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You became an esthetician to change lives, not to spend hours trying to crack the code on social media marketing for your spa. Whether you want to learn how to use social media to grow your spa’s clientele, sell more retail products, or expand your e-commerce empire, The Social Spa Podcast is your go-to resource for all things spa social media marketing. Every Thursday, join Danielle Pastula, a spa social media and branding strategist, as she shares insights on spa social media strategies, digital marketing, and the latest content marketing news you need to know as a spa owner and esthetician.
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Have you been feeling like you’ve been pulled in every direction lately? That trying to handle changes in your life (Hello pandemic I’m looking at you!) has become A LOT? If this resonates with you, then you need to listen to today’s episode!Today I’m sharing why I’m taking a hiatus from the podcast. I’ve been debating telling you all this because I felt like a fraud for always preaching consistency when, in fact, I’m the one who needs a break. So this podcast is breaking down why I’m taking a hiatus, what I hope to accomplish during the hiatus and why it’s okay if you need to take a break too. Oh, and I share how you can easily get back into the swing of things when you are ready!
Tying in your client’s journey is key to making your marketing strategy work. But how do you map that out? Today, I’m breaking down how you can easily put together your spa’s marketing to match your client journey!Here are some highlights:- The 3 key phases the potential client goes through before purchasing - How people become aware of your spa- My #1 way to get someone to consider you and your offer- And so much more!Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Do you know what a realistic timeline is for your marketing strategy? And once you’ve hit that timeline, do you know how to gauge if it’s working? If this is something you’ve been struggling with, then this episode is for you! Today, I’m talking about how to understand and set realistic marketing timelines and to gauge if it’s moving the needle in your business.I talk more about:The #1 metric that will tell you if your marketing is working One part of marketing that no one likes (but everyone needs to understand!)My top tip for seeing success in your strategyWhy getting creative around how you create your content is keyHow to analyze if your marketing strategy was working once your timeline is completeAnd so much more!Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Is there a right time to do a rebrand? On this week’s episode, I let you in on the 3 big signs that will tell you if it’s time to rebrand your spa! I cover: The biggest sign that you need to rebrand Why having to always explain things surrounding your business is a problemGetting clear on your whyHow to stop attracting the wrong people And more!So if you’ve been wondering if it’s time for a rebrand, then this episode is for you! Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Running short on time these days? If 2020 taught me anything, it was that when you have limited time for your business, you need to make the most of it. Today, I’m breaking down 4 of my favorite ways to save major time on your marketing. You don’t want to miss this!Here are some highlights:Taking the guesswork out of how to direct your audience to where you want them to go Creating a story bank to pull ideas fromWhy batching is one of the best ways save timeTurning one piece of content into multiple pieces on different platformsAnd more!Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Instagram has changed a lot since its inception in the early 2010s. It has become a platform that tends to reward those who pay to play, especially as things become more saturated. So if this news has got you down, don’t worry! There are 3 key areas that you can focus on to grow both your Instagram AND business. On today’s episode, I’m letting you in on these 3 key areas and how you can start to act on them starting today. Here are some highlights:+ The area that will allow you to gain the most traction with those who aren’t currently following you+ Easy ways to approach doing reels+ Funneling people into your DMs through stories+ Two of my favorite ways to get more people to share your stories and posts+ Why hashtags are not dead (and which ones you should be using!)+ And so much more!One person to follow on Instagram: @rachaelkayalbersClick here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Are you struggling with why your website isn’t converting or why your social media isn’t getting the traction you were expecting? If so, then this episode is for you! Today, I’m sharing how these issues can almost always be traced back to flaws in your copy or design and what you can do to fix them ASAP!I cover:+ The most important part of your design+ What needs to be included in your copy+ Why both are intertwined for success+ A hidden 3rd reason why you might be struggling with converting potential clients
It’s been one year since the pandemic started. It’s also been one year since I started this podcast! I started this podcast because I saw a real need to get information to as many spas and salons as possible when our world was changing. Today is no different!On today’s episode, I’m sharing the lasting impact the pandemic has had on the spa industry. I break down four of the biggest things that have changed the way you run your business in today’s world.Here are some highlights:The buzz work I hate (and why!)One important marketing tool that is here to stayThe biggest pivot you might have to had make during the pandemicLinks discussed on this episode: Defining Your Spa's Brand Message2021 Spa Marketing State of the Unio‪n‬Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
What is marketing, really? It sounds so simple, but so many people get it wrong! On today’s short and sweet episode, I’m breaking down what marketing truly means and how to use it effectively in your business TODAY!You’ll hear more about:Distinguishing between marketing and sales What you must understand before focusing in on marketingThe biggest misconception of marketing What the act of marketing actually is  And so much more!
