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Author of Injured to Elite, gets deeper than just the training room, weight room, and physical therapy clinic, while you learn how to connect the mind, body, and spirit to achieve elite performance especially in times of physical challenges. Hosted by Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT Sports and Mental Performance Physical Therapist. Through his time served as the Rehabilitation and Medical Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals and the many other parts of his professional and personal journey in the world of Sports and Mental Performance, David discusses the most relevant topics to your performance. We cut past the fluff coming from an authentic and passionate place alongside the many great guests of the show that have made a dent in the world of Performance.
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# 99: Trauma, ADHD, & Dad

# 99: Trauma, ADHD, & Dad


Trauma seems to be a hot topic these days especially when it comes to personal development. I mix this into the context of those I work with after injury, and far beyond. Lately I have delved into the work of physician Dr.Gabor Mate who is a leading world expert on trauma, so I brought on Dr. Mac to discuss all of this who holds her PhD in Clinical Psychology and hosts a podcast titled Revealing the Ivory Tower, follow Dr. Mac hereFollow me on Instagram @davemmeyerBuy My Book on Amazon: Injured to Elite
We should probably have a better answer than just a shoulder shrug if we want to live our best life after suffering any type of wound (mental, emotional, or physical). Let's explore time itself and if "time" does in fact heal all wounds. If not then what does? Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerBuy My Book on Amazon: Injured to Elite
What is a dream? Where do they come from? What do they mean? What is the relationship between our nocturnal dreams and our "day" dreams. Join me as I deeply explore this at the Salvador Dali museum "The Shape of Dreams Exhibit"Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyer
Welcome to the relaunch of Injured to Elite! Beyond Zero starts with my own story of going beyond zero. Welcome back and enjoy!Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyer
Download My Free Injured to Elite Recovery Exercise Guided MeditationThis week St.Louis Cardinal Position Player Evan Mendoza joins Injured to Elite to discuss his experience as a professional baseball player re-injuring his wrist and what it's like to deal with re-injury as an elite performer and how he has successfully worked to regain his craft on his trek to the big leagues. Evan also has created a widely successful social media following on on IG @e_mendoza18 Follow me on IG @davemmeyer
Know Your Recovery Mindset Type QuizWe are at a tipping point as it pertains to mental growth in the world. This week's episode we cover the different types of post-injury recovery mindset types that I have identified since working in professional sports. Knowing your mindset type for this can speed up your recovery by leveraging certain principles specific to your type. Make sure to take the quiz and find out what type you fall under.Special shout out to Ahrod for sharing his music that I am so pumped to bring to this episode titled: Inspiration as part of his Empathy part 2 album. He will be joining soon and providing the show with some custom tracks as well that I can't wait to release. Injured to Elite CoachingFollow me on IGAhrod Music
Enroll in The Clinician's Injured to Elite Academy Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonMLB/ESPN analyst Xavier Scruggs and former big leaguer joins the show today. You won't want to miss this one as X and I go deep into what pillars every athlete needs to be thinking about in order to prioritize their growth.Follow me on TikTokFollow me on IG @davemmeyerFollow Xavier Scruggs
Enroll in The Clinician's Injured to Elite Academy Did you know underdogs win up to almost 70% of the time in some sports? I have always identified with being an underdog...I realized 91 episodes in I still haven't done an episode on this topic.Why do I consider myself an underdog?Grew up an undersided athleteI am a surviving identical twinHad a serious learning disability as a childMy father always rooted for the underdogThe story of Buster Douglas is one that EVERY underdog NEEDS to hear...Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonFollow me on TikTokFollow me on IG @davemmeyer
Enroll in The Clinician's Injured to Elite Academy 9/19 CohortIf I had a dollar for everyone that has said that they can't just seem to sit down and clear their thoughts to meditate, I might retire! Mainly because I was the one saying it in my own head so many times before 2017...Let me share with you how I solved that problem.Follow me on TikTokFollow me on IG @davemmeyer
Sign Up for My Free Live Q&A Masterclass3 Steps to Gain Mental Health Skills for Sports Rehab that will Transform Your Clients' Lives in The Clinician's Injured to Elite Academy 9/19 CohortI was asked a great question during my masterclass on September 7th which was "How do you approach someone who is refusing help?" The question inspired this episode taking it even further to when we refuse to help ourselves..We should all have at least a starting point for an answer which I provide in this one.Follow me on IG @davemmeyer
Sign Up for My Free Live Q&A Masterclass3 Steps to Gain Mental Health Skills for Sports Rehab that will Transform Your Clients' Lives this episode returning guest from episode # 5 and episode #31 Major League Baseball Left Handed Pitcher Ryan Sherriff takes the mic as host and I take the hot seat. Ryan gets right into it and puts me on the spot 😅 Later in the episode he opens up and shares the story behind him taking a mental health break in 2021. You can see the sports illustrated article hereFollow me on instagram at @davemmeyerFollow Ryan on instagram at @kingsherriff
Sign Up for My Free Live Q&A Masterclass3 Steps to Gain Mental Health Skills for Sports Rehab that will Transform Your Clients' Lives episode sharing the story behind Athlete Zero. This is the professional athlete I was working with that changed my approach  in sports rehab forever. Cue in a mental approach...I talk a lot about time zero the first moments after injury where not only everything changes going forward for one’s body but also for one's mental and emotional state, and in some cases their entire identity. In this episode I get a little vulnerable here and go deeper into athlete zero whose mental health crisis changed my practice forever and is at the heart of my entire new approach that I have developed. This is a real person…Eventually that became my book and this podcast. Some of you might have heard me share some of this before but not like I am about to…Make sure to sign up for my free upcoming masterclass: 3 Steps to Gain Mental Health Skills for Sports Rehab that will Transform Your Clients' Lives Click here to follow me on IG @davemmeyerThanks for listening!
