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Let’s Talk CPF is a podcast that brings conversations on CPF to your ears. Tune in to get answers to common CPF questions, CPF hacks and interviews with industry experts on CPF and financial planning to help you prepare for your future. Listen and subscribe to us now! Do you have feedback or questions? Write to us at

Disclaimer: Guests are not paid for their appearances on the podcast. The views expressed by guests are their own, and their appearance on the podcast does not imply any endorsement of them or the entity they represent.

40 Episodes
Singapore is home to more than 210,000 caregivers, with about 70% of them aged 40 and above. This “sandwiched generation” often have to deal with the financial, physical, and psycho-social responsibilities of caring for the elderly and the young.Does this resonate with you? Hear from Angela Kwek, Deputy Director, Healthcare Claims & Payment, CPF & May Heap, Senior Medical Social Worker, SingHealth Community Hospitals as they touch on the experiences that caregivers face. They will also share insights on the various support measures for current and future caregivers. Read how a recipient of CareShield Life continued to smile with the support from CPF in her recovery journey here.
Do you find yourself spending more now that you’re back in the office? Join Nicole Ng, Head of Learning and Partnerships and Priscilla Lam, Creative Lead from The Simple Sum as they discuss and share their experience being back at the office, how inflation, temptation and peer pressure have impacted their wallets and useful tips on managing your budget and peers.And if you're looking at ways to stretch your dollar and better plan your finances, you can read: How to manage your spending to counter inflation.
Working in an office or from anywhere in the world– Which would you prefer?With the introduction of more digital technologies, hear from our returning guest, Jeshua Soh, Principal at Decacorn Capital, entrepreneur and filmmaker on how he balances work while travelling, the challenges he faced and how remote work has changed his view on the future of work.    
With most COVID-19 travel restrictions lifted, you may be planning your next holiday. But how do you make the best out of your travel budget?Tune in to this podcast with Jeshua Soh, Principal at Decacorn Capital, entrepreneur and filmmaker as he shares his experience travelling solo in 55 different countries across five continents and practical tips on how to stretch your dollar without sacrificing the experience.
Losses are part and parcel of investing. So, how can you prepare yourself to manage them?Tune in to this podcast where John Lim from Live Young and Well shares the lessons he learned, how he readjusted his lifestyle and how he rebalanced his portfolio after losing a five-digit sum in the crypto crash.
With rising cost of living, how can your hard-earned savings retain spending power? Tune in to this podcast with Tan Chin Yu, Senior Client Adviser at Providend, for tips on what to consider when planning and investing with retirement in mind.
The definition of a dream job varies from person to person and with the current employment climate, you might be wondering if this is the right time to take the next step towards landing one.Tune in to this podcast where we pick the mind of Senior Career Coach Wong Chee Leong from Workforce Singapore. You’ll learn tips to stand out to a potential employer and gain essential knowledge on how to make that big move with confidence.For more information about career guidance, visit Careers Connect (
Singapore has one of the highest life expectancies in the world — which means that healthcare coverage should be one of the considerations in retirement planning. Tune in to this podcast episode where Wendy Ong, Manager from the CPF Healthcare Insurance Department explains how your MediSave, MediShield Life and CareShield Life work hand-in-hand to keep you protected for life.
“One unique feature of the system is the seamless manner in which CPF helps us accumulate and decumulate retirement savings that automatically translates to an income stream for life in retirement.”  In this podcast episode, Professor Cherian, who was a Practice Professor of Finance at the NUS Business School shares about the unique features of CPF that helps it stand out from pension systems around the world, and what retirement means to him.
Should you sell your current flat first before buying another? What's the difference between HDB loans and bank loans?In the second of a two-part series for HDB second-timers, hear from Mr Jerry Su, Deputy Director and Ms Faustina Tan, Senior Estate Manager from HDB's Home Ownership Eligibility Department as they share important information that you need to know before buying your second flat 
Are you looking to upgrade to a bigger HDB flat in the near future? How can you prepare yourself for the big move, without over-stretching your finances and compromising your retirement? In the first of a two-part series focusing on would-be HDB upgraders, hear from Mr Wong Yong Kang, Manager at CPF Board’s Housing Schemes Department, as he explains how you can manage your home financing and CPF use for housing to put yourself in the best position to secure your next flat. 
When choosing your career path, do you follow your heart or choose a job that provides you and your family with stability? In this episode, we sit down with recent graduates, Amelia Siew from Nanyang Polytechnic and Renny Nadira from LASALLE College of the Arts  as they discuss this age-old question. 
Did you know that practising kindness keeps you young? Tune in to our podcast with Singapore Kindness Movement's General Secretary, Dr William Wan to find out how you can maintain your youth while doing good!
Been thinking of volunteering but not sure how to start? Tune in to this episode to hear from CPF Volunteer, Chung Yin Wah and CPF Staff, Laura Eng, as they share about their volunteering experiences and offer tips on how you can make volunteering work for you.
Heard about the change in the CPF Retirement Sum, but not sure how it affects you?Tune in to this episode where Cindi Ang and Nathaniel Ng from the CPF Board share more about the CPF Retirement sums, why it was raised and how it will affect your monthly payouts in your retirement. 
Following our previous episode, former radio personality and founder of Madly Gems, Maddy Barber shares more about pursuing her passion, what she has learnt as a lady boss, her ideal retirement and how she is working towards it.This is the final part of a 2-episode podcast series.
Do you know what your calling or passion in life is? When is it a good time to leave your job to pursue your new-found passion?Tune in to hear from Maddy Barber, retired radio DJ and founder of Madly Gems as she shares about leaving one of her passions for another; and offers advice to others who are thinking of making a mid-career switch to pursue their passion.This is the first part of a 2-episode podcast series.
When is a good  time for young couples to purchase their first home, and what factors should they be paying attention to? Ryan Ong, Partner at Stacked Homes, discusses some considerations and alternatives available to  them in this podcast episode.
Are you a ‘mumpreneur’ or planning to become one?Michelle Hon, the blogger behind @thechillmom, built a business from her home — all while raising three kids! In this podcast episode, she chats about her entrepreneurial journey, how she discusses money with her kids, and offers practical tips to mothers aspiring to start their own businesses.
Here’s another podcast episode on Keeping Your Health and Wealth Amid COVID-19. This time, our returning guest, Joel Lim, content creator and founder of ZYRUP Media, talks about the pandemic’s financial impact on the creative sector, as well as financial tips to pick up.This is the final part of a 2-episode podcast series.
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