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The Home-Brew Electronica Show

Author: Loopingstar

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Podcast celebrating all genres of electronic music. Showcasing independent artists & championing the ‘home-brew’ bedroom producer. New episodes every third Friday. Get involved, send your tracks & info to
31 Episodes
A gargantuan collection of the best indie Electronica, featuring a special ‘Homebrew Session’ from Bloom’s Taxonomy , playing live versions of tracks from his latest album , plus awesome tunes from Loopatronica, Killahvolt Kop, Go Mercy, Apple Max, Loopingstar, Adnama, Jamtomorrow, Pulse Lab, Famished For Blonds, Truthscan, Depth Buffer, Hardwired, Nightbrouge, Rezzonator, Teknomakrus, Autumna, Amongst The Pigeons Feat Ollie Barron
Tunes hand picked fresh from the very top of the Electronica tree ! Featuring music by 4th Eden, lemonade kid, night passenger, parity bit, FancyNormal, KARMELION, rupture//rapture feat Jonathan r cross, voltage poetry project, Adam Hardyman, liefendeth, technoKRat, monaural machine, shelter calm, lines of flight, plus an exclusive ‘Homebrew session’ mixtape from cobbler.



Another selection of monster tunes ! There’s the featured album from Bloom’s Taxonomy, a sneak preview of the new m-orchestra ep , Dohnavur mixing it up with Electronica giant Richard Norris plus a shed load of top music from the likes of Tayus, Number Stations, Steve Hadfield, Chill (Step DnB), Si Farrier, Nightbrouge, Cobbler feat Sophia Blackwell, Cholly, Gianni Barba, Jeremy Brett, Myths & Monsters, Rei Nakatani, Ernie feat Jumper Boy and Nathan Hart.
Everyone’s favourite indie Electronica show returns from the Christmas break with a superb Homebrew session set from Found Object , plus a fist full of bangers from Repulse The Monkey, Gianni  Barba, Lonerist, MHO, Jamie Jamal, Cobbler feat Jim McClure, Midnight Hi-Fi, Amongst The Pigeons feat Richard Wiseman, Tobisonics feat Costi, Olly Pitcher, The Subtheory & The Last Years, Hoss Style, CeCe X , Ooberfuse, Munatix, Letters From Mouse , Krapka ;Koma feat Jagara and Rupture//Rapture. 
Santa’s sack is bulging with some of  the best tunes from the first year of the Homebrew Electronica Show 😁 , plus a few new Christmas crackers ! A 3 hour extravaganza featuring tunes from Spray, David A Larsen, Lemonade Kid, Luke Wright & Cobbler, FMA+12 Gage, Yuri Wong, Jayet Al, Dohnavur, Frugal, Al Accident, Damounta, Flux, Sir Mudoni, Dallo, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Cyber Monday, Amongst The Pigeons, Apple Max, Debris Discs, Polyhymns, Martin Christie, The Joyful Sadness , Number Stations, Voltage Poetry Project, Cynthia’s Periscope, Linus Fitness Centre, Pendagram, Krapka;Koma & Pixi Inc, CosmoMoose, Lizzie Bradley, Repulse The Monkey, Ian J. Cole, Very Brave Men, Munatix, Concretism, Heartwood Institute, Eat The Sun, Found Object, m-orchestra, Many Elephants, Si Murphy, Jonathan R Cross, Pants Of Death, Modreaktor, Negative Response, Broken Orchestra 
A packed show with special guests Eat The Sun & Number Stations providing some exclusive tunes for the new Homebrew Sessions , plus top Electronica from Blooms Taxonomy, Alfie Sky, Robin Of Loopsley, Nibbler, Ghost Drones feat Joanne O’Dowd, Pixi Inc, Teknomakrus, Richard Anthony Bean, Iblit, This Human Condition, Jayet Al, The Fantasy Zone  and Found Object.
Join the Electronic Music Open Mic founder Martin Christie for a special episode to celebrate the launch of his book Electronic Music Travels. Featuring music from a wide variety of artists that have all appeared at the EMOM events , plus extracts from the book . Essential listening ! 



Bouncing around electronic music genres like a pinball ! This week Boss tunes from Ishan Mukherjee, Tayus, Cynthia’s Periscope, Debris Discs, STARwave, Krapa;Koma, Sombre Moon, This Week In The Universe Feat Golds, Infintium, Tobisonics, Epsilon XI, Ceterect, Dohnavur, Nightbrouge and Feizor 
Welcome to the Homebrew Horrorthon , a festival of creepy Electronica for the Halloween season. Spooktacular tunes from Found Object, Poet & The Loops, Loopingstar, Bad Electric, This Human Condition, Si Murphy, CosmoMoose, Number Stations, Jesse Zuretti, M-Orchestra, Negative Response, The Night Passenger, Dark Helmet, Discoblasphemia, Eat The Sun, Tristan Burfield, Sanguelia, Revolution Child, Sazer and Frugal.