Defining your brand message doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be downright easy if you know what to do. And the best way to find out how to make it easy is by listening to today’s podcast where I share the 3 key areas that will define your spa’s brand message!I highlight:+ Getting clear on what your values are + Knowing how you ideal client speaks and incorporating that into your lexicon+ The pinnacle of your brand messaging + How often your audience needs to hear a message+ And so much more!Links discussed on this episode: Episode 18: Establishing Your Spa's Brand Values Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, but getting started on it can be a bit overwhelming. Today, I’m talking about how you can navigate through the different subchannels of Instagram to find which ones are right fit for you and your spa!You’ll learn more about:Why posting to your feed is still necessaryOne thing you do NOT need on your feed anymoreThe #1 subchannel people are focused in on usingA simple technique that can allow you to know more about your ideal clientWhy live streams are so beneficial to your Instagram presenceThe upcoming feature that will change the game if you have a physical productMy best advice on getting started with ReelsAnd so much more!
What are brand values? Have you implemented any into your business? On today’s episode, I’m breaking down what exactly brand values are, how to know which ones are the right ones and then implementing them into your business.I highlight:How to attract the right customers and repel the ones you don’t want  Brainstorming and determining your brand values (it’s not as hard as you think!)Where you can tangibly show someone what your values areAnd so much more!Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
You might have heard that email is dead or that no one looks at their email anymore, but I’m here to tell you that it simply isn’t true. Today, I’m sharing how you can leverage your email list to create a successful, thriving spa.In this episode, you’ll learn:Who should be on your email list (and NO it’s not just your clients!)How to get the most out of your email list -One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with their email list (not being consistent)Email sequences that should always be running in the backgroundWhy email is more powerful than social media Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
As humans, our brains are hardwired for stories - to connect with them, immerse ourselves in them, and make sense of our own life experiences. But stories aren't meant to be reserved for campfire get-togethers or around the table with friends and family, storytelling plays a role in all of our communication, especially for our brands. As a spa owner, getting clear on your brand story will set the foundation for all your marketing efforts, make you a magnet for your dream clients and customers, and eliminate the "competition."  In this episode, you'll learn:What a brand story is and the framework all stories follow (from movies to book to business brand stories)How to make your dream client and customer the hero of your brand story so that they immediately resonate with how you can help guide them to their desired results The process of uncovering your brand story to make it shareable and how it will shift and evolve as your business growsConnect with me on Instagram or visit our website at 
One of the most critical marketing strategies for any spa or beauty business is content creation. Content is what allows you to demonstrate your expertise and your work, build authority and credibility, and educate and entertain your audience so that you can attract more of your ideal clientele to your spa. Now, that's a pretty wide-view lens of content, and the reality is, there is no shortage of places to publish, post, and stay connected. In fact, there are so many places to publish content that it's actually overwhelming for most small business owners, but I'm here to share with you that it doesn't have to be! In this episode of The Social Spa Podcast, I'm sharing the concept of a core content channel and how you can use this singular strategy to drive more traffic back to your site and work hard once. In this episode, you'll learn:What a core content channel is and why it's helpful to focus on a singular strategic channel for your spa business My top tips for selecting which core content channel will work the best for you and how you can leverage each key core content channels to get the best juice for the squeeze How each type of core content channel can support you in building authority and credibility plus drive traffic to your website and act as a sustainable marketing engine Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
From Reels to Tiktok to livestreaming, video marketing isn't new, but it's definitely here to stay! And a savvy and strategic spa owner, incorporating video into your overall content marketing plan is going to be key in helping you stand out from the crowd and make deeper connections with potential and existing clients and customers. Not to mention, if ecommerce is now an element to your esthetic business, video is a non-negotiable factor in attracting new customers to your online store. In this episode, you'll learn:How video helps you to establish your authority and increase your know, like and trust factor leading to increased conversions The three different types of video that you’ll want to produce as part of your overall marketing plan and their purposes My top tools and tips to help you produce more video content with less stress and leg work  Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
