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Listen to Janaed talk about his transition from studying actuary science (and being very unhappy pumping out spread sheet after spread sheet), to being self employed.   His company, NoDegree, works with companies that see past the college degree and looks at the whole person.  Janaed brings energy, wisdom and experience to the market place and shares many tips/techniques to those who are changing jobs or are thinking about going out on their own.  You won't want to miss this information packed episode.
5. Interview with JB

5. Interview with JB


In this episode,  we talk with JB, The Wizard who is a public speaker coach, actor from the "Prison Break", coach to CEO's and so much more.  You will hear about his coaching to each of us to get back to our positive state (even in these stressful times with COVID -19) and what your atomic core means for you, how do you network even if you are an introvert, finding the right company culture for you, how to live "refuse to feel sorry for self", how to deal with the "gremlins" that tell you about your shortcomings, and tools to help you in transition. You are not going to want to miss this one.  Share it with others - we all can use the help.
Listen to Pam discuss a number of key topics:* unemployment filing* taking time during transition to improve your skills* resume tips* phone interview techniques* how to gain information about industries and companies* positive mental attitude* networking skillsShe left saying - "transition can be the best thing that ever happened to you" and throughout the episode gave you skills/ideas to make it that positive experience.
36. Pin Cher

36. Pin Cher


Pin Cher is quadrilingual, globally minded, and driven by curiosity and a desire to learn. She has resided in Asia for over 9 years.  She has been positively influenced by the great people surrounding him. Being a German native speaker, fluent in English and Mandarin and conversational in Cantonese, this diversity gives him a competitive advantage when it comes to breaking through in today's business world.   In this episode, Pin Cher discusses:  ·        If you just "hate" your job or you just don't like where you’re at, it is not enough to just be down/upset, you need to act, to wallow in your negative feelings, do something.·        In change, people feel fear, of what others think or their judgement of you and of the unknown, you need to understand where this fear is coming from and do the things needed to overcome the fear.·        Pin Cher described what a coach is and is not, and how someone in job transition might use one.·        Being clear what type of job and environment, you want and use the key words in LinkedIn to find jobs that match your needs/expectations.·         "Feel the fear and do it anyway" is her best job transition advice. This is an information packed, warm, caring and reflective episode.  Please share with me your thoughts about the recording and as always, share it with others who may need the support.  Thank you!
Donna Peters is the author of the #1 international bestseller, Options Are Power: Career Strategies for High Performers Who Want a Life. She is host of the The Me-Suite podcast, 2021 finalist for both Best Business Podcast and People's Choice Award.  Donna is a certified Executive Coach, speaker, and leadership faculty with 20+ years advising senior executives and next generation leaders at the world's most admired companies.  Donna acted professionally on stage, film, and stand-up for 10 years before pursuing an MBA at Cornell and becoming a senior partner and practice leader in Management Consulting.  She helps driven professionals take control of the future they want to have.During this week’s episode, Donna covered many transition tips and techniques, some key thoughts discussed include:·         Negative stories don’t get us to where we need to be.·         She describes the two types of networking time for her own schedule – “I think of you – I tell you “and my “time to think” – both help her keep her network fresh and engaged.·         The mindset of what the personal brand you are trying to convey in those first impression moments impacts everything you do in the interviews you have; the other mindset you should have is that the interviewer would really like you to be the perfect candidate – it is to their advantage that you succeed in the discussion, keeping this in mind helps us join the discussion in a more positive frame of mind.·         You need to have a job-hunting strategy, so you know what to say “no” to.·         Recruiters look at technical, functional, and interpersonal skills – be ready to discuss and give examples of your strength in each.·         You should ask yourself, how does your presence on LinkedIn help your personal brand.Donna shared so many more ideas to help you in your job search, you are going to want to listen to this one several times to get all her tips/suggestions.  Please make sure you share this with a friend, you will be glad to you did – thanks!
Susan Collins spent over 20 years in HR with a front-row seat, watching professionals search for their place in organizations. She believes that finding joy and purpose at work not only leads to a more successful career but also enhances everything else in life. She now supports leaders eager to clarify their goals, achieve their objectives, and unlock their potential. For additional information, go to Susan’s website As a special bonus, she shares some of her secrets from her days of recruiting in this free download to help you manage recruiter perception based on your candidate profile: In this episode, Susan covered many tips and techniques to make finding your next great job opportunity easier and maybe even fun.  Here are a few of her ideas: ·         Make sure you are clear on what you want in your next job before you start your search.·         The further you are in the interview process; the more information you should have researched about the company you are talking with.·         After your interview, it is a good idea to email the hiring manger every few weeks to follow-up; really a great idea if you can email with some article or something that ties back to your interview.·         Networking is the most important thing to do in your job search – everyone should start it now and not wait until it is needed.·         Remember, you are not in your transition alone – let people help you. Susan is bright, energetic, smart, and experienced at the entire recruiting cycle.  Make sure you share this episode with friends, they will thank you for caring enough to give them this gift.  Enjoy!
Dan Cumberland is on a mission to help you set yourself “on fire”.  Years ago, he found himself in a job that didn't fit for him and no easy way out, so he set out to learn everything there is to learn about meaning, purpose, and work.  After a Master's degree and a lot of experimentation, he's now doing everything he can to help you find where meaning, life, and work intersect and to inspire you to push into those places.  He's been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Career Builder, and other publications.  More importantly, he wants to help you find and do your best work in any way that he can. Today he is the host of the Meaning Movement Podcast and blogs at, where he curates the best advice on finding your passion, calling, and life’s work and runs a software incubator, UpsideBuilders. Some of the key points we discussed in this episode include: ·         You must be the solution to the hiring manager’s problems to have any chance at the job.·         To find a job with purpose, your focus should be on:o   Peopleo   Producto   Processo   Profit·         In transition, you can feel lonely, you need to have support structure for you.·         How can you do “mini experiments” to see if the industry/job is right for you?·         To really find out the culture of a company, you need to see how they live – day in and day out – how they make decisions – how are things like conflict or success handled. Dan is smart, caring and a broad thinker, who really does want each person to find the job that fills them with purpose and positivity.  You will be energized after your listen to this episode, and I hope you leave us your thoughts and comments on it.  Enjoy!
