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Author: Brad. Just Brad.

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Unsolved murders, missing persons, and the unexplained. Killin Missin Hidden publishes a new episode every Tuesday. Hosted by a former Alabama criminal defense attorney, we dig deep into each case, trying to find answers for those questions that haven't been resolved. If you like what you hear, subscribe and share us with a friend!
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Shannon Paulk was vivacious 11-year-old girl who was known for having a heart of gold.  She was popular in her neighborhood and was friends with, well, everyone.  She's spend her mornings playing with schoolmates and her afternoon speaking with her elderly neighbor.  Yet kidneys can be a weakness, especially in someone so young, and Shannon was kidnapped in August 2001.  Then she was found dead two months later.  For the small town she lived in, this was a shocking and horrible event.  Crime just didn't happen in Prattville, Alabama.  So what happened to Shannon?  Who committed this crime?  And why have police been unable to find her killer after nearly 20 years?
Justin Gaines was a young, handsome, charming college freshmen from Georgia.  He loved his family and would visit home as often as he could.  He was a good student.  And he was one heck of a partier.  On November 1, 2007, Justin was at his favorite nightclub when he ran into some trouble finding a ride home.  When the bar closed, Justin walked out and was never seen again.  What could have happened to this young man and how did no one see him leave the nightclub that evening?SHOW NOTES
This week on a special edition of Killin Missin Hidden we explore five of the most bizarre cryptids ever reported! And we do it with the assistance of the sister hosts of Dead Curious! Tune in for an episode that we can barely keep on the rails!
William Patrick Fyfe may be one of the most intelligent serial killers in history.  He managed to conduct a reign of terror throughout Canada without ever arousing suspicion.  Until he made one critical mistake.  This week we explore the murders of Fyfe and how he was eventually caught.SHOW NOTES, Chris; A Very, Very Ordinary Man, self-published (2016)
Michael Williams was at the start of a very successful career at the start of the century.  He was married, had a beautiful little girl, and was considered one of the rising stars of the real estate community.  He was able to support his family and their million-dollar household on his own.  in December 2000, on his 6th wedding anniversary, Michael made the fateful decision to go duck hunting.  And he never returned.  What happened to this promising young man?SHOW NOTES
Tyler Davis was a hardworking young husband and father who wanted to take his wife out for a short vacation to celebrate her birth.  However, during the evening's festivities Tyler simply disappeared.  According to investigators, Tyler was using his phone when he vanished, less than one mile from the hotel they were staying at.  No trace of the young man has ever been found.  SHOW NOTES
Known as Scotland's Zodiac Killer, Bible John is an unknown serial killer responsible for the deaths of three women in 1968 and 1969.  Despite a massive investigation by police, no real leads ever developed and the case sits unsolved to this day.  In this episode we explore who Bible John was and if it's possible these murders were committed by more than one person.SHOW NOTES,3743142&dq
The world is full of "games" that are intended to risk death or another horrible fate.  From Bloody Mary to the Midnight Man to the Elevator Game, this week's episode explores some of the scariest and wildest games people play around the world.SHOW NOTES
Black-eyed kids are a recent and terrifying urban legend.  A pair of children approach your door at night, insisting you let them into your house.  They need to use your phone to call their mom or they are too cold to stay outside or they just need to use the bathroom.  But they must find a way into your house.  If you let them in, your are instantly cursed with a horrible fate.  They look like normal children except for the way they dress, their pale skin, and their soulless black eyes. So are black-eyed kids a monster to look out for at night or just a recently-recreated urban legend?SHOW NOTES
In the summer of 1955, two family spent a harrowing night fighting off unexplained creatures.  For house they underwent an assault while locked in one family's farmhouse from these short, silvery monsters.  They finally decided they couldn't hold out any more and made a run for it, all the way to the local sheriff.  But when law enforcement came to inspect the scene, they found nothing but a farmhouse full of bulletholes.  Did these two families see aliens?  Were goblins rising out of the caves?  Or is this just a night of drinking gone bad?  BONUS: Hear one of the worst explanations from a military officer ever made in all of creation.SHOW NOTES
Robert Fisher is a Navy veteran, former firefighter, avid outdoorsman, nurse, and on the FBI's most wanted list.  What caused him to gain such infamy? His decision to choose murder over divorce.  He is one of America's most merciless killers who is not locked in a cage or buried in his grave.  This episode digs into what happened to make Fisher a murderer, how he came to commit such a monstrous act, and how he has evaded police capture for so long.SHOW NOTES
Gareth Williams was a young superstar in the espionage game. He was a master codebreaker for the UK's SIS and was also trained as an MI6 agent.  However, after a vacation to Las Vegas, he disappeared, only to be found dead, padlocked inside a bag.  This week, we explore this incredible story.SHOW NOTES
Jake Bird was arrested in Washington on October 30, 1947, for the murder of two women.   However, it soon became apparent that Bird was no typical criminal.  Indeed, he ended up being linked to murders in multiple states and is considered the United States' first black serial killer.  He also is famous for placing a hex on those who wronged him - a curse that arguably came to pass.  So tune in to see what's behind this interesting tale.
The Dermonds were living an idyllic life in retirement.  They had a huge retirement house overlooking a beautiful lake in Georgia.  They spent their days playing golf, writing, going on walks, and spending time with their friends and family.  Indeed, the highlight of their life was spending time with their grandchildren, all nine of them.  This all came to a sudden end in May 2014 when a neighbor discovered Russell dead and Shirley missing.  Despite the non-stop efforts of local law enforcement, this cruel murder case has never been solved.  This week on Killin Missin Hidden, we try to delve into what could have happened to Russell and Shirley Dermond.SHOW NOTES!/Obituary!/Obituary
One quiet December night, Ryles Chapman, a 25-year-old living at home with his parents, burst out of the family's house and into the night.  He claimed someone was after him.  Despite his father giving chase, Rules disappeared into the night.  With no wallet, no cell phone, and no clothes.  And he has never been found.  What is the story behind this strange disappearance?SHOW NOTES
Three young women go missing from the Cleveland area in the early 2000s, all at different times, all from different areas.  Cops have few clues and no solid leads.  After several years, their families are forced to assume they were the victim of a murderer.  Yet the three women burst back to life in 2013, when they ran screaming from a house in a Cleveland suburb where they had been held prisoner all this time.  Who was behind the ghastly crime, what happened to them in their de facto prison, and what was the criminal's ultimate fate?SHOW NOTES LINK:
Creepy Criminal Clowns