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonThis solo episode builds off of the last episode # 86 taking the 6 core values for living and playing with IMPACT and putting them into an ordered and specific approach that allows us to build a process to achieve our high performance goals.I am calling this approach "A 3 P Algorithm" for success.Today's Acronym is "APPA"A = AwarnessP = Purpose P = PerspectiveP = Process A = ActionI discuss where to start and how to key in on a process mentioning some interesting research on visualization by Dr. Emily Balcetis at the NYU SPAM Lab: Social Perception Action and Motivation Balcetis lab. Article by Dr. Balcetis et al on "Keeping the Goal in Sight: Testing the Influence of Narrowed Visual Attention on Physical Activity"In this episode I also share a clip from ITE Episode #32 with Daniel BardClick Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyer Visit My Website at:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonHappy V-Day! In this episode I share with you 6 very important core values that will allow you lead a life with impact and just so happen to make up the word itself.. My mission statement in 2022 is “To serve as a leading example of mental and physical growth, while facilitating it for others to live with impact”. Today you will hear practical examples to use for each core value in the word impact that we can utilize as athletes, clinicians, and professionals, that strive for performance growing through physical and mental challenges. Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
On this episode I share a recent professional work update along with an interview of me on an episode originally recorded for the podcast "What the Func*!?" hosted by Laura Schein and Clayton Farris as we discuss the mental approach I have discovered for physical rehabilitation. We covered…✅ Time Zero✅ A background on my mental approach✅ Leaning into thoughts, emotions, and physiology✅ How to live with nagging pain that doesn’t seem to ever go awayEnjoy!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comClick Here to Follow What the Func*!? on Instagram
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonHappy New Year and a Warm Welcome Episode into 2022! This year I am challenging all of you to find comfort in uncomfortable situations and that is exactly what this episode is all about as we reflect on 2021 and set our intention going forward. Enjoy Episode # 84!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonHappy Holidays!  Sometimes the fundamentals are glossed over on dealing with physical injuries. Mark Salamon joins on this episode to discuss his book "Does it Hurt When I Do This? An Irreverent Guide to Understanding Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation". Mark Salamon is a physical therapist at Coordinated Health in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For twenty-five years he has taught young athletes, middle-aged weekend warriors, workers injured on the job, and senior citizens how to restore their lives after injuries or surgeries. He has published over sixty humorous articles in publications such as The Haven and The Scene and Heard, and has helped over 20,000 patients decrease their anxiety and frustration by making them laugh.Buy Mark's Book  Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerEnjoy Episode # 83!My Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkStuck in your feelings, in a rut, or lost? This week remember these 2 VITAL principles for your mental and physical performance related goals…1️⃣  Actions Come Before Feelings2️⃣  You Know What You Need to DoYou know what is next…Have an amazing week! 🙏Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerEnjoy Episode # 82!My Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkIn this solo episode I share with you a section presented to a major Division 1 Collegiate Athletic Program, from my virtual Injured to Elite Masterclass Program. In the first few modules I cover "Time Zero" and "Pain Science" in order to better help guide those first moments after injury or your low point as a high performer. These can be some of the scariest times filled with a roller coaster of emotions and this is why it is so important to work on the mental and emotional elements of the post-injury process. It can be confusing when feeling and thinking all of the things that we do when faced with a physical crisis as an athlete. This episode will help you better guide that process yourself alongside your performance team. The Masterclass will be offered to the general public soon so stay tuned for details and message me on IG (Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyer) and DM me if you would like to join the waitlist!Enjoy Episode # 81!My Website:
Buy Injured to Elite the Book on AmazonJoin the Injured to Elite NetworkKate Eckman is the author of The Full Spirit Workout: A Ten-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun and Fulfilling Life. She is a broadcast journalist and TV personality who brings her expertise in communications, performance, and mindfulness to her practice as a success coach for business leaders and athletes. She earned a BA in communications from Penn State University, where she was an Academic All-American swimmer, and received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She graduated at the highest level from Columbia University’s executive and organizational coaching program. Kate is also a certified International Coaching Federation coach (ACC), a licensed NBI consultant, and a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s number-one ranked free meditation app. A dynamic, high-energy and entertaining speaker, Kate has the innate ability to not only capture an audience’s attention—but also their hearts. She brings her signature high-level presence, professionalism, and humor to audiences across the country. Enjoy the episode!Click Here to Follow me on Instagram @davemmeyerMy Website: www.drdavidmeyer.comClick Here to Follow Kate Eckman on Instagram @kateeckman
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