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Author: David Meyer

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Author of Injured to Elite, gets deeper than just the training room, weight room, and physical therapy clinic, while you learn how to connect the mind, body, and spirit to achieve elite performance especially in times of physical challenges. Hosted by Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT Sports and Mental Performance Physical Therapist. Through his time served as the Rehabilitation and Medical Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals and the many other parts of his professional and personal journey in the world of Sports and Mental Performance, David discusses the most relevant topics to your performance. We cut past the fluff coming from an authentic and passionate place alongside the many great guests of the show that have made a dent in the world of Performance.
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Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkFormer Major League Baseball Player Jordan Schafer is a former big league outfielder and big leaguer that shares his journey through injury, mental health battles, transitions as pro athlete, and overall what he regrets most...Enjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comClick Here to Follow Jordan Schafer on Instagram @jordanschafer21
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkAre you constantly swinging for the fences? Your plate approach in rehab matters...Joined by performance coach John Denney, this episode completes the last of the 3 questions to ask yourself in order to overcome your daily freakout moment. “What is the right hit for the situation you are in?” When we come from a place of feeling like we NEED to get that big hit all of the time whether it is after injury or helping someone transform through one, it can become counter-productive from a performance standpoint. Learn how John Denney and I discovered a better approach to take when performing. Instead, coming from a place of love and want might just change the game for you! Enjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comCheck out John Denney at The Harmony
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite Network A simple process always beats a complicated one...Asking Yourself the Question "If It Were Easy, What Would It Look Like" can change everything, including your Injured to Elite rehab journey. Special shout out to Pat Flynn who inspired me to utilize this question which was originally posed to him by Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Work Week. You can click here to watch the video where he shares the story behind this question.Enjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkIn this episode we talk about a very important question to ask yourself after "Time Zero" when going through your "daily freakout" which is "What are you going to talk about for a long time." Featured in this is John Denney from episode #2 of The Injured to Elite Podcast where he shares his approach to discovering purpose.Click here to listen to the original episodeCheck Out John Denney's Guided Harmony ExerciseEnjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkThis week's show is a highlight episode which features 3  unreal comeback stories that have came onto Injured to Elite! Featured in this episode isRyan Sherriff LHP with the Tampa Bay RaysOriginal Episode from #31 on ITE  Follow Ryan on Instagram @KINGSHERRIFFResource we mention: to learn more Mateo Difontaine (DJ Mateo)Original Episode from #13 on ITE Mateo on IG @i_am_djmateoDaniel Bard RHP with the Colorado Rockies 2020 NL Comeback Player of the YearOriginal Episode from #32 on ITEClick Here to Follow Daniel Bard on Instagram @bardo_52Resource we mention: Insight Timer Meditation AppEnjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkIn this solo episode during the "Dog Days of August" I discuss the 3 questions to ask yourself in order to overcome your daily "freakout" moments that many (including myself) experience. The daily freakout is that moment in the day where we tend to question everything...Am I on the right track? Will this pain ever go away? What the heck am I doing with my life???These are daily freakout questions that can be substituted with much more productive self reflection that I pose to you in this episode.  Enjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on Amazon"The Fall Death rates in the USA increased by 30% from 2007 to 2016" -CDC.GOVDr. James Spencer known as the “Balance Movement Doc” has founded the Bearded Kettlebell and Balance program as a leading unconventional clinician. He is a Sports Performance Chiropractor, Certified Athletic Trainer, and a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Spence and I worked together during my time served as the St. Louis Cardinals Medical and Rehab Coordinator where I learned a lot about integrating unconventional rehabilitation methods. Don Stanley is the director of performance for the Bearded Balance program and has spent over 2 decades of experience working with professional athletes alongside top specialists in the world as a performance coach and licensed massage therapist. In this episode they join me on the Injured to Elite Podcast to share their balance program initiative and how it might just be the answer to what is missing in most rehabilitation programs. Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyer My Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comLearn More About Dr. James Spencer and His Bearded Balance Program at https://drjamesspencer.comFollow My Guests on IG: @DrJamesSpencer @TheBeardedBalance, @CoachDonStanley 
Buy My Book Injured to Elite on AmazonDr. Felix Liao DDS  is the author of the book Six Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage: Take Charge of Your Health by Taking Charge of Your Mouth. He joins the show to discuss how this might be impacting your overall recovery due to airway obstruction. Do you, or someone you know, live with snoring, teeth grinding, poor sleep, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, moodiness, and other seemingly inexplicable symptoms? Your whole body suffers oxygen deficiency from a clogged airway and poor sleep when your mouth is structurally impaired. “Six-foot tiger” is the vicious medical, dental, mood, and financial consequences of a “three-foot cage” — a mouth that's too small for the tongue. Check out Dr. Liao’s most recent book Licensed to Thrive: A Mouth Owner’s GPS to Vibrant Health & Innate Immunity more about Dr.Liao on his website Here to Follow me on InstagramMy Website:
