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Author: Owen Walton

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Clear Bible teaching to help you understand the Word of God.

From these Shores was birthed from a desire to spread the Word of God, stir hunger for understanding and stir a spirit of revival.

I have been a Bible teacher and full time minister for over 24 years, teaching in churches and Bible Schools. My desire is to help people grow by understanding the Bible.

In addition to these podcasts, I do weekly live online Bible studies via Facebook and YouTube.

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The Word of God releases the power of God. We need to be stirred about the significance of God’s Word and how He uses it and wants us to use it. Many times, power does not manifest in situations because we neglect the role of the Word and rely only on the Spirit. The Word and the Spirit work together. This message will stir your faith and help focus on important things we sometimes forget and let slip. Support this podcast
In the darkest times of Israel’s history, God raised up men and women of faith and power to stand against the onslaught of the enemy. Filled with the Word of a God, full of faith, filled with the Spirit of God and full of power. These representatives of heaven took a stand and God manifested through them. They were not afraid of the enemy, but walked in God’s power. Men like Elijah, Moses, Daniel, David. In our day, a Word-based Spirit-filled church filled with miraculous power needs to arise. Not a church filled with man’s ideas, traditions and unscriptural theology, but a church that teaches the Word of God. Believers who know God, know the Word of God, speak the Word of God, are filled with the Spirit of God and walk in His manifest glory and power.  From These Shores has arisen with a call from God to unite Word based Christians across the United Kingdom (and even the world), with a message that a Wordless church is no longer tolerable. We want a doctrinal shift to a solid uncompromising Word based message and for the Spirit of God to manifest through us.  Support this podcast
In Acts 6, the Bible says Stephen was full: full of faith, power, the Spirit. It also seems not as many people were as full as they should have been because the Apostles had to say ‘seek out from among you’ those who are full. People become full because they are hungry and thirsty. Today, God is emphasising the importance of believers being full of Him, full of His Word and Spirit. This message is designed to stir hunger for God, to seek His face and to be the vessel of revival that He is seeking. God is looking for people who get full of Him and His Word. Our day is a day of revival and those who get full of God place themselves in a position to be used by God. Support this podcast
The Bible shows the reality of heaven and the heavenly realm. Often, Christians are more aware of the natural world and less aware of the realm of God. Paul lived with an awareness of the heavenlies. It’s evident from how he wrote that the heavens were real to him and not just something to think about off in the future. Paul even expressed how he was torn between a desire to be with Christ or to remain here. This video looks at a number of things Paul said, including the reality of our heavenly citizenship, to stir greater awareness in our day to day lives of the reality of the realm of God and living for our heavenly purpose. Live Online Bible Teaching every Tuesday. Support this podcast
The Plan of God

The Plan of God


Many are concerned these days about what the enemy has planned. However, the Bible shows us that God has a plan. The plan of God always wins. Instead of allowing fear to grip us about the day we are living in, we need to keep our eyes on God’s plan and understand He has already seen this all and prepared in advance for His people. Recorded during a From These Shores UK Revival meeting. These meetings are aimed at raising a group of United Word believing Christians across the land to stand together for a revival of the Word and the Spirit in our land. Support this podcast
The Realm of God 2: Eternity Minded. Believers have the glory and presence of God within us yet our natural thinking can disconnect us from the flow of it through our lives. Being so caught up with our natural lives that heavenly matters take a lower priority has a bigger effect than we realise. This episode looks at things Jesus said that reveal how our priorities should not be in natural things and our natural plans. We are representatives of heaven, carriers of His glory, and need to be heavenly minded. Support this podcast
The Realm of God 1

