DiscoverYour Pet Matters(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)
Your Pet Matters(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Your Pet Matters(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Author: Dr. Michael Tokiwa

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107.7 The Bronc presents the first and only pet healthcare show in Mercer County. Tune in to Your Pet Matters with Dr. Michael Tokiwa of the Progressive Veterinary Care, formerly the Animal Hospital of Blawenburg. Your other family physician, Dr. T is on-call every Saturday at 10 a.m. to discuss your pets health. From wellness and prevention to diet and exercise. Listen to it live on app via Apple or Google play Store. Search WRRC1.
12 Episodes
Dr. Tokiwa was joined this week by Dr. Sara Goldstein of the Banfield Pet Hosptial in New Jersey. Dr. Goldstein shared her stories of what got her interested in veterinary medicine.  Aired on 01/11/2020
Your Pet Matters-K9Carts

Your Pet Matters-K9Carts


Dr. Tokiwa was joined by Glen and Krys Parkes, the children and of the creator of k9carts. They touched on points such as the meaning and behind the product and how it's beneficial to kids. Aired on 01/04/2020
On this episode, Dr. Tokiwa was joined by special guest Dr. Vishal Murthy who is also in the process of completing his residency in veterinary neurology, as well as a veterinary cartoonist. On top of that, Dr. Murthy will also talk about how he got into veterinary medicine and why he chose neurology.  Aired on 12/28/19
In this episode, Dr. Tokiwa will be joined by Maciej Wojcik. He's a young entrepreneur, that started a company with his family.  Aired on 12/07/19
In this episode, Dr. Tokiwa will be joined by Jeremy from Alphavets. He discusses his new invention the Wireless Zoo which is a monitoring device. Aired on 11/23/19
In this episode, Dr. Tokiwa will be joined by Dr. Jason Nicholas. They discuss many topics including Veterinary Struggles, Pet Dentistry, and Social Media Influence. Aired on 11/16/19
This episode of Your Pet Matters is a great one as Dr. Tokiwa will be joined by special guest Garrett Pachtinger, a specialist in critical care and emergency medicine at VSEC. Aired on 11/09/19
In this episode, Dr. Tokiwa will discuss pet adoption as well as his experiences while adopting a new dog. Aired on 11/2/19
Your Pet Matters-Halloween

Your Pet Matters-Halloween


On this episode it is a special Halloween themed episode of Your Pet Matters. In addition, we will also have on guest Jennifer Kim, an oncologist from North Star Vets in Robbinsville, NJ. Dr. T and Dr. Kim will be discussing what options a pet owner has if their pets has cancer, and discuss why it is important to keep in contact with your pet or oncologist to help you through the ordeal of making a decision. Aired on 10/26/19
Dr. Tokiwa does a solo episode and will be discussing what he calls "The The 5 Things Every Veterinarian Wished Pet Parents Would know." Aired on 10/19/19
Dr. Tokiwa discussed the importance of telling your vet your reviews in person and not online. He also talks about vomiting in your pet and why it occurs. You also heard a “Producer’s Pet Project” about transitioning your pets to the autumn weather. Aired on 10/12/19
Dr. Tokiwa discussed many points as to why the suicide rate of veterinarians is so high. He also gives some ideas on how to show appreciation for your vet and how to use social media and Google to make their day. Aired on 10/05/19
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