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I had the privilege to interview Joshua Mills this week to discuss his new book Creative Glory. His passion is to help Christians obtain the full creativity available to them through the Holy Spirit's anointing. Joshua points out that God is introduced to us as "In the beginning, God created..."  God could be introduced with any of His hundreds of attributes, but creativity was the one chosen.God's passion is to see His creative energy released through us into a world desperately needing to behold God's glory. God's creativity heals society's problems, restores health, and makes us leaders in the world today. Joshua discussed how he experiences God's creativity in his own life. It's about 35 minutes long. If you pick up just one idea which helps you release divine creativity, it will be worth it. The interview is below.Joshua discusses God's creativity within you as an energy flow that enlivens you fills you with peace and joy and sustains you with energy. It awakens you and satisfies you and causes you to step forward in new directions, and do things you never even dreamed you were capable of doing.Watch this interview on YouTubeJoshua Mills is an authority on the subject of creative glory, as he is a gifted artist, an anointed songwriter, and prolific author. Joshua flows in all manner of creative expressions from heaven, and it is my honor to recommend his latest book to you. Creative Glory will inspire you to reach out in faith to experience God's creative flow, which will manifest itself through the natural and supernatural DNA God has gifted you with. if you want even more examples of God's creativity at work, you can find another dozen blogs on creativity at: Support the show (
During the worship time on March, 21, 2021, in the Sunday morning service, the Lord gave me a vision of a HUGE tidal wave of the Holy Spirit washing across the United States from coast to coast. It was moving fast. It was wide and deep and covered all 50 states. It quickly washed away all wickedness and evil and left the nation pure and holy. It was like the nation was born again.I sense we are to declare this vision of heavenly reality over our nationI believe this is what God intends. I believe it is His will. We can participate by seeing this, pondering it, and declaring it into the atmosphere. Here is the vision in the form of a declaration which we can speak aloud over our nation: I declare that there is a tidal wave of the Holy Spirit sweeping across the United States. It is a cleansing tide that is bringing holiness and revival as it immerses the nation. It is washing away wickedness and evil. It is leaving the nation spotless and new. This re-birthing of America is being done by the mighty hand of God and God receives all the glory. Thank You, Lord, for Your victory and cleansing of our nation.Let's also declare Ps. 2: Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, "Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away Their cords from us." He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The LORD shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure: "Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion." "I will declare the decree: The LORD has said to Me, 'You are My Son, Today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.' " Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, And rejoice with trembling. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.Resources40 Year Old Kenneth Hagin Prophecy NOW Coming to Pass  A written version of Hagin's prophecy Blog of this episodeSupport the show (
It is an honor to do a podcast with Dr. Karl Lehman on the topic of various inner healing methods. Dr. Karl has been involved in inner healing for more than 35 years, as have I. He has come at it through the lens of brain science and hearing God’s voice, and I have come at it through the lens of a Charismatic theologian. We have arrived at very similar methodologies; my guess is probably a 95% or greater overlap in the way we minister to the wounded heart. Enjoy our 60-minute discussion That Heal The Heart4 Keys To Hearing God’s Voicewww.ImmanuelApproach.comOutsmarting YourselfThe Immanuel ApproachSupport the show (
