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This week, due to Brad not having his life together, we are revisiting a classic case from the early days of Killin Missin Hidden: Charles "Chuck" Morgan.  Charles was an escrow agent who made a killing by helping the mob launder money.  Or that's what we think.  What we do know if he was heavily involved in some shady dealings and ended up going missing twice within three months, the second time being found dead.  Investigative journalists found evidence that his business activities may have been linked to CIA operations, which leads down one heck of a rabbit hole.  You need to listen to hear this incredible story!SHOW NOTES
Ed Gein is a legend in the world of true crime and horror.  Multiple horror movie franchises are built off of his case.  He was a monster.  He was also a very friendly and helpful neighbor who was described as meek and spineless.  This "spineless" man created nightmares when left to his own devices.  This story is so rough we had to bring in a special celebrity guest just to tone down some of the nastiness.  Prepare yourself before you listen to the life of Ed Gein.SHOW NOTES, Harold Schechter (1998) The Fear Podcast
Kurt Sova was a high school junior living just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, when was discovered dead at the bottom of a ravine shortly before Halloween 1981.  He was a good kid, never got in trouble with his parents or at school and wasn't know to have any enemies.  The last time his parents saw him was when he left to a Halloween party with his buddy Sam on October 23, 1981.  For five days he would be missing until he was found dead.  But in those five days, so many odd questions were uncovered.  What happened at the party?  Why did Sam leave Kurt at the party? Why did Kurt avoid talking to one of his friends who happened to see him walking down the street three days after he was declared missing?  Why could the coroner's office not find a cause or manner of death?  Why did police refuse to conduct any searches, interviews, or even photograph the crime scene?  SHOW NOTES
Clifford Olson can only be described as true evil.  For years, maybe even decades, he preyed on children, raping and murdering all he could find.  One police detective estimated that he committed over 1,200 sexual assaults during his criminal career.  As dark as this man's soul was, he was one of the most charismatic people in the world.  He literally talked his way out of criminal charges.  He made a career out of being a con man by day, but an gruesome predator at night.  This is his story.  SHOW NOTESThe Beast, Ryan GreenPredator, Peter Worthington
Imagine a crime where you have two eye witnesses identifying a suspect, a composite sketch that looks just like the suspect, and an implicit confession from the suspect.  But it turns out he is 100% innocent.  How could such a thing happen?  That's what we discuss today in the brutal attempted murder and sexual assault of Kaye Robinson from Delaware back in 1995.  This one will leave you scratching your head or yelling at your host!SHOW NOTES“Smiley Face” Forensic Files, S.13 Ep. 21 (2009)
Nothing tickles the fear bone quite like spooky kids.  Well this week we are going all in with 50 stories of kids saying the creepiest, darkest, scariest things.  This may be the episode that stops you from ever having children.  We are coming straight into your nightmares with this one.  Enjoy!
LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED!Imagine living in a world where you aren't allowed to make even basic decisions for yourself.  How you spend your day, what you wear, what you eat (even if you get to eat), if you can go to the doctor, even when you go to sleep.  We take for granted all of these decisions.  But for the victims of human trafficking, this is their reality.  The more time the waste eating or bathing, the less money they can make for their owners.  In this episode we cover just one victim's story.  One person who survived being a victim of human trafficking.  It is a shocking look at what goes on in many of our communities  right under our nose.  And we hear the story in all its brutal detail.  SHOW NOTES
This week, at the request of multiple listeners (2), we are jumping down the hole of spooky and terrifying hitchhiker encounters.  Some stories are true, most are simply urban legends, but there is fun to be had for all who love creepy tales.  We cover legends from North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Switzerland, among other locations.  If you like a good scare, this show's for you.SHOW NOTES
We've reached the end of our miniseries on Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell.  The craziness is turned up to 11 and the sadness matches that score.  In this episode learn how the perfect cult Chad was attempting to build falls apart, and how the perfect couple ends up in jail.  SHOW NOTES
It was reported on March 16 that law enforcement of central Florida made 108 arrests as part of a human trafficking and child sexual predator sting.  This is a breaking news story, but we here at KMH wanted to cover the situation for everyone as this break news unfolds, allowing all of our listeners to understand what has happened and also to learn a little about the world of human trafficking.  Keep your eyes on the Sunshine State for more information as this case develops.SHOW NOTES - DHS Human Trafficking Hotline