Mike Thomson has been in the recruitment agency industry for thirteen years, he launched Spark at the end of 2021 with the goal to change how everyone attracts top talent.  Hiring is uninspiring, generic, faceless, and lacks personality but not anymore.  He is an entrepreneur, matchmaker, sales professional, storyteller, father, athlete and optimistically curious about people.    For more information on Mike, go to his web site In this episode, Mike shared his thoughts on the future of recruiting, including:·         To help you make your resume standout, make sure you are describing the impact your work had on the company and keep it simple for the reader.·         Remember that social media sites are used by hiring managers, so you want to be your authentic self but be professional.·         One of his favorite questions for a candidate to ask of hiring manager is, “what did you see in me that made you interested to talk with me?”  Gives you great insight about what is important for the role and the candidate can really play to this area.·         The perfect answer to interview questions is your answer – you must be you and authentic.·         Mike shared why he thinks the recruiting process can be FUN for the candidate.·         His 3 things he tells his clients who are changing jobs to do starting Monday are: Update your LinkedIn page Think about what you liked about your past jobs/bosses – this will give you a map for places to look for your next job Take ownership of your job search – you are unique – this change gives you options for your future. Mike is a great businessman, recruiter, marketer, and career coach – a rare combination that really makes the advice he shares so special and important.  I know you will want to share this with others who will want to jump start their job search and create opportunities for their future.  Enjoy!
Adrian Choo has helped thousands of clients successfully achieve Career Clarity™ with his holistic approach to their Careers through a proprietary framework and deep understanding of Career Dynamics™.  He has been a C-suite Headhunter with Top Global Search Firms for more than a decade, published several books, and has a regular show on National Radio, "Happy @ Work with Adrian The Career Strategist" on One FM 913 every Thursday Morning that is in to its Third year!  Adrian loves helpings people at their Career Crossroads, or those who just need a new perspective on their Career Challenges.Some of the key take-aways from our discussion with Adrian include:·        The reasons why resume don’t “hit the mark” include:o   Too longo   Not updatedo   Bad English or grammaro   Gaps in experience not explained·        The hiring manager is trying to answer these questions during interview, and you should make it easy for them to understand your answers:o   Who are you?o   Why should I hire you?o   Will you fit into our team/company?·        It is critical the candidate is authentic in their responses – don’t try to be someone you think the hiring manager wants to talk with – you need to be you.·        It is ok, in fact a good idea, to ask the hiring manager at the end of an interview what are the next steps.·        The best time to start being ready for your job change is today – even if you are not looking – because to wait until you must change jobs is starting way behind.Adrian has so much recruiting experience, insights into the hiring process, and firsthand experience in dealing with the hiring manager.  You are going to want to listen to this episode again and again. And as always, I would love your comments on our discussion – and please share this with others.  Thanks!
Donna Star spent 30 incredible years in Corporate America, and then she took the leap to entrepreneurship.  She is now an Executive Coach, Business Consultant, and Writer who leverages her extensive experience to help companies and individuals maximize their potential.  Currently, her work centers around working with professionals who are dealing with work transitions - promotions, job changes, corporate politics, and everything that comes with managing a career and a life. The transformations she has seen with her clients are powerful and humbling.  Donna shared with us some of the points she discusses with her clients including:·        Always remember, if someone would ask you for help in their networking, you would support them, don’t think you cannot ask others for their help.·        Bringing your negative thoughts and attitude into an interview does not help you, you need to deal with these emotions, or your job search will be more challenging.·        We discussed the ‘great resignation’ which for many has evolved into the ‘great regret’ and what that means for job seekers.·        Remember, it is ok to acknowledge you have feelings during your job search process.·        Sometimes you may need to step away from your job search to regroup and energize yourself.Donna is thoughtful, action packed and willing to share what she has learned – sometimes the hard way.  I think you will want to listen to this episode a couple of times to get all the nuggets she shares – oh and share this with a friend – they will thank you for it.
Discussion of Teresa's career in helping people make transitions to new roles.  Her experience is enhanced by her own personal transition experience.  Real actionable techniques to use in your transition.
Dan discusses his experiences in coaching people in transition and his own transition.  He gives great advice on things to do in your search as well as things to not do.  At the end he gives a number of IT tools and readings to help you in your search.
This is such an exciting episodes  - Denise Cooper talks about transition techniques, how to keep your negative emotions in check, hearing "in between the spaces" and G.R.A.C.E. - (listen to this 30 minute podcast for the definition).  If you are in transition or know someone who is - you won't want to miss this value packed episode.
Dr. Wiberg provides great thoughts on key issue in transition:own your strengthsunderstanding your slaying storyremember your past successes to help deal with Gremlinscreating your elevator speechthe edge introverts have in networkingtelephone interview tipsbuilding on your strengthsIn these difficult times - we need all the help we can get and Catherine will help you gain that edge you are looking for.
In this episode, Dana shares her experiences in transition management, some of her key points include:* to better understand yourself - you need to understand your personal brand* seek out people who know you to support and provide guidance during your transition* positive attitude can overcome many issues - do the transition with enthusiasm * if you have a "blemish" in your past work history - own it* how to make a resume with impact* life is evolutionary - enjoy the ride* think for ways to standout - to distinguish yourselfI think you will enjoy Dana's wit and learn from her years of experience.
This is a great interview with Jerilynne who discusses:being kind to yourself that all things, even bad things, are the recipes that make you who you arehaving a goal in mind before you use social media2 ideas to help improve your resumeand how to deal with gaps in your work historyYou won't want to miss this fun and informational episode - she knows how to navigate life and do it with a smile.
Eric has many years as an HR executive, owner of his own company and executive search professional.  In this episode he discusses:what are things you should do right now if you lost your jobtechniques to use to handle the "stress" of a job searchnetworking techniqueshow to prepare for an interviewSTAR technique in answering behavior based interview questionswhat does not work after you have lost your jobhis recommendation on best search book to provide you more materialAnd much more - you won't want to miss this value pact interview.
11 Sabrina Runbeck