 I have recently had the joy of building a friendship with Dr. Karl Lehman who is a board certified psychiatrist and the author of Outsmarting Yourself and The Immanuel Approach (750 pages long). Dr. Karl has especially worked to integrate faith-based emotional healing with insights provided by psychological and neurological research. Dr. Karl has come to the point of making the voice of God central in his practice, and he and I were amazed at how many similarities we have between us, even though we had never heard of each other until just a couple of months ago.So I asked Dr. Karl if we could do a podcast where I shared my basic four keys to hearing God’s voice, and then had him share his understanding of brain science as it relates to the use of these four keys.  This 45-minute video podcast covers Christian spirituality from theological and scientific perspectives, focusing on what the Bible says about hearing God’s voice, and what insights brain science has to help us understand and deepen our experiences of hearing God’s voice and in leading others into their own conversations with 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice www.ImmanuelApproach.comOutsmarting YourselfThe Immanuel ApproachBlog with key takeaways from this podcast: the show (
We are excited about our brand new book which just came out last week, Overflow of the Spirit! It is going to make releasing the nine manifestation of the Spirit an easy, daily experience in your life which you can flow in with confidence from this day forward. I wish I had this information 50 years ago. can easily walk in the anointing of the Spirit every single day of your life!Support the show (
Mark Virkler shares what the Lord is speaking to him about this election. InformedParty PlatformsState by State ResourcesExcellent VideosWallbuilders ResourcesSupport the show (
I gave a keynote address Saturday morning at a graduation ceremony and was asked to speak on revelation-based learning. What was amazing to me was that the prophetic apostle who was leading this conference, Paul Rosbury, felt the Lord wanted us to tune in at 11:00am, during the middle of the graduation ceremony, for a live prophetic word from Jonathan Cahn (author of The Harbinger) who was speaking at a mega rally in Washington, DC which drew tens of thousands of attendees.I was glad that the leading of the Lord was honored and obeyed. As we watched, we witnessed prophetic worship and a prophetic message to our nation. Both were incredibly inspiring. I believe you will be blessed as you watch it also. I have given you the exact links below for both the prophetic worship by Paul Wilbur, which is followed by the prophetic message from Jonathan Cahn. Enjoy them both!The LinksThe ENTIRE DAY of prayer in Washington on 9/26/2020 – click on this video linkPaul Wilbur - Anointed worship – starts at 2:37 minutes in (on this video link)Jonathan Cahn – A powerful prophetic word to the nation starts at 2:53 minutes in (on this video link)This conference was pre-advertised in this Charisma News item: Jonathan Cahn Calls for National Day of Prayer and Repentance: 'The Return'.Franklin Graham had also convened a Prayer March in Washington on the same day. They did a prayer walk together and then separated into two conferences.Links to the Prayer March event are belowPrayer March - click hereWatch Vice President Mike Pence as he addresses this groupI could not find any mention of these wonderful gatherings on any of the major news networks. I find it truly sad that these news networks can feed us with the negative, frightening and divisive things going on every day, but when an opportunity for godly healing takes place on our nation’s capital with tens of thousands attending, they do not see fit to let people know it has happened. It appears their commitment is to speak death, not life. Don't allow them to shape your opinions or control your emotions.Do watch the above links and BE BLESSED!!!Support the show (
When I was asked in a seminar this week how I defined “anointing,” I was astounded that I couldn’t answer the question with a precise, clear definition. So I admitted that I couldn’t adequately answer the question, and decided on the spot that I would explore Scripture and get a simple, practical, working definition of what it means to “be anointed.” On reflection, I realize that some believe the anointing is shaking or falling down or roaring or shouting. These may all be responses to the anointing, but what exactly is the anointing?Additional resourcesBlog of this episodeIncreasing the AnointingGrowing in the Healing AnointingStep into the AnointingLord, Speak to Me Concerning the Anointing in My LifeAnointed One - JournalingDefining Spirit-Anointed Teachers and Spirit-Anointed TeachingSpirit-Anointed Business JournalSupport the show (
Blog of this episode is available here.Purchase Power Portals here.The Language of the Heart is discussed here.Support the show (
Blog of this episode available at the show (
24 Spirit Life Circles