Buy My Book Injured to Elite on AmazonIn this episode I am joined by Dr. Ford Dyke Ph.D. who is a Kinesiologist, Assistant Professor at Auburn University, and Team USA Handball Athlete. Dr. Dyke specializes in Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology and is a subject-matter expert in Mindfulness-Based Performance and Health Optimization©. For over a decade, Dr. Dyke has studied Human Psychology, Kinesiology, and Psychophysiology. He professes that optimal performance is dependent upon the integration of health and well-being. His knowledge and experience led to the creation of perfor[Hu]mance.® With his roots in the seaside community of Jupiter Beach, Florida, he remains mindful of the soil of the land, an ocean breeze, and waves breaking upon the sand.In this episode we discuss...What Mindfulness-based performance isMental Health and Mindfulness-Based Performance in the OlympicsDr. Dyke's experience as a team USA handball athleteThe Ideal Performance State and the Energetic StateBridging mindfulness across different sports culturesHow cognition & mindfulness impacts movementImportance of [H]ydrate, [U]nplug, [M]ove, [A]spire, and [N]ourishClick Here to Follow me on InstagramMy Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comCheck out Ford Dyke on LinkedInLearn More About Perfor(Hu)mance
Buy My Book Injured to Elite on AmazonThis solo episode is a mid year review of my work with Injured to Elite and beyond! In case you are just coming into my content this will bring you up to speed :)Please send me feedback on what has spoken to you through my work and send me an email at davemeyer@plperform.comClick Here to Follow me on InstagramMy Website:
Buy My Book Injured to Elite on AmazonReturning to play after injury requires a specific physical progression, but what does the optimal mindset look like for an athlete during the process? This is a question that Drew Werner and I have both been on a mission to answer for the athletes and colleagues we work with. Drew is a Certified Athletic Trainer who has gone on to obtain his masters degree in Sport Psychology from Capella University and a like minded colleague that is also integrating mental performance into sports rehabilitation.  Some of our conversation topics include...Bridging the conversation from physical to mentalSigns of mental health related issues in the training roomBreathing strategies to use when facing fear in rehabAvoiding versus leaning into the mental side after injuryGoal setting after injury  Check out Drew Werner's WebsiteClick Here to Follow me on Instagram
Buy My Book Injured to Elite on AmazonDr. Phillip Williams and I both trained at the Hospital for Special Surgery while he was completing his orthopaedic surgery residency and I was completing my Sports Physical Therapy Residency. This episode is a long time coming for Injured to Elite with our first guest who is an Orthopedic Surgeon to join. We cover a ton of different topics including...Dr.William's overcoming adversity through his medical educationChanging careersThe Return to Play Process After Knee SurgerySpeaking His Own Truth as a Physician Through Social MediaOvercoming fear (pre, peri, and post-operatively)Dr. Phillip Williams earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, following graduation from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He completed his internship at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City and his orthopedic surgery residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery, also in New York City. He then completed his sports medicine fellowship at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, California.Dr. Williams specializes in sports medicine with a focus on innovative arthroscopic and reconstructive interventions for injuries affecting patients from two years of age.  Using the most current, evidence-based surgical and non-surgical techniques, he implements a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for each patient. He strives to get patients back to doing what they love, emphasizing the prevention of further injuries. He speaks French and Spanish.He has served as an assistant team physician for the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Sparks, and Los Angeles Galaxy. He also served as an assistant team physician for Loyola Marymount University Athletics in Los Angeles.A published author of numerous scientific articles and book chapters on various sports medicine conditions, Dr. Williams is an assistant professor or orthopedic surgery at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth in Houston. He is active in the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.Away from the office, Dr. Williams enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, running, and collecting jazz records.Enjoy the episode! Click Here to Follow Dr.Phillip Williams on TikTok Click Here to Follow me on Instagram
Click Here to Buy My Book Injured to Elite on Amazon"We Live in a Cause and Effect Universe"Regular special guest, performance coach John Denney and I discuss his mental performance coaching work with professional golfers including LPGA tour golfer Lexi Thompson; along with covering our thoughts on the recent PGA tour US open. In this episode here are a few things we mention with additional media resources.Click here to Listen to John Denney's client and top LPGA tour golfer Lexi Thompson discuss integrating some of the mental strategies John and I discuss on this episode Book: Golf in the KingdomMoe Norman : A Fireside Chat with Golf's best BallstrikerClick Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerClick Here to Learn More on my Website
