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Two recycling industry Veterans Brett Ekart and Nick Snyder explore Idaho businesses and organizations that are PUTTIN' IN THE WORK to keep Idaho environmentally and economically viable at the same time.....take a listen to how these entrepreneurs, business owners, and operators are making things happen in the great State of Idaho!
44 Episodes
In this episode, Nick sits down to chat with Mario Martinez, the recycling center manager for Gowen Field. Mario gives his backstory and insight on the scrap business. Don't forget to check out the YouTube video where we show the tanks Mario mentions!
Gabriel Guerrero has shown true dedication to his job and his family. He comes to work with a smile on his face everyday and is willing to do ANY job. Take a listen and find out what make Gabriel Hustle Harder
Non-Ferrous markets continue to hold strong as we wait to see if July will bring some down ferrous markets. Stay Tuned
In this episode we finish going over how to hedge a load of copper using the Tornado app created by Zaner.
Listen in as Nick and Brett talk about the metals pricing movements of the past few weeks. Then, they try to predict where the market is going in the upcoming months. Make sure to stay tuned for episode #20!
In this episode, Nick talks with Pete Thomas and Pete G. about how to sign up for Zaner Metals' app.
This Monday, June 15th Nick Snyder and Brett Ekart sit down to talk about the price of industrial metals in the market and share their insights about the potential reasons for, and future moves of, metals valuations.
Click here to watch the podcast on our YouTube channel: and Brett get a chance to sit down with Lee and Rick to discuss their involvement in the Idaho Tow Association, as well as how they got into the Tow Life and the direction of the industry. Take a listen!
Follow us weekly to hear what the commodity markets are doing.
Click here to watch this episode on YouTube: week Nick and Brett talk about the $0.04 rally for copper in the past week and the projections for other industrial metals now that China is getting the ball rolling on production again.
In this episode, Nick and Brett sit down with Mark Imel, owner of Premier Scrap Processing based out of Indiana. Premier Scrap Processing provides onsite scrap metal processing and general scrap management throughout the Nation. Take a listen.
This week, Nick and Brett talk to Peter Thomas, Peter Grant, and Thomas Garland of Zaner Precious Metals. We are excited to roll out a three part series highlighting the tornado trading app.
The Youtube version of this Episode is awesome! In this edition of Recycled Idaho long time auto salvage man Joe walks the Boise United Metals with Nick & Brett. Showing him where all the scrap he's sent over the years gets processed.Check it out on Youtube by clicking the link below:
With the ferrous markets moving up for May and copper having a strong beginning of the month. We may be in for better pricing for the spring and summer months. Stay Tuned
We are proud to announce Christopher Bronson as the May 2020 Hustle Harder Award !!! Bronson has shown in the time he has been here that he has what it takes to succeed and will hustle harder to help get the job done.
Jake gets a chance to give Nick an update on how their new yard in Merrillville, Indiana is going. Like any new business they're facing some challenges, but these guys are made out of true grit and there is no doubt that they will succeed.
Don't forget to watch our video on YouTube here: and Nick see some potential upside for the ferrous markets for the month of May. Take a listen.
Brett and Nick get a chance to sit down with Joe Cheatham owner and operator of North Verde Auto Salvage. Joe has been at the auto salvage game for 20 plus years and has a ton of knowledge which he shares with us. Take a listenTo watch this click here:
Click here to watch this episode on YouTube: week Nick and Brett wrap up April's pricing changes and project their movements into May amidst the market's current uncertainty. They're staying hopeful in light of the fact that it's only May, so the back half of the year may see a recovery to match the dip in pricing.
In this episode Nick talks to Jake Bronstein of Merrillville Metal Recycling from Hobart, Indiana.
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