11 Sabrina Runbeck


Sabrina Runbeck, our guest this week, is a terrific speaker who helps overwhelmed young professionals to be BOTH - powerhouses in their career and passionate people in their life.  You will learn her 3-step system to help successfully overcome your personal workload which takes a toll on your  personal and professional life.  She is  on a mission to help each of us find that passion/energy/happiness.  You will learn to say NO to...  o Vagueness, so you can share your purpose and achieve more o Negative thoughts, so you can reclaim your mental strengths and embody your success o Enhancing your self-care, so you can give the best of you, not what is left of youThis is a great episode you won’t want to miss.
12. Greg Gurniak

12. Greg Gurniak


Greg is an ordained Metaphysical Minister, acupuncturist (traditional Chinese medicine) and a clinical and medical hypnotist.  He has studied many other holistic treatment modalities, which he will use for patients when appropriate.  His personal mission, as a problem solver, is to help people feel better, naturally.  In this episode, Greg talks about ways people can stay focused and positive, even during the most difficult transitions.  He outlines his 4 steps to make transitions easier:·         Have a positive attitude·         Stay calm - this will pass·         Be practical in your approach·         Have a support system that help you stay positive and motivated This is a real caring episode and I know you will get a lot from Greg's wisdom and practical advice.  Also, to get more information from Greg, go to  for your free ebook.  Enjoy!
13. Josh Fox

13. Josh Fox


Our guest on this episode is Josh Fox.  Josh is more than a business owner - he is someone who cares about people, relationships, the world and all of the animals he has had in his life who have had an impact on him.  Josh shares how his philosophy of TGIM (thank god it is Monday) is important for people in transition.  This is used in his company where everyone writes down the "5-20 positive things your experienced this week" - so that on those bad weeks - you can go back to them and remember the good experiences.The 3 things he wants everyone to remember are:people/relationships are keypersonal health is something you have to work on each dayremember, do something you loveI hope you enjoy and get as much out of this episode as I did - enjoy and please share.
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