Last week, we learned about Lori Vallow and her extreme beliefs regarding the end of the world.  This week, we focus on Chad Daybed.  Chad was born into a good family with deep roots in the LDS community and faith.  However, he had an odd obsession with death.  So much so that he would often try to engage with spirits of the dead and claimed to receive guidance from his dead grandfather.  As an author, he was able to spread his message and soon became a partially popular draw at LDS conferences and speaking events.  Sadly, it was his incredible focus on the end-of-days that would invite nothing but misery and darkness into people's lives.SHOW NOTES
What happens when someone's religious beliefs become so extreme that it dominates their personality, their values, and even their basic view of life? And what happens when those extremely beliefs center around the end of the world?  This is the story of Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and the horrific murders they caused in the name of their religion.SHOW NOTES
Rebecca Coriam was a member of the crew of the Disney Cruise ship the Wonder.  The young woman was adventurous and was always looking for a new challenge and thought seeing the world over the sea would be such a memorable experience.  However, she missed a shift one morning.  Concerned, the crew searched the entire ship but Rebecca was never found.  Disney executives claimed all security footage of the ship was checked and Rebecca could not be found.  So what happened to this vibrant young woman?SHOW NOTES
Over the last 12 months, reports of UFOs and alien encounters throughout South America has been increasing steadily.  There are bizarre stories of abductions, strange creatures in the shadows, and unexplained teleportation events.  Today we travel throughout this continent covering tales of unexplained extraterrestrial encounters.SHOW NOTES
Brad's wife takes the reins in this episode, asking the host of your favorite true crime podcast a variety of random questions.  It's really all over the place.  You may not love it.  In fact, do Brad a favor and skip this one.  
In one of the worst murders in the history of Mississippi, 19-year-old Jessica Chambers was burned alive in her vehicle.  Before she would tragically pass away, she would identify her killer: a man named either Eric or Derrick.  Police did an exhaustive search and, relying heavily on phone records and cellular tower data, found the man who committed this horrific crime.  The problem was, despite two trials, a jury wouldn't convict.  What was the problem in the prosecution's case?  And why hasn't anyone been able to give Jessica's family the closure they deserve?SHOW NOTES Chambers: An ID Murder Mystery (2020)
Maude Davies as a remarkable woman of extreme intelligence.  She dedicated her life's work to improve living conditions throughout the UK for woman, child, and the poor.  However, despite her best efforts and her noble intentions, she made enemies.  Lots of enemies.  When she was discovered dead by a railroad worker early one morning, an investigation began immediately and ended just as abruptly.  The corner's inquest left the cause of death as "open," but most detectives believed it was suicide.  Join us today as we revisit this mysterious death and make an argument for why Maude's death was a homicide.SHOW NOTES
How many cases of murder have you heard of that involved a wax bullet?  This may very well be your first.  In another first, this unscripted KMH episode looks in the sad and odd murder of Kelly Eckart, a young college freshman who was raped and murdered merely because she was forced to work a late shift at Wal-Mart.  Listen now for all the unusual details in this one!SHOW NOTES“Blankets of Evidence,” Forensic Files S11, E38
Mary Shortfall Little was a young newlywed who had just started her life in Atlanta, Georgia.  Then she simply disappeared.  Her car was found where she left in at the local mall, but with different plates and with blood covering the passenger seat.  Meanwhile there were sightings of her in North Carolina only hours later.  Yet people insist she never left Georgia.  In one maddening missing persons case, we try to make sense of this case that has been unsolved for over 50 years (and probably fail).  Be warned: this case is like walking through a labyrinth blindfolded.  SHOW NOTES
Men in Black.  A term infamous in UFO circles.  Government agents who will stop at nothing to keep the public from reporting on UFO and alien events which have been witnessed.  Today in a special bonus episode, we share three tales of Men in Black disrupting people's lives.  Whether the tales are fiction is left to your imagination, but all sources claim these to be true stories.  Enjoy!SHOW NOTES in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures, Nicholas Redfern (2015)
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Bill Dake

I knew Kelly and the way you are doing this podcast makes you sound like a joke and extremely amateurish

Apr 8th

Jennifer S

Fantastic episode and deep dive into this serial killer, just wow!

Jan 14th

average dinosaur

Also, his m.o. was not to ambush people on dark highways. He planted murder kits and returned later - sometimes years later. He chose his kidnap sites very carefully.

Dec 10th

average dinosaur

There's no evidence that Keyes owned property in Vermont.

Dec 10th

Record Mashup

just listened to the podcast! 8 am now on the 5th episode. I really enjoyed it. keep it up!

Oct 21st
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