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#shifthappens in the Digital Workplace Podcast
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#shifthappens in the Digital Workplace Podcast

Author: Dux Raymond Sy and Mario Carvajal

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Accelerate your business transformation with the #ShiftHappens podcast. Hosts Dux Raymond Sy and Mario Carvajal explores real-life case studies, interviews industry leaders, and highlights the latest trends in the digital workplace. Whether you're a CEO, tech enthusiast, or just curious, tune in to unlock the full potential digital transformation offers. Get inspired to make the shift happen, adapt to shifts around you, and prepare for the future. Don't miss out - join us now!

65 Episodes
In this episode, best-selling author and Microsoft senior storyteller Miri Rodriguez discusses how brands can balance empathy and business growth amid disruption through a purpose-driven, experimental approach. She explains how new technologies like AI should empower human storytelling rather than replace it. The core takeaway is that while tools and strategies must evolve with the times, human creativity and connection remain essential to impactful brand storytelling.
In this episode, we dive into the world of digital workplace transformation with Keshav Puttaswamy, an expert from Microsoft. Discover the exciting possibilities and opportunities AI brings to the workplace, the importance of embracing technology in driving success, and practical steps organizations can take to navigate the changing landscape. Gain insights on the role of communication, collaboration, and stakeholder buy-in in achieving a successful digital transformation journey. 
In this episode, Tanya Hannah, CIO of Aon North America, discusses the importance of embracing a digital-first mindset in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Tanya delves into topics such as strategy, vision, culture, collaboration, and the role of technology in driving successful digital transformation. Gain valuable insights and practical advice on how organizations can navigate the journey towards digital excellence and stay ahead of the curve.
In this episode, Julia Glidden, Board Chair of Pivotl, discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the digital workplace. She discussed the importance of collaboration between public, private, and civil society sectors, the need for ethical considerations and regulations, and the risks and rewards of embracing AI in organizations. Ultimately, it’s all about the delicate balance between innovation and responsible implementation while emphasizing the significance of data strategy and the human touch in the age of AI.
In this episode, Stephanie Hung, CIO of Asian Development Bank, shares insights on modernizing the digital workplace. She emphasizes the importance of a human-centric approach, mindset shifts, and the pillars of communication, connection, and co-creation. Stephanie also delves into the challenges of AI and the need for regulations and coalitions. Join us to learn how to prioritize people-first digital transformation and navigate the complex digital landscape.
Modern workplace solutions, paired with the right safeguards, can help take public sector organizations’ important work to the next level. But how do you verify the safeguards are up to par? Learn how the rigorous FedRAMP certification process verifies government-focused solutions are robust, resilient, and safe to protect government data.  
You don’t need cutting-edge AI to bring your processes and services into the future. Learn how Estonia, one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, uses simple technology to digitize 99% of their government services. 
When the pandemic began and the world went into lockdown, it became clear how unprepared the school system was for remote learning. With the help of collaboration tools, things have improved, but there is still room for growth. Hear strategies on how we can continue to improve remote learning to help deliver a next-level learning experience. 
Looking for a roadmap to the digital workplace? Hear from leading supply-chain management organization HAVI on how to successfully implement new technology like Microsoft Teams — and easy ways to keep your digital transformation on track.
Mergers and acquisitions are booming, and most deals are now taking place online. Discover why a virtual data room (VDR) is an essential tool for collaborating on sensitive data with external parties – and how AvePoint’s new Confide solution has evolved the concept.  
The pandemic has created a world with a heavier reliance on technology. Corporate digital transformation is no longer an option to thrive; it’s a necessity. Hear from Dyson’s global collaboration manager about their experience with digital transformation and how early tech adoption created a solid foundation for a tech-forward future. 
For frontline workers balancing safety and busy workloads, Microsoft Teams is playing a central role with functions designed specifically for them. Learn what’s new in Teams and how the evolving platform benefits public health and pandemic response. 
As hybrid work evolves, managed service providers have big opportunities ahead. Are you ready? An industry leader shares valuable ways for MSPs to nurture strong relationships and why strategic investments in current customers is key to long-term success. 
More than 100 million Americans do not use the Internet at broadband speeds, according to Microsoft. Which is why the company’s Airband initiative strives to bring robust connections and training to underserved areas. Learn about the effort’s origins and tech takeaways to benefit your own organization.
Did you know more than 300 new features have been added to Microsoft Teams in the past year (yes, you read that right!) Tune in to hear about some of Dux’s favorite tools and how they can make Teams use easier and more productive.
Learn how a local government in Tasmania shed a reliance on outdated technology to obtain self-service and cloud-hosted solutions for efficiency and public safety. You’ll also get tips to change internal culture to move progressive IT projects forward.
It pays to know where your data lives. And for some industries and countries, it’s mandatory. Get the scoop on how GDPR and other regulations underscore the value of keeping your data close to home — and the related benefits that go beyond compliance.
Join us for a flavorful discussion about life, work, and family. The spouses and co-authors of Mind the Beet, a new blog, are also Microsoft veterans with a wealth of advice about using workplace technology to the fullest during a time of big change. 
Do you miss scribbling on the walls? Discover how the Microsoft Whiteboard tool is bringing new value to the hybrid workplace — and best practices to enable creative collaboration with touchscreen tablets and other devices.
Discover how the legendary brewer is using Microsoft Power Platform to automate and expedite core business functions. Get tips for making your own processes more efficient, and learn effective ways to integrate Power Platform within projects of any size or industry. 
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