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Are you like millions of people who can’t seem to reach the level of success that you desire no matter what you do or how hard you to try? If so, the Mindset Mentor is for you! You will learn how to identify and remove subconscious blocks preventing you from living your best life, and optimize your mindset so you can experience success in all areas of your life and create a life you love.

The Mindset Mentor with Tania Kolar will motivate and inspire you to cultivate the right mindset to reach the level of success you desire and desire in your personal and professional life, by using proven success tools and techniques like the three S’s to success: Shift, Shed, Show Up.

By shifting your mindset, shedding limiting beliefs and showing up as the best version of yourself, you can live a more positive and fulfilling life, and live the extraordinary life you were meant to live.
70 Episodes
In this episode, Tania Kolar interviews best-selling author, highly sought after intuitive, and self-love activator Jenny Mannion. Jenny opens up about suffering from several debilitating chronic diseases for over seven years and how she healed herself in three weeks using techniques she developed, which are the same techniques she uses today to help others heal.
In this episode, Tania Kolar speaks with certified parent educator and author Dorothy Knight on Superconcious Parenting. They discuss what it means to be a superconscious parent in today’s world and how to allow your children to thrive by healing your inner child and fostering self-awareness to be in a state of responding vs. reacting.
In this episode, host Tania Kolar discusses soul realignment with Marilyn Penny, a soul realignment practitioner, and life coach. They discuss how soul realignment and accessing the Akashic records can clarify your life purpose, help you connect and rediscover the divine self, and release negative blocks. They also discuss how soul realignment can improve relationships and get you back to your original divine blueprint. Marilyn shares client success stories and how they rediscovered hidden talents and gifts and are using them today. Tania shares her personal experience with soul realignment and what she discovered about herself. You will also learn about property energy clearing and why we are here.
In this video, Tania Kolar speaks with Shona Lauzon, a Reiki Master, and New Decision Therapy Practioner. They discuss New Decision Therapy and how the brain affects healing and how to release blocked, stuck or stagnant energy in the body.
In this video, host Tania Kolar chats with Kelly Duffin, an advanced Holistic Health Practitioner, on how to restore balance to the physical and emotional body. They also discuss the mind and gut connection and the 6 foundational principles for optimal health. You will also learn health hacks to curb cravings.
In this episode, Tania interviews two guests battling chronic illnesses. You will hear the gifts they discovered through their condition and how they have tapped into their intuition and superpowers and are now helping others through their healing journey.
Tania speaks with Dr. De Vita on brain allergies and their psychological and emotional impact. Dr. De Vita shares her personal struggle dealing with environmental illness and the drastic measures she took to heal. You will also learn the 5 common food culprits to avoid. Dr. De Vita also shares client stories and advice on healing brain allergies.
In this episode, Tania speaks with Richard Nestor, a veteran TV personality and actor, on navigating big life changes. Richard gets raw and real about the death of his twin brother, losing another brother to cancer less than two years after, and reinventing himself after taking early retirement.
In this episode, Tania speaks with a mom who lost her 7-year-old son to brain cancer. Trish gets raw and reals and beautifully shares her journey of dealing with profound grief, parenting her son Cameron who was Tom’s twin, and writing a book as a way to heal and help others through their journey through grief.
In this episode, for mental health awareness month, Tania speaks with Mental Health Advocate and Educator Stephanie Nassis on how to foster better overall mental health and well-being. You will learn tips and techniques that you can use to maintain and improve mental health.
On this episode, Tania speaks with a Quantum Biofield Healer on the Human biofield and how toalign the physical, mental, spiritual aspects of the body to promote optimal health. Every living being has a biofield. You will learn how the human Biofeed can help heal the immune system, stress, anxiety PTSD and more. You will learn how the biofield communicates with the brain, the immune system, and the cells in the body. You will also hear how aligning your energy field can improve relationships, health, and overall well-being.
In this episode, Tania speaks with The Clarity Expert and Psychic Medium, Amber Price. They discuss how to get clear and discover your purpose. They discuss chakras, blocks, and how to tap into your intuition to live your best life. They also discuss the different soul archetypes and how to determine which archetype you resonate with. You will also learn how to avoid getting lost in an inauthentic self.
In this episode, Tania speaks with financial planning and coaching expert on understanding your money mindset and how to shift from scarcity to abundance.
In this episode, Tania speaks with a happiness coach and author Teresa Greco on how to move from seeking happiness through external factors and how to find happiness within. They discuss the principles of happiness and the importance of self-love.
In this video, Tania speaks with Andrew Jobling, a 9-time author, speaker, and former Australian pro footballer on The Wellness Puzzle. They talk about the link between mindset and wellness and how to create optional health one piece at a time. Andrew also shares the life challenges that left him broke and broken and his mission to bring a wave of wellness to the world.
In this episode, Tania speaks with author Mike Cameron on The Art of Emotional Connection. Mike opens up about the murder of his girlfriend and how her tragic death changed his life. You will hear about the program Mike created to help men process their emotions in a safe space so they can SOAR. They also talk about Mike’s book, Becoming A Better Man.
In this episode we discuss what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), a genetic trait found in 15-20% of the population. You will learn that feeling "too sensitive", highly intuitive, anxious or exhausted may be genetic. You will You will also learn how to take a self-assessment to determine of your are an HSP, and how to better support a Highly Sensitive Person. Tania and Clare also speak about the advantages of being a HSP and also the disadvantages that often lead to feeling overstimulated and misunderstood.
In this episode, Tania discusses the power of meditation with the founder, and CEO/head coach from Streamline Meditation. You will learn about the physical and emotional health benefits. They take a deep dive into Streamline Meditation: The Purest and Highest Form of Mediation. You will learn about a simple, naturally occurring process, and the “no method” technique that requires no effort yet has the power to change your life.
In this episode, Tania speaks with a master energy healer on how to assess the damage and bring the body back to its optimal state of health. They discuss what energy healing is and the impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
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