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Lost Caverns Of Ixalan introduces new possibilities and expands on old themes for this fan favourite Plane. But now that the set is out, which cards compel Andy and Nathan to dig deeper and deeper into this complex set...ALSO THEY CRACK A BUNDLE!Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
When talking about a Plane entirely made up of manifested fairy tales, there is no doubt going to be a kingdoms worth of flavour. The guys pour over this second visit to Eldraine and the stories the cards tell.Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Eldraine is once again the palette cleanser set to help us transition away from a larger story arch. But with the Multiverse in ruins after the Phyrexian invasion, what has changed in this Fairy Tale land and can the Narrative enchant us enough to invest this new phase of Magic Story?MTG Story articles: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
The latest Masters set focuses on the most Vorthos friendly format of them all, COMMANDER! With tons of variant arts and decent selection of new cards in the accompanying Commander decks, Andy and Nathan have a lot of new flavour to sample.Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Commodore Guff is one of the most polarising characters in Magic's history and will soon have a Planeswalker-as-Commander card in the upcoming set Commander Masters. Andy and Nathan chat to one of Guff's biggest fans, Tim Willoughby! CAG member, WOTC Coverage Team Contributor and the owner of the UK's best Gamer bar, Rule Zero. Tim shares his thoughts on Guff's card design and as well as his own take if he had the power.Time also dives into some weird and wonderful stories from MTG's past and how some of the games most iconic cards may owe their creation to his influence...Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Tim- @timswheelbarrowRule Zero London-
Ep.123 More Planes To Chase

Ep.123 More Planes To Chase


Planechase is back! The March Of The Machine Commander precons introduced 25 new Planechase cards to explore and as Andy and Nathan's favourite format variant they are sure to have some flavourful opinions...Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
March Of The Machine may be Magic's most eclectic set in terms of its theming and flavour, even when compared to most core sets. Spanning multiple Planes, factions and playstyles as well as a brand new card type, this set is a veritable smorgasbord for Andy and Nathan.Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
As the latest Phryrexian Arch reaches its climax, the very nature of the Multiverse is threatened and with 10 whole episodes of main story articles to cover the action this is certainly shaping up to be one of the most ambitious narratives the Magic has ever told.   Story Articles: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
MTG story is charging full steam ahead through the Phyrexian invasion of the Multiverse. With a diverse spread of stories and perspectives to face,  Andy and Nathan are going to tackle them head on in their own Vorthos Strike Force! Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
More magic was released in 2022 than ever before and along side it was potentially more story and lore too! So how have Andy and Nathan found the past year, and how does it set up the future of the game?Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Taking a mini-beak from the horrifying war against Phyrexia, the guys dive into the whimsy filled card pool of Jumpstart 2022 and pour over the flavour offered by the new Legendary Creatures. Is Andy an MTG hypocrite and will someone please get Nathen some gosh-dang flavour text!Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Magic's first throw back set has a tricky job of balancing flavour that feels old school, whilst still exciting new players and serving the game 30 years after these themes were last explored. Andy and Nathan take a look at what flavour jumps out to them and also examine what different experiences this set provides each of them.Content Warning: AlcoholMusic by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
The Side Stories for The Brothers War web fiction are anything but, and are in fact an integral part of MTG's current narrative. The guys comb through these tales of Planeswalkers planning a Multiversal  defence against the Phyrexians in a set of stories that feature both some of the best, and an example of maybe the worst, that magic fiction has to offer. Content Warning: Alcohol Story Articles: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
It's time to revisit one of the most pivotal moments in Magic lore history, and to witness how MTG handles web fiction for its first "Throwback Set". Andy and Nathan review Miguel Lopez's run of five Episodes charting the Past events of The Brothers War and the aftermath of the Multiverse's most bloody conflict. Story Articles: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Taking a break from the endless spoiler season, the guys kick back, crack a cold one and watch the footy. But even in this most traditional of pass times, Andy and Nathan can't help but bring it back to magic...Content Warning: AlcoholMusic by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Dominaria United takes us back to Magic's original Plane and so we have another chance to revel in some high fantasy. What cards have captured the guy's imaginations and are Vorthos' ever happy with the balance of flavour? (Apparently not...)Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
We are now well into the depths of the current Phyrexian narrative arch, with a return to Dominaria to ease us into a year of all the body horror/sci-fantasy/Time Warping nonsense that often accompanies the Phyrexians. The guys cast their new mechanical eyes over the Story for Dominaria United and the events that will forever change some of the characters that have driven Magic's story for years. Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Ep.110 Calm Before The Hype

Ep.110 Calm Before The Hype


With the exciting continuation of the current Phyrexian story Arch on the horizon in the form of Dominaria United, and also the boundary pushing silliness of Unfinity also soon to be released, there is still a lot of hype to be had in this relatively long break from the perpetual spoiler season. So what is getting Andy and Nathan most excited and (predictably) most annoyed?Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Double Masters 2022 is here and whilst it may be shaping up to be one of MTG's most expensive sets ever, much like it's predecessor it is packed with flavour! Andy looks at the new flavour in this reprint set and also talks about the balance between in-world and meta references.Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
With Double Masters 2022 around the corner, there are seemingly some exciting reprints from past Commander products being given another chance to capture players imaginations. But with an ever changing attitude from WOTC as to how to use ancillary sets in terms of exploring new lore, what Commander exclusive characters deserve new cards and stories to further explore their backgrounds?Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
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Za Great Dragon

what are your thoughts on Ajani?

Aug 24th

Za Great Dragon

i also find white often is themed around life-force as well as sky-based creatures

Apr 19th
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