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Author: Chris Recinos

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What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect? You get the Nurse Leader Network! A podcast dedicated to building your career, helping you find your work-life balance and creating a lasting social community (network) with other nurse leaders.
36 Episodes
Recent studies show that nearly 54% of nurses are either overweight or obese. This is just one of many illnesses that affects the profession, but have you ever wondered why? Why are nurses so sick? In this episode, we discuss health and wellness in nursing with Fallon Lopez, Founder of R You Well.  Join us as we discuss tips and tricks to take better care of yourself and avoid burnout.
It's no secret that nearly 10-20% of healthcare professionals are currently struggling with substance abuse or drug addiction. In this episode, we sit down with Matt Serel, President and Co-founder of You Are Accountable, an online peer support,  accountability, drug, and alcohol monitoring service. Join us as we discuss the topic of addiction in the workplace and how to help yourself or others around you who may be struggling by opening up the conversation and destigmatizing addiction.
It is no secret that 1 in 3 nurses are leaving the profession. In this episode, Mary Buffington from the Burnout Ward joins us to discuss the secret to how nurses can pivot into new careers that fit their lives instead of living lives that fit their career. Listen to learn how you can transform burnout in nursing into a life you have always dreamed about.
#33 Have you ever wondered how to go from a front-line nurse to a nursing leader, innovator, inventor or entrepreneur? We are joined by Charlene Platon, Co-Founder of Fifth Window, a self-care/mental health care app for nurses. We discuss nursing well-being and burnout before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic and she shares her story and journey to improving her well-being. We discuss nursing hackathons, nurse-led innovation, and the creation of Fifth Window (formerly "WellNurse App") which launches for our open beta testing today May 6.
# 32  What does it take to become a Chief Nursing Officer? What are the first steps to get your first leadership position? We sit down with Lori Armstrong, founder/CEO of Inspire Nurse Leaders, and former Chief Nursing Officer, to discuss aspects that nurse leaders need in order to be more confident in their role. As a person who experienced it all, you'll be inspired by her story of perserverance and how she was able to establish herself. Every second of this episode is full of insignful nuggets. Don't miss out on learning what you may be missing as a nurse leader! Email: lori@inspirenurseleaders.comWebsite: www.inspirenurseleaders.comLinkedIn: subscribe to never miss an
Are you currently struggling on how to improve your leadership skills? Where do you think is the problem coming from? Do you feel that you've already exerted everything but nothing happened? From being a patient care technician to a leadership coach, Sarah Bell, owner of Sarah Bell Leadership coaching shared some great insights on how to jump over this hurdle that's possibly stopping you from climbing up the corporate ladder. Plug those earphones on. Just lend us your ears and we'll give you what you need! Website: subscribe to never miss an
Do you have thoughts of leaving your beloved career as a nurse? What made you decide to leave? Are you prepared to change lanes? If you think quitting is the answer to all of your stress, Savannah of The Networth Nurse laid out some options on how you can enjoy other things without letting go of your well-kept job. Grab your earphones and have a good snack because this is one great conversation that not only you will enjoy but something that you don't want to miss! Website: @thenetworthnurseHit subscribe to never miss an
#29 Are you a leader that puts yourself last? Are you doing an amazing job of supporting your staff, family and friends and find there is nothing left at the end of the day for yourself? We are joined by Tracy and Michelle of Missing Logic in this episode to discuss their model, the Dynamic Balance Effect, and how you can balance your work and life without the tension and stress of trying to fit it all in. Hit subscribe to never miss an
# 28 How many times have you had a great idea for something that would make your life or the life of your patients easier? How many times have you seen a nurse come up with a tip or trick to get something working? Nurses are natural inventors and in this episode we sit down with Brian Mohika, CEO & Founder of CathWear. He walks through his journey of how he came up with the idea through manufacturing and selling his product. He shares the struggles he encountered on the journey, including what he did to build a team and scale his empire. He also    highlights his amazing story on becoming a nurse inventor in his new book “Let it Flow”.  Whether you are interested in becoming a nurse inventor, or simply want to improve your leadership skills this episode will share crucial insights into getting a team on board to make differences in others lives. Never miss an episode by hitting subscribe! Find more information to help you on your nurse leader journey at
#27 In this episode we sit down with the 36th president of the American Nurses Association Dr. Ernest Grant.
