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Culture Coach with Nikki Lerner

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A podcast with Culture Coach, Nikki Lerner, helping you engage in a proactive movement towards unity and understanding as it relates to culture and come-from. For your life, your business, your non-profit, and your community.
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Leadership & Fear

Leadership & Fear


An encouragement to you today to keep leading even through your fear. Connect with me at 
Please stop saying that diversity leads to lowering standards!   (and other terms we need to cease saying). Today on the podcast. Connect with me at 
Today I talk with Kathleen Kyle about how to be a support to the LGBTQIA community.  Fascinating interview and I learned so much!  Enjoy. Connect with me at 
Today I interview Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Corinne Heiliger.   Corinne defines and describes racial trauma, how to understand and recognize it, and how to respond to it.  This is one of my favorite interviews that I have conducted so far! I learned so much. Connect with me at  
Today it's just you and me.  I share another hindrance to doing good cultural diversity work. Connect with me at 
Today, it's just you and me.  I want to share with you one of the areas where companies and organizations fail most. Connect with me at 
Today I interview Culture Worker & Diversity Program Developer, Sydney Michener.  We talk about how the goals and expressions of culture work can look different between someone who is in their 20s and someone in their 50s.  Connect with me at 
Today, it's just you and me.  I share an insight from The Practice from Seth Godin and what that has to do with the culture work we long to do. Connect with me at 
It's just you and me today!  I want to share some thoughts with you about why traditional unconscious bias training doesn't work and how you can develop a deeper framework of understanding yourself and respecting others. Connect with me at 
Today I interview Michele Jech.  Michele has been  an Executive for a Fortune 500 Company as well as an Executive Leader in a faith community.  Michele coins the phrase "cultural expectations" today.  What are they?  How do they develop? And what do we do with them once we are aware of them? Connect with me at 
Today I interview Creative Leader, Nancy Beach, about how to find your courage and continue to persist in areas of culture as it relates to ethnicity and gender.  How can creative people lead the way with their art? Connect with me at 
Today I interview Korean-American artist, educator, ethnodoxologist Joy Kim as she shares her lived experience of being an immigrant to the United States.  Connect with me at  
What progress could we see this year if those of us who were committed to a proactive movement towards unity and understanding relating to culture and come-from decided to focus on 1 idea or skill? Connect with me at 
Here is our last podcast in 2020.  See  you January 2021!! Connect with me at 
He's back!  Today I have another great conversation with Cultural Historian, George Hopkins.  How can you, as a bridge-builder be prepared for challenging conversations about the times we live in?Connect with me at 
Not happy about this, but today I let you into my process as I deconstructed a racist thought that went through my mind recently.  I use my own example to help you and others know what to do when you have a racist thought...and you WILL have them because you are a human being.  Instead of heading down a hole of judgment, I give you 3-4 ways to deconstruct the thought and reroute onto your bridge-building path. Connect with me at 
Today I interview my friend and colleague in Multicultural Work, Josh Davis, about what happens when diverse communities of people come together to create something new.  This will encourage you to continue the good work of a diverse life. Connect with Josh at or Connect with me at 
Today I interview Cultural Creator and Curator, Josh Davis.  Josh is a practitioner in the the work of multicultural community.  He uses art, music, words, and friendship to connect others cross-culturally. You can connect with Josh at or at You can connect with me at 
Be A New Model

Be A New Model


It's just you and me today!  On today's podcast I share part of a teaching I did last week regarding how we have conversations about culture.  Check it out! Connect with me at 
It's just you and me today!   An informal conversation about what to do after an election.  How do you center your feelings and continue to do what is necessary to bring more light and understanding into the world? Connect with me at 
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