24 Spirit Life Circles


Learn more about Spirit Life Circles and how you can become involved!Support the show (
Free Streaming Video event: How to Walk By the Spirit (July  22–29, 2020)Blog of this episode available hereBook available hereTraining package available hereOnline Training module available hereSupport the show (
May I provide you with a lot of exciting statistics about the coronavirus? Click here for an EXCELLENT review of the data with a decidedly reassuring spin which I REALLY encourage you to read. It WILL calm your heart. It is a full article, written by a retired Data & Analytics Leader who managed modeling teams at the highest level for He also has a passion for medicine, and has built FDA programs. His research and conclusions should remove all fear.Links & Resources:Blog of this episodeSign up for this free video event on how to live in vibrant health (July 7-15 2020)100 blogs on vibrant health Books on health: Eden’s Health Plan - Go Natural, Health Mastery Through MRT, Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit Born Emotions and Prayers that Heal the Heart. 10 blogs on the coronavirus Here is a blog describing the health websites I go to most often for trusted health information.Exercises: (either MaxT3 or this exercise)Support the show (
The vision and two-way journaling below is from Susan Dolliver from British Columbia, Canada. It never ceases to amaze me how Jesus enjoys having fun with His children. I know when I began journaling, I always saw Jesus laughing and He was always telling me to "lighten up" as He had everything covered, and I was too stressed and worried about everything. Yes, the Kingdom is peace and joy (Rom. 14:17), and peace and joy make us pleasant. In addition, these Kingdom emotions promote healing in our bodies.Resources:Blog of this episode4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Free Video TrainingNaturally Supernatural – Complete Discounted PackageSupport the show (
Last summer as we were moving furniture, I felt my lower back go out of place.  I fell to the floor crying out, “My back, my back.”  As I lay there I prayed, “Lord Jesus, please lay Your hands on my back and heal it.”  In a little bit I was able to get up and move about with discomfort but not intense pain.  Then every day I noticed less discomfort and more flexibility. Resources:Blog of this episode4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Free Video TrainingBreaking Agreement with Lies of the Enemy Releases Miracles and Opens Prison DoorsSupport the show (
The Holy Spirit releases creativity within all of us all the time. Most often it will be in the area we are asking Him about. Many brilliant inventions came this way, as have wonderful solutions to problems, and beautiful music and artistry. Below Linda Burton shares one example of such creativity. May it inspire us all to seek the Spirit for His constant creative flow out through our lives.Resources:Blog of this episodeBiblical Gift Mix Profile10 page overview of How to Build a Winning TeamGod HAS Filled You With The Spirit To Succeed In The Home And MarketplaceRelease Divine Creativity - King David Journaled Out the Design for Solomon's Temple!Unique Gifts Make Winning Teams PackageSupport the show (
Did you know that there is NO sacred/secular split in God’s eyes. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof (Ps. 24:1), so nothing on this earth is secular. Nothing is satan's. It is ALL God’s. So any job I do is my ministry unto the Lord and His service through me to all of humanity. This includes construction/architecture, sewing, teaching others these crafts, etc.Click here for a blog of this episode.Resources:Biblical Gift Mix Profile10 page overview of How to Build a Winning TeamUnique Gifts Make Winning Teams PackageSupport the show (
17 Dear Pastor

17 Dear Pastor


Are you hungry to see revival among your people as they establish a deeper, more passionate Christian commitment? If so, we have a proven training experience on hearing God's voice, with a 30-year track record which delivers the following results:95% stated, “I can hear God’s voice daily if I choose to” (This means people being healed by God's love!)92% said their "interpersonal relationships have greatly improved" (This means much LESS counseling!)How do you inspire lasting change in a generation? By Cathy Harris Additional Resources:Blog of this episode4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Free Video Training Support the show (
16 We Are the Bridge

16 We Are the Bridge


We are the bridge between conservative traditionalists who anchor their Christian life on a solid biblical foundation and those who easily experience the supernatural essence of Christianity, effortlessly seeing and living in the Spirit. If you have a passion to live and walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25), and do not have sufficient understanding of how you can do so, let us help you. Our ministry has been privileged to train over a million people how to hear God's voice, interpret dreams, encounter angels, see visions, and move in the healing power of the Holy Spirit - all from a bedrock of undiluted affirmation of the Scriptures.Experience daily talks with God in the cool of the day and usher in spiritual transformation and reformation.Additional Resources:Blog of this episode4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Free Video Training Support the show (
I received an email in the last 24 hours that my sister has been terribly sick for many days, with a fever of 102. Her doctor has had her tested for the Coronavirus, but it will be ten days before the results come back so we are not 100% sure of the diagnosis. Either way, right now she is separated from her family, afraid and in pain.At times like this, the patient feels so isolated and terrified concerning what might happen. I sent her an email of encouragement to make sure she knew she was loved and not alone, and that her brothers and sisters are praying for her and with her in our hearts. But her email made me realize that this is one of the cruelest aspects of this virus - that it forces its victims to suffer alone, away from their loved ones who want to be there for them. So I want to encourage any of you, as well, who may be facing illness right now with the same message I shared with my sister.Additional Resources:Blog of this episodeHere is a prayer we published a few days ago. You can pray it.4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Free Video TrainingA Stroll Along the Sea of GalileeEnergy Medicine is God's IdeaSupport the show (
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