If 2020 taught the spa industry anything, it’s that our physical reality has fully embraced the digital world as a primary form of communication, connection, and customer service, and whether you have an e-commerce side to your spa business or not, it’s critical that you feel equipped and knowledgable about growing your audience and connecting with them online. In this episode, I’m distilling all of my top findings from this year’s top marketing reports plus my own experience behind-the-scenes with my clients to bring you a 2021 State of the Union in Spa Marketing so you can focus on the strategies and tactics that are going to bring you the biggest bang for your buck. In this episode, you’ll learn:The top 5 digital marketing strategies and channels to focus your spa marketing efforts on in 2021My top tips for selecting the best channels to focus your content creation efforts on plus tips for repurposing your content to save you time and energyVarious ways to make your spa more marketable in the digital commerce landscape and considerations for getting your products online in a way that makes sense for your brand and goals Two strategies that are critical for providing excellent customer service online that will help drive conversations, sales and referrals To read the full show notes for this episode, connect with resources mentioned, and view the transcript, click here.  Click here to join The Social Spa Society Facebook group and connect with me on Instagram
As we reach a crossroads of quarantine with some spas and esthetic practices being cleared to open up their doors while others still have a month (or potentially more) left at home, the topic of re-opening is top of mind. Throughout this season of quarantine, actively marketing your business online has been a critical business activity as digital communication is the only option. Now, as we look ahead, these are some the marketing considerations you'll want to keep in mind moving forward. In this episode, you'll learn:4 things to consider with your marketing as you re-open your spa doors and phase back into providing services for and treating clients Why consistency will be key to leveraging your boosted quarantine engagement levels How to take the lessons learned through shifting your marketing in this season and keep them with you as you move forwardWhat to do if you fell off the map with your marketing during quarantineResources mentioned in this episode:Register for the 24/7 Sales Machine - Spa Website Strategy Workshop (free access through end of May 2020)Click here to join the Social Spa Society Facebook group, and follow Danielle on Instagram @thesocialspa.
Let’s take a moment and think about your ideal client aka the client you absolutely love working with. They’re fun to be around, embody your style, love your services, and sing your praises. When you see them on your schedule, you let out a sigh of relief and are excitedly anticipating your appointment with them. You think to yourself, “If I could fill my books with 20 more people just like them, I would be set.”Well, that wish doesn’t have to be an “if,” it can be a reality when you know exactly what to look for when determining who your ideal client is and how to communicate with them through your marketing efforts. In this episode, you'll learn:Why it’s critical to have an ideal client avatar to drive your marketing messaging Questions to ask to help determine who your ideal client is and what matters to them Examples from brands who have gotten crystal clear in their ideal client avatar and used it across their marketing  Tangible steps you can take to research and dig into the inner workings of your ideal clients thoughts and desires to craft content that speaks specifically to them Resources mentioned in this episode:Register for the 24/7 Sales Machine - Spa Website Strategy Workshop (free access through end of May 2020)Get the book Run Like Clockwork by Mike MichalowiczDownload this episode's Ideal Client Worksheet freebie. Click here to join the Social Spa Society Facebook group, and follow Danielle on Instagram @thesocialspa.
This is Episode 10 of a 10-part series covering action-packed ideas to help you keep your spa social during the time of social distancing.When a crisis and/or recession hits, marketing is often the first thing that small businesses throw by the wayside, but here's the reality: you cannot afford to stop marketing your spa just because your physical doors are closed.⠀Continue to connect, continue to market, and continue to be a leader in your space and community. As soon as the market ticks up, you will be top of mind, and as a result, back on top in your area. In this tenth installment of this mini training series, you’ll learn:  Why now is the perfect time to work on your website and ensure that your strategy supports your ideal client's customer journeyThe top goal that your website should be working to achieve The top 4 priorities of every spa's website strategy to ensure you're achieving that top goalHow you gain access to the 24/7 Sales Machine - Spa Website Strategy Workshop Resources mentioned in this episode:Register for the 24/7 Sales Machine - Spa Website Strategy Workshop (free access through end of May 2020)Download the free ebook: 10 Ideas to Keep Your Spa Social During Social DistancingClick here to join the Social Spa Society Facebook group, and follow Danielle on Instagram @thesocialspa.
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