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The writing podcast where we don't know where we're going...but we're having an adventure! The four semi-sages are women who write primarily speculative fiction. Join them as they explore the ever-evolving world of writing and publication.
51 Episodes
This Moments with Morrigan episode explores the importance of planning the opening of your story around reader engagement. Morrigan analyzes the introduction paragraph of five best selling books to elucidate how authors set readers up to ask questions that serve the overall setting, theme, and characterization of the story.  Like a great book, this episode may have a hidden surprise!
Join the Semi-Sages of the Pages for our Halloween Hangover including costumes, games, and we'll announce the winner of our 100 word Horror Story competition!
In this episode, Theresa shares tips and tricks for creating memorable dialogue to improve your writing craft.
That's right, we're running another competition! Listen in for details and don't miss our live Halloween Hangover Show on November 1st at 10:00 am PST to hear us read our favorites and announce a winner.
Social media can be a great resource, way to connect with others, build a community, and see uplifting stories. It can also be a huge time sink, is full of bullies and trolls, and can cause anxiety. With this conflagration of contradictions, how do we find balance? As an author, do you need to have a social media presence? And if so, why and how much? Listen in as we discuss all this and more. 
After Your Launch

After Your Launch


Think the journey of your book ends once it's available for purchase? You may want to hear what Semi-Sage Sarah has to share about her advice of steps to take after your book is launched.
Listen in as we discuss what author services might be worth spending money on. This is a part 2 where we discuss: hiring a audiobook narrator, attending conferences and writing seminars, Publisher's Marketplace, & writing programs like Scrivener. Note - we are not sponsored by any of these services. If you want to know our take on more services, go listen to Episode 15 where we discuss - hiring editor(s), cover art, concept art, marketing, web design, and more! You worked hard for your money, spend it on valuable things!
We've all heard the advice thrown around to "Write What you Know", but does that mean if I don't have a degree in Aerospace Engineering I can't write about airplanes? Molly digs deep into the core issue behind this advice and strategies for finding & addressing authenticity issues in your writing.
Everywhere you look as a writer, there's someone trying to sell you something with the promise that it'll help you achieve your dreams. Some of these services, depending on your situation, are worth. Others, completely worthless. Don't waste your money on things you don't need or that won't bring back value. In this episode, we discuss paying for editors, websites, marketing, and more. Listen in as the Semi-Sages talk about our own mishaps and successes.
Procrastination got you down? This semi-sode explores some thoughts from the ancient Greeks and Romans about the agony of delaying the inevitable, as well as, some advantages and disadvantages. Morrigan includes advice from comic Jerry Seinfeld while exploring four steps to turn regular, boring procrastination into the new and improved positive procrastination, or maybe it's just four steps to getting stuff done. Either way, we hope you like it. 
Theresa and Morrigan interview Nicole Zelniker, author of Mixed and Last Dance. Join us as Nicole shares her experiences celebrating diversity in both nonfiction and fiction.   
Join Theresa as she discusses how to build great secondary or supporting characters in your works!
We dug into our vault for this one to share with you the story of how Sarah met her hero, Alan Rickman. Forgive us for the audio at times, this episode was recorded in late March before we had perfected remote podcast recording.
Watch out for predators! Here's a couple of life-lessons from Semi-Sage Sarah Faxon in the hope that these will help you avoid some author pitfalls. 
Listen in as we interview Science Fiction writer Kurt Pankau. We'll discuss topics such as the short story market, his approach to reading slush piles, and more writing craft. Link mentioned in the episode:
Molly Explains: Hooks

Molly Explains: Hooks


When someone starts talking about hooks, what do they mean? What are the different types of hooks out there? And, most importantly, how do you write a compelling hook for your book? This episode has concrete strategies to help you craft the perfect book hook and get people invested in your story.
Listen in to our top list of things to avoid doing whenever you're giving critique. Whether you're new to the feedback scene or whether you're and old hand, this will help elevate your writing process to the next level!
In Tranformation Through Trust, Morrigan shares her thoughts and ideas about pushing through the hard times of writing. The episode features five suggestions to help authors get unstuck and find their inspiration when they are running out of steam. Transformation may be difficult, but it's worth it, because only you can write your story!  
Now's your moment. You've found a critique group or a beta reading partner. You have so much feedback you want to give them, but how do you communicate it? What is important to tell? How do you give constructive feedback while also not being demoralizing? Listen in for the Semi-Sages list of Top 10 tips to encourage and support when you give critique!
In this Semi-Sode Theresa Halvorsen talks about how to build memorable antagonists for your works. Using examples from popular fiction and movies, she talks about the importance of spending time building your villains' back stories in order to create those antagonists your readers will love.
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