Creepy Criminal Clowns


Don't ask why we are doing this topic, but we are doing this topic.  Clowns.  Horrible, terrifying clowns.  Yes there are some good ones in the world (we assume), but this episode explores some of the more terrible and creepy clowns throughout history.  Say a prayer before hitting that play button!SHOW NOTES LINK:
Boris Weisfeiler was a respected mathematician at Penn State University who decided to spend the winter break of 1984 in Chile.  Ne never returned.  Chilean officials claim their investigation determined he had fallen into a river and drowned, but plenty of eye witnesses and other bits of evidence suggested a cover-up.  What really happened to Professor Weisfeiler?SHOW NOTES
The Bender family out of Kansas may have been the first serial killers in United States history. They lived right off of the most traveled trail that lead west and not long after settling in, folks starting disappearing from this trail at such an alarming right, travelers were being advised to find another path.  The local townships didn't care much for the loss of foot traffic and began their own investigation into who or what was behind the disappearances.  Coupled with an effort by US Army Colonel York to find his brother who had gone missing on that very trail, the heat was turned up around the Bender family, who ended up disappearing.  Learn the full story of this tale in this week's episode! SHOW NOTES
Bashir Kouchachji is kidnapped and tortured for five days while living in Beruit, Lebanon.  Eventually, his release is negotiated by the local US Embassy.  He returns to the United States and, several years later, begins to receive a series of harassing phone calls beyond anyone's imagination.  His phone rings 10, 15, even 20 times a day from mysterious callers who threaten to kill him and his friends in Beruit.  The FBI becomes involved, but can never trace the callers.  Who was behind the decade long harassment of Bashir Kouchachji?SHOW NOTES Mysteries, Season Five, Episode 22
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average dinosaur

Also, his m.o. was not to ambush people on dark highways. He planted murder kits and returned later - sometimes years later. He chose his kidnap sites very carefully.

Dec 10th

average dinosaur

There's no evidence that Keyes owned property in Vermont.

Dec 10th

Record Mashup

just listened to the podcast! 8 am now on the 5th episode. I really enjoyed it. keep it up!

Oct 21st
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