Slightly shorter episode than normal , still crammed  with the usual mix of fine Indie Electronica . Featuring music from The Subtheory, M-Orchestra, AI Accident, FMA + 12 Gage, Jess Brett, Linus Fitness Centre, Found Object, Number Stations, Spooky and Tegan Northwood.
The fantastic music makers introduce their own tracks in this special ‘host-your-own’ episode . 90 minutes of top electronic tunes from Amongst The Pigeons, Analogue Electric Whatever, Bit Cloudy, David A Larsen, Digital Observations, Found Object, Ghost Drones, Brazz Ankh, Night Passenger, Jonathan R Cross, Karmeleon, Linus Fitness Centre, Modreaktor, Repulse The Monkey, The Roar Of The Electric Lion and Very Brave Men.
A special edition of the show hosted by guest presenter Frazer Brown from Werra Foxma, Scotland’s premier Electronica label. Expect to hear some banging remixes, and huge tunes from the likes of Dohnavur, Soul Flask ,The Loop Union, Tegan Northwood, Martin Christie, Raven Musen and more ! 
Featuring the last in the series of Home Brew Sessions, with special guest Voltage Poetry Project , plus plenty of tunes freshly picked from the very top of the Electronica tree ! Music from Very Brave Men, Faex Optim, Heartwood Institute, Voltage Poetry Project, Night Passenger, Lemonade Kid & Forgotten Bee, The Subtheory, David A Larsen, Sanguelia, The Grey Disorder, M-Orchestra, Luke Wright & Cobbler, One Little Atlas, Famished For Blondes and Doctor Steevo 
The celebration of fantastic indie Electronica continues with a packed episode featuring the penultimate Homebrew Session from synthwave wizard Sir Mudoni , plus awesome tunes from The Truth Sounds Different, Brian G Gilson, Eat The Sun, Stereo In Solo, Flux, Found Object, Glenn Main, Mango Thomas, Obscenity State, Redline Sky, Panamint Manse, Twelve Hour Foundation, Lemonade Kid featuring Forgotten Bee and Andy Lowe. 
A great celebration of all styles of Indie Electronica ! This extended episode features a ‘Homebrew session’ , with special guest The Joyful Sadness chatting about his music and bringing along a brand new version of his latest single - plus a giant stack of incredible tunes from Lemonade Kid, Jonathan R Cross, Ghost Drones, Loopingstar, Guerrica, FMA+12 Gage, Neonian, Very Brave Men, Midnight HiFi, MHO, David A Larsen, Munatix, Numbers Stations, Mother Focus, Polyhymns, Fleeting Wave Response, Eat The Sun and Damounta. Play this episode LOUDLY ! 😁
Episode 14 , crammed full of of thumping tunes - featuring music from Numbers Stations, FMA+12 Gage, Darwin McD & Mark Bebb, Primitive System, Preston Outtatime, Cynthia’s Periscope, The Stir Fry Pop Star, Sir Mudoni, Al Accident, Bloom’s Taxonomy, plus a Homebrew Session with Linus Fitness Centre and Snork Maiden chatting and bringing in some exclusive bangers ! 
A mammoth mountain of Electronica bangers , and a Homebrew session with special guest Frugal . Features music from Sir Mudoni, Cynthia’s Periscope, Cosmo Moose, Gagarin, Hardwired, Iblit, Infintium, Found Object, Modreaktor, Nanke Communications, Night Passenger, Sketches Stone, Sonic Inducer and Tin B Featuring Graham Fialkiewicz 
Featuring the first Homebrew Session , with Dohnavur joining the show for a chat and bringing in a couple of exclusive never heard before tracks , plus top tier Electronica from Debris Discs, Cobbler, BOZJAM, Jamie Jamal, Ghost Drones, Krapka;Koma & Pixi Ink, Nightbrogue, Horizon Controller, Iblit and FMA+12 Gage 



The Homebrew Electronica Show returns bigger, louder and better than ever before with a bulging sack of electronic bangers ! Featuring awesome music from Amongst The Pigeons, Concretism, Keith Schwartz, m-orchestra, FMA+12Gage, Repulse The Monkey with Michael Levy, KRUX, The Joyful Sadness, Tim MacGregor, Found Object, Frugal, X-Bit Moose, Jonathan R Cross, Martin Christie / Werra Foxma 
The show is currently taking a short break until the end of June, so just to fill the gap here’s a short live DJ mix featuring some past Home Brew Electronica favourites. Originally broadcast as part of a Facebook live lockdown stream.
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