#26 Do you really understand what YOU can do to improve quality at your organization? What are the actual steps for a robust quality management system in healthcare? How do you implement it and how do you get others onboard? In this episode we are joined by the phenomenal Jarvis Gray, CEO/Founder of the Quality Coaching Company and host of The Healthcare QualityCast to discuss the step-by-step process for implementing an outcome-driven quality management program. We also examine some of the most common mistakes organizations make in regards to QI and how informal leaders and even students can become involved in quality within their organization. Learn more by visiting
#25  What does it take to land that dream job? OR a more important question-what does it take to have that dream career? In this episode, Special Guest  Keith Carlson and I discuss why nurses should be focusing on their career versus their next job.  We also dive into his career as a nurse, coach, nursing podcast pioneer and share the steps he took to get there.  We highlight how focusing on the wrong things as a profession has led us to have a moment where we are seeing moral injuries, clinician suicide, and the need for massive intervention.  Lastly, we discuss how sharing your story and expressing vulnerability not only helps you on your personal career path but also makes you a better leader. This episode is jam-packed with exactly what you need to create a career-not just snag that next job.Learn more at or email us at
#24 Why were we all amazed when President Biden elected a nurse as Interim Surgeon General? Why wasn't a nurse appointed to the White House COVID task force from day one? Why are there 4.3 million nurses in the US but we still don't have a united voice?In this episode, I sit down with Marketa Houskova, Executive Director of American Nurses Association/California to discuss why nurses routinely do not have a seat at the table. She shares how nurses have siloed themselves into specialties, which has created a lack of a unified voice for our profession. Less than 20 percent of nurses utilize their voice to change policies and advocate for what our profession needs and in this episode you will learn the #1  thing you can do as a nurse today to secure our seat where it is needed-leading healthcare nationally and globally. Hit subscribe to never miss an episode.Find out more at
#23 So if you haven't noticed we are in the middle of a pandemic. This pandemic is turning into an epidemic-we are hemorrhaging nurses as a profession.  In this episode, we are joined by Noelle Kohles, Nursing Leadership Coach, who talks about how she retained 100% of her staff by implementing these easy strategies. We talk about the cost of turnover and the link between patient outcomes and nurse retention.Nurse Leaders, the time to act is now!Hit subscribe to never miss an episode or email
#23 Have you ever wondered why you can't remember 100% of what you read or heard? Why don't we utilize most of what we learn? Did you know that your memory is the biggest reason you will not keep your New Year Resolution? In this episode, we are joined by Kam Knight, a coach, writer, and author of several bestselling books in the area of mental performance such as memory, concentration, and productivity. Kam tells us the top 3 memory hacks you can implement right now to retain the information you need which will help you how to get rid of bad habits, adopt good habits and reach your goals. Guess what the cherry on the top is-This also works with helping your team recall information so that you can implement sustainable changes quicker!Hit subscribe to never miss an episode. If you want free tips and resources delivered to your inbox, email
#21  Who wants an easier life? Have you ever stopped to examine which collaborations you have that make your life easier? Have you ever wanted to become a thought leader or influencer in your space? Or are you looking for a new job? In this episode, we are joined by Amelia Roberts, Collaboration Strategist, who will teach you why matchmaking isn't just for finding true love. She shares how you can clearly articulate your unique value, "get first dates" in business and become pivotal players in industry-shaping conversations all while maintaining your work-life harmony. Never miss an episode by emailing or hitting
#20 Fact or fiction: Nurses eat their young. If you are a nurse I can guarantee that you have heard that phrase. Why is such a terrible thing common knowledge? Why have we tolerated this as nurses? In this episode Renee Thompson CEO of the Healthy Workforce Institute will teach you will learn everything you need to know about bullying, incivility and how to stop both dead in their tracks. It's time to normalize civility and toss the phrase "nurses eat their young". If you are experiencing bullying or incivility in the workplace this is an episode you won't want to miss. It will change the culture of nursing forever!Never miss an episode by joining our email list at
# 19    2020 has sucked. You have likely lost something or someone this year. Whether it be lost time with family & friends, lost hope, lost joy, or lost normalcy, the prolonged anxiety, and stress will influence your wellbeing. There is something you can do about it. 2021 is around the corner.It’s time to be good to yourself. You deserve it. In this episode we are joined by Linda Burton, Executive Coach and Author of Gratitude Heals. Did you know there is actually a wrong way to show gratitude? Did you know you can use it as a conflict management strategy? There are many obstacles to being gratitude. Linda shares a variety of tips that can be done in as little as 2 minutes to show yourself, your family & friends and your team gratitude. Get ready to transform your life and the lives of those around you.  Want more? You can find Linda’s book: Gratitude Heals a Journal for Inspiration and Guidance on Amazon. Never miss an episode by subscribing to Nurse Leader Network. Get a monthly dose of Nurse Leader tips by signing up for our newsletter at
#18 Do you have the most important skill you need to be successful as a nurse? Are we cultivating this skill in nursing school? Dr. Sharrica Miller joins us for this episode and takes us in her journey from foster kid to PhD and everything in between. She shares why she founded her business Starter Nurse Academy, an educational consulting platform to teach new and developing nurses about the most important skill a nurse needs-soft skills. She also shares her experience as an African American LGBTQ+ woman and a professor of nursing during the civil unrest of 2020, and shares how we can begin to equip nurses to deal with implicit bias. This is an episode jam packed with pearls so valuable you can't afford to miss it!Find out more at www.nurseleadernetwork.comEmail: info@nurseleadernetwork to join our mailing list and never miss an episode!
#17 Is your team burning out? Does your leadership role have you burning out? Are there just too many changes happening at once? We are in the middle of a pandemic, wildfires, protests and a nail biting election. What's there to stress about *in my sarcastic voice*. Kym Ali, CEO of Cup of Tea and nursing burnout coach, shares her strategies to stop burnout in its tracks. Whether you are leading a team that is burning out, or you are the one that is burning out you won't want to miss this simple plan for transforming your life from joyless to joyful.Never miss an episode by signing up for our newsletter at
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