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Author: Judy Man

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Kids telling kids joke! Hilarious. Join Matthew and Kaitlyn telling each other jokes and trying tongue twisters.
27 Episodes
Matthew and Kaitlyn are living in Spain and  have their good friend Lola on and she tells 3 Spanish jokes.  They are funny, even if you don't speak Spanish, don't worry the kids explain it. ; )
Kaitlyn and Matthew share a riddle, knock knock jokes and more.... Tell us yours. Send us an email at
Matthew age 11 and his sister Kaitlyn age 9 tell some jokes and argue.  Go to Kidscasts,com to share your jokes. 
Kaitlyn and Matthew are loosing their minds with jokes and distractions.  Send us your jokes at
Kaitlyn and Matthew have been in a strict lock down in Spain due to COVID-19. They sure are silly.  We would love to hear your jokes
Kaitlyn and Matthew tell a riddle,  jokes and goof around.  I think being in lock down in Spain  since March 14th is making them very silly!
Kaitlyn and Matthew are telling jokes and a riddle. They would love to hear your. Go to
Kaitlyn and Matthew have been stuck at home for  over 3 weeks. The snipe at each other!!!  Maybe you will find their arguing funny.  go to and  up load your jokes!
What is Mt. Rushmore?

What is Mt. Rushmore?


Jokes while in quarantine.  Go to and upload yours!
Elephants and Dogs!

Elephants and Dogs!


Kaitlyn age 9 and Matthew age 11 share some funny jokes.  Go to to upload your jokes. We would love to play them on air!  Or e-mail them to Be safe and keep laughing!
Jokes and a Riddle

Jokes and a Riddle


Kaitlyn and Matthew are stuck in quarantine. They tell a few jokes. Send us yours!  You can hear your jokes on their podcast! or e-mail to :
Kaitlyn and Matthew are still in quarantine. They have not gone for a walk in almost 3 weeks. instead they are telling jokes.  Matthew's friend Agna called in with some . They are great. Go to to upload your joke!
Our first friend of the show called in and left a funny joke. Thank you Lily!  Matthew and Kaitlyn have been in 13 days of quarantine and are giggly and fiesty while telling jokes.  Send us your joke at 
Laugh you head off

Laugh you head off


Join 11 year old Matthew and nine year old Kaitlyn as they tell jokes and a riddle. Go to to upload yours!
2 riddles and jokes!

2 riddles and jokes!


Matthew and Kaitlyn are stuck at home in quarantine! So they're having some fun with riddles and jokes we want to hear yours go to Kidscasts.Com.
Matthew and Kaitlyn are now under quarantine stuck at home! They share some jokes with you and want you to send them your favorite jokes stories or book reviews so they can read them on the podcast go to kidscasts. Com
Kids tell knock-knock jokes in a riddle!
Our good friend from Boston has fun telling jokes with Kaitlyn and Matthew. 
Our good friend Lexi joins Matthew and they tell some funny funny jokes. 
Jokes and a riddle.

Jokes and a riddle.


Join, Matthew and Kaitlyn as they tell jokes, give the answer to episode 7 riddle and try to stump you with another riddle.
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