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Author: Steven David Lampley

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Former twenty-one year career police officer and undercover SVU detective, Steven David Lampley, brings on some of the top guests in the areas of crime and forensics from across the world!

Steven is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace with over sixty appearances. He is a writer for Psychology Today magazine in Law & Crime , Deception, and Personality Disorders. He is the former co-host of the acclaimed House of Mystery Radio Show on NBC News Affiliate KCAA in Los Angeles, Los Angeles' Number One radio talk show.

Steven is a sought-after speaker with his keynote program, How to Detect Lies & Deception, presented to standing-room-only audiences across the United States.

The show music is composed and performed by Jason Lampley

21 Episodes
I began my police career with the City of Birmingham (Alabama).  I met, my first day on the street, an amazing individual, Carl Washington, my Field Training Officer.  Listen to Carl's story of why he became a police officer and what it was like having to train ME!
Steven talks with Alexis Linkletter (Yes, same family of legendary Art Linkletter) about her career and current unscripted, true crime television projects.
Steven discusses with the world renowned, Dr. Cyril Wecht, the Forensic Pathologist on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Steven goes deep with Dr. Wecht in a discussion of why Kennedy was killed, the single bullet theory, possible government involvement, and The Warren Commission.
On this episode, Steven in joined by Distinguished Professor of English, Dr. Tim Gilmore, an expert on the life of infamous criminal, Ottis Toole.  Ottis is the official suspect in Adam Walsh's death, but Dr. Gilmore says something completely different.
Steven talks with Kathy Kleiner, miraculous survivor of the murderous attack of Ted Bundy of the Chi Omega Sorority House.
Steven discusses the mysterious cold case homicide of a little girl, St. Louis Jane Doe
Steven finishes his three part series on the abduction, torture, and murder of little twelve year old Kathy Jones.
Steven continues the discussion into the abduction, torture, and murder of 12 year old Kathy Jones by covering the events that led up to her abduction.  Steven also discusses the finding of her body and the crime scene.
Fifty-one years ago, little twelve year old Kathy Jones was abducted, tortured, and murdered, her nude body left in a vacant field in freezing temperatures.  This case has not been solved.Steven is joined by one of Kathy's classmates to discuss who Kathy was and her life.
Most everyone knows the name of Jimmy Hoffa, Teamster President.  Jimmy Hoffa has been missing for many years and Steven's guest, Marvin "The Weasel" Elkind was not only a Mafia associate, but was Jimmy Hoffa's driver.  Go behind the scenes in the lives of the Mafia, "The Weasel," and Jimmy Hoffa.Nothing held back, as Steven interviews "The Weasel."  Steven even asks, "Where is Jimmy Hoffa?"  Listen to what "The Weasel" says about the location of Jimmy Hoffa.
Kathy Jones was 12 years old on November 29, 1969, when she was abducted, heinously tortured, and murdered in the Woodbine area of Nashville, Tennessee.  She was found a couple of days later, nude, except for one sock in a vacant lot behind Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the corner of Nolensville Road and Thompson Lane.  Her case remains unsolved.
Steven takes you far, far behind the scenes in the real life of Public Enemy Number One, Al Capone, in a deep dive conversation with his niece, Deirdre Capone.  Also included is a VERY RARE audio recording of Al himself.Support the show (
No holds barred, in your face, real talk, unscripted, from a former 21 year career police officer and undercover SVU detective on domestic abuse!Support the show (
PART TWO:  Steven talks with Buddy Barrow, nephew of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde.Support the show (
PART ONE:  Steven talks with Buddy Barrow, nephew of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde.Support the show (
Steven talks with true crime television star, Aphrodite Jones.Support the show (
The Father of True Crime Television and former host of American Justice and Cold Case Files, talks with Steven.Support the show (
Steven talks with Mia Thomas who was in the Hollywood Mall the day Adam Walsh was abducted.  Listen to what she experienced as she not only saw Dahmer, but spoke with him and intervened between Dahmer and her young brother!Support the show (
Dr. TIm Gilmore, Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State College and an expert on Ottis Toole, joins Steven.  Dr. Gilmore is the author of Stalking Ottis Toole: A Southern Gothic.  Dr, Gilmore explains why it is his belief that Ottis Toole did not abduct and murder Adam Walsh.News audio clips are from Current Affair and reference a murder in Colorado.Music by Jason Shaw.Support the show (
Steven talks with Willis Morgan, eyewitness at the Hollywood Mall on July 27, 1981, when Adam Walsh was abducted.  Willis states he had face-to-face interaction with Dahmer inside the mall the same day Adam was abducted.  Willis is also the author of Frustrated Witness available on Amazon.Support the show (
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