Click Here to Check Out Prime Deal Day for my audiobook Injured to Elite  Zach Bitter is an ultramarathon endurance athlete that holds the 100 mile treadmill world record completing it in 12:09:15. Zach also hosts his own podcast titled The Human Performance Outliers Podcast (HPO) where he recently interviewed me a few months ago on the mental approach I take with helping others through physical challenges and injuries. Since statistics show that the majority of sport and orthopedic injuries are related to recreational running, and fitness activities, it would only make sense that we highlight this. But in this episode we go much deeper than just running and draw to the symbolism that running represents in many people's lives and also talk about "MILE 79" or really preparing for the toughest moments in the pursuit of our goals related to our performances in life. https://drdavidmeyer.comFollow me on IG: @davemmeyerZach: http://www.zachbitter.comOriginal Podcast Link Zach on IG: @zachbitter
In this solo episode I discuss the mental health reckoning that is happening in elite sports. I cover the recent topic regarding elite tennis player Naomi Osaka who recently was fined for not doing a press conference during the French Open, citing mental health reasons. Some of the guests on this podcast including Ryan Sherriff have shared their mental health journey and specifically how it has impacted their physical health and performance. You can listen to episode # 31, and  episode # 5 with Tampa Bay Rays LHP Ryan Sherriff and episode #32 with MLB 2020 comeback story of the year Daniel Bard. The time to integrate mental strategies into physical rehab is now. If you are an injured athlete going through a tough time mentally, learn more about my work at and schedule on my calendly at Below you can learn more about some of these recent stories covering athletes speaking out on their mental health including Naomi Osaka, Michael Phelps, and Ryan Sherriff. me on Instagram: @DAVEMMEYER
Watch this Webinar on Youtube this solo episode I share my recent webinar titled Cracking the Rehab Code: Integrating Mental Strategies Into Elite Athlete Care; covering practical mental skills & strategies to incorporate into sports rehabilitation. Unlock the untapped potential of mindfulness in your sports rehabilitation work.Level up your communication through the use of effective social psychology strategies, building the career of your dreams.Develop mental skills such as conscious breathing techniques, visualization, and step by step graded exposure to optimize your client's rehabilitation outcomes.Unleash the the power of shifting your perspective, and get in the zone that journalling and self-affirmation provides. Master your understanding of intrinsic motivation to maximize athlete compliance and engagement, while learning how to improve your own consistency.Break the shell of your comfort zone of "staying in your lane" and integrate yourself into a high performing multi-disciplined sports setting.Take your sports rehabilitation career and those you work with from Injured to Elite!Follow me on instagram @davemmeyer
Suffering = Pain x ResistanceJud Brewer, MD, PhD “Dr. Jud” is a NYT best-selling author & thought leader in the field of habit change & the “science of self-mastery”, having combined over 20 years of experience with mindfulness training with his scientific research therein. He is the Director of Research and Innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center, where he also serves as an associate professor. He is the executive medical director at Sharecare Inc. and a research affiliate at MIT. Dr. Jud has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change, including both in-person and app-based treatments for smoking, emotional eating, and anxiety. His new book is called “Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind”.Dr. Jud Brewer’s websiteFollow Dr. Jud Brewer on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterUnwinding Anxiety (app)Eat Right Now (app)Craving To Quit! (app)Follow me On Instagram: more at
Watch the full episode on Youtube“Live STRONG, Be STRONG, George STRONG."This episode is a special one...George Terris started his first day of PT school getting his doctorate at the University of St. Augustine San Marcos on Monday May 10th 2021, the day that this episode was published live. This episode certainly can't be easily summarized as he shares his answer to a common question Physical Therapists get which is "Why did you become a Physical Therapist!?". I can't think of any other Physical Therapist with a more profound answer. One that George hopes to help change many many lives with inside of the profession and outside of Physical Therapy. Click here to follow George on IG at @georgeterris6 here to follow me on IG at @davemmeyer Injured to Elite Network and Community: to Elite on Amazon more at
Watch Recent Webinar: Cracking the Rehab Code: Integrating Mental Strategies for Elite Athletes Injured to Elite Network and Community: is a "Mindfulness 101" episode I recorded initially on March 30th in which I share my own mindfulness journey and how it has played a pivotal role in my own personal and professional development.  In the intro I speak about a powerful book I recently read titled Unwinding Anxiety written by acclaimed Psychiatrist Dr. Judson Brewer who I heard on a Rich Roll Podcast episode as a guest. I am hopeful to have Dr.  Brewer share more on the research he has completed on mindfulness and the way that it can impact many of our "habit loops" including anxiety, chronic pain, over-eating, and even procrastinating. In the meantime here is my take on mindfulness.Remember these 3 fundamental elements I have found to be so important when it comes to mindfulness.AttentionTensionIntentionDon't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review.Click here to follow me on IG at
Sign Up for Upcoming Webinar: Injured to Elite Network and Community: you ever wondered what it really means to be "elite" at something? In athletics, academics, healthcare, and business, many are in search of being "Elite". This is a reason why I put the word into the title of my book, Injured to Elite. In this episode I share the 7 characteristics that I have found to define it. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review.Click here to follow me on IG at
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