes the process may take up to 15-20 years for the drug to get to approval from the initial status of being developed.
Dr. Avi discusses his vaccine experience, and gives tribute to 2020, a year that many don't want to remember.
Sameer and Dr. Ramchandani have an intimate conversation on life, happiness and his recovery from a devastating stroke at the age of 47.  He talks about his rehab, his journey and his long term plans.  Thank you for joining us.  Please email at for any questions or comments.  Or find us on Facebook, @physiatrypodcast, Twitter, @physiatryshow or LinkedIn.  
Dr. Ramchandani discusses goal setting when we are in the depths of a pandemic or if you have had something horrible happen to yourself.  The importance to adhering to the goal is not important, but the ability to adapt to change and keeping the focus intact is the most important thing!  Listen in!Next week we have a special guest, Sameer Bhide, who is recovering from a stroke and has published the book, "One Fine Day".  Thanks for listening!
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