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Author: Apex Systems

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Digital Reimagined is real-time, crowd-sourced thought leadership brought to you by Apex Systems, a world class technology services leader working to reimagine value for our clients. We'll bring you the voices of industry experts to showcase our proven solutions that span across digital innovation, modern enterprise and workforce mobilization.
55 Episodes
David and Rob walk through five considerations to reduce your organization’s cybersecurity threats.
Austin and Vinodh discuss the importance of big data in today’s world, and how companies can leverage it to bring value to their organization. 
David and Shawn give us the perspective of Apex’s clients as well as Apex’s internal enterprise on how to drive value from your marketing automation strategy.
Alan and Kumar explore the evolution to microservices that many companies are facing, and how microservices can fit into the broader digital business transformation. 
Host David Broussard welcomes Alberto De Obeso and Zach Garner in a rich conversation about why and how to implement machine learning at your organization.
Roger and Jeff take us through five important tech considerations for the year ahead. 
Top 5 Episodes of 2020

Top 5 Episodes of 2020


Lisette takes us back through five of our favorite episodes of Digital Reimagined, to wrap up a year packed with crowd-sourced thought leadership.
Jerry and Natalie share their expertise on the topic of fueling your transformation, and how we help our clients to achieve outcomes and overcome challenges in this work. 
Alan and Raj talk through the most important considerations for implementing cloud strategy at your organization.
Greg and Luba share the value of Apex Systems’ Insight Summits offering, and how we help our clients to determine the outcomes they’re looking to achieve.  
Daniel Guzman details the unique offerings of Apex Systems’ Mexico Delivery Center, and talks about how it provides our clients with an alternative solution to suit their needs. 
David and Michael talk about knowing who your customers and users are, and the importance of understanding the customer experience in your digital transformation.
Richard and Dave guide a conversation on DevOps practices, and how they integrate into your greater enterprise transformation. They talk through the basic principles, as well as the benefits and value that DevOps can bring. 
Roger Wahman, CTO of Apex Systems, walks through the need for the digital roadmap, as well as how to build one successfully. 
Apex Systems is proud to present our podcast, Digital Reimagined. Host Lisette Diamant is joined by Apex Systems’ President, Rand Blazer, EVP – Consulting Services, Robin Palmer, and SVP – Consulting Services, Bob Malone, to introduce how Apex reimagines value for our clients.
Nadia and Naomi, two Transformation Coaches with Apex Systems, talk through the importance of annual planning, and how best to strategize for success. 
Jennifer and Dan, two Transformation Agile Coaches working at the same client, talk through how to implement the product model, and how it can help at an organization.
Luba, Russell, and Michael talk through the role that an Executive Action Team plays in a transformation, as well as how and why to build one. 
Toby and Jerry share how Lean principles can accelerate an enterprise transformation. 
Danielle and Jerry talk about how being dynamic plays into accelerating your Digital Business Transformation. 
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