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Today we interview my friend Ray Higdon. Ray shares how he went from zero, completely at the bottom, to building back up in a network marketing company, launching an insane coaching company, and publishing his new book, Time, Money, Freedom. Ray’s journey is insane. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Ray Higdon.For direct access to Gary Henderson please visit
In today’s episode, Melanie McMurrain shares her journey of losing her identity after her first job was ripped away. She goes on to tell how she went from working for me for a few years, and constantly needing a safety net, to finding her identity and starting her first business that reached seven-figures in the first two years. And Melanie is still crushing it now! Podcast family, I hope you enjoy my dear friend!For more direct access to Gary Henderson visit
Kine explains how a short description will position you for great authority. She goes through our programming for success and money management and how that actually affects our lives. Then the episode talks about finding your money mindset, strengths, and weaknesses and how to shift those for the positive.For Direct Access To Gary Please Visit
Jesse Eker, son of T. Harv Eker, grew up as an everyday kid in a middle-class family until his dad got exposed to a pretty fast trajectory to wealth when he was a young adolescent. In this episode, Jesse tells his story of how he went to college to be told by his dad, who was on an amazing journey, that he has broke people habits.  And how after that pivotal moment, he grinded his ass off and grew the company so he could go solo and solve other people’s problems. Podcast family, it’s my absolute honor to introduce you to Jesse Eker.For direct access to Gary Henderson please visit
I’m super excited to introduce you to John Lee Dumas. He’s made over 100k profit every single month for the last 89 months. He has done this by working only three days each month and by saying no to appointments the other 27 days a month. JLD is also known for starting the very first daily podcast in the world and lives super close to me in Puerto Rico!Check out  his new book at direct access to me please visit
I'm so excited to introduce you to John Lee. He's one of my absolute new favorite humans. I met him on the 27th of December in a new app call Clubhouse. In this podcast episode we are going to talk about how he wanted to carve out his own path to freedom and not work all of the time like his parents did. How he went to college and then went from broke to becoming a brilliantly successful entrepreneur.And even how he made his first million dollars at 27 years old.Then we are going to dive into one of his most masterful tricks on how to save time. And that report he wrote is going to absolutely blow your mind. I hope you enjoy one of my favorite humans as much as I do. Enjoy!Visit for direct access to Gary Henderson!
Most people have a weakness. But most people will never approach or overcome their weaknesses.Today, I’m talking to Massimo Chieruzzi. Massimo founded this company called Ad Espresso. Many of you have probably used them to manage your Facebook ads or you’ve read one of their blog posts about Facebook.Massimo is going to share his story of how he was running a web development firm. Wasn’t doing so great, found a big need, and ended up launching a company that went from a super small startup in Italy to one of the biggest partners of Facebook that eventually got acquired by HootSweet.This episode is going to dive into his journey of working at a startup in a big company, to ultimately what Massimo does brilliantly which is how to find and approach weaknesses.And let’s just be real. We all have weaknesses.When we are able to identify what our weaknesses are, how to approach those weaknesses, and how to overcome them, that’s where the magic really happens.And this episode will give you a specific strategy that will teach you just that.Visit for direct access to Gary Henderson!
Are you tired of hearing the same interviews over and over again on every podcast you listen to? Do you wish there was a podcast that shared the real journey of entrepreneurship.  One that didn’t just focus on the biggest names but one that uncovered the best entrepreneur stories.  The stories that will motivate you, light a fire under your ass and push you to actually change the world?  The idea for the All The Way Up Podcast started a few years ago while I was searching for a business podcast to dive into.  While I found “episodes” I loved I couldn’t find a show that truly captured what I was really looking for.  One that told the stories of unique entrepreneurs doing amazing things to change the world.  A podcast that not only motivated me but one that gave actionable insights and strategies that I could use in my business today to be successful.  After years of searching I decided to finally launch The All The Way Up Podcast.  My goal is to meet you where you are in your journey by giving you real life examples that will not only help you succeed but also keep you motivated while you are building your dream!  Whether you are just getting started or making millions a year All The Way Up will be here to support you on your entrepreneurship journey.   And….If you show up each week and implement what is shared don’t be surprised if you are the next story showcased on the All The Way Up Podcast! 
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