The Realm of God 1


The Realm of God part 1. The Bible talks about heavenly things and earthly things. Often, we limit God to the natural realm and natural law because we are naturally minded. We try to understand the things of God in natural terms that make sense to our heads. The things of God cannot be grasped by the natural mind. Support this podcast
Faith and Miracles 5: How to Survive a Lion’s Den. Hebrews 11 shows that through faith the mouths of lions were stopped. This teaching looks at Daniel’s faith and how his faith affected the miraculous manifestation of God in the lion’s den to save his life. What type of faith gets miracles like that? Daniel and the Lion’s Den teaches us principles for today. Live Bible teaching online every Tuesday Support this podcast
Faith for Miracles 4: The Reason many never get a miracle. Miracles are a normal part of a scriptural Christian life. However, many never experience the miraculous. This series stirs our expectation for miracles and looks at what part we play in experiencing miraculous manifestations of God in our lives. Support this podcast
Faith is connected to miracles in the Bible. Our faith can bring the miraculous power of God into our lives. Sometimes people are confused why things don’t work. Jesus was never confused and understood exactly why things didn’t work. He gave people answers and the answer was always exactly the same. These days people think there’s lots of complex unknown reasons why things work or don’t work, but often they reject the one answer the Bible repetitively points to. If we would hear what the Word of God is saying, we will find the answer once and for all and know how to get things to work. Support this podcast
Faith for Miracles 2

Faith for Miracles 2


Are miracles all up to God or does the Bible show that our faith affects whether we experience a miracle or not? This series looks at the biblical connection between faith and the miraculous to see what we can do to experience more miracles. These truths will open your eyes to the truths of the Bible to help you walk in more of God’s miraculous power. This is part of a wider study I am currently doing on miracles, to stir up our expectation of what God can do and to believe for more of the manifestation of the power of God. Support this podcast
Faith for Miracles 1

Faith for Miracles 1


Is there any connection in the Bible between miracles and faith or are miracles all just up to God. Does faith play a part in whether we experience a miracle or not? This episode explores the scriptures on this topic, looking specifically for faith in connection to the miraculous occurring. Support this podcast
God still does miracles. In fact, Jesus spoke of greater works than He did. Rather than trying to limit and restrict what would happen through believers, Jesus expanded it. Today, unscriptural theologians push their own personal opinions that God doesn’t do miracles or that we cannot duplicate what Jesus did. This directly contradicts Jesus and what the Bible teaches. This episode looks at the resurrection power, which is the New Testament power believers are to walk in. Support this podcast
Power that Overcomes Death. God is more powerful than death and resurrection power is the New Testament power. All over the Bible, there’s examples of people raised from the dead. This series raises confidence in what God can do. God still does miracles today. Support this podcast
God’s Power can do anything. God is able to move in any situation. His power can fix any problem in the body and heal. Often, we limit God. This series focuses on raising our expectation in what God can do and how quickly His power is able to move. Support this podcast
The power of God is able to do far more than we are experiencing or even imagine. His power has no limits and He really is the all powerful God. Often, we limit Him. These studies on miracles are designed to expand our thinking to believe what God can do and begin to see a realm of no impossibilities. This episode looks at miraculous power to fulfil God’s promises. Support this podcast
God’s power is unlimited and He can literally do anything. Often though, we limit Him because we can’t see what is possible with His power. This series examines the power of God to do miracles and expands our thinking about what is possible. This episode looks at God’s power to provide and provision miracles. Support this podcast
Christians need confidence in the power of God and what God is able to do. Often, miracles are not real to us, which is why we can’t grasp them happening in our lives today. The miraculous is real, the realm of God is real and the power of God is real. His power is beyond comprehension and capable of doing things beyond imagination. This series studies miracles and opens our eyes to what God is able to do. A Far Greater Power: Power that Overcomes. Support this podcast
God still does miracles today. This series studies the miraculous in the Bible and stirs our confidence in what God can do by taking the time to stir us about the different miracles. The series focuses on the power of God, which can literally do anything. Support this podcast
God has always sought a people who believe Him. Throughout His Word, His search has been for those who will believe His Word. This is true today. It’s time for a people to arise who believe God and don’t question His Word. Support this podcast
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Great word Owen I have really enjoyed all your podcasts.

Mar 16th
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