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This podcast is designed to remind born-again believers who we are in Christ, and to truly understand the power and potential of the Gospel that has been entrusted to us. The Gospel doctor show will look into many of the issues and challenges which a modern believer faces, and prescribe the diagnosis from the Word.
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Yet another incident in history where Africa was being devastated by massive deaths due to the Blackwater fever plague. But amidst all the fear, a group of people led by John G Lake, emerge to help the doctors without any preventative care.
History talks about a certain pandemic that wrecked havoc in the world in AD 25-28. However, the pandemic reached a certain "rabbi" according to Marcus Americus and he witnessed firsthand how this rabbi, named Jesus handled it. In this episode we discuss about that incident which is well documented in history.
In today's Christianity, the importance of walking in power and authority is downplayed. It is often preached that if one doesn't walk in power and authority that is humility and the life that God wants us to live. However, is that true? God wants us to live in power and authority and in this episode we will discuss that loving others is not effective without walking in power and authority.
There is a lot of fear of the devil going on. But does the devil really have power? If he doesn't have any power as Matt 28:18 says, is he a vegetable? What does that mean?
Sovereignty of God

Sovereignty of God


Is God controlling the Coronavirus? We always hear people say that God is controlling everything that is happening for glorifying Himself; that He gave the devil permission to do everything. This is an erroneous interpretation of scriptures and puts an immoral light on God. We will analyze this in the light of the scriptures.
We all agree that this world needs a revival. But, what should be done to bring revival to our homes, churches, cities and nations? In this podcast we will discuss on revivals and how we can bring a revival to any place.
Is the Mosaic covenant blessings available for us today as New testament believers? If it is, how do we attain those blessings? How does being born again connect to the Mosaic law? In this podcast, we will discuss these amazing truths, that will change your life.
David had so much of confidence because he believed in a covenant. This podcast discusses the details of that covenant and if it is applicable for us today. Because, if it is, it's life changing.
David had to face two offences: one which led him to his calling and another one which almost hindered him. In this podcast we will discuss how David dealt with them and how we as Christians need to be prepared when we face them in our daily life as well.
This podcast discusses the making of a warrior. It discusses what David saw different from the others, and what we can learn from it today as we face our challenges.
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