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Between The Bars

Author: Mahler Chamber Orchestra

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When you explore the world as much as we do, you always encounter incredible people with fascinating stories to tell.

Between The Bars with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra takes you behind the scenes and beyond the music through conversations with the artists and people that we meet on our journey exploring the world.
4 Episodes
It was the night before Brexit, and the MCO was in the heart of London performing Mozart with Mitsuko Uchida to a sold-out Royal Festival Hall. What would this well-travelled and wordly composer have made of Britain's departure from the European Union? Join us as we revisit his travels as a young artist, talk British life in Europe with trumpeter Christopher Dicken and MCO staff member Mark Parker, and venture out into the city streets to take in the historic final moments on the very edge of Brexit.
Meet the musician who takes being a high-flying success more literally than most. Daniel Harding was only 22 when he began working with the MCO in 1997. Now he's not only one of the most-sought after conductors in the world, but also a qualified commercial airline pilot. So with the seatbelt sign switched on and little chance of turbulence between these friends of over 20 years, join our host Yannick Dondelinger as he sits down with Daniel to talk about flying planes and conducting Mozart.
#1 Musical Migration

#1 Musical Migration


Sunscreen in winter? Sleeping with one eye shut? Violinist Kirsty Hilton and Trombone player Mark Hampson go Between the Bars with Yannick Dondelinger to share stories about growing up in one part of the world and making music in another, experiencing new cultures, the things they learned along the way and what it means to call somewhere home. And for our first Matti Moment, he goes hunting for tips to banish jetlag and ends up discovering that the MCO has much more in common with birds than song.
Somewhere between being artists and explorers, the MCO have discovered a secret sweet spot backstage, where the worldly life of being a touring musician gives way to unexpected encounters and life-changing experiences. As we travel the world, collecting stories and making memories, we invite you to share in our nomadic life and come with us on our never-ending journey behind the